The Mindset & Manifesting Podcast

Authenticity and Alignment with Special Guest Amanda Monnier

February 13, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 33
The Mindset & Manifesting Podcast
Authenticity and Alignment with Special Guest Amanda Monnier
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Welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. My name is Lynna K Teer and I am a spiritual teacher and coach. In this podcast, I talk about mindset and manifesting while also touching on awakening and awareness.

In today's episode,  I am joined by special guest Amanda Monnier.  We discuss authenticity and alignment on the journey of awakening. Amanda shares her story of coming into alignment in her career and how things have shifted for her.

You can find Amanda on Instagram @amandamonnier
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If you are interested in checking out additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or my YouTube channel.

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Hello, everyone, welcome back to the mindset and manifesting Podcast. Today I have a special guest. And her name is Amanda Manya. Right? You just totally pronounce it. Alright, so I'm really, I just recently met her we had a phone conversation, what, like a week or two ago? Maybe like a week and a half ago. Yeah, yeah. And it was so nice to connect with somebody else. Because honestly, I'm such a, I'm sort of a loner. And just going through this whole process of awakening, and all the things that I've been through in the past three years, there's a lot of solitude involved in that. So it's nice to touch base, Amanda actually reached out to me, so I'm excited to have her on the episode today. And we are going to have her discuss sort of what she's been experiencing lately. And, you know, I'll chime in here and there, but I'm really gonna let me have to take the brains and just give you guys a different perspective, you're always hearing my perspective about my expenses. So let's talk about Amanda's experiences today, and I'm sure you guys will get something some valuable information from her. Alright, So Amanda, take it away. Well, thank you so much, Linda, for having me. I'm so honored and grateful to be here, and just that we were able to connect in, I can already just feel like, yeah, you're just a beautiful person. So I always love connecting with people that, you know, it's kind of like that instant, like, yes, you get excited. So thank you so much for having me first and foremost. And I guess I'll just start with maybe giving like, people a little bit about me, just a little little snippet kind of what led me to doing what I'm doing now. And, you know, we all probably if you're listening, I'm sure you had your own experience with spiritual awakening, and you know, the roller coaster, the ups and downs. And so it can be definitely a journey. Yeah, um, I actually was in law enforcement. Prior to shifting into this work, I do holistic healing work. And I, and foundationally. Like if I have to, I don't like shoving things into like a small, you know, sentence. But I really help people connect with their essence and themselves, and really learn how to shift things from their own source connection, and tapping into their own inner alignment, their authenticity, and what it is, they came here to do. And I really would consider myself as more of a mentor, a guide, and just able to really hold space for people. And it's just so important for us to really call back our power embody our power and our own intuition, our own knowing, because there's so many things out there that can really just kind of pull on those threads that really can kind of get us confused in these things, as I've learned, on my journey can be very subtle. So about six, six and a half years ago, I think, yeah, I was in law enforcement for about six years. And I left about a year ago. So I did that. And I had my spiritual awakening while I was a probation officer. So it was a very interesting experience for me, because it's a very masculine dominated field. And, and one thing I've been working on is really stepping in embodying more of my feminine because I realized the inversions that have been kind of placed on this planet as far as hardening the feminine. Yeah. So yeah, it's been a very beautiful experience. But we talked about that, that the Divine Feminine because if I'm in I'm not law enforcement, but just from a business aspect, that's where I was to like, always go, go, go, go go. And I'm just starting to tap into the Divine Feminine now is like a completely different. I don't even know how to explain it's just like that. But like this softening, I have never I'm 51 years old now. And I have never felt that to this extent. So I really get that. Yeah, I likewise, it's so like, the words that come to mind are just juicy surrender, receiving just blowing its energy, then what we are ingrained to do, as we're growing up, it's, it's fascinating, and maybe we can get into a little bit more of that, too. So, so yeah, when I had this initial experience to where I had always kind of questioned things, and I and this is where we'll kind of go back to like, it's like you always know those inner nudges. Since I was little I always just felt like something was missing. All the information that was there and I just knew that was like this thing that I just knew was so expansive and like, out there, but I didn't quite know how to explain it because of all the all the things that I had been told to believe about myself and the things I chose to believe about myself. So when I had this initial experience, it was, it was due to, I had had this breakup. And this man and I, it was a very intense soul connection, and then we broke up. And it was what someone referred to as maybe a dark night of the soul, just that initial catalyst. And it was this moment, when I couldn't escape the density any longer. Yeah, I had no choice. It was art, it was all up there. And it was just this. It was I tried to escape it because I said, Oh, my gosh, I got to start dating again. Like it was anything that I could do to not pause and feel what was showing up for me and in my body, because it was so heavy and so painful. Yeah. I started really just asking questions, and reading books and anything and everything that I could get my hands on to give me some perspective on what was happening. Because I didn't believe that life was meant to be this suffering painful experience that I had experienced up until this point. Yeah. So it was very interesting, kind of moving through this journey, the following several years in this career. Because if when I had started in law enforcement, if someone would have been like, will you do this forever? would have been like, absolutely. But a couple years before I left, I knew, I just knew that I was not going to be doing that forever and for not much longer as well. So I kind of hid in the spiritual closet, though I didn't really want to be seen. I didn't, it felt so terrifying to me to go out there and be like, This is me. Take it or leave it. It was terrifying to me. Yeah. You know, real quick, it's interesting. You mentioned that because we had discussed before. We got you on the call. Some things I've been going through this week. And I actually, already I recorded the last episode for this month. And I talked about, I think it's going to go up after this episode. But I talked about having was it the, like having the courage to meet your soul? Do it, do it no doing the internal work. So as you do the internal work, you really have to have that courage to like, meet your soul, because that's really what you're doing for this person, as you are meeting yourself, your soul takes a lot, a lot of courage. And you don't just do it once it's over and over and over again. Yeah. Like these, these, these experiences and kind of ups and downs, and then you can go deeper and deeper because the way I would explain it, from my experience is that all of the the lies, the illusions, the density, the stories, the characters that I played, they all had to like they, in their own time, they came up to the surface, so I could acknowledge and choose something else so that I could release it. And that something else is simply just embodying more of my innate essence, my develop more of who I truly am, so that I'm actually stepping into my highest and into my soul's alignment, so that I can move about life in the way that feels good and free, rather than like bound to all these shoulds and the different things that again, that we place on ourselves or that are placed on us like they simply aren't true. Anything. That constructive, painful, just kind of soul sucking. simply not true. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So why did you not want to come out into the spiritual closet? I was terrified of judgment of other people judging me. And it was actually like deeper than that. It was like I had not fully come home to myself. And so there was judgment on who I was. I had there was a part of me that was judging myself. And that felt like I had this moment when I was in like a meditation and it was my little inner child, my little girl because inner child work is just so beautiful, by the way. And I had this experience where she was like my lights too bright. I need to dim it. I need to like put on this costume because I can't shine my light. I can't glow. I can't outshine others. I can't be beautiful. I can't be seen, it's not safe. And so there were all these sorts of things. And once she was ready, it was like this costume got unzipped is how it was shown to me and like, it came off. And she was finally, this part and aspect of me, was finally able to really just be like, Okay, let's do this. And it doesn't matter what others think it first matters, how I feel, and what I feel about myself. And it's coming back to this place of self love. It's so foundational, and we hear it often. But I think until we understand it at like a cellular level, and not with the mind. It's so different. Because you often hear it's like, oh, self love practices, self, self love this self love that, but it's so much deeper, I filled in this, like the affirmations in the mirror. And it's this, almost like this embodiment of love for yourself. And it's just it is it does have like components of surrender to it as well. Yeah, and getting over that fear. When I when I first started my journey, one of the big things for me, that I talked about quite often, like on my blog was often authenticity, and that fear. And like just getting over it, like you said, you just have to choose, right, some, you just have to choose to step out of that fear, and be completely authentic, no matter what anybody says, I went through similar things when I was younger, I never really did no childbirth, you know, despite the abuse, and all the other stuff that I went through, but I now understand that a lot of that was carried from previous incarnations, past lives. Um, but as a really young child, I was afraid to be myself because I, I always felt like nothing was better than boys. But my, my thinking was so, so much different than the way other people thought it definitely be on a child's age, and even some adults. So I was I got to the point where I just shut down and I stopped really speaking my truth or what I knew innately because I was fearful of being judged as well. So I totally get that different different circumstances or experiences, because again, I did do the inner child work on myself. So I didn't come come out of that fear that way. But still, you know, got past that fear of judgment. So one of the things that I that has helped me immensely, is when because sometimes we're told, when these things come up, it's like, oh, we'll do something to distract yourself, just find something to do, or we get into the busy mode. But one thing that has immensely helped me shift out of these things is like meeting it and acknowledging it, yeah, and allowing the pause to sit there in that uncomfortability and meet that part. And just send it love or whatever is needed, whatever it's being, you know, whatever I've been guided to do, because that actually allows the dissolving of the attachment and the unconsciousness from what is happening inside the body or the energy field. So it's, it's very powerful for us to you know, maybe even place a hand on the heart and presence, the breath, and just like, allow what is showing up, rather than stuffing it back down, because when we stuff it back down, it's still running in the background, and it's still a part of your energy field. And so it's gonna, more likely than not show back up. So even looking from looking for answers outside of yourself as to what's going on. That's important, too. There's nothing outside that's going to give you an answer. More so than Yeah, going within. Yeah, absolutely. And I found that out the hard way too. I always I've come to like, a really appreciate the lessons. But sometimes we go on these little journeys to when it's like we go on these external journeys, when really the journey of being a human is just coming home to self. Exactly. Yeah, you could save so much time, right? If you're on this journey, if you had known better well, I want to go on search. And I would do just that still on my couch on the chair for you know, however long I needed to secure, right, it all comes back. It all comes back to you. So like in Scripture when he talks about 40 years in the desert, same kind of thing. You know, you can spend a lifetime just wandering around that circles. I'm looking things for externally, when all you really need to do is just come back to yourself. Yeah. The way that it's been shown to me is that we're just unique expression of God have a unique soul frequency. So instead of, because the separation templates on this planet are meant to keep us in fear, they are separate from this, like amazing, beautiful essence that is us. Because it's God source universe, whatever word you use to describe this beautiful thing. It's like allowing it to come through us and being in that energy and being one with that energy. And that's, for me been the most expansive thing on this journey is really understanding that at a deeper level that I'm not separate, and I don't have to, there's nothing that I even have to do. It's all about comes back to this presence. But we're taught to go 10 steps ahead or to do this thing, or to get our, you know, 10 step to do list, go in or get that job, it's going to be better when you get that job, it's going to be that relationship, it's always going to be better when, but it's all a lie. It's simply not true. Because in this consciousness of lack and scarcity, and I'm not there yet, so if I'm not there yet, then the now isn't good enough. And I'm not good enough because I have to attain this external thing to be enough. And I've experienced that so much. Like I went through the whole pick a major get a job by the home. And it was just there was it was like, always felt like something was still missing that empty feeling like no matter what you do. There's always something that there's always like this, this emptiness there. Yeah, I felt that too. I totally get that. It's like materialistic things, even now, like you have to have certain things to survive. But there's so many things that are just like I would say, I don't want to say meaningless. But there's, there's so much neutrality involved now. You know, that those things that we're told that we have to do, or we have to have, I love that word neutrality that's become one of my favorite, like harmony and neutrality are some of like, my favorite frequencies right now. Because, like, it's such a beautiful place, because when we have those charges to things, and it's like, then it can suck us in. Yeah, no. And so it's just this beautiful frequency of just okay, like, I'm here for this, like, it feels good. Like being able to just, again, be in that essence of surrender and flow, rather than force and busy and try and all the things. And it's, again, it's a process. So it's like, we have to be gentle with ourselves during this because we're undoing 1000s and 1000s of years of conditioning and lies and imprints like, you know, we can get real esoteric on while this is a thing. But we're reversing, like 1000s of years of spellwork and all the things Yeah, that have been, you know, embedded on this planet. Because I refer to like, what has been its modern day slavery, it's a slave system. And so we're shifting out of that, and people are questioning more than ever, because the like the veils on the planet are we were kind of talking about this earlier. But the veils on the planet are so thin, so we can't hide from the truth anymore. And that's the one comfortable. Yeah, and you know, I loved I loved the work, you brought up esoteric, because that's kind of where this podcast is probably going to end up going. Because just like with my YouTube channel, I talk about there's so many different things on my YouTube channel from breaking down scripture, from my mystical point of view to those teachings to the mystical dreams and experiences that I've had and manifesting, because it's all part of the journey. Like it's not just one thing. And I'm finding out what I thought my channel was going to be when I done my blog was going to be three years ago is so different now because now I'm resonating with guides and multi dimensional beings and, you know, aliens and past lives and it and yeah, it's really esoteric for a lot of people, but it's part of the journey. And I'm not going to shy away from the journey. Yeah, it's so beautiful how that works. I've had a very similar experience. And I have literally been, like re kind of refounded building my business again from the ground up because I had a massive shift. And do you mind if I tell a little story? Because I was actually I was actually going to ask you to kind of talk about that, like you go back to that your transition and what you're doing now so absolutely. Talk about that. So when I left my career in law enforcement, I did a couple months at the family business, which that was, that was a little sidestep, but it had to happen. And then I ended up actually walking off the job. So yeah, the family business, it was like, oh, man, it was just another way I there were some things there that I needed to experience in order to really rebuild dishes and family members. So it was, it was good, it was good. But when I left, I, I quit. I quit on the spot. My home was in escrow because I was supposed to be moving. And I'm like, sitting in my car. I'm like, oh, man, Okay, God, like what's next, because I just quit my career, then I quit my job. And now I'm going to have no home in about 15 days. So it was a very humbling experience. But I got the nudges, to go all in on my business, and to really just go for it. So I had kind of circling back to my experience of like, it'll all tie into like the, you know, the theme of authenticity we're speaking of, and just really like how far we can go away from ourselves when we give our power away. So I had been working with this love and business coach, and we actually ended up shifting into a business partnership. And I was finding that there were things that because everybody has different places that they're at in different ways that they Yeah, and all the things initially that I was to implement in my business, they made my soul cringe like, and that may be perfect for this person. But they were like, I could feel my body constrict when it was like certain posts in certain like marketing techniques and specific, like lead magnets and things and I get the same way. Yes, it's like, I was like, I can't do it until I did it. I didn't do it. And I knew there was like in the background, this was maybe six months ago, I was like, gosh, there's just something off. And I didn't know what it was. And it wasn't I didn't, it wasn't even in my awareness that it was this partnership. And that that was my way of even still kind of hiding a little bit. So I didn't realize this until this person actually kind of mentioned that, that it wasn't working for her in certain ways, and that she wanted to shift some things. And so I felt an instant energy of relief. As a cool, okay. And then I took about a week to process I'm the type of person I love to process before I like speak on something or take action. Because I feel it's just for me, like I'm come then I can like come from a place of not charged and react reaction and come from a place of okay, this is my truth. And so it took about a week to process and I was like, Oh my gosh, it's the partnership like and again, it's in like a loving humbling way. Yeah. It's the partnership. That's like my business has been closed because I've been trying to I've been I've put this person so to speak on, like kind of this pedestal. And I wasn't showing up in my authenticity. I wasn't doing things from my soul, the way that I know how to do it, like I knew before, but I didn't know No, now I. So I released this relationship. And it, like immediately like, it just felt like this expansiveness. And now I, like didn't realize how I was like, even worried that because the way she did things, and if I was gonna show up in a different way, like almost like there was like this fear of like upsetting her getting in trouble or something which this I completely own that this is was my experience. But it was a very interesting and humbling experience to acknowledge this and acknowledge that I'm actually not meant to do business in that way. And there are a lot of us, I feel and probably those of you listening because if you're listening to this type of podcast, I would guess that this might resonate. The things that we are actually integrating into our being and our experiences of this journey. And our continued coming back to home and expansiveness and connection with this. God source universe, what we're what we're doing here. It's, it's new, right on this planet, and may have been here anciently before a lot of this stuff happened. But we are not necessarily meant to do things the old way. And so if the old way isn't resonating, it's because we're here to usher in these new paradigms and templates, through this beautiful expansiveness. And it's, it's new stuff. So that's why it's like, oh, well, I feel like I'm supposed to do it this way. But like, nobody's doing it that way. And I'm, you know, all the rules of what we're told to do. Yeah, so for me, it's like owning a business and that's the old kind of 3d paradigm. I'm building a business in this expansive like oneness, five D consciousness and It's a different frequency. And so when we're in it's, it's all about alignment, authenticity, like your truth and just this, like beautiful thing that gets to come through you. And it's not analytical, it's not linear. It's like this beautiful exchange with God, like even the quantum reality. Like, it's like, we can't really, we can't shove it into that box. And so it was a very interesting experience to even feel when I acknowledged that this was the thing to a week before. Or it was maybe we could have I had lost my taste and smell. And it was all tied to this situation, my body was trying to get my attention. Once I made the conscious awareness in the connection, within 30 minutes, the first piece of food I put in my mouth, my taste my smell, 100 100% back, maybe 85% back, but it was, like I had not been able to taste for quite some time. Because my body was trying to get my attention was so fascinating. Yeah, that makes sense. And you know, prior to getting on the call, when I was explaining about how I was feeling, like feeling a little low, but I knew it was energy that I had to move through you, I kid you not. I don't feel any of it now, like the head stuffing. So when you know, I don't feel any of it now. Um, because I had and it wasn't too long before I before we got on the call. We were talking and then I came to the realization of what it was. So yeah, happens when you like when you're in tune, and you can recognize it of the shift and happen really quickly. Acknowledgments and then the willingness to release that thing. Because when our yes is really a no, it causes so much discord in the body. Because like it's, again, it's not authentic, it's not congruent. And even when our know is really a yes, it's like, no, we can we can really, really feel into the spaces and these things, these inner knowings that are already there for us. Yeah, it's such a beautiful thing to consciously be aware of these things, because that was like almost, it was like a almost a year process of this experience I had. And I felt it at times. But I again, I just didn't know exactly what it was. And there were other things going on in my life. And so I thought it would those things, but it really wasn't. So it's these sneaky little ways as well that we can give our power away, which causes us to step out of our own truth in our own alignment. Yeah, that's me that is extremely important is being able to kind of you have this discernment, and to trust your own self first. And then you can ask for guidance and assistance. Like I have mentors that I that I work with, and you know, people that I really feel that their work helps me continue to expand. But I'm not going to once you learn that it's not like putting them on a pedestal or there's like this energy of hierarchy and authority in the marketplace. Like I don't even know what that means. But it always made me cringe, like an authority because to me, that indicates that someone's better than someone else. And I just don't. For me, I don't subscribe to that. I feel that's not where we're going. That's not where the shift is. It's not about that. Because when we do that, then we even if it's like unconsciously, we don't even need to do it. It's like, oh, well, they know what's better for me than I know what's better for me. And it's simply not true. And even like these type of conversations, I always say like, take what resonates and like get rid of the rest because I might see two things that you're like, oh, yeah, I loved it. But then other things, you're like, Okay, I can hear you. But like that's not necessarily resonating for me. And it's so powerful for us to really tune into those deeper knowings because at the end of the day, even though it might feel like you don't you do know what's best for you at that deep soul level. You always no. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, as far as her the systems and the hierarchies and stuff that are on this planet, they don't even exist. And the and the universe in the multi dimensional universe. So you know, they give your angels your angels, you know, God, it's all so there. If you've listened to any there are channels out there talk about Cardinal talks about it. There's no hierarchy, even in higher dimensions. It's only here on earth playing and it and it's not it's just not natural. It's just a system. Yeah, I believe that 100% I think it's just, again, it's these mechanisms. And again, going back to, you know, the individuals, I'll say, I don't even know if that's like the proper word to use that have been in control of the planet 1000s of years, if those systems and structures are crumbling right now, and so that's actually what we're seeing. Kind of like that collective dark night of the soul. And then we have the internal dark nights of the soul, because anything that's triggering us on the outside, is anything that is feeling triggering to us on the inside, because of what's going on on the outside, that's, for me an indication of always something that I'm going to take a look at, yeah, feel into. Because if it's coming up inside of my body, it's either, okay, like, I'm human, right, we have, we have human emotions. So it may be something that's going on, and then allow that to process or it may be like a deeper pattern, it may be something from childhood, it may be something to take a little bit of a deeper look at. Because it's all again, with kind of going back to the fact that the veil is so thin. And what I mean by that is the amount of light that has come onto this planet, because of the beings that have been really called and guided to step into this soul alignment, this authenticity in the release the density, it's really creating a situation to where those that are not acknowledging their, their stuff, and these things that are coming up inside. They're like in a pressure cooker. And it's really, really rough. And I've seen it, like I see it all the time. It's not, it's not the stuff is not true. And so it's causing this increase in the discord because we have the opportunity to do this. And the foundations have been laid by the people who have died. I mean, I feel like I wasn't even part of like kind of the first wave, right. And again, we like to label things as humans, but people have been doing this work for a while laying kind of the groundwork, and then more people are waking up, and then more people are waking up. And it's like, this stuff is more readily available. And I do believe it's very accelerated right now. Yeah. But you But like, there have been a couple times where I'm like, Whoa, man, it's hasn't even been a day. And here, here's another like, okay, let's, let's do this. For me over the over a couple times, over probably the past couple of months, I literally slept the entire day. And I used to never do that, because I was always like, go, go, go, go go. Even with my schedule. Now, if not like the emojis, it's so weird, because sometimes I'll feel really exhausted. And sometimes I feel like just complete peace. There are times like last night, I could actually feel like my, like I was actually kind of vibrating a little bit in meditation. So there's like this fluctuation and you know, and the energies coming in right now. But you have to be forgiving with yourself. And just kind of like, if you can get into the flow and just realize what's happening, and go with it and, and not fight it, it's going to make things a lot easier. Just like any feelings, any thoughts and feelings come in that you have to deal with? If you just absorb it and deal with it. Why instead of trying to find it, it's gonna make the process so much easier. Absolutely. One thing I found that kind of more towards the beginning of when I was really learning, like how this stuff works, and actually how easy it is even though sometimes painful to really move through some of this stuff. Is that the ego in the unconscious? Like it's almost for some of us the acknowledgement to like just let go rather than actually moving through the healing motion. It's like, even going there that is sometimes harder for people. Yeah, yeah, exactly. So we have a few more minutes left, because my episodes are usually sometimes a really short, sometimes a little bit longer. But we're coming up on an hour now. So would you like to talk about your business and what you do? Yeah, of course. So the ways in which I work with people, I do one on one stuff, I do hold space and one on one type capacity. And it really I don't prep for these, so I never know what's going to show up. Yeah, it's all around, meeting people where they're at everybody's at a different place in their journey. So it's, I have a variety of different certifications and techniques they use, which I've actually kind of learning that for me like certifications and all that stuff doesn't really mean a whole lot to me. Yeah. So it's all coming through me but the thing is, is with the healing, it's any healing session I do with a person, the healing is coming from their higher self and their own source connection, and working at a space of activating your own inner healer. And whatever you need in that moment, and just allowing whatever he wants to show up for your highest and greatest good. And then you know, if something's coming through aware, you know, I feel things very deeply in my body. And so I'll if there's like a blockage, sometimes I'll feel that in my body. And again, it's really just holding space for wherever the person is at in their journey, and helping release some of this stuff and getting this information on what showing up for them as far as you know, maybe what I'm seeing and if that resonates or what they're feeling. And so working with different parts, because we really want one Mano personality one part like the higher self, that bodied essence, rather than we have all these other little parts that join the party. So it can be working with the inner child, or you know what, again, it could be the victim, like all these different things that might arise that caused this resistance. So that's a condensed version. And when we are connecting to, like, I don't I just connect straight to source. And I know some other people work with angels and all that, which is amazing. For me, I just connect straight to source and just allow whatever is meant to come through and we set sacred space and all that good stuff. So I do the one on one stuff. And then I also have a group. And so the group I show up every week, and there's either a yoga class or a yoga class, so I infuse the energy work into yoga practice. And then sometimes I do breath work meditation, this coming up at the end of February, I'm doing a gene keys, we're gonna do like an initial gene keys call because so many people have been reaching out how to get started with the gene key. So that one's actually a free workshop I'm doing it's going to be an interactive workshop. So those are some of the kind of fun things I do in the community. Because I feel more than ever, community is so important. And it's nice to have that community kind of energy to share in those sorts of things. So I just opened that community up little less than a month ago. Oh, nice. Okay, and I did look up the I did look up the 20s. Look that up. Yeah, yeah, I looked that up. So yeah, hanging in your system, when you hear the gene keys, it might be something to check out. Okay. All right. So is there anything else that you want to add or talk about? Before we get off, I'll just close it up with just reinforcing like, you know, what's best for you, and it's just part of this journey is using that discernment once again. And really, it's just a journey home back to yourself. And really, so you can just embody your innate essence and what you came here to do. And just, if you if, if you are finding yourself wanting to say no to something or let things fall away, it's, it's okay. It's perfect. And it actually really does lighten the load. And so it's just, yes, you you, you know, what's best for you. Exactly. I always say that, too. And I tell my daughter yesterday, I'm like, there. There's truth in every truth, what's true for you is true for you. What's true for me is true for me, you know, and then we buy in, we really only truly know something by our own experiences is the way I view it. Yeah. So somebody can understand something, but until they really experienced it, they may not truly know. So you have to just take whatever resonates with you. So, alright, well, I'm going to put your input, put the link to your information, your how to get ahold of you, stuff like that. And the description box for the podcast. And when this goes on YouTube, there'll be a link to get in contact with you if anybody needs your services. Awesome. Thank you so much for having me. I really appreciate it. Love. Thank you. This is so exciting for me to actually have a conversation was I know it probably sounds silly. And I feel kind of like, like a giddy little kid right now. It's so like, it's so nice to actually have even though one. I mean, we're still face to face, but it's fortunately but it's still nice to have this conversation. Can I go somebody who understands what's going on and using certain certain verbiage and stuff, and you're not seeing him like It's like way out there. So that's really it's really nice for me to be to have had this comment with you and hopefully know, in the future, maybe we can do another episode together. Yeah, I love that. Thank you so much. All right. Cool. Thank you. Alright, until next time Alright, bye