The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 13: Unveiling the Tapestry of Creation: Exploring the Manifestation of All Things

March 27, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 13
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 13: Unveiling the Tapestry of Creation: Exploring the Manifestation of All Things
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Welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast! I'm Lynna K Teer, your host, a spiritual teacher, and coach dedicated to exploring the realms of mindset, manifesting, awakening, and awareness.

In today's profound episode, we delve into the profound truth that lies at the core of our existence: we are all the same. We are interconnected beings, intricately woven into the fabric of universal consciousness.

Join me as we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and explore the depths of our shared humanity. We'll dive into the essence of universal oneness, recognizing that beyond our individual differences and external appearances, we all share a common thread that unites us.

Throughout this episode, we'll uncover the power of recognizing our interconnectedness and understanding how it shapes our experiences and relationships. We'll explore the profound impact of embracing the truth that we are not separate entities, but rather interconnected aspects of a greater whole.

Through thought-provoking discussions, personal insights, and practical tools, we'll explore how this awareness can enhance our mindset and manifesting abilities. By recognizing our interconnected nature, we tap into a wellspring of compassion, empathy, and understanding, allowing us to cultivate deeper connections and create positive change in the world.

Get ready to expand your consciousness, challenge your perceptions, and awaken to the truth of our shared humanity. As we navigate the rich tapestry of mindset and manifesting, we'll also explore how this understanding can propel us toward greater personal growth, fulfillment, and alignment with our truest selves.

So, join me on this journey of self-discovery and connection. Together, let's unlock the power of universal consciousness and celebrate our inherent oneness. Through this episode, we'll transcend limitations, dissolve barriers, and embrace the truth that we are all the same.

Are you ready to explore the depths of our interconnectedness and tap into the boundless potential that lies within? Tune in to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a transformative journey towards unity, expansion, and conscious co-creation.

Remember, we are all connected. Let's awaken to our shared essence and step into the realm of limitless possibilities that unfold when we embrace our interconnected nature. Get ready to elevate your mindset, amplify your manifesting abilities, and co-create a more harmonious and loving world.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lana. And today I want to talk about manifestation. So I have a couple of brief conversations on Reddit lately and I normally don't get on Reddit, but for some reason, this week, I just felt like going on to kind of check in on what people were talking about. And I was able to reply to a couple of throw a couple of people in, I forget which thirds they were, but the topics were one was around numerology and one was really around manifestation. So, I want to talk about manifestation. Manifestation is a natural occurrence, we are natural creators because the source of all creation manifested us we are manifestations the Word of God, the Word, we are manifestations in these physical bodies, alright, every everything around us as a manifestation, if something comes into our awareness, it is something that we have manifested. And I understand that can be a difficult concept as we look at things that go on in the news, you know, around the world, the virus or war or abuse or crime and things like that. So I'm not saying that we intentionally that we consciously manifest everything, but if something comes into our awareness, it is our own creation in some form or fashion be intentional or not. Now, things like crime, a war, the pandemic, etc. Alright, those are not. So those are unit universe, like manifestations of consciousness, like the, the whole, I believe, I don't know, for our 100% certainty, but if it comes into our awareness, we have also manifested it somehow. And by that I mean, on this journey of awakening, we become aware of certain things as we are meant to become aware of them meaning. Our I don't know, it's kind of difficult to explain, but there are certain things that we experience right that give us the opportunity to change our states of consciousness to rise to higher levels of consciousness, okay. And the universal things going on in the world, right. The way how we are aware of it may not be or our interpretation of it may not be truly how somebody else is aware of it or interpreting it, right? We only know what is in our immediate awareness, but it is still our manifestation because it it is things arise for us to learn the lessons to elevate again to higher states of consciousness. So and things like war and you know, Allah the universal things like that are repeats of things that have happened in the past. Right? As part of the whole, right yeah, this is it's really kind of tough to really explain this, but there are our soul is infinite. Alright, and we have live previous lifetimes many of us many previous lifetimes, incarnated here many times. And I talked about this in a previous episode on abuse and stuff, but there's certain things that our soul carries with it, right? Remember this. And it's all you know, it's all part of the book of life for the Akashic records. And certain things arise in within our awareness, to show us things to teach us things. Okay. And, but they are still manifestations because everything is a reflection of something that has been done internally, either consciously or unconsciously, this lifetime, or previous lifetimes carry through as karmic debt, right, or just innate knowledge that has been veiled. And again, I know this is a deep and tricky subject. But I think before I go any further, the main thing I want to say is they're don't like when you look at the horrible things of the world, right? And you realize that you're a creator, and that you have manifested everything in your awareness is not, you don't have to blame yourself, right? Because it's, it's, there's so on a deep, deep level, there's so much more to it on a deep cosmic level, there is so much more to it. So there's no need to blame yourself. Right? Did you intentionally cause crime or war, anything like that? No. But whether in this lifetime or previous lifetime, if something came into, into your awareness, because of a thought, thought or belief, an assumption or previous reaction, it was karma, or what have you. And then you developed further beliefs or assumptions or reactions to it, and it really manifested right there. That's why we have patterns and cycles in our life, things that keep coming up. Okay? So there's no reason to blame yourself, right? You are not knowingly the cause of wars and abuse and crime and things like that. Unless, of course, you have been intentional about something. And you were the one treading in the wine press. But, um, so yeah, there's no, so first and foremost, don't blame yourself for anything that you're, you're seeing, like on a global scale. But yes, we are creators. And yes, we do manifest the things that come into our awareness in some form, or fashion. Now there's nothing out. So when it comes to manifest, wow, I started this off probably on a heavier on the heavier side of the topic that I really wanted to start it off on. But if you're still with me, let's kind of talk about the non global stuff. So if you, I have, I think I see questions all the time. Or I have noticed in the past couple of days, and I used to notice on different YouTube videos, I've really stopped watching, like, manifesting videos on YouTube, they just don't really resonate with me as much anymore, right? Because the same information gets recycled over and over and over again. And, you know, people talk about it from different levels of experiences now, so a lot of it doesn't resonate with me. Because I, you know, I just, I just view it from, you know, a different, different aspect now, different level of awareness. So, I see the question a lot. Well, can I manifest this? Well, yes, you can manifest anything. Can you're manifesting all the time. It's a natural process, all throughout the day, everything manifest, our thoughts, our beliefs, our assumptions, our feelings, everything, manifest everything. Now, there's no reason to cut all of a sudden and be really worried about, oh, well, what did I think early this morning, etc, etc, etc. Things are going to show up in your awareness right And, you know, at a point in time, and hopefully you'll be aware of that seed you planted somehow by either thinking a thought or assuming something, by writing something down or having a reaction to something. It takes a cute awareness for that. But if you're not aware, that's fine, too. It's just, you know, we look at life, it just kind of, you know, we experience things and move through things, and we don't realize that it's all manifestation, all of it. Right now how it shows up. It's not up to us, right? The Ways and Means, right, are beyond finding out or whatever, however, that's stated in the Bible. But anyway. Yes, you can manifest anything. So there's absolutely no reason to question it. No reason at all. No reason to question whether or not you can manifest something. Because you can manifest anything, anything, all right. And if you want to do things intentionally, then you focus on what you want to manifest. Now, a lot of people I think, is stuck in, say, for instance, trying to manifest, let's say, a new job, right? And you you know, and you say that your intention, manifesting a new job. But while that is your intention, you're focusing on everything else the opposite? Right? Well, I'm putting out all these resumes, but I'm not getting any hits back or? Well, you know, this job is is, you know, out of state, well, how is that going to work? Or, you know, I don't quite have all of the qualifications, you know, for this job. Uh, you know, I'm missing one or two, but they're not that big of a deal. Is that going to hinder anything, or, you know, you want a job, or you're, you know, you want a specific job. But, uh, say, for instance, you don't have transportation, you're not going to know how to get to that job, etc. So you put your attention on the job, but then you, but then you're really thinking about all the other things, right? That take your focus away from your actual intention. And we people do that. All we do it with, you know, with jobs, with finances, with, you know, housing situations, with relationships with families, et cetera. And it takes me in my experience, it takes kind of it takes practice to develop the acute awareness, of being able to really tell what you're actually focused on. And I catch myself even now, you know, I'll, I'll be I'll have an intention for something. And then, you know, contrary thoughts or whatever will come up, and then I'll catch on. And then that moment, like, I'm, so I have my intention, but I'm focusing, my focus is actually here, rather than on the intention, then I have to redirect myself. So yeah, it's possible to absolutely manifest anything because we're natural creators, right? We are manifestations of the creator of source of infinite love. Infinite Power, right. Um, so of course, we can do that for just a mirror image of God. So, but it's our job, right? When we understand the law, and we know about manifestation, it is our job to have to take our desires and develop those intentions and then stay focused on those intentions and then when the opposite arises, redirect our focus. So let's see. Yeah, people I see people asking what can I manifest this or that and somebody asked the other day. Oh, what is the difference between and manifestation I think manifestation and i Non manifestation. And I replied, there there are Non manifestations. There are intentional manifestations and non intentional conscious manifestations, and subconscious or weight. Conscious manifestations. Yeah. sub conscious manifestations and like the subconscious manifestations, meaning when things we just think about or, you know, written random like reactions do we have to we that we have two different things, you know, that manifest, you know, here and there, you know, at different points, and we think there are a lot of people think that they're random. And they're just random circumstances when really they're not right. coincidences, there are no coincidences. So, yeah, I was like, there, there's no, there are no non manifestations. Everything is a manifestation, right? Big, small, etc. Everything is a manifestation. So you're always manifesting. So, now that you know that, and I gotta stop saying so. Now that you are so in, right, I find myself saying this all the time. Now that you know that, you're all that it's just natural, right? Um, be intentional about it be conscious of what you're focused on what you're manifesting as often as possible, you're not going to be able to be completely intentional about things 100% of the time, you're just not that's not how the mind works, at least in my experience, because the fact that all things exist, right? We have those thoughts that come up that contradict certain things, right? We have reactions to sometimes the things that we see that are old manifestations, showing up in our reality, everything's playing out simultaneously. All the time, right, there are multiple manifestations showing up in our reality, at any given point, all of the time. We would drive ourselves crazy trying to sort all of that out. Absolutely. But what I found is and being able to develop acute awareness being meaning you're aware that your Creator, right, that you're manifesting all of the time. So instead of trying to sort everything out, you become you become aware of your reality, what's going on around you. And I'll give you example, I've mentioned this on my YouTube channel. Maybe my last podcast Oh, no, no, I was watching acre homestead on YouTube. It's a lifestyle she cooks a lot not Oh, no, why is she's just a cute person. Like, I love her like personality, but completely opposite. Like I don't garden and I don't cook all the time. And completely opposite of me, we really have nothing in common, but she's just got a cute personality. And sometimes, you know, I'll just if I'm, if, you know, just want to play something in the background, or if I'm sitting here creating images or whatever, and you know, and her video pops up, I'll watch her. And you know, I have talked about seeing master numbers all the time, right? One 111 1110 1012 12 etc. And I see on all like, daily now multiple times a day, and she was talking about how it was late and she looked at our clock on our stove and she was like it's 1111 and I was just it was in my awareness and I was like yeah, so not only not only did I see it but she meant she said 1111 Right so it so the numbers show up in different ways here Marcia etc. Now they don't show up by accident again. There's no coincidences, my nails today and I my last podcast episode I was talking about habits. And I'm going to have to cut this short soon. I know this is getting a little bit long. That's what like gone on 20 minutes. But anyway normally when I get my nails done, I either do like a ombre like a nude, like a neutral color, really neutral, like a beige or pink and white. Or like a dark red or a burgundy. And I don't have to do anything fancy. Today I actually I took that I saw this picture. On Instagram, I think it was a lady who had her nails done, there was a little silver tip on them. They were nude, like a pinkish and had a very thin line at the top the tip and it was solid silver, and I thought it was really pretty. So I wouldn't get my nails done today. And I asked for that. Well, the my nail lady put the silver like halfway down my now. So I'm not a fan of it. 100% and, but I'm like, you know, I'll try it. Again, just kind of getting out of that routine and habit doing the same thing over and over again. So it's just okay. Not my favorite. But what's interesting is when I got home, I I was going through Instagram, right? My Instagram page, and I saw an ad for somebody, or a real or something I happen to Yeah, you know how ads and reels and stuff just pop up? Well, this lady she was pressing into something. Food or something? I don't know. Like, it wasn't a pomegranate? Oh, no, no, no, no, she was dipping a case study or something in depth. She had the exact same nails that I have today, the exact same. And I haven't seen this, this exact nail that I'm have on right now like the nude and the silver. I don't think I've ever seen it. Or if I have I don't remember. But it just so happens, I got my nails done today, this color that I never, or this design, color, etc, that I have never gotten before. And I opened up Instagram and there it is. That's what I mean by awareness. Most people think it's random. It's not random. Again, there are no coincidences, hearing a phrase on a television show or a movie. Right? The Wheel of Time was one of them, or even the Eternals. There's so much in the Eternals that, you know, the there were so many things that were shown in that are so many phrases that I heard that were that resonated because of my understanding now of like the universe, cosmic law, etc. So it was really, really interesting. There was a part in there about the records, how the Eternals like their information is stored. And I was like, well, the Akashic Records, the book of life, etc. Right? The similarities there. So, yeah, there's when you develop, again, you don't have to worry about absolutely everything, even though you're always manifesting, but be intentional about it as often as possible. Okay? And understand that there are things that happen universally, right that are manifested, but if it is, in your awareness, it, it has been it's still a manifestation. Right? But what is it showing you what are you learning from it? Right? For instance, right now what's going on in Russia and, and the Ukraine, right? If you're able to look at it objectively, and understand that it is all allowing humanity to learn to be compassionate, and to and coming from a place of love, right, those who are not directly involved in it, right? How do we look at the situation? It's very important how we look at certain situations, how we look at the pandemic, okay. Yeah, and it's makes me a little bit nervous to get too deep into certain into certain topics, but maybe I will at some point. So anyway, I hope some of this resonated with you guys. Don't worry too much. and think that you've created horrible things in your life, sometimes we do without really knowing it, right? But just try to be intentional about the things that you truly want to create in your life. So that you can live the life that you desire and the other stuff, the old manifestations that show up right in the shadow world. As they come into your awareness, Be objective of how you look at things, and, you know, and without judgment, and if you're able to look at things from a place of gratitude and love, and compassion, and when I say gratitude, I mean gratitude for what is this showing you? Right? What is this in my awareness that has been manifested? What is it showing me now? Okay, am I going to have the same reaction to it? Am I going to have the same thoughts about it? Or do I change those, look at it objectively, and dissolve that pattern? Alright, so I think I've talked enough today. Thank you so much for joining me and I'll see you guys next time. Bye.