The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 12: The Human Tapestry: Embracing Unity in our Shared Humanity

March 19, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 12
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 12: The Human Tapestry: Embracing Unity in our Shared Humanity
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Welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast! I'm Lynna K Teer, your host, a spiritual teacher, and coach dedicated to exploring the realms of mindset, manifesting, awakening, and awareness.

In today's profound episode, we delve into the profound truth that lies at the core of our existence: we are all the same. We are interconnected beings, intricately woven into the fabric of universal consciousness.

Join me as we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and explore the depths of our shared humanity. We'll dive into the essence of universal oneness, recognizing that beyond our individual differences and external appearances, we all share a common thread that unites us.

Throughout this episode, we'll uncover the power of recognizing our interconnectedness and understanding how it shapes our experiences and relationships. We'll explore the profound impact of embracing the truth that we are not separate entities, but rather interconnected aspects of a greater whole.

Through thought-provoking discussions, personal insights, and practical tools, we'll explore how this awareness can enhance our mindset and manifesting abilities. By recognizing our interconnected nature, we tap into a wellspring of compassion, empathy, and understanding, allowing us to cultivate deeper connections and create positive change in the world.

Get ready to expand your consciousness, challenge your perceptions, and awaken to the truth of our shared humanity. As we navigate the rich tapestry of mindset and manifesting, we'll also explore how this understanding can propel us toward greater personal growth, fulfillment, and alignment with our truest selves.

So, join me on this journey of self-discovery and connection. Together, let's unlock the power of universal consciousness and celebrate our inherent oneness. Through this episode, we'll transcend limitations, dissolve barriers, and embrace the truth that we are all the same.

Are you ready to explore the depths of our interconnectedness and tap into the boundless potential that lies within? Tune in to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a transformative journey towards unity, expansion, and conscious co-creation.

Remember, we are all connected. Let's awaken to our shared essence and step into the realm of limitless possibilities that unfold when we embrace our interconnected nature. Get ready to elevate your mindset, amplify your manifesting abilities, and co-create a more harmonious and loving world.

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Hello, and welcome back to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena. And today I you know, I don't have a topic for it yet, I think I'm gonna have to wait till I'm done with the episode and come up with a topic. But, um, there's something that has been on my mind lately. And it's because I now talk about, you know, Tajrish state of consciousness, you know, the journey of awakening, et cetera, you know, my own journey, there are things that I understand now that I didn't understand, you know, three, four years ago. You know, I, the mystical experiences that I've had the visions, the things that I've experienced in meditation, etc, the acute awareness I have now. And you know, the things I now share on Instagram, like, you know, the People's quotes and things like that, that resonate with me and even talking here on my podcast or on YouTube. I do, the thing is, the thing is, for me, growing up, I went through so much heartache, right, and the, the way I felt about myself a lot of times, insecurities and things like that, um, you know, and where I am now, in my life. I'm just the same as everybody else. Just that I've, I've awakened to the truth, right? To so much truth that is failed. But I'm just like everybody else. And, and I don't ever want to come up, I don't ever want to come across that, you know, just because somebody has not awakened yet. Does not change, like, there's no, we're all the same, we're all connected, all of us. And just because somebody is awakened, or, you know, somebody is more enlightened than somebody else, or somebody, you know, teaches from a, you know, a different level of awareness, it doesn't make any one person better than anybody else. We all have different experiences. You know, there are other people that know things that I don't, I know, some things that other people don't, but we're all the same. At the core of who we are, right. And that is we're all divine beings, we are all souls, manifestations of the one creative source which many call God, you know, there are a lot of names for, for God, there are a lot of names for I am. It's not just God. And God is not some entity, some beings some source that we have to reach for. It's within and it's and that source of creation is within all of us, that source of infinite love is within all of us. So we are all the same. And those who have awakened and are teaching from a certain level of awareness are no different than those who aren't. And I'm bringing this up because I use their you know, you still look at certain, you know, teachers are authors and think, oh, you know, they're so like, put them on a pedestal. And I've come to realize, and have gained the confidence now that I'm like there's no reason to put anybody on a pedestal because we are all the same. We've all we're all going through this journey together experiencing it through different sets of eyes and different levels of awareness and all learning from each other and all teaching each other to in one way or another. So you know, if you are Reading books if you are listening to people on podcast or YouTube or anybody that that you're resonating with perhaps. And if you think, Oh, I can never, I can never get to where they're at, or I, you know, I can, I can never experience those things. Don't say that, because it's not true. You wherever you are, right now on your journey is absolutely perfect. It's where you're supposed to be. Okay? Um, yeah, I just, I wanted to bring that up real quick, because it took me a long time, especially because I, because I want to write, I, you know, I used to consider myself a writer. But lately, I'm really more of a, I think a really more of a teacher, and I just want to share, like my experiences and what I've been through. So others know that, you know, whatever they're going through, they can get through to anxiety to depression, insecurities, things like that. Awakening, right? It's possible to everybody, and the awakening is inevitable, you know, in, whether in this incarnation or the next, you know, it's a cycle. And it's inevitable, that we learn the lessons where we are, you know, are meant to learn. And we, we carry those lessons. So what we learn in one lifetime, we carry through to the next. So we're not always starting completely over through each incarnation. But anyway. Yeah, I wanted to bring that up today. Because like, I mean, there was, I was watching. I was watching a something on YouTube the other day, and it was all about various teachings, like their loved one, and you channeling and things like that. And I've mentioned this before, but the, there's, like, information is just recycled over and over again, right? It's the same information recycled over and over again, through the ages, through the ages. There's nothing new under the sun. Our experiences, you know, feel new to us. But really, they're not. In, you know, in the cosmic coal, right. And again, everything is held in the book of life in the Akashic records, there's nothing new under the sun. Although our experiences may seem new, they're new to us. But there's no person on this earth any better than another person. Because at the core, we are all divine beings. We are all beautiful souls, each and every one of us beautiful, beautiful souls, having our individual experiences, experiences experiencing things together as a collective consciousness. But just because, you know, one person may be going through, you know, unpleasant circumstances, and another person may not does not make the one soul any better or worse. any different than the other soul, just different experiences. Right. So, I don't know I just felt like talking about that today. Because, again, you know, growing up and not feeling worthy and dealing with anxiety and depression and putting people on pedestals putting authors on pedestals, putting supervisors on pedestals, other people on pedestals, people I loved on pedestals and when you do that, you it you really kind of know out of the gates the right word, but you you give your power away, right and you have so much power within you, so much light within you and so So much love within you. And if you don't feel it, if you don't see it, it's there, it's just veiled. Right? Um, but the veil is going to be lifted, the veil is lifted for all of us. So the veil will be lifted. And you'll realize that one of these days, and you'll take your power back. And if you don't currently feel worthy, you'll feel your worthiness you'll know your worthiness. And you won't put anybody on a pedestal because you realize that we're all the same. Our true nature, we're all the same. There's no reason to judge. No reason to judge at all. So anyway, all right. I think that's all I wanted to say. Yeah, it's just been on my mind lately, especially from the point of view of like, sharing my experiences and stuff. And, and not wanting anybody to think that I, you know, like I would never want to come across as just because I'm going through these experiences. Now. I mean, better than anybody else is not the case. And I can say that, because I've looked at others that way. Oh, they're better than me, because they've been through these experiences, etc. It's not and it's not the case. We're just different points on the journey at various times. But we're all like, we're all beautiful, all beautiful souls. This is a beautiful, beautiful experience. It's like this journey, even through the horse if there's beauty in it, because there's a lesson there. And that leads us to awakening. So alright, I guess that that's finally it. All right. Thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. I will see you guys next time. Alright, bye now.