The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 15: Journeys Unfolded: The Tapestry of Connections

April 24, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 15
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 15: Journeys Unfolded: The Tapestry of Connections
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Welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast, where we embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, mindset mastery, and the art of manifesting. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to empowering you on your path of awakening and awareness.

In today's thought-provoking episode, we dive deep into the profound impact of the people we meet along our journey. Join me as we explore the intricate connections, synchronicities, and soulful encounters that shape our lives and elevate our consciousness.

Every person we encounter on our path carries a unique vibration, a purposeful presence that has the potential to transform our perspective, challenge our beliefs, and catalyze our growth. Whether they come into our lives as teachers, mentors, friends, or even passing strangers, their presence is never a mere coincidence but a divine orchestration of cosmic energies.

In this episode, we'll uncover the power of these connections, reflecting on the lessons, blessings, and growth opportunities that arise from each encounter. We'll explore how the people we meet can act as mirrors, reflecting aspects of ourselves that require healing, expansion, or further exploration.

Join me as we delve into heartwarming stories, personal anecdotes, and profound insights that illuminate the profound role that relationships play in our journey of self-realization. Discover how to navigate these encounters with presence, gratitude, and discernment, harnessing the wisdom and support they offer.

Moreover, we'll explore how our own energy, intentions, and mindset can attract the right people into our lives, fostering a community of growth, inspiration, and collaboration. We'll uncover practical tools and strategies to cultivate meaningful connections and nurture soulful relationships that uplift and empower us on our path.

Get ready to expand your understanding of the significance of the people we meet along the way, and how they can catalyze our mindset, manifesting abilities, and overall spiritual evolution. Tune in to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a profound exploration of the transformative power of human connection.

Together, let's embrace the profound wisdom and growth that arise from the people we meet, and unlock the limitless potential of our journey towards awakening, awareness, and manifesting a life aligned with our highest vision.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lana. I am a spiritual teacher and a coach. And today I want to talk about the people that we meet along the way. And when I say along the way, I mean, along the way, on our journey through this life, and not only this life, but previous lifetimes, those that many of us aren't even aware of, like our past lives. So I won't get too deep into that, but much of what we experience in this current lifetime is often carried over from previous incarnations. And we carry that karma with us, right, so that we can work through that karma, learn the lessons that we need to learn to awaken and then to experience the ascension process, which is not off of this earth. It is it's all within, right? So it's just a different dimension within the mind. And it's really a matter of like our level of awareness, right, it's more of a flow state, really. So, again, I'm not going to get too deep into that I've talked about the different dimensions before, and there's really a lot more to cover on it, but again, today I want to talk about the people that we meet along the way. Now, many of you may or may not believe this, but prior to this current lifetime right incarnating here on Earth, which is a consciousness Gaia, Mother Earth is a collective consciousness right, manifested physically as this planet Earth. Before we incarnate here, our soul, our true nature, right the image of God of source of the I am whatever name that you prefer to give to the Divine Creator of everything that exist we are soul. So, we have soul, we have soul contracts, right to end the purpose of those contracts is to have certain experiences with other individuals other souls by nature, right in this this human form and this human body. So, you know, some soul contracts are through intimate relationships, parents, friendships, etc. There are also other soul contracts that may just be live limited experiences. So we may have have mentors for short periods of time. So So contracts when I learned about those soulmates twin flames, and there's a lot of information out there about soulmates and twin flame soulmates does not have to necessarily be intimate partnerships, twin flames i think i'll talk about twin flames in a in a different episode because of my own experience with that. So I don't know how much detail I want to get into it, I may cover it kind of in a little bit broader sense. But I saw our soul contracts that people that we have to have soul contracts with other souls to have certain experiences here on earth when I learned about that, it really changed the way that I viewed a lot of situations in my life, a lot of relationships that I've experienced, right with my parents, with siblings, with the mentors I've had in my life and with friendships, and it's allowed me to step back and observe and take a different approach to to the way that I have viewed my life and different experiences with people and it's a real eye opener Jim, and I talk a lot about awareness and, you know, cultivating awareness, it's been really important to me it's been, it's been just an interesting journey, cultivating awareness. And now as I view the world, it's more from the aspect of observation, rather than reaction. And it's, again, it's just an incredible experience. So I want to give a couple of examples. I mean, I could give many, many, many examples, I'll be 52 this year. So I've had a handful of relationships, you know, I have siblings, again, a couple of mentors, etc. So this probably won't be the first time to talk about this topic. But the reason I'm doing this is I want to give you hopefully give you guys just some insight that will helpful, hopefully kind of give you guys that little nudge to begin observing the various relationships in your life, and looking at them from a different perspective, right, because we're here to have these experiences, to go through certain things, to integrate lessons in our lives, and really kind of integrate those fragmented parts of our soul. And again, make it into that particular aspect in a future episode, but how we can integrate those fragmented parts of our soul. Right, a lot of people would probably call that the dark night of the soul. There are many aspects to it, but so integrating that, learning the lessons that that we agreed to come here, to learn the things we agree to experience for the sole purpose of awakening to the truth of our divine nature, right, that creative power within us. It's all it's just, it's all a journey, it's all experience, right? It's just grand divine play. So again, I mean, I have been through the furnaces of affliction, anxiety, depression, abuse, I've talked about that before. But then being on the other side of it now, and being able to look back. And even the hard times is like, looking back at it now is like such a beautiful picture that has unfolded like the, this where by gas, or many people caught the matrix, this, this web of IQ things that I've experienced, and how everything unfolded, right. And just where I am today, so be able to look back and observe, I can see now how, how beautiful it all is, how beautiful the journey has, has been. And the purpose of it all. So the people that we meet along the way, all right now, I know many of us, you know, get into relationships, we have family members, friends, etc. And we invest a lot in relationships. And many times we invest so much in relationships, and we take on so much of what other people tell us we should or shouldn't do. So much of what other people, they tell us who we are, right. And, you know, oftentimes that begins in childhood with our parents. And you know, some of it is karma that we're carrying through from previous lifetimes. So there's a lot of intricacies that go into our experiences, and relationships. But if you can take a step back and begin to observe the various relationships in your life and step into that knowing of who you are, your divine power, okay, and realize that life isn't really happening to you. It may seem that way, but it's happening through you and you have been control over it. Whether you may feel like you do or not, you truly have control over your experiences. So relationships, all right, as you go through life, if you begin to observe the various relationships, situations at cetera, step into your power, then you can look at the individuals in your life, these various relationships, and ask yourself, what is this relationship showing me? What is this individual showing me and then observe your conversations, you'll get to a point. Hopefully, of I don't know where each of you are on your journey of awakening. But when you get to the point of not only observing what others are doing and saying to you, and, and understanding what they are showing you, which again, is just a reflection of your internal world, really, but in your conversations with other people, what you are saying to other people, how you interact with other people, your reactions. What is that teaching you about yourself? So yeah, let me see if I can get a couple of examples. Alright, one example. My father, all right, growing up. I, for whatever reason, I felt for a long time, I felt the need of having to prove myself to my father, and not only to my father, but like, with work, to my bosses that I was, you know, capable, and really an over achiever, in most of the jobs that I've had going above and beyond, and in the military, etc. But always having this need to prove myself. I don't know where that came from, really. But my dad, so my dad was that always present. He don't, he had had a lot of issues that he had to deal with growing up. And I won't go into detail. That's his story. And I haven't asked his permission to tell it. But, you know, a lot of the things that, you know, I've dealt with he has gone through to some things far worse. So my first whatever reason, I felt this, the need of having to prove things to my father, really, I think how intelligent I was. Because growing up I always looked at my dad has been this very intelligent person, very intelligent. He taught me to cook he taught me to type we would sit and and talk about his in, like his invention sink, say you wanted to invent. And I just, it was like, I could talk to him about things that I couldn't talk to other people about. It was just a different level of conversation. But at the same time, there was a lot of just a lot of issues. He you know, he was doing a lot with a lot of things. He never really held a job for the longest time did hold a job for you know, really extended periods of time or never really lived in one place for an extended period of time. That I can remember that's my perception, my recollection of you know, of things. He had a temper. He was never physically abusive. I mean, I saw some I saw his temper flare, you know, with my mom. I don't recall it ever flirted with, you know, as kids. I have a brother and a sister. But I saw it with my mom a couple times out that guy actually ever saw him be physically abusive, but he did have a temper. But again, I always felt like I needed to prove how intelligent Did I was to him, and how capable I was. And you know, that carried over into jobs and stuff like that. So, to carry that with me I felt, you know, honestly, I lost my train of thought so. But oh, I know what I was gonna say. It took many, many years. So because because I had it because I felt like I had to prove something to him. For whatever reason, again, I don't I don't know exactly why. Eventually, it'll all figure it out, it'll come to me. But it's really not that important now, because I can observe right out like, I'm not, it's not something I like, feel like I have to get to the bottom of, because I know that, you know, if, if I meant to integrate it, it'll unfold over time. So as I got older, I really blamed him. For a lot of things, I blamed him for some of the anxiety and depression, I was dealing with the, you know, feeling kind of closed off, really. So I did for a long time, I blinked and a lot of things, for a lot of things. And I found it difficult to have conversations with them as I got older, because it was, I don't know, it was just difficult. I felt, I think I felt, I don't know if judged is the right word. But I think it was more of it was, like he thought he was right all the time. That was my perception. He thought he was right all the time. And you couldn't tell him anything. Because he was open minded. That was my perception. took me many, many, many, many, many years to get over that it's probably only been within maybe the past four years, maybe five, five years, which I started to kind of change my perception of that dynamic between us because I began changing my perception, myself, my perception of myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, my assumptions, etc. And that really changed the dynamic. And I was able to begin to observe and think, Okay, what, what is this showing me this dynamic, these conversations, what is it showing me about me. And, again, I began to change the assumptions that I had about our conversations about him always being right, or not being open minded. And then I began to see the change in him. When I experienced the change within, I began to see the change in him, and then our dynamic I have there. There are people now that have come into my life. From the from where I am now, as a teacher I find myself teaching some time, like having conversations. And this information comes through and I'm in this teaching mode from experience, and it just it, it just flows. And sometimes I'm like, and as I'm talking and it's flowing, I'm also the observer. And you know, I think myself can have had these experiences. But wow, this is so easy. That now I understand why I always knew that I was I was meant to teach and share my story and experiences even though you know, for a really long time. I didn't understand what that look like. But so I find myself doing that. And then there are people coming into my life now that I'm observing and they're reflecting things back to me and I'm like, Oh, wow, right. I'm doing more periods. I'm beginning to encounter more people that are awakened and our interests Did in their own spiritual journey? I had never experienced that before I'd never really encountered people like that before. Yeah, my experience really was. I had, I don't know, I've encountered so many people in my life that I felt were not as open minded. And again, that was probably just this internal perception. But anyway, so now like, my massage therapist, I go in, or one of them anyway have two. So one of them is going through a difficult time right now, like a really difficult time. And I find myself being able to relate to her and share information with her. Because she's open to it. She's open to listening, and we have open conversations while I'm on the table, getting a great massage. She's going through difficult times, but I've been there, I've gone through a lot of what she's going through now. And so I can share kind of my experiences and how I've got through it. And then my other massage therapist. She's our conversations, she is much she's what she's much more she's farther along on a journey than my other massage therapist, the one who's going through some difficult times right now to the second massage therapist. She, like she's more spiritual, like she's, like with difficult situations and stuff like that she is more like it is what things like that she like they don't, you can tell. She's aware that she doesn't have to let things bog her down as much because she's more spiritually awake. And then I had this Oh, I had a conversation with her. And she was I was doing Thai Yoga with her. And she was like I, she was like, I guess we will talk about dreams and stuff. Because it's a big thing, if you don't, I think I've talked about before, and I actually created another another podcast where I talk about mystical dreams and experiences and the revelation that comes to me now, through this to symbolism, the Bible, etc. That's part of my journey of awakening, not everybody's going to relate to it. Because as we awaken information comes to us in a way that resonates with us. So for whatever reason, scripture, that revelation that comes through now. It it resonates with me. So, and I and I understand that not everybody receives that revelation through scripture, right? They, you know, some people get more in tune with energy and stuff with yoga and things like that. So scriptures that for me, mystical dreams, experiences, and I say mystical. For me, if it's if it's unexplained, from a third dimensional level that the masses would understand. It's, if it's truly unexplained, from a logical point of view, it is mystical in nature. So we whoops, I told her, I was like, You need to write down your dreams, because she has them a lot. And like, you need to write them down, because there are messages in there. And she started telling me about the fact that she gets fidgets. And she's like, Yeah, as I'm working on you, I have this vision of you, seeing you standing in front of people teaching and talking standing on stage. I was like, you know, what's interesting, you said that, because I've had that same vision about myself. It's just something I've known that I'm always going to do. And at my age now, I think, Okay, well, when, but at the same time, I'm like, No, I just know now, right? And I do get stuck in that sometimes where I'm like, you know, I look at other teachers and coaches and people who are on stage and authors and, and I think, wow, you know, it seems like everybody's got this head start, but I'm like, Okay, well, this is just my process, right? I'm awakening at the right time were chosen one by one. So it's all okay, I'm just gonna lean into my passion, my purpose, and really feel what I called, I do what I feel called to do, which is share this information, share these experiences. And so as we were having this conversation, I realized that I was I was sharing information, and she was learning for me. I was learning things about myself from talking to her, as far as that confirmation, of doing this of teaching of coaching, etc. So it was a two way reflection, right. And that's just how our relationships are. It's a, it's a reflection. People are always reflecting back to us what we're doing internally. But if you're aware enough of what you are contributing, like in conversation, or whatever reactions or whatever, you not only learn what people are reflecting to you, about what about your beliefs or assumptions, etc, about life about people experiences at church, or what you're doing internally, within your mind. But you can observe your conversations with them. And your reactions to them. So what are you learning from that, and it becomes this really great, like teaching or learning playing field because as you become the observer, in these relationships, you you can, in my experience, now looking back, I can see, I can see certain words, certain karmic or certain soul contracts probably came into play, I wouldn't really know unless I had more divine insight, like through meditation, past life regression, or whatever, but I can look back and see where, okay, that was probably a soul contract. Right with this individual family members, etc. But it's so interesting to become the observer. And these relationships. And even if you encounter people that you don't like, right? Still, what is that relationship teaching you? And your reactions? Your conversations, your thoughts within that dynamic? What is that teaching you? It's really interesting. I wanted to talk about one other thing real quick. And this isn't really like, soul contract. Relationships, but so people we meet along the way, random encounters, which aren't really random. I want to talk about so years ago, I remember I saw people like, like panhandlers on the corner. And now that I'm talking about right now, I wouldn't be surprised if I start seeing no more. But anyway, I was seeing them all the time. And you know, I would go into church at the time. And so I knew time I had cash on me, I would, you know, stop and not all the time, but a lot of times I would just give up money. And then there was one time I drove past somebody, I think I had $10 cash from Yeah, a five or $10 It was$10 it was $10 Cash, I believe I have on me, and I drove past him and I remember as I was driving past, like this inner voice said to me, telepathically, not audibly because sometimes I hear audibly, but telepathically turn around and give them money. I was like, huh, I thought I could take door right. It's not that you're gonna give them money. I didn't have any wands or change. I had literally a $10 bill. And at that time, like for me to give somebody $10 at that time was like not like the easiest of things to do. Right because I Because I that could be used for food or, or groceries or whatever. Because at that time, I mean, there were times that I would go to the food bank and things like that. But anyway, so I drove past, I went to the coffee shop, because I was doing some bookkeeping at the time for the owner of a coffee shop. And they kept coming to me. Do you think if that person $10 So on my way back, was on the other side of the street, but on my way back, I pulled in to the gas, even stay on the corner by gas station. And I pulled up to him and I gave him $10. Because literally, I could not, I could not have done it. If I had not given him that $10 bill, that would have stayed with me, it was one of the times those times it was so like that was a gut. That was my higher self. My soul talking me you need to do this. That wasn't a soul contract. But it was like a, it was for whatever reason, that particular encounter. There was a purpose there. Right for whatever it was. There was a purpose to that. I don't know exactly what it was. But yeah, so sometimes that happens as well. Now, when it comes to, I'm gonna talk about manifesting for a sec. So I used to see people panhandlers all the time, when I learned when I found Nevels teachings and learned about excuse me, conscious manifesting and the fact that we can actually, if we see somebody who is in a situation that may be less than desirable for that person, we can imagine better for them. So once I learned that I was like, Well, if I see somebody holding a sign for food, or whatever that looks to shovel, I can imagine I can just imagine quickly better. And it could just be a thought you know, that person is, is employed and has a roof over their head. When I kid you not. When I started doing that. I stopped seeing panhandlers. There was one guy down the street from my house. I literally saw him every day for like three or four days. Until it dawned on me. I was like, wait, I can imagine I can just imagine, think of thought that this individual has a roof over their head. Right? They're employed. Um, so I did that a couple of like, the next couple of times I saw him. I did that. And then I didn't see him anymore. And I literally, I don't I hardly ever see panhandlers anymore. Every once in a while see one. And then I just think to myself, they're employed, they have a roof over their head. Now, what happens? I don't know that I have enough faith. I know because I've done it. I've consciously manifested, had a thought, written something down. And it has manifested. So I know the power that is within me. I know my divine nature. I know who I am. And I know that we all have that creative power. So so what happens? I don't know. But I can't tell you that as soon as I started having those thoughts about panhandlers being deployed having roof over their head, having food to eat those kinds of things. I stopped seeing them as much as those are soul contracts. I don't believe the random encounters either though. Right. I don't believe in coincidences. I don't believe anything is random. And so what have I learned from that? Is that it's just confirmation of the creative power within me and how important our thoughts are. Okay, and how when we change our thoughts, we change our beliefs and our assumptions, our external world changes. So I think that is it for today. But before I go, so think about that. Think about the people you meet along the way. Think about the idea of soul contracts. And what You can learn from the people that you encounter by just observing. I'm not saying don't interact with them. But as you're interacting, kind of cultivate your awareness, get into that observer mode as you're having conversations or encounters with people and not react all the time. But, you know, get into the observer mode of bow. What does this relate? What is this relationship, this experience teaching me? About myself. So, it's kind of fun, you know, to begin to, again, cultivate that awareness and just kind of see the patterns unfold, and see things change before your eyes. So I will leave you all with that. Thank you so much for joining me today. And if you if you haven't checked out my other podcast, if you're interested, I would say, you know, I would say head over to my blog. It's just Linda and Linda Kay Head over to my blog. I've got links for the journey of awakening podcasts that I do all about mystical experiences and stuff. By the time this goes up, I'll have another episode up over there Earth, there'll be another episode coming out. I just launched that about a week ago. And of course, I've got the neville goddard lectures, podcast, and I've moved all of my neville goddard lectures, I'm moving those over to my blog. So if you're subscribed to my blog, you can access his lectures. And I think that's it. Yeah, I think that's it. So head over to my blog, subscribe. And if you're interested in coaching, you know, discussing any of this with me one on one, kind of trying to figure out where you are in your own life, or if you have questions about anything, really. I've got a 30 minute free discovery call 30 minute coaching and 60 minute coaching, eventually, I may offer like a monthly package or whatever, but right now, but it's it's affordable, like a 60 minute is like $25 And like, half an hour's like 1250 or something like that. I didn't want it to be too exorbitant, right? I really want to be able to help people. It helps me lean into my purpose, but I want to help other people that this time. It's, it's really affordable, I think. But again, it's because I really want to really kind of help as many be as people as possible navigate this journey because I know what I went through. It's been confusing, really confusing at times. So anyway, if you're interested, check that out. And that's it for now. So I'll see you guys next time. Alright, bye now.