The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 17: Empowering Perspectives: Mindset, Free Will, and the Path of Neutrality

May 15, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 17
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 17: Empowering Perspectives: Mindset, Free Will, and the Path of Neutrality
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Welcome to another insightful episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm Lynna K Teer, your host, a spiritual teacher, and coach dedicated to empowering you on your journey of mindset transformation and conscious manifesting. In this podcast, we explore the depths of mindset, manifesting, and the profound awakening of consciousness.

In today's thought-provoking episode, we delve into the interconnected themes of mindset, free will, and neutrality. Join me as we unravel the significance of these concepts in shaping our reality and navigating the vast landscapes of our lives.

Our mindset plays a pivotal role in how we perceive and experience the world around us. We'll explore the power of cultivating a positive and growth-oriented mindset, and how it influences our ability to manifest our desires and create a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Additionally, we'll dive into the concept of free will—the innate ability to make choices and shape our own destiny. Discover how our mindset impacts the exercise of our free will and how conscious decision-making can align us with our highest potential.

Furthermore, we'll explore the transformative power of neutrality. In a world filled with contrasting opinions, experiences, and energies, maintaining a state of neutrality allows us to observe without judgment, make informed choices, and align with our authentic selves.

Through engaging discussions and practical insights, we'll uncover strategies to cultivate a mindset of empowerment, harness the power of free will, and embrace neutrality as a tool for conscious living.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a journey of mindset, free will, and neutrality. Discover how to harness the power of your thoughts, make conscious choices aligned with your true desires, and cultivate a state of neutrality that empowers you to navigate life's challenges with grace and wisdom. Get ready to expand your awareness, unlock your manifesting potential, and embrace the transformative power of a mindful and neutral mindset.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lana, and I'm a spiritual teacher and a coach. And today I want to talk about mindset. And really, your go to assumptions, I guess, or beliefs, meaning when you encounter a situation, an individual something happens like, like you've something comes on, like a physical ailment. What is your first assumption? Do you automatically go to a negative place or a positive place or a neutral? Place? All right. Neutral is a great place to be. And the reason for that is, so with that neutral place is comes non judgement comes to observation. All right? Now, I realized what something's, you know, like, if there's a physical ailment or something that comes that comes on, like, we're so trained to automatically think, you know, possibly, you know, that there's something wrong or whatever. And my experience kind of will, what I've realized is that not everything is necessarily what we assume. So for like physical ailments, you know, some things that we experience, yes, they may be related to a health issue, right. But some things are associated with ascension symptoms, and some things, some health issues, manifest themselves physically, when it's really like, in an energetic level, it comes from, you know, our emotions and, and negative thoughts and beliefs and things like that, and then it manifests manifests itself physically. So on this journey, when you get to a point of being able to observe and be judge, non judgmental, get to a neutral place. Again, you're able to observe and not automatically jump to, like, automatically jump to something negative. And the same, the same goes with encountering certain situations and other people. Okay, so say, for instance, you get into a disagreement with somebody, you know, for some reason, or actually, let's not use that an exam as an example. Because, like, honestly, like, once you awaken, and you get to a certain level of like awareness, you don't really, like getting into arguments, it's just at least I can't imagine is something that would like even cross one's mind. So, sad to say, you encounter somebody that is not nice to you is, you know, belligerent for whatever reason, first of all, why is that happening? Because all things are are are a reflection, right? So, is there a belief or assumption that you have held within you that is now a Manifesting with about the way people treat you? Um, yeah. So if you encounter a situation like that, what are you going to do? Are you going to automatically react and think, you know, well, this person, you know, this person is just belligerent or this person is just mean or disrespectful, or, you know, whatever along those lines, is that going to be your automatic assumption? Or are you going to be able to look at the situation and be neutral about it and not react? Okay, you have a choice in any given moment, at any given moment, that goes with anything goes with your health, right? So if you say, one day you're feeling good, like you if you're sniffling, feeling pressure in your head or whatever, are you automatically going to think, you know, this is this, this is coming on, you know, whether it be a cold or whatever, or do you automatically think something's wrong, or are you just going to observe and be neutral about it and think okay, So whatever is going on with this, let me not react, I don't want to perpetuate it. Right? Let's let this play out and see what happens. Maybe it's an ascension symptom, right? Maybe this has to do with an influx of energies or something? Or is there an emotion within me? Is there something maybe I'm not aware of that is manifesting physically. Right. So which places are you going to go to automatically to a negative place? Are you going to be neutral? about something? Are you going to cultivate your awareness about, you know, something particular meaning? What is this showing me? What can I learn from it? That place we go to that choice, because we have freewill in our own, like, within our unawareness, we have free will to choose in any given moment. Whether we're going to allow an experience to whether we're going to allow an experience in whether it resonates or not. And potentially allow that experience to repeat as a pattern, right? So you don't automatically have to accept anything. Not about you as an individual, not about your life, not about other people, you do not have to automatically accept anything as the circumstance, right? As out of your control, you have a choice in any given moment, to make a decision, how am I going to let this affect me? And I know I've probably touched on this, you know, before in previous episodes, but it's important to know that you have like you have a choice. Okay. So say you're reading, like, say read a news article or something, right? You don't have to accept something at face value, you can observe it. You don't? Yeah, you don't, you don't automatically have to accept anything as true. So just know that you have that power. The that freewill belongs to you, it's yours to choose in any given moment, or what you're going to accept. So the Okay, the dogs are barking. Hold on. I'm gonna pause this for a sec. Okay, I'm back. So yeah, I've talked about this before. But really, I want to help you guys really cultivate that awareness, to begin to look at things differently, to look at your life differently to look at the situation you encounter differently, and the people that you encounter differently, really get to that state of neutrality. Once you move beyond this third density, and see things just from the aspect of your physical senses, you move into that fourth density, where you're awake, you now know, the power that you have within you that creative power, and that you are creating your experiences, right? You're manifesting everything that you encounter, whether you realize the origin of that thoughts, that created that manifestation, that belief, etcetera. Everything comes from within and unfolds, you know, in time. So this specific point in time for different manifestation. Who knows, because it's always unfolding, right? Like, you may have a conversation with somebody today and react to it. And because you had done an emotional reaction, or you had a thought about it. It'll manifest. Right? And who knows when that's going to manifest fit. Do you know if it's three days from now or, you know, a month from now or a year from now, right to say if you visualize something like who we don't know the date, and the time so as these things unfold, we don't we don't necessarily always recognize the origin because how many thoughts do we have a day? Right? How many beliefs about certain things or assumptions come about up about things in our lives or people a day? How many reactions do we We have two different things a day, all things manifest. So that's a lot of moments and a day that are continuously unfolding, right, and compounding on top of each other and unfolding and unfolding and always unfolding. If you get to a place of neutrality, right you and moving into really that fifth dimension of just like allowing things and being non judgmental, and understanding that you have freewill. And you can choose to just observe, right? You have there, you have better control over what manifests in your life. Okay. And developing that acute awareness allows you to recognize those manifestations more easily. All right, but you have to make, you have to be careful of the choices you're making in any given moment of how you allow things to affect you, or what you assume about certain things that are happening to you you're experiencing, etc. Right, you don't have to assign a meaning to everything you don't you really can just observe and just allow and be non judgmental. So. So yeah, I just wanted to bring that up again today. And seeing it in a little bit different context, you know, the ideas and thoughts that come are often, you know, related. So, I will probably, it won't be the first time it won't be the first time or last, I should say that I'm going to touch on the same topics, because everything intertwines. And always kind of, you know, relates back to each other. So hopefully, you know, if you're a regular here on the podcast, each time you listen to an episode, or you read something on my blog, if you do or go to my YouTube channel, you'll gain additional insight. And trust me that happens over time, like as you know, as we awaken. And dip and things are meant to resonate with us at different points in time, depending on where we're at on this journey. You'll be able to it's like, it's like reading the same book over and over and over and over again, right? The second or third time you read it, you may notice something that you didn't notice the first time or like watching a movie. But the more the more you acquaint yourself with an idea or a thought or you hear something or read something, the more you gained from it. And perhaps something resonates today, perhaps something is just a seed. And then, you know, months down the road, what was the seed today, or resonates more as an idea at that time in order to resonate with you? Because that's where you are on your journey of awakening. And that's when it's meant to resonate. So remember, you have a choice in any given moment, right and what you allow. So try to get to that place of neutrality. And then understand that power that you have within YouTube. Be conscious of what you're creating. Alright, so that is it for today's episode. Thank you so much for joining me. Talk to you guys next time. Bye now.