The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 22: Unveiling Your Inner Archives: Embracing the Living Library Within

June 19, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 22
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 22: Unveiling Your Inner Archives: Embracing the Living Library Within
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Welcome to a captivating episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's thought-provoking episode, we delve into the extraordinary concept that you are a living library of knowledge. Join me as we uncover the vast depths of wisdom and insight that reside within you and explore the power of this knowledge in shaping your mindset and manifesting abilities.

Throughout our lives, we accumulate experiences, lessons, and insights that contribute to our personal growth and understanding. In this episode, we'll explore how this wealth of knowledge within you can be harnessed to support your mindset and manifesting journey.

Through engaging discussions and practical strategies, we will explore ways to tap into this inner repository of wisdom. Discover how to access and integrate the knowledge you have gained over the years to create profound shifts in your mindset and manifest outcomes.

Join me as I share techniques for unlocking this inherent wisdom within you, including self-reflection, journaling, and meditation. We will also explore the power of sharing knowledge and learning from others as a means of expanding our collective consciousness.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embrace the truth that you are a living library of knowledge. Discover the transformative potential that lies within you and harness it to manifest the life you desire. Get ready to tap into your inner wisdom, expand your awareness, and unlock the unlimited possibilities that await you.

If you are interested in checking out additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or my YouTube channel.

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If you want additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or YouTube channel.

Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lana, I am a spiritual teacher and a coach. And today I want to talk about knowledge really. And the fact that you bet me that each and every human being walking the face of this earth is a walking living a library of knowledge of truth. And that knowledge, the truth of who we are, is within us, it is built within our DNA. And much of it is dormant, especially prior to awakening. Once the veil is lifted, and you begin to see the world beyond the systems that are put in place, really beyond that third dimensional world, right? This knowledge begins to arise at a big to come to the forefront really, in my experience, at a much more rapid pace. For me, it's been, it's been a lot, it's, and the thing is knowledge, it doesn't seem to unfold, like in a specific order is like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. It's fascinating, but at the same time, it can feel a little bit over whelming at times, what's that but only because like I love sharing experiences and knowledge just to assist others who may be you know, going through this process. So, anyway, yeah, we are all walking living libraries and within our beings can there is a knowledge of all that exist, right? All that we have ever been all that we are now in the present and all that we will be in the future or are in the future. Because right now we are living we are living our past. So our higher self, our guides, if you're able to tap into that, you're really tapping into many, many times from my experience, future version, the future version of yourself. And it's really, I guess, it can sound kind of complicated, so I'm not going to go too deep into it. But and I should probably share this on my awakening or my journey of awakening podcast, but I thought I would share it here today. Because again, the the key point of today's episode is knowledge. All right, so you can instead of just thinking with your mind you can actually feel with your whole body because the truth that is meant to resonate with us on a core level you will you will feel it like you will know it in your gut you'll just know it and I'm sure you've had this feeling you know with with different things in your life you know a lot of people call it intuition. It's just this knowing well the reason you feel that intuition with that gut feeling is because that knowledge is already within you. It is just being brought to the surface. Okay. Um and however that is brought about the avenue that is brought about whether it is listening to a speaker, whether it is watching somebody on a video, whether it is reading a book and article, etc. Those are just messengers, right avenues of relaying and the knowledge that is already within you. But it's kind of, you know, it's like this little, I would say, sort of like a match to a, like a match box, you know, when you probably dating myself here to, to match boxes even still exist you know, as you you strike the box with the match, it's like that little that little spark. So, yeah. So pay attention to your intuition. Okay? When you come across information, and you just get that feeling of knowing. Again, it's because that knowledge is already within you. So pay attention to that. What is your gut telling you? What is your intuition telling you about? Information that you come across, right knowledge that you that you come across? And let's see what else I was gonna say about that. Ah, oh, I wanted to talk about words, too. So the words that you hear people speak the words that you read, like on a, on a page of a book, or in an article. So, so the words are encoded, language is encoded, all language is encoded. And all words carry a vibration, whether they're on a page or spoken. And when they're spoken, the sounds, create images. That's manifestation. Okay? Those reflected reflected images that we see. Okay. And that, that's a whole that's what consciousness is. Sounds. Okay. Manifest manifesting images, really. And we see those images in our awareness. And those, like the words we speak. And manifesting, though, as those images manifest, it is. That I mean, that's the structure of, of the universe. And it was like going to say, my phone went off. I should have turned it off. Yeah, so. So our words, right. They, they're like, it's like this little spark, it kind of stimulates the, the structure of consciousness, that's what creation is. So again, spoken our spoken words, create a different vibration than written words. So speak, as I talked about in previous episodes, affirmation, so speaking affirmations those spoken words, carry a different vibration than written words. So oftentimes, I believe you'll find that if you write downs, affirmations, versus speaking now, the spoken word will be seen within your awareness sooner than the written words, right? So the thoughts you may have about the you know, written words on a page or whatever, or things you may write in a journal, but testing, I'm just going based off of my experience, but try it out for yourself. Okay. You know, if you're, if you're curious, so, maybe you you know, have a journal and you know, your notebook or whatever, you write down your, ah, a certain set of affirmations. And then maybe you have another set of affirmations that you speak and just test it and see what you know, see what happens. And again, tap into your, your intuition and your gut. So, If so you're reading an article, and there are certain there's a certain phrase or something that just kind of, like, pops off the page at you. Okay? That's not an accident. So, when that happens, what? Pay attention to it? Um, what bit of knowledge is in there? That is that met? That's my, well, if it's popping off the page, it's meant for you, right? Like, if it's resonating with you, but But pay attention to it. And, you know, maybe ask yourself, Okay, so what is it about this? That's really resonating with me. And if you pay 100, you don't have to do it for very long. But what may arise is more information. Okay, so more knowledge and understanding of what you're reading. And the same with listening to people, right? Some things are gonna resonate with you, some things won't. But everything is connected. So if something is resonating with you, why is it resonating with you at this particular time? And can you connect that with anything else in your life that has perhaps resonated before, or circumstances in your life? Because again, everything is connected? It's like one huge puzzle this life is. It's absolutely fascinating. And he even states, so I mentioned the spoken word versus written word. And, by the way, I don't write out a script for my podcast episodes, something comes to to mind. And I get on here, and I talk about it. And I don't script anything out. So I'm not reading off of a script. So sometimes there will be pauses, in my words, because all things will come to me. And it says, yeah, things will come to me. And you, I'm thinking about it, as I'm saying it, and sometimes it usually happens on my YouTube channel. It comes, it's more channeled information. So anyways, that's kind of that's just my process, right? So it's not always going to be super polished, but it's absolutely completely authentic. That's just how I operate. So if you stick with me, through my little pauses, and as I think as I'm talking, I appreciate that very much. Thank you for allowing me to be my complete authentic self and sharing information with you guys. So I thought I didn't plan to say that either. That just kind of it came from the heart it came through. So yeah, again, that's just how I operate. So anyway, spoken word versus written word. And scripture. It says in Genesis In the beginning, there was the Word and the Word. So the word was really sound okay. Because God or source is speaking, speaking, does not speak like we speak souls, multi dimensional souls who are in like their I think it's their authentic bodies. There are seven, seven bodies of humans the physical, the etheric, the astral, the mental, the causal, the Buddha Buddha body and then the athma body atma body. So, they are not physical beings speaking, as you know, we humans speak with words, it was all sound, but in Genesis, it said, there was the word, but the word was a sound. That is how creation came into being through sound. So it's really important, for I mean, it's my opinion that it's really important to understand the power of your words. and also to know that it's really important to pay attention to your intuition to those gut feelings. And, and understand that all of the knowledge is already within you, you are a powerful, powerful being, okay, a divine being. And although things exist now multi dimensionally, okay, right now, in this Now moment, because we're having this human experience, we see things linear, and we see things linearly, it's part of this, it's, it's part of the experience, part of this grant play, right? We don't, we don't see that everything is happening right now. And the all of the knowledge of everything that was is and in the future is within us. Okay. So we see things linear, because things have to, things have to unfold for us. How I mean, what would be the fun and life if all of the knowledge of the universe unfolded in us? instantaneously? What would be the whole point of living this human experience? Right. So again, it's a process, it's an unfolding, it is a remembering. And I'm sharing this with you, too. For those of you who aren't aware, that you contain the knowledge of the universe within you, to utilize that knowledge now that you've heard it, to utilize it, and to cultivate that awareness of the fact that you carry all of the knowledge within you, right, and to be more aware, when you are listening to people speak, you know, to teachers, to speakers, when you are reading a book, when you are seeing information, you know, perhaps not in a book, but somewhere else. And something resonates with you. It is not by accident, there are no coincidences, it is a piece of the puzzle. And perhaps it may not make sense in the moment. But it is a piece of the unfolding puzzle of life of this experience we are having. And they will, I mean, it's not it won't be the first or last time, right, something resonates with you, it's happening all of the time. But if you have the awareness, that then all of the knowledge is within you, and if something resonates, it resonates, it's resonating for a reason. Each time it happens, you're aware of it. After you know after, you know a period of time, perhaps as you kind of as as more and more of this truth and knowledge arises within you. No longer remaining doormat. It's going to paint up picture for you. Perhaps looking back on your life and now understanding why you had to go through certain things. Why you encountered certain people, why you have the passions that you have unfailing mysteries, right of the universe of who we are leading you to more information that will assist you in awakening or on your awakening journey. On the ascension journey, and you know it's from To me, I'd forget everything is a is a journey. Because it never, it actually never really ends, right? It's an ongoing, it's ongoing. Now, eventually we get to a point where this human experience, we we eventually, once we've learned all of the lessons, things like that, that were meant to learn to fully awaken and ascend in consciousness, we, you know, we break certain patterns, and then we're no longer on the wheel on this, you know, karmic wheel right? of time. And then we're, you know, in our, our true form, right, our souls, but it's still ongoing, right? It's just a journey. So if you can, I mean, it's just food for thought I understand that, you know, some of this is a little bit. It can be not make sense to some people. I mean, there was a time where it wouldn't have made sense to me. But as things unfold, for me, I'm like, Okay, not that surprises me. Now. There are things that don't, there are things that don't resonate with me thinks that do. I was actually I was reading a book the other day, and there were, like, so much of it was resonating. And then I came to, like one section, and I was reading it. And although I knew that there was truth, in the paragraphs for somebody, and, and part of it for me, not all of it resonated with me. At this time. However, it's interesting, because there was a section in it. There was a paragraph, which actually correlated with a podcast episode that I watched on YouTube, which wasn't surprising. I mean, you know, when we are aware of certain things, though, we tend to encounter those things more like if we're focused on it within our awareness, or sometimes we're not really focused on it. But it's like a little seed. And it'll come up once, and then you will encounter something like I did, I saw that episode. And then I read a paragraph. In a book that correlated with this episode, it really it had to do with blood and the moon, like a woman's cycle. And this is two of my TMI, but I'm 52. So I, so that's no longer I'm postmenopausal. So it's not an issue for me anymore. And that's part of the reason it didn't resonate with me. But I could see where there were, I could see the, the truth in it. And how there was something in there meant for me, there's a bit of knowledge in there meant for me, but it's not 100% clear yet. And that's okay. Because I know at some point, I'll encounter additional information, whether it's watching somebody on YouTube or listening to a podcast or reading a book, or even reading scripture, and more. More information will be our remember more, right? It'll be it'll be unveiled within me, it will arise. So yeah, it's really it's really just a process. But I wanted to share this because not everybody knows that. We're a walking living library of all that have really all of the knowledge that exists within the universe because of the beings that we truly are beyond this physical form. So I just wanted to bring that information into your awareness. So take from it, what you will, if it resonates, wonderful, if not, that is fine too. And if you stuck around till now and it doesn't resonate with you, thank you so much. But as I say, very often, even when things don't resonate with us, you know, in a in a profound way, and they're ours. Still seeds within the information that we encounter, okay, and there is a divine purpose to it all. So, with that being said, thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. I would love to invite folks on to my podcast, I'd like to do a few more guest episodes, I've only done one, it was my very first one. So I need to figure out the process a little bit better. Yeah, my camera. So the first one, I actually posted my YouTube video or YouTube channel as well, but my camera wasn't working very well. So yeah, so that's so I'd love to have more people on. So if you would like to engage in a conversation and you know, share your own experiences and knowledge, or know anybody that would, please feel free to reach out to me, you can send me an email. And I'm happy to engage in open conversations with others because we all have different bits of truth, right, that come up for us, based on where we're at on this journey. And, again, the seeds of information, awaken things within us. I was in a Facebook group yesterday, and I was going to end this, give it a couple more minutes. I was in a Facebook group yesterday. And somebody mentioned the ark in the Bible. And, you know, I made a comment of my understanding of the ark. And there was somebody, she didn't agree she had a different opinion. And you know, and I thought what, you know that it was interesting to see somebody else's opinion on it. And I just, again, I think it's, oh, no, that's not what I was gonna say. So there was one individual that had an opinion on it. And there was somebody else that brought up something that resonated with me that that was the point of bringing this up. So he he brought up the definite definitions from a mystical point of view for the word Jew in the Bible. Meaning, what was it to go within to meditate? And then, you know, I and then I brought up Jerusalem. But the thing is, the day before I was actually I was writing a blog post. And I'm on the book of Revelation, because I dive into Scripture. And I was thinking about Jerusalem, right? City of peace, really the mind of Christ. So when we go in and meditate, we're going up to Jerusalem. It's all symbolism. So I won't get too deep into that. You know, I'll this is the type of stuff I discuss on my journey of awakening podcast. But anyway, the point is, he brought something up that I had been contemplating the day before. Okay, so it was helpful to me, because I had been thinking that there was a just what the my thought process, what hit what he said those words, were. They were like, they were a seed. Planted in my mind, I guess you could say, and it allowed me to kind of contemplate it. And I was like, oh, okay, so now, I can expound a little bit on what I was talking about in my blog post. So it was like this piece of a puzzle. So anyway, I didn't mean to go off on that little tangent. But anyway, so pay attention, right? Pay attention to what is coming up for you, within your awareness with like your or your gut rather, right when things resonate with you, because it's not an accident. Alright, so that is it for two Today's episode thank you so much for joining me and I will see you guys all in the next episode All right Have a great day or evening afternoon wherever you are in the world and I'll see you next time bye