The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 25: Decoding Emotions: Exploring the Origins of Feelings

July 31, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 25
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 25: Decoding Emotions: Exploring the Origins of Feelings
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Welcome to another thought-provoking episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach committed to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, we embark on a deep exploration into the realm of feelings and their origins. Join me as we delve into the fascinating question: Where do feelings come from? Together, we will unravel the complex web of emotions and dive into the depths of their underlying sources.

Through introspective discussions and insightful perspectives, we will explore the interconnectedness of our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences in shaping our emotional landscape. Discover how our mindset and perceptions influence the way we interpret and experience feelings.

Join me as I share profound insights and practical tools to gain a deeper understanding of your own emotional experiences. We will explore various factors that contribute to the origins of our feelings, including past conditioning, belief systems, and the influence of external circumstances.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional awareness. Gain valuable insights into the origins of your feelings and uncover empowering strategies to navigate and transform your emotional landscape. Get ready to unlock the power within you to consciously shape your emotional experiences and manifest a life filled with joy, fulfillment, and emotional well-being.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena. And today I want to talk about feelings and where they come from. And again, you know, I don't scripts. So I don't know where this is gonna go. But I just recording recorded the previous podcast episode. And I was sitting here. And you know, I was contemplating on what I want to talk about next I want to share some of my experiences overcoming anxiety and depression, the sexual abuse experience growing up and, and I thought well, I don't really want to discuss those things, not that it's not that I don't want to share I'm not afraid to share. But it's just not necessary to think about those and like, you know, go to the seeming pass or there's really only now. So why bring that back into my awareness when it's not necessary. But then I thought feelings, you know, I can sit here, and it is really difficult to even think about any of this. The stuff that I went through, it's like another lifetime ago. Another lifetime, and, you know, dealing with things of being xiety depression, feelings of unworthiness, all that other stuff. cycle where do those feelings even come from? Where do our feelings come from? Just think about that for a second. Where do your feelings come from? Yeah, I'm quiet for a reason. Where do your feelings come from? If you are feeling if you're in a certain state of consciousness, for instance, if you are if you are unhappy where's that unhappiness coming from? Does it seem like it's coming from outside of you? Does it feel like another person is making you unhappy? Because it's not really the other person. So what is it within you that is making you unhappy that is now being projected outward onto the screen of space and being reflected back to you because God Gods I'm gonna talk about God here for a sec. If you've followed my podcast on my YouTube channel, then you know God is not like outside of us but anyway lost my train of thought for a second. So it says got my word shall not return to me void right. And that goes for like the spoken word thoughts, etc. So, if it seems like someone else is making you unhappy, that means it was something within you that was projected out onto the screen of space and it has it has to come back. It has to be reflected back to you. So that you can observe it and change that state. within you that state of consciousness within you. Okay, so you can break the pattern of feeling unhappy Be. So if that is something you're feeling, where is that feeling coming from within you? Not outside of you, within you? What is it? That is causing that feeling? If you if, and we're going to talk about the feeling lovely states really for a while here, if you are feeling unworthy, where where's that feeling coming from? Is that feeling an illusion? Right? Because you're worthy. You are worthy. It's your divine nature is, is love your beautiful divine soul, made in the image of divine love. So where is the feeling of unworthiness coming from? This is something I dealt with a long, long, long, long time. And you know, right now I came, and I don't even know where that came from. So think about where are you feelings coming from? If you like, if you don't feel successful, where is that feeling coming from? Now, granted, if you're feeling that way, you may not see success in your awareness. But again, it's all inside of you. So, and I'm realizing I'm looking down again. So I'm recording this for a YouTube channel. But I'm not even looking at the camera, I apologize. But there's something about sometimes closing my eyes or looking down. It's like, it's like a go. It's like a channeling state, I guess you could say where it's literally again, almost seeing the images of the words and stuff coming through, as I'm talking. So I didn't realize that was doing it again. So where are those feelings coming from? And are they an illusion? Don't illusion. Illusion because it is not your true nature. You're not unworthy. You can be successful, you can be happy is your birthright. You don't have to choose those feelings. You don't have to choose to embody those states of consciousness. But think about it, because it may be for you, depending on what state of consciousness you're experiencing, that you don't want to experience. Thinking about where the feelings are coming from, and the root of it, and then dealing with the root of it. And again, understanding that there is that it's all happening within you. And if you're experiencing a reflection of that, in your awareness, you don't need to change that. You don't need to change the reflection on the outside. You need to you just need to change it internally. So think about it. And here's the thing, because you have the choice to change it in any given moment. Like if you are feeling a certain way you can in a moment, every time that comes up. Choose to feel the opposite. Choose to think the opposite. Right now you may not experience that reflection right away. But in any given moment like you can you have the choice to change what you're thinking or feeling. It manifest when you embody the state. You feel a certain way long enough. You can body, that state of consciousness, it will become a natural state of common consciousness, consciousness for you. And you're going to experience it. But you can break the pattern, like what we talked about last episode with, like routines and stuff, break the pattern, break the cycle. But where do feelings come from? Now, talked about this before. And I know I have a lot of I'm looking down the recording, I'm like, there's some pauses in here. All right, so I've talked about this in previous episodes, karmic debt, past lives, things like that. There are things that we carry with us. Sometimes into this lifetime, especially old souls, like me, I'm an old soul. Carrying karmic debt, and having to break patterns. So there was a lot I had to deal with anxiety, depression, feelings, of unworthiness, things like that I had to break certain karmic patterns, abuse, things like that. That we carry with us from past incarnations. For the purpose of the experience of the lesson, and breaking the patterns, and not only do we break it for ourselves, but we, we break that pattern for humanity as well. I'm not going to get into talking about like, Lightworkers and stuff like that, and maybe on my other channel, my journey of awakening, but anyway, podcast. So just give that some thought, all right, where do feelings come from. And your first inclination may be to just jump in and say, Oh, this is what, you know, this is why I feel this way. Or, you know, this is where this feeling is coming from. But if instead use just reflect, take time, and you just kind of really soak that in and reflect and let that information come to you from your higher self from innate that dormant knowledge within you, right awakening within your DNA internally. Where were the feelings come from? And are you going to choose to hold on to that? Or are you going to choose to change the way that you feel? Because you can you have that power? And break the cycle? So think about it. And I'm pausing because I'm thinking about to I'm like, I don't even know. I don't even like a lot of the stuff that I deal with. I'm like, where did the feelings come from? Right. I know now with like, the anxiety and depression and stuff and stuff. That was karmic debt that I had to clear. Poverty is probably another one that I had to clear. Right. Yeah, and I and there's stuff I'm still like clearing remnants of but yeah, where do they come from? So just think about that. I know, I keep saying it, where did they come from? But I'm doing that because I want you to really think about it. Really think about because we take so much ownership right about the way we feel but why do we feel that way? And is it really necessary to feel a certain way? And how many people really observe that reflection and instead of continuing to project outward, go inward and and deal with those feelings. Right? And choose to not hold on to them. Choose to you could say reprogram how Are you beliefs around certain certain feelings certain subject or whatever that you think is causing those feelings? But yeah, you can break the patterns. In any given moment, I cannot stress that enough, you have power in every single moment of time, every moment, because there is only now, and I know many of you know that are part of it. It seems like we have a past and a future we're only creating that, through our thoughts in this moment in time. The past isn't really the past, it's an alternate timeline, right? A perceived past, which is really just an alternate timeline that exists, all right. And the future is the same way. But it's all malleable. We can change things in any given moment. That's why neville goddard talks about revision because we can change the fast we can change the past. And that changes the future. When we think about the past. Okay. And we change our how we remember the past, then that affects the the Now moment, right? And then the Now moment, we're creating our perceived future timeline, right. But it's all it's all thought in this moment in any current moment, in any now moment, right? So again, where did the feelings come from? Are they coming from your past? Or you can change your past? By changing the way you think about the past? Right? If you experience certain if you experience that abuse, you can, when you think about that, create a different memory of it. Create a different memory. And that changes your future. Think about it. I'm thinking about it. I'm thinking about it. Yeah, that's right. It's, yeah, just give it some thought. It's a thought I know I keep repeating and repeating it. But it's so it's like it's so powerful, right? It's so important. To realize that everything is malleable. Every thought, every feeling is malleable, because it is just really it's just energy. It frequency, it is currency. And it's malleable. You can find you can look in the mirror, you can look at yourself and you have a choice. You can look at yourself and you can say I'm successful. Or you can look at yourself and say the opposite. Okay, no matter what you're experiencing. You can look in the mirror. Or you can think to yourself or say to yourself, I am successful. Or I'm healthy. Or I am beautiful. Or I'm smart, or I am I don't know what do you want to be? Or you can say the opposite. When a feeling comes up, and you think to yourself, where is this feeling coming from? Why am I having this? Why am I feeling this? You can save yourself or think to yourself, you know what? I don't want to feel this way. I don't have to feel this way. Wherever it's coming from I'm just telling me that I can change the way that I feel right now. Right now. So change the way that you feel, by your thought, by your words and break the pattern. Break the pattern. That's what life is showing us. What circumstances are showing us? Right? What we're doing internally what we're thinking or feeling internally, so that we can break the patterns. All right. I think that's it. I think that's it. Now, so give it some thought. And it would be probably really helpful. Like, if you could sit quietly, somewhere. And just observe how you're feeling? And ask yourself the question, what are the thoughts? Or where are these feelings coming from? And you may receive an answer, intuitively, audibly. telepathically, right. You may receive the answer, you're quiet enough in you. And you may not receive it right. In that moment, it may come to you, you know, a little bit later, whatever in a dream or what have you. But anyway, break the pattern. Yeah, I think to talk about that. More, bring that up more about breaking the breaking the patterns and changing the trajectory, right? Where lives to create a better life for yourself. And you can do it for others as well. And lift this veil of this 3d world, this third dimensional awareness and ascend to higher states of consciousness. The fourth dimension, the fifth dimensional state of awareness, we're in more in you're in more of your heart space is peaceful flow state, right. And then you've broken these patterns, and there's not so much dense energy and stuff coming up, there's not as much shadow work and stuff that you need to do. Right. So let's do that. Here. Let's break the old patterns. So you can really step into the full knowing and the full power of who you are. Okay, um, I think that's it. I'm just gonna try to make this pot try to match want to try to make the podcast about 30 minutes long. So they're pretty consistent, but sometimes, it's not always easy to do. So somewhere around 20 minutes or so 20 or 30 minutes will probably be kind of where I'm at. I don't think I want to do excuse me the shorter like 15 minute episodes anymore. Yeah. But I would honestly love to talk about things that you guys want to talk about. Right. What are you curious about? Manifesting? Excuse me. Ascension. Awakening. What are you curious about? What do you want me to talk about? All right. Okay, so that's it. Thank you guys so much for joining me and I'll see you next time. Alright, bye now.