The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 26: Synchronicity Unveiled: Exploring the Interplay of Coincidence and Manifestation

August 07, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 26
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 26: Synchronicity Unveiled: Exploring the Interplay of Coincidence and Manifestation
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Welcome to an enlightening episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of manifestations. Join me as we explore the intricate connection between our experiences and the manifestations we attract into our lives. Are those seemingly random coincidences actually manifestations in disguise?

Through thought-provoking discussions and practical insights, we will dive deep into the power of our thoughts, beliefs, and energetic vibrations in shaping our reality. Discover how to recognize the signs and synchronicities that indicate the presence of manifestation at play in your life.

Join me as I share stories and examples that illustrate how seemingly coincidental events can be manifestations aligned with your desires and intentions. Gain a fresh perspective on the events unfolding around you and learn to harness the power of conscious manifestation to create the life you truly desire.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast as we explore the profound question: "Are your experiences coincidences or manifestations?" Uncover the secrets to deciphering the hidden messages and opportunities that lie within seemingly random occurrences. Get ready to shift your perspective, elevate your manifestations, and embrace a life filled with purpose and synchronicity.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Luna. I'm a spiritual teacher and I am a life and conscious manifesting coach. And today I want to talk about coincidences, or are they manifestations? Well, I will tell you right now, there are no coincidences in this life. Despite appearances, there are zero coincidences, everything that we experience is a manifestation, whether it was conscious, or unconscious, whether we intended for the manifestation, or it was done unknowingly. And I can tell you before you, we become aware that we are conscious that we are creators that we are creating our reality, our experiences through our feelings, and our thoughts and our words and our beliefs and our assumptions. We create a loop created for many of us a lot of unwanted things, unconscious manifestations. So coincidence, or manifestation. It's all manifestation. And I may give a couple of examples today of some unfolding manifestations, which for those for any individual, not aware of manifestation, or the fact that we are all conscious creators, right? They were these manifestations would have seemed like coincidences. And I will say part of the reason why well backtrack the past couple of weeks. For me personally, there has been some, it's been really different. really different for me, there's been an acceleration of things in my life, some unexpected things have come up, right, that I've had to take care of your house repairs and things like that. Some unexpected. There are some anxieties. Not like I used to experience but just some little bit of like I said anxiety, but it's a different edge. And accelerated, like, energy, I could feel this energy within me. Which I could correlate it with an anxiety, right, because it was just this energy that I really had to kind of I had to observe and kind of ground myself. So anyway, um, but yeah, yeah, Carl, correlate with anxiety. Because five, six years ago, that's what I would have thought it was. Right. But now I know, it's just energy. And things have been occurring. Because about two weeks ago. Was it two weeks ago? Yeah, about two weeks ago, I intended to move into a higher timeline, a higher by vibrational frequency, a higher timeline. Again, I made that intention. I actually fell asleep. In that intelligence. I made the attention right before falling asleep one night. And I am like, I woke up the next day and I could literally feel the energetic shift. It was it was a strange, strange feeling because I'd never really experienced I've never really experienced anything like that before. Right. setting an intention and then almost immediately, like I could feel the energetic shift. So the past couple of weeks, I've had a lot of things coming up because again, there's like an acceleration of things happening. There's still some stuff coming up that I have to observe it, and look at it and think, Okay. This is an anxiety, you know, it feels a little bit like it, but it's not anxiety. So, and then what else it was a couple other things. Well, today it was with traffic and some other stuff, things coming up or repairs with the house and stuff. And I'm like, Okay, I had been manifesting. My idea was to sell my house in a couple of years. I've been here for two years. And let's see nature, three years. So I knew when I moved in, that I was planning on selling it after five years. And I've done a lot of repairs and stuff to my house, a lot of upgrades looks so much nicer than when I moved in. And there were still some things I wanted to do put in new flooring, new windows, etc. Well, all of a sudden, this past two weeks, oh my goodness, there have been so many things have come up with my house that have now accelerated that. That process, I had a couple of repairs, which led to some other having some folks come in and look at things and I ended up getting estimates on the touching up painting and floors and windows, etc. It's been a crazy acceleration of events and not only with the House Repairs, but other things coming up with specific people, finances, etc. So it's been a little bit of a whirlwind. So I'm having to really kind of manage those energies. So I was actually going to create a separate podcast episode on intentions and higher, higher timelines like intending for that. So I think I'm still going to do that. So I'll stop talking about that right now. I'm going to create the next episode, I'll talk about setting those intentions and being prepared for what you may experience when you set those intentions. But I want to talk about manifestations today right and the fact that there are no coincidences a couple of weeks ago, excuse me. A friend of mine was helping another friend their movie they were doing some demo in a home because of flood damage. So um a couple of days after that I happened to move the dresser in my room the corner of my room to clean behind the I was gonna vacuum and I saw some mold in the corner. And I thought okay, I'll have to get this taken care of well, that's been taken care of but the pipe inside the wall had to reboot be replaced because there was a leak cetera so I thought it was just be the Mole was from when I accidentally left the faucet on outside on that wall, an exterior wall like when I first moved in a couple years ago. Well, it turns out there was a pipe on the inside that was leaking. But so we go from my friend that from a basement happened to be demoed right, because of flood damage. So now just randomly that dresser has been in the corner of my room for like eight months. Um, I just randomly moved it I decided I never vacuumed behind there. I just decided I was going to clean behind it and I happen to notice the mold and then I had somebody come in and they had to remove all the drywall took like three days and repair the pipe and stuff right because of water damage. So we go from water damage in a basement, you know, my friend had to the taking care of that. So now here I'm experiencing this water damage. And not only that, but a day or two after I think it was yeah, it was a day or two after I noticed that. My friend. There was another location is business. For here. Experienced? What are like flooding in? Because it was raining heavily? So do you see the correlation there? Right and manifestation. So if you focus on something, right, something's happening, and you give your focus to it, right? Here's another manifestation with the water damage in the mold at my house, and then more water damage are not damaged, but there was that it had to dry it all out and stuff like that. But anyway, those aren't coincidences. Those are absolutely not coincidences. They're manifestations. So we have to be really care careful of how we when a situation arises, how much thought we give to it? And what those thoughts thoughts are around that, you know, the situation, right? Because if we keep our focus on it, or if we have certain assumptions about that, about that experience, it creates it can create a pattern, another manifestation, right. Another thing, another manifestation. And again, most people with these things, these things are coincidences. There are no coincidences. So I think there were two things at play here with this. The first is a setting that attention intention, right to move into a higher timeline. And then now things being accelerated as far as the house goes, getting repairs, and do an upgrades and things like that in preparation for selling because my intention is for two years from now, but for whatever reason, well, I know the reason because I set an intention, things are accelerating now. So how is this manifestation of by house selling my house unfolding? There's another intention that goes along with that selling the house is my intention of where I want to move to. So it may come prior to two years from now? I don't know. There are a couple of things that I know are unfolding here that play off of each other, right? So these bridges of incidences are seem to be happening happening quite rapidly now. All right. Now this other manifestation is not set around any type of intention, but last week, I you know, how on Instagram, there are these shorts and reels and stuff like that. I have yet to do a short or reel. I may or may not, I don't know if I can figure well make the time to do it. I may I may do shorter reels, but I was scrolling down my business page. And I came across a real about beehives. And it it piqued my interest, right the the beehives, and I think it piqued my interest because of the shape up the beehive because I've been really drawn to sacred geometry lately. So I think it was the shape of the beehive. And then I don't know the social nature of the bees or what have you. Most of them were centered around the Queen, but some of them were on moving, locating and moving hives and stuff like that. But anyway, I got like, I directed my focus to this. These reels I watched. I watched several of them. And then I think actually over the course of like, two or three days because here's the thing when we focus on something, that's what we experienced more of so I was focused. You could say it's algorithm, but it's not really the algorithm. It is our focus. So I was and then our focus well yeah, they play hand in hand but all manifestations no coincidences. So anyway. So of course because I've watched a couple of these reels, they kept showing up as suggested. So for two or three days, I kept seeing these reels, and I'd spend a few minutes just watching these bees and the beehives because it was kind of cool. Now, I'm over it, I'm over it. It's like what TV and I'll hardly ever watch TV. If I do and I've talked about this before, if I do, I'll like binge watch something. And sometimes I'll watch a show and I'll literally like fast forward through most of it just to get through the series quicker and I just catch up like by watching bits and pieces of it. But I don't do that very I don't do that very often. I don't watch TV every day and cetera but so these bees, right, these bee hives. I got caught up for two or three days watching these reels. And this past week has some people putting up a new fence in my repair in my fence, my backyard, and I noticed wasps flying around and I have a stand up cabinet. In my back patio I saw I've put I have papers like in most of my yard a couple years ago, I did a lot of work where I picked up all these pavers I painted everything black and that's a color scheme in my backyard is a black, red and whites right red and white flowers and the pavers are all black and and the flower the the borders around my flower beds and garden bed and stuff are black. So anyway, I have this talk and I have this cabinet out there where I put you know just garden supplies in and I saw these wasps flying around it. And I I peeked there's a little gap between the between this cabinet and the fence and a peek behind and I saw a wasp nest with probably like 15 bees around it you know so I it was the middle of the day I didn't know that. You shouldn't try to get rid of wasps or bees or anything or Wasp I don't know about bees until nighttime because they're less active. I had no idea. So I opened the door of this cabinet and one flew out and it stung me on the finger. I didn't know if I was allergic so I immediately put ice on it and then went and took went took a Benadryl that hurt man a wasp a bite her a wasp sting hurts. But it would I had isometrically Benadryl went down. And then I ended up getting rid of the nest myself. I battled with them for like half an hour I should have waited to at night. But most people would just think oh, so wasp nest, you know it just randomly it's here. It's just random it things like this happen. Again, there are no coincidences. There is no coincidence that I spent a couple of days getting stuck watching Well, first time I was stuck and then I was just I was my own fault for continuing to you know, footsies reals about these bees and these beehives. So there's no coincidence there. Right. I was focused on these beehives because of their shape and stuff and these bees, and then I end up with a wasp nests in my backyard. Right? And the wasp nests are simpler. Some are similar to the like the the honeycombs, not the beehive, but like the honeycomb. No coincidence. Again, many people would think it's just a coincidence, random hive in my backyard, and would not put two and two together. So that's why I talk so much about cultivating your awareness and observing, observing because if you know where your attention goes, where your thoughts go. You become more aware of the conscious and unconscious manifestation Even the unwanted manifestations, right? If you cultivate that awareness, you can become aware of even the unn the unconscious, the unwanted manifestations, right? You can you, you eventually learn to connect the dots put the pieces of the puzzle together, right? Understand the correlation between the where your focus goes and what you're experiencing. So again coincidence, or manifestation, all manifestation all the time, and there are no coincidences. Everything in this world, everything within our awareness is a manifestation. Okay, whether we realize it or not, because here's the thing. And unconscious manifestation without intent, right? Random thought you may have had years ago before, or conversations, right things you say aloud or your internal conversations that you have and where your focus goes and where your, your feeling state, right? All of that creates. Now how it comes about. It's not, it's not really up to us, it's up to it's up to God, it's up to the Elohim and in, you know, higher dimensions really, right the universe, the universe. As to how those things come about, because there there are a lot of things that there are a lot of things at play, right? So we really don't have the control over how the math manifestations come about. So they're going to come about in the I would say probably the, the the easiest way, right? For them to come about, depending on kind of what's at play. So there are no coincidences. Everything that you see is a manifestation. If you can learn to observe, really cultivate that awareness. really observe where your focus goes, even when my focus is not where it should be. Okay. I'm aware of it. I'm aware even when my focus is not where I want it to be if it is on something unnecessary. Watching beehives is not something necessary for creating my future right. Watching beehives is not necessary, but I was just got stuck in that pattern for a few days you know, watching them for a few minutes here few minutes there. I probably for good 15 minutes for those three days was watching those those bees, the beehives, or the honeycombs. But I was aware of where my focus was. Now did I know that was it was gonna manifest a nest in my backyard? No. Am I surprised? Not at all. Not at all. was I surprised when I found the boat at first I was and then I was like, oh wait I'm and I know why this is happening. I created it. So whatever let me just deal with it. And I know there's there are bigger picture things of things unfolding here. Part of those the focus with the you know, the the other stuff with the water damage and stuff elsewhere and but it didn't stress me out. I mean, it's been a lot to deal with the past couple of weeks. And not only that, but that actually led to me needing to replace some pipes which entails moving to the water heater and, and things like that. So that one thing in my bedroom led to something else in my laundry room that now has to be repaired. But again, I'm aware of the fact that these are there's a bridge of incidents unfolding here that correlates with I believe two different manifestations that correlate with each other. Okay? These desires that I've had for one of them for, oh my goodness, what this is 2015 involving an sp specific person. So. So again, I'm aware of it even when my focus even when my focus is not on the desire that I want, when it's when I get sidetracked because I do. But again, I've set this intention to rise to a higher timeline. And again, I'm gonna talk about that in the next episode. So you can set your intentions for absolutely anything you want to experience. Okay? But when you're not, when you don't have those intentions, and you're just randomly focused, if when you're focused on random things that are not a key to creating your the future that you want to experience, then yeah, you're gonna manifest seemingly random things that that you may not want to experience. But it's all part of the process. It's all part of the process. So again, that's why I talk about cultivating your awareness is because it can be so profound, it can be so helpful. And in noticing manifestations, all all of your manifestations, all of them conscious or unconscious. And then when you end them, when you see them, you're like, oh, okay, I should not have put my focus here, because now this is the result. So I need to be more aware of what I'm focused on. And if I find myself focused on something that I don't want to experience, I need to shift that, okay. So the more aware you are, the more you cultivate more awareness. And then you really can master your thoughts, master your focus, master your life, and create the things that you want to experience create the life that you want to live. Also, another thing when you have created unwanted things, don't beat yourself up about it, okay? There is no reason to place judgment on yourself or beat yourself up about it. Or, or give it really any more attention. See it for what it is. Laugh it off, if you want to laugh it off, you know it's done doesn't mean my focus, and then and then move on. Because you really don't want to keep focus. If it was an unwanted manifestation, you really don't want to keep focusing on it. And I wouldn't have even talked about it today. If I didn't think that it may help somebody understand awareness and manifestation and the fact that there are no coincidences at all. And I've said this a lot before too. I was talking to somebody today when I went to the storage unit, which is interesting. I am really manifesting more conversations with people about manifesting about awakening about mindset. It's just it's happening more now. I'm having more conversations. The guy that came three weeks ago to give me an estimate and all windows had a conversation with him about it. So I'm drawing there's more of those people in my life now that I'm resonating with on that level, which is really interesting. And I love it. I Love it. Because I don't go out much energy. Yeah, there is a lot to be out even just like out driving today. And then you I was dealing with some other stuff, that energy. I'm getting to the point now where I'm learning to kind of clear that energy. Because it could be a lot for me. I was out running wrong back and forth today, taking care of stuff. A lot of the time I got home, like, what the traffic and stuff like a home and and then having a conversation with a business and oh, it's just like poof, okay, that was a lot. And my whole day, the rest of the stuff that I have planned to do around the house, I was like, Nope, I'm done. I'm just going to sit and I'm going to write and create a couple podcast episodes, and divert my energy into what I really love doing today, instead of working around the house, which, again, that was my original plan, because not got to paint the fence. The new fence set is that because like I said, outside, my whole color scheme is the pavers are black, and my fence was black. Well, now it's a new fan, so I have to repaint it black. So yeah, I was gonna, I was gonna do that. But then, with the energy, I was just like, have to go home and sit down. Although the conversation I have with the lady at the storage unit, or the young girl show, it was really nice. So and then hopefully, I'll be able to help her or her mom just kind of work through some of the some of the things that you know, that they're going through and mindset wise and, and you know, and things like that. So because I love being able to help I love being able to share. So anyway, there are no coincidences, right, everything is a manifestation. So careful what you're focused on. And if you start to see the correlation with things where your focus was, and now what you're experiencing is going to, it can really kind of help to boost your confidence when it comes to manifesting because you realize, yes, I really am creating the life that I'm experiencing, whether it's unwanted or wanted, I really am creating this because I can see it. Now, let me be intentional. Let me be focused. Okay, what do I want? What do I want? And then you shift your focus, right? And the more you do it, the more mass more conscious manifestations you experience, right? The things you intend for the more, the more you do it, and 10 for the more of those things that you experience. Okay, so that is it for this episode. Again, in the next episode, I'm going to talk more about that intention of moving into higher timelines, because if you do that, you're going to have to be prepared for it. Because things begin to happen pretty rapidly. So I'll talk about that in the next episode. And some of that, obviously, is going to be repeated from what I've already mentioned here, because yeah, I didn't mean to mention it, but I ended up doing it anyway, because it kind of correlates with what's been happening. So we'll see if I can get a full 30 minutes out the next episode talking about that. I think I can you guys have a great day or evening, morning, wherever you are in the world. Thank you so much for joining me. I've got a couple links in the description box. You can check those out. If you want to understand manifesting more or setting intentions, things like that, or shifting your focus because if you're not manifesting things you've been intending for chances are, your focus is not where it should be. So check out I don't think I have the link for the disc, the coaching, the free 30 minute discovery call and the description but Pete click on the link for my blog. And there's a spiritual coaching tab at the top for the page to go to book a a free a free 30 minute discovery call. Alright, so that's it for today's episode. Thank you so much for joining me, and I'll see y'all next time. By now