The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 27: Elevating Realities: Intentions for Ascending Timelines

August 14, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 27
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 27: Elevating Realities: Intentions for Ascending Timelines
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Welcome to another transformative episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, we dive deep into the power of intentions and the art of moving into higher timelines. Join me as we explore the intricacies of setting powerful intentions and how they can serve as catalysts for elevating our lives and stepping into a more expansive reality.

Together, we will unravel the profound connection between our intentions and the timelines we experience. Discover how the choices we make and the vibrations we align with can shape our experiences and lead us to higher levels of consciousness and manifestation.

Through thought-provoking discussions and practical insights, we will explore techniques and practices to align our intentions with our highest potential. Learn how to harness the energy of intention to manifest positive shifts in your life and propel yourself toward a future aligned with your deepest desires.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a journey of intention and timeline shifting. Discover the transformative power of setting clear intentions and witness the magic of moving into higher timelines. Get ready to expand your awareness, elevate your manifestations, and step into a reality that aligns with your true purpose.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena. And today I want to talk about setting the intention to move into a higher timeline. Now, this is also something I could probably talk about on my journey of awakening podcast. And that particular podcast I share the mystical dreams and the visions I have the conversations I have in meditation. So if I get downloads, if I get information, in the form of it's really a form of channeling, then I share that on my journey of awakening podcast. But my thought, you know, today, this really has a lot to do with mindset and manifesting. So I'll go ahead and share it here, what I may do, because with every podcast episode, eventually I turn it into a blog post, I may or may not. And then of course, I share it on my YouTube channel. So at some point, after I turn it into a blog post, I may or may not share it on my other podcast, so we shall see. But anyway, um, I'm letting you guys know that. So if you listen to both podcasts, and this is repeated over there, then you'll know why it's because when you get into talking about like higher dimensions, then that really goes into that awakening around. But anyway, setting intention, the intention to move into a higher, a higher dimension. So I did this about two weeks ago, and I mentioned this in the previous episode, I set the intention, I have moved into a higher dimension, or a higher timeline, which is essentially, you know, takes us into the higher dimensional realms really, but it's all within the all within the mind so that the third, the fourth, the fifth dimensions, higher dimensions, we can all experience it all experience them within the mind. You're not waiting on anything outside yourself to occur before you can move into higher timelines. So if you decide, okay, I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of waiting on my manifestations. I'm tired of waiting on experiencing a different reality. You are the creator, you're the opera power, right? You are a manifest you are a manifestation of source your soul, as a manifestation of source, your physical body, as a manifestation of source you chose to inhabit this physical vessel to have this experience here on Earth, which in and of itself, is a consciousness, all right, everything is consciousness, the plants, the rocks, obviously, other beings, the trees, etc. So all consciousness because it's all comprised of energy, and everything is a manifestation. So if you're waiting on something outside of yourself, you can stop waiting and you can set an intention to move into a higher timeline. Because you have that power, you've always had that power. If you haven't heard that before, I'm letting you know, you have that power as a creator, okay, as the creator of your reality of your experiences, to become conscious of that. Become a conscious creator. So you can create more of what you want to experience. Now if you listen to the last episode, you know that the past couple of the past few weeks by the time this goes up it probably by this time this episode goes out, probably be about four weeks now. That Things are increasing, right? The energies are increasing around me, I can feel them, they feel a little bit like anxiety. But I know it's not anxiety. I because I know how to discern the energies now and ground myself and kind of deal with the energies and just observe what's going on. And real incarnate and tune into myself, and know whether or not I need to, whether I need to sleep, whether I need to get up and move whether I need to go outside and stand in the grass for a while. Whatever it is, I need to do, I'm more in tune with that. So what happened was I set the intention, one night before going to sleep. I was like, I've moved into a high I have moved into a higher timeline, I have moved into a higher timeline. And I woke up the next day, and I kid you not I literally felt a shift. I felt the shift. It was how do I explain it, I woke up in my room. And I could feel the energy felt different. In the room, it felt almost not really out of body. Because I've had those experiences before actually, I might talk about that in this episode. I might talk about talking to the plant. I have a plant here in my house. I'll probably talk about that too, because I think all this correlates. But I could feel a shift. And what's interesting is the weight, or the couple of weeks prior to setting this intention, I started noticing with the energy fluctuations coming in from like the sun, and CMEs, the solar flares, the energies and then the energies from our galactic family. Again, this is part of the reason why I would like do I share it on this podcast or my journey of awakening podcast because some of this is a little bit esoteric. That I guess is the right word. But that is those energies coming in, right. And there were some nights where it was The nights were just slow. There were a couple of times, like two or three different occasions, within a two week timeframe. I woke up each of these times I looked at the clock. Notice the time on the clock close my eyes. No, I fell back asleep, woke up again looked at the clock. And it was the exact same time that happened again, like two or three times. Each time it happened. I woke up like two to three times. And each time I saw the exact same time on the clock, the clocks were the time was just as like, really, really slow on those occasions. So then I set this intention, not because of what I had experienced with the time seeming so slow. I just happen to think you know, let's see what happens if I set this intention to move into a higher timeline because I have the power within me to do that. I'm not we're not waiting on the outside. Well, you know, what am I waiting for? I can set the intention, I can manifest it. So I did that I woke up the next morning and I literally felt the shift in the energy. It was pretty wild. And then that week or maybe it was prior me think I think it was a couple of days after that. It could have been a couple of days before so here's what happened around that time setting the intention. I really think it was a couple of days after when did I go on from my Monday update gadget going from a laser appointment. I'm getting a little tattoo removed off my finger I think it was after I didn't write it down. I should have wrote it down. Maybe I will after I record this episode in my dream journal because I also write down other like we have stuff to have That's Oh, I made a note of my phone. Anyway, before I keep rambling and trying to figure that out, I was driving to my laser appointment it was on a Monday. Either before I set the intention, a couple days before or after, I'm pretty sure it was after. But I didn't write down the day that I set the intention. And I should see, as I talk about this stuff, I'm like, You know what I'm so used to writing down like my dreams and visions, sometimes the downloads, I receive a meditation, but, and a list of things I want to manifest sometimes affirmations, not so much anymore. Maybe each time I set an intention, I need to make a note of the of the date, I might have to start doing that, because some things are evolving pretty rapidly. So anyway, um, I was driving to my laser appointment. And I was experiencing like this hot like this euphoric state, it was literally, like I was out of my body driving though, which was a little bit scary. Because the time said that's happened before. It was big. This time, I had a little bit of aura to write, I was seeing, like, wavy lines, they weren't as bad as I've experienced before dealing with migraines and stuff, but. And I had a little bit of a headache. So at first I thought, Oh, I hope I'm not getting a migraine. And then I thought, no, no, this is because I'm in a really, in a much higher state of consciousness in this moment, like a higher vibration, I could feel it, the energy was incredible. Even talking about it, right, now I can feel the energy in my fingers. I feel that sometimes the energy and the tips of my fingers and my toes, sometimes I feel it move throughout my body. But I was like, No, this is not, this isn't a migraine, this is a higher like, this is a this is what really like a fifth dimensional state of awareness feels like almost like almost out of body. Like it was like I was separated from my body. But again, I was driving. And I could see these patterns, not so much that they impaired my vision to where I couldn't drive, but I had to be very, I had to stay really focused on driving. And that lasted. Oh my goodness, that lasted like three or four hours that day. And again, I don't remember if it was before or after I set the intention to move into a higher state of a higher timeline. So and by higher timeline, for me, it's fifth dimensional, alright, because I'm rarely ever in a third dimensional state of awareness. Now, for me, it's primarily 4d. And these really kind of out of body type feelings. It's not the first time I've had it as fit them dimensional. Really, I don't know, if it was much beyond that I don't know much really about the sixth, seventh, eighth and higher dimensions. I know more about the ninth probably only because I've had I've experienced that dimension to an extent in past life regression and meditation the sixth dimension I've experienced in meditation anyway. So I set this intention right. And things sped up. I talked in the last episode about my house like all of these things coming up with my house now may planning on selling my house in a couple years. And then wanting to do the floors on Windows, etc. And then all of a sudden this past couple of weeks, things just accelerated and I was like let me go ahead and get estimates and and then I ended up having to do repairs, which now accelerates the may happen to do my floors. And now I'm getting rid of the popcorn ceiling and things like that. It's just really, really sped up. And as I mentioned in the last episode, the most Being out correlates with another manifestation. And so there's this bridge of incidents unfolding now, at a rapid pace, the people that I am encountering in my life, like just within the past couple of weeks, having conversations on about awakening about manifestation, which I rarely had with people before, like in person, but now it's been like, three or four people in the past couple of weeks. For me, that's a lot because I don't really have a lot of conversations with people like in person, because I'm, in my house, so much working. I work from home, and not only with, you know, my brand, but until this government contract ends with a full time job, I'm in my house working a lot, 90, like 80 to 90% of my time, so to know, have manifested these end up encountering individuals and having these conversations, it's really accelerated. Excuse me, there have been a couple of times in the past couple of weeks and setting this intention, this is gonna sound really crazy, I know. But I was sitting on my couch. Now I was laying on my couch, actually, because I kind of lay back, it's a sectional. So I'm able to kind of spread out like, you know, kind of spread out, almost like sitting up but with my legs straight. And that's how I meditate sometimes. And I was sitting there and I was I don't always meditate with my eyes closed. Sometimes I'll just kind of Daydream really, I'll just look off look at an object. And neville goddard talks about this in his in one of his lectures, like practicing, where you can look at an object and then eventually, you can really see through the object and see other things, he was able to look through an object and actually see other worlds like people walking around things like that, that I haven't been able to do. But I've been able to look at an object and then see the auric field around it. And then it basically like merges, it becomes like a blur. So I've experienced that. The past couple of weeks, I might, at one, one of those times I was looking at the clock on the wall above my TV, it's a pretty large clock. And it literally it like shifted to the right, and then shifted to the left and shifted to the right and shift to the left. And at first I was like, Okay, what's going on with my eyes here? Because anytime something new happens to me, like I know, Nothing surprises me anymore. But, uh, by habit, I sometimes go to Okay, is something wrong with my eyes here? Why is this happening? And then almost immediately I go into Oh, no. Okay, this is just, there's a glitch in the there's a glitch in the timeline on the matrix. There's something happening. There's perhaps a glitch where I'm shifting timelines in the moment. So it looks like there's a glitch and, you know, this is moving. But it was, it was interesting, because it was, it would shift to the right and then shift it a left shift to the right. So it's shift to the right, like, Come back to center shift to the left. So it was literally literally like I was shifted like there was a line. And it was moving to the right and to the left of that line, like a timeline. It was I hadn't hadn't experienced that before. It was pretty. It was pretty interesting. It was wild. Let me tell you. And then the I was actually the clock happened one night and then I think it was the next night I was laying on the couch. Meditating, kind of just staring off like a daydream I was staring at the plant. So at this plant, next to my TV, it's on a table and it's really like two, two small trees coming out of the pot. and I stared at it. And I could see the auric field and the leaves, the leaves started moving, the leaves don't move on this planet. But the leaves started moving. And I was watching it. And it was as and the plant was talking to me, it was telepathic. Again, I know this is gonna sound crazy to somebody. But if you follow my channel, my YouTube channel, and a mystical James playlist, you know that I have experiences like this, like, all the time, and again, Nothing surprises me. So I'm staring at it, and I see its auric field, and then the branches are moving. And it's speaking to me. telepathically. I'm not having a verbal conversation with the plant, although I probably could. I wouldn't expect to hear the plant talk to me. Like with an audible voice, but again, because of my clairaudience. I have heard audible voices before. But not from not from an object not never from an object, it just kind of comes out of nowhere. So anyway, it was kind of beautiful, just staring at my plat and seeing this auric field and then the, the leaves were just moving. And it almost kind of times is like, gotten a little bit blurry, and just kind of morphed and a little bit like the leaf started to move more. And just had this conversation about consciousness and that we're all connected. And I don't remember exactly, exactly. I should have wrote it down. But it was pretty incredible. So here I had set this intention to move into a higher timeline. And now here I am physically seeing, first of all, physically feeling that shift in energy. It is tangible, like in the air. It's pretty tangible. Not so much to today, me driving around in traffic. That was like a whole experience where I was like, What is going on here? This is like a not great energetic feeling. But what is this showing me what is this teaching me? And I was like, Okay, I'm not going to fall into this trap of reacting and getting angry or upset or anxious or anything like that. There were some moments where things kind of started to come up. Like I asked my son to help me put an elliptical in the car because I was going to take it to the thrift store. And he didn't get up to come help me and I went and I didn't yell at him. But I was like, you didn't get up, you could have helped me. And, um, but I caught myself because I you a couple years ago, I would have been upset. And I would have like verbally, like been upset, like why did you know why didn't you come help me kind of thing and get upset. But I had to watch myself and be really calm and go, Okay, you can't react the same as I would have. So today with the with that energy with the traffic and stuff, what I realized. And then with the few times that I've felt a little bit of anxiousness with that energy, again, it's not really anxiety. It's just a fluctuation and energy, where it's more the energy's increased. So learning to manage that and it feels like a little bit of anxiety or some stuff coming up where I'm like, All right, what's going on here? It's because I intended to move into higher timelines. So there are so lower vibrational states are don't, aren't resonating with me. But they still have to come up if they're there within to be recognized to be observed and integrated. Right. And I have to come to a place of neutrality with whatever's coming up. So I'm not attached to it. So yeah, there's a lot been happening the past couple of weeks. A lot. And I can feel it in the air. And then again, with everything going on with my house and stuff. Um, let's see what else and there yeah, there's some other things going on. On a more personal level, with things kind of accelerating relationship wise In again, manifesting conversations with other people are resonating, being able to have these types of conversations with people in person in the flesh, rather than just on my YouTube channel or here on my podcast. It's really interesting. Oh, and I haven't had business cards for years. And I got business cards in the mail a couple of weeks ago. And I've had 123 People asked me for my business card, and the basketball weeks, the gentleman that came in to give me an estimate on my bathrooms. I don't know how it came up. But oh, he asked me what I did. And I told him what I did. And he was like, he was like, really, he was like I had he had gotten stabbed in the neck. So he had really an awakening. And, you know, he was telling me some of the stuff that he's gone through since then, with his awakening. So I gave him my business card. I had business cards for years. Even when I was a free one, I did freelance work, right as an administrative assistant, I'm a full charge bookkeeper. So I did a bunch of stuff for like 14 years, I had a freelance business, doing admin type work and marketing, things like that. I had business cards for a while, but then I didn't have them. For I've had my blog, my YouTube channels since 2018. Now, it's only what probably within the past four or five months that I've actually come into the realization that yeah, I'm supposed to be sharing this information and teaching on like, the mystical, the symbolism in Scripture, the mystical nature of Scripture, awareness and manifesting things like that. So took me a long time, just on the fact that yeah, I'm a spiritual teacher, right, and I'm a coach. And because I have the experiences to help, and I've, and I have helped others and received the feedback from others enough to really just kind of to be confident in that purpose. I tried to hide from it, there's, you can't hide from a purpose, trust me cannot run it, because it will find you eventually. Trust me. So yeah, things have really accelerated. So what I was gonna say and talk and talk more about this, is that when you set an intention, so if you set an intention to move into a higher timeline, don't be surprised if things accelerate, okay? Make sure you're prepared for that. Okay, make sure make sure you're really ready to experience that higher timeline, that higher state of consciousness if you still have a lot of stuff to work through, okay. Any kind of self concept work? Old doubts, old stories, things like that, if you have a lot of that you're trying to work through? I don't I can't say for sure. Right? I don't know your situation. Based on my situation, I would say I don't see I don't have a lot of that stuff to deal with anymore. Really, I don't release that I've worked on so much of it. The abuse, the self concept stuff, a lot of the anxiety, depression, I've worked on all that stuff. So there's very little that comes up for me now. It's like remnants of of a few things. But because things have accelerated, just like with the energy and it feels a little bit like anxiety, because it's just the energy is so accelerated, I would say, be careful. But again, you are the creator of your own reality, right? There's no power outside of you. So if you set the intention that you have moved into a higher timeline, you can handle that, right and everything that, that everything that comes into Are you your awareness, right, you are able to work through it, etc, whatever it is, set whatever intention you want. But if if you don't feel confident enough to do that, if you have a lot of stuff to work through, and you're not setting your intentions, you're saying your affirmations, creating affirmations, or scripting or using whatever techniques work for you to to create those new stories, right? That you're that you work through stuff, you're able to handle, whatever comes your way, everything always works out for you. If you haven't resolved that stuff, or set new intentions, but yet you set an intention to move into a higher timeline. Things that you need to purge dense energies that you need to work through, right, any of that of the old story, that dense energy is the old story, all programming, things like that, right? may very well come up at a more rapid pace for you to deal with. So that's what I mean by B by being careful. Can I say prefer that that would happen with you know, based on my experiences of what I've experienced the past couple of weeks, but a few weeks at this point, setting that intention? Yes, it's very, very likely. All right. So be conscious of what you're intending. Right? And expect to experience what you intend because you are the creator of your reality. Okay. Alright, so that is it for today's episode. Thank you so much for joining me. I will see y'all next time. Alright, bye now.