The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 28: Success Story! Manifesting Communication

August 21, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 28
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 28: Success Story! Manifesting Communication
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Welcome to another inspiring episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, I am excited to share with you a remarkable success story that revolves around the power of manifesting communication. Join me as I recount a real-life tale of how one individual utilized the principles of manifestation to manifest a breakthrough in their communication skills and experience profound transformations in their relationships.

Through this heartwarming story, we will explore the mindset shifts, techniques, and intentions that contributed to the manifestation of effective and harmonious communication. Discover the immense impact that conscious and intentional communication can have on our personal and professional lives, fostering deeper connections and empowering us to express ourselves authentically.

Drawing from this success story, you will gain valuable insights and practical strategies to enhance your own communication abilities and manifest positive changes in your interactions with others. Join me as we delve into the power of manifestation and witness the incredible potential it holds for transforming the way we communicate and relate to those around us.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and be inspired by this success story about manifesting communication. Discover the magic of intentional manifestation and unlock the key to fostering meaningful connections through effective and heartfelt communication. Get ready to be empowered as we explore the transformative power of conscious conversation and its impact on our relationships and overall well-being.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lana, I am a spiritual teacher and a coach. I'm a life coach and a conscious manifesting coach. So, in today's episode, I just I want to share a success story. And this really has to do with no conversations, okay? And, and changing the story that we tell ourselves about others. And when we do that, then we experience different, we experience a difference in that other person or those other people. So again, just want to share a success story with you guys. So a few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with one of my massage therapists, and I'm not going to say her name, or she works or anything like that, but I was having a conversation with her. And, you know, she was sharing with me about her relationship and just things going on with the communication. So, you know, I was, we have casual conversations every time I go in there with her. And she's absolutely wonderful, she's great at what she does, we we connect really were, well, like our energy levels and stuff, which is really interesting, because I'm finding now that I am attracting people into my life that are more spiritually inclined from I mean, not spiritual as in the church, right? Religious, but spiritual in nature, like more open minded to, to different types of beliefs, and different types of experiences, experiences, rather than just what the, the Church teaches us. So anyway, yeah, I love going into see her because we always have these really wonderful conversations, and I love being able to help people. And of course, she helps me too, because by sharing information with her, then it's helping me have started receiving more downloads and information, right from my higher self. And I'm able and I think I have, well, I don't think I know I have other like spiritual abilities coming online. Like now I'm, while I'm getting more like visuals, like when I speak to individuals I'm getting, I get more visuals now. And I get more specific information coming through. For whoever I'm speaking to, it doesn't happen all the time. But it's happened a handful of occasions now, which leads me to believe, like, I haven't, there's another spiritual gift coming online and we all have spiritual gifts, whether you realize it or not, we do all have spiritual gifts. So anyway, we were having this conversation, right? And she was talking to me about her relationship and the communication issues with her boyfriend. And so I started talking about manifestation and she's very well aware of manifestation. She has actually manifested some incredible things into her life. But as with a lot of us, we, you know, being caught up in specifically situations with other people, right? If we those are some of the relationships are oftentimes the things that we really have to change our beliefs around, things like that. Money is another big one. But anyway, so we were having this conversation and it I asked her, or actually first I told her, I was like, I want you to think about what you just said out loud to me the story that you just told me about your communication issues. She thought about it for a second. And I told her I was like, you know, the communication that you are receiving, or lack thereof, or whatever's going on, is happening because of the story that you are telling. And, of course, I went on to explain to her how she can change that story. Right, when the when the thoughts come up about how he communicates, change the thoughts change the story. And to, you know, of course, she realized, then, the story she had been telling herself, and not only herself, but others, okay? Because she openly shared with me the story of what she was experiencing. So the interesting thing is, the next time I saw her because I see her every two weeks, she told me that the next, her friend of hers, she was having a conversation with a friend of hers. And I don't remember if she said the conversation was later that day, like after our session, or at some other point. But it was it, I think it was later that day. But anyway, she said she, she, you know, she was talking to her friend, about to her boyfriend and the community. And you know, what she was experiencing communication wise, which wasn't ideally what she wanted to be experiencing. But she said, I started to tell her, excuse me, basically the same thing I was telling you, you know, she's my friend, I was sharing with her. And I caught myself. I caught myself. And immediately I changed the story. I changed the story about the communication. And she said, things are totally different now. She said things are just not he's communicating much better. We're back together. Because at the when I talked to her, when she first he was telling me the story. They were we're kind of off again. They were kind of broken up. But they're not now. So she immediately changed her story. And she said that now. She as she changes not only was she conversation she has with other people about her relationship, but her internal story, right, a belt the way he's communicating. So she's totally changed it. And she said within a week, it was within a week. It was different. He was communicating better. And I saw her the second week, so within the first week things change, the communication was a lot better. And then by the second week, when I saw her Yeah, they were still together, everything was going great. And she Yeah, she changed the story, what she was telling herself about the way that her boyfriend was communicating with her. So it can happen quickly. Okay. It can take time. It really depends on you. And what you the story, you're telling yourself the story you're telling others and whether or not you are persistent in believing the new story, because words matter. Our feelings matter. Our thoughts matter. Right all of those things create. So if you're having a situation with somebody in your life right now that is not ideal. Then Change the story. And ideally, if you're talking to others about a certain situation about other people in your life and the way they're acting, I would strongly recommend not talking about it for a while verbally with other people not talking about it, unless you can really come from a place of being in the new story. The thing, the thing with that is, right, there's little smart hedge there is. So you have a best friend, okay? And you have a boyfriend, all right. And you're in a situation with your boyfriend, that's not ideal, you want him to be treating you better, act better, or whatever, okay, communicating better. But you're always telling your best friend, that your how your boyfriend is currently acting again, or communicating or whatever, which is not ideal, your best friend is going to have it now have a story about your boyfriend, right? a preconceived notion or perception about your boyfriend. So for you to all of a sudden go to your best friend now and tell a new story. The chances of your best friend, and I'm just using these as an example, it could be anybody in your life, on either end of the, you know, the perspective here, the person that ideally you want to see, acting 2d knew a different way, communicating with you a different way, or what have you. And then you know, another person, whom you're always telling the same story to about this other person, or other people. Again, these are just examples. They're gonna have a preconceived notion of perception. So if you come and change a story, all of a sudden or right away, there's a really good chance that some questions are going to come up, some doubts are going to come up, and this individual is going to reflect back to you. All of these doubts, okay, and reflect back to you the old story that you've been telling them about this other person or these other people, so I would highly recommend not sharing at all, if at all possible. Just not talking about it anymore. And working on your internal conversations, your beliefs, okay, about the about how you want to experience this other person or other people, group of people, what have you in your life? How do you want to be treated? Okay? How do you want to communicate with other people and receive communication? Okay, do you want you define that, you define what you want to experience, and you stick with that story internally. And if you do end up talking about it, sharing it, sharing it with other people, tell the new story. Tell the new story. Okay? And do that as often as you need to do it. Okay, if those thoughts come up, about, say somebody's treating you negatively, okay? That's not you what you want to experience. Every time you think about that person or the way that you've treated, they've treated you change the story right there on the spot in your mind. It doesn't have to be out loud, you just change the change the thought, right? Observe it, change it, don't give power to the negative thought or the old story. It takes some practice. But it is so important to be vigilant to be aware of your thoughts and those thoughts that are relevant to any particular situation that you are trying to change, okay, because, again, not all thoughts are actually ours, right? Because we're, we are connected to all that is right? A universal consciousness, we're connected to all that is. And not only in the present moment, right? Because all things exist. And thoughts come and go. Right? And some of some of the thoughts may seem totally random and don't apply in a given moment for you, right? And I've talked about this before manifestation, right? If you are, if you are consciously manifesting something, those thoughts that energy, right is released into consciousness, right into the higher dimensions into the universe, if you will. And others, those who play a part and bring in about a manifestation, right? If you want to raise in a job that involves what your boss and maybe other people in your workplace if you want to purchase a particular type of vehicle, that would involve, you know, individuals at a car lot or car manufacturer or what have you. Others play a part in bringing about our manifestations. So all thoughts exist within awareness, right? Because they're all connected. So not all thoughts that come in, are necessarily ours. And again, I've talked about this before in other episodes, so I lost my place for a sec, what was I talking about? Oh, thoughts about a particular person and how we're being treated, etc. When you become aware of your thoughts, and you perceive a thought about the way some somebody is treating you, okay. And you change that thought, immediately, like, right there on the spot, and you persist, and changing those thoughts that, that come up. Okay. And then, let me gather my thoughts for a second thoughts. You know, I don't, I still don't script, I actually sat down and I thought about scripting, what I was going to say, today, I do much better. When I don't script it for me. It just, I don't want to feel like I'm reading off of a script. So anyway. But if thoughts are coming in, about perhaps the way somebody's treating you, communicating with you, or whatever, be sure to write a to, like, look at that thought and and recognize is this actually, is this actually my thought? Is this actually what I believe? And if it's not, and change it, right? So it is in line with what you want to experience from another person, how you want them to treat you, how you would like them to communicate with you. How you would like for them to be you know, just when you're around them, right? Maybe perhaps a feeling you get when they are around you all of the power exist within us exists within you. There is no power outside of self. Absolutely no power. And I know a lot of there are individuals out there that have a difficult time believing that because there are other people in this world right? There are other people can't get away from that fact. It's not like we're all the only people in the world and everybody is just their robots, right acting on a whim that that is not that's not the case. That is not how things operate. I could get into freewill and you know, and things like that, perhaps in in another video but as individuals perceive thoughts, they're their own thoughts that are developing based on their desires and what they want to Experience, etc. Versus the thoughts that are just kind of out there in Universal Consciousness, okay, influencing us to assist in the manifestations of others. All right, we have free Well, we have free choice as to what thoughts we accept? And what thoughts that we do not accept. All right. Now that gets, that can get a little bit tricky never actually, which one of us lectures on if it was Power of Awareness or something else we're, yeah, you know, he touched on this a little bit, but again, people aren't robots. All right. So, but, but here's the thing, I wish I remember this quote. And it has something to do with if people aren't able to accept something as true for themselves meaning let's say for instance, you want somebody to be kinder towards you. So, your thought is now this person is always kind to me, this person is always kind to me. So, as you put that thought out there, okay. As the individual perceives that energy perceives that receives that thought receives that thought. Do they have it within their nature to be kind? Of course they do. Of course, they do. Because we are all divine, interdimensional beings, right? We are all a creation of source of God was infinite love Infinite Light. Think Oh, my Alexa was going off telling me to one of my plants. Um, so of course, they have that within them to be kind. So the chances of them rejecting that thought, are extremely, extremely slept. If you had a negative thought about another individual, you know, them committing some sort of heinous act or whatever, that is not within their true nature, if they were to pick up on that thought of some thought that would perhaps urge them to do something heinous, right? Because that's what you're assuming about them. The chances of that them rejecting that thought because they have freewill is pretty good. Because that is not that is something not within their divine nature, although in our lifetimes, right, the our states of consciousness and as we move through lifetimes, right, because our souls are infinite. We we play all of the parts in our lives, right? We play many, many, many, many, many different parts. Many different states of consciousness, right? If that is the experience that we're meant to have at any given time, right, for instance, you know, someone who's successful or someone who's a thief or someone who is a murderer or whatever, right. If in one of our lifetimes, if that's what we're, that's the part we're meant to play, for those experiences, to assist us in our awakening process, right, those things that we have, our soul agreed to, prior to coming here will play those parts but otherwise people, people have free will. And again, expected someone to be kind toward you. Right, then picking up on that that's within their divine nature. So there's a very slim chance somebody would reject that thought and then of course, you eventually when you persist on that thought that individual or individuals again, will start showing you kindness that out will be your experience. So, know what you want know what you want to experience and focus on that. And it doesn't have to be forceful, right? Because force begets force can't force anything. But you can change your thoughts, change your beliefs, as they come up, just naturally, casually change the thought, No, this person is always kind to me, they're always kind of right. And just let it go. And then the next time an opposing thought comes up, even if you're experiencing in your 3d reality, somebody's not treating you guy. Just tell yourself that they're always kind to me, they're always kind of, if you can say it out loud. That's, that's wonderful. Because our there's energy, there's a vibration to our words, right? So anytime you can verbalize something, that's great, because you're putting that energy out there. But you don't have to like force it, you don't have to sit and force yourself to say affirmations or script right on how somebody is treating you better. Because force begets more for force you're fighting, if it's forceful, you're fighting against it. And what you're going to manifest is more of that fighting against it. Rather than your desired result, there's a lot of little nuances when it comes to manifesting until it just becomes natural, until you're really aware of that you're always manifesting. And you cultivate that practice, you cultivate that awareness, observing your thoughts, okay, just observing and recognizing everything as just, you know, such an experience, I can accept it, or I can not accept it, I can accept this thought, or I can not accept it, it's really better to get to a place of no neutrality and just observing, because then you're not attached to anything. But again, when it comes to other people, and I'm gonna wrap this up, no, get clear on how you want to be treated by others. Okay? How you want to feel when you're around others when you're around certain people. And if that is not what you're experiencing, if you're not feeling the way that you want to feel. And you want the individual to remain in your life, because some people we can cut out of our lives, right? If they're no longer resonating with us, and that happens to right, we resonate differently with people at different times. And then some people are here for a short period of time. soul contracts, karmic contracts, to teach us something, right to share knowledge, etc. So, some relationships naturally, kind of fall away. And others which are harder to let go of, if you really want those relationships in your life, you have to change the story within you. Don't try to change somebody on the outside, meaning, if somebody's not treating you, well, constantly telling them, You need to treat me better. I like the way you're treating me. You know, you need to treat me better. Don't do that. I mean, you can if you want. But if you're not changing the story within you, you're not going to experience the result that you want in your reality. So it's very, very important to get clear on how you want others to treat you. And then know that a lot of stuff that comes up for us, it's just conditioning, right all through our lives, the things we've experienced, been told, etc before we come to the awareness, the awakening of our own power that we are creating that we're co creating this reality that we live in. Okay? Things just seemed random. But now you're conscious. You're consciously Be aware of the power that you have. So get to work, cultivating the life that you want to live, cultivating the relationships that you want to experience by changing the story internally. Alright, so that is it for this episode. Thank you so much for joining me. I appreciate having you guys here. I appreciate your support. If you want to book a free 30 minute discovery call with me. There's a link in the description boxes actually there's a link to my blog. And there's a coaching tab on there a spiritual coaching tab on there if you if you're experiencing something that you don't want to experience and you want to consciously change that circumstance of the way others are treating you, or really anything in your life feel free to book a free 30 minute coaching call with me. I'd be happy to to talk with you. And other than that, if you're not following me on YouTube and would like to do that I have a link in the description for that as well. And I hope to see you all in the next episode. All right, have a great day or evening, afternoon wherever you are in the world. And I will see you guys all in the next episode. Alright, bye now.