The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 29: Unlocking the Power of Assumption: Harnessing the Law of Manifestation

August 28, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 29
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 29: Unlocking the Power of Assumption: Harnessing the Law of Manifestation
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Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, I am thrilled to share with you a success story that revolves around the power of manifesting communication. Join me as I delve into the incredible story of how one individual harnessed the principles of manifestation to manifest improved communication in their relationships.

Through this inspiring tale, we will explore the mindset shifts, intentions, and actions that contributed to the manifestation of harmonious and effective communication. Discover the profound impact that clear and authentic communication can have on all aspects of our lives, from personal relationships to professional endeavors.

Through this success story, you will gain valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your own communication skills and manifest improved connections with others. Join me as we delve into the power of intentional manifestation and witness the transformative effects it can have on our ability to communicate effectively.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and be inspired by this success story about manifesting communication. Embrace the power within you to create positive shifts in your relationships and unlock the potential for deep, meaningful connections through the art of conscious communication. Get ready to witness the magic of manifestation unfold as we explore this empowering story.

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Hello, everyone, welcome back to my life started to say welcome back to my channel. But this is my podcast, which I share on my YouTube channel. So welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena, I am a spiritual teacher and I am a life and manifesting coach. And in this video, or this podcast episode, perhaps I need to cut another cup of coffee. Okay, so I don't know why I feel just a little bit distracted. I think it's because, well, in today's episode I'm gonna talk about, I'm going to talk about the law of assumption. And I haven't scripted it. So maybe that's why I'm a little my thoughts aren't completely together yet. But here's but I don't script. My podcast episodes. I don't script. My YouTube videos, unless I'm reading like the myths, the mystical dreams and, and channeling sessions, things like that from my notes, or scripture because obviously, there's passages there from the Bible and nibbles lectures. But other than that, I don't really adult scratch, I think I've tried a couple times, it doesn't work very well, for me, too, is obviously sometimes it's a lot smoother to read off of notes. But for me, I lose, it feels like if I do that, then I'm then I'm kind of shutting off the flow of what comes through via channeling because as many of you know, a lot of times when I'm sharing information I see. I see visuals right in my mind's eye. And I also try to stay in tune with the energies coming through, I noticed that if I don't do that, if I try to force something like reading from a script, or you know, um, be more structured about it, I lose something there. I don't know quite how to explain it. But I guess it's just that I don't like being super rigid about things. And I like to allow whatever is going to come through to come through. So anyway, now that I've mentioned that and spent what, almost three minutes on that. Let's talk about the law of assumption, and really, prob so law of assumption, and a little bit about the law of attraction, and manifesting. And the reason I want to talk about this today is because I happen to make a comment on a video a couple. By the time this podcast episode comes out, it's it will have been a couple of weeks. This video popped up in my feed on YouTube, and there was a young girl fairly new channel, I think she had about as many subscribers as I do. And she was talking about manifesting in three days. So I made a comment I was about Neville and the fact that Nevels interpretation of three days is not an actual physical three days I can 72 hours, because three is the fullness of time right completion. And I didn't mean any harm by it. I was just providing a different perspective. And then and she made that comment that you know, she was just sharing information from her perspective and I and I told her I was like keep sharing because you're going to help a lot of people right. So no matter what perspective we have, those people who are meant to resonate with what we are sharing will resonate with us right. And and any of us teaching or sharing have the ability to help or impact others on their journey of awake I mean, this journey through life, whether they fully awakened in this lifetime or not. And then somebody else made a comment. And, and said that this is a law of assumption community, so we can assume whatever we want. And she had a point, we can make assumptions about whatever we want. We are creators, the, the, we create our own experiences, right? We create are the lives that we live, right we create everything within our awareness and by create so here's the thing, creation is all ready, finished. So by create I mean really manifest because it's all things already exist right within the universe, all right, which really is multi dimensional okay, everything exist because there are many dimensions many different timelines parallel realities, etc, okay, parallel lives. So, when we first of all if something did not already exist, it would not enter into our awareness okay. So, by creating what we are really do doing is we are manifesting it because it is creation has already finished or it already exist, but through our thoughts and through our beliefs, okay, through our feeling states, we are manifesting that which already exist on some dimensional level as energy as a vibrational frequency into our reality, right, tangibly? So does we tangibly are now able to drive a new car or live in a new home or spend money that we have manifested or experience or relationship that we have manifested, right, but creation is finished, those things already exist. So today, I hadn't planned on recording another podcast episode today. But it's eight eight so I'm recording this on the Lionsgate portal. And I'd actually yesterday had planned to go to my storage unit today. I was going to put up this huge shelf I bought heavy too. Have you ever gone to this ever you ever gone shopping, you purchase something? And it's heavy, you have somebody that helps you? Right loaded into your car or whatever, and then you get home and you're you think to yourself, Okay, now what am I going to do? What am I going to do? I had that my son had to help me actually take everything out of as a huge metal shelf by to Hobart shelf, a few 100 pounds probably. Or at least 100 or 200 pounds at least. Yeah, they helped me take all the metal pieces and stuff out of the box. So now when I go the storage unit to put up the shelf, I can take everything and piece by piece. But anyway, where was I at? So I had planned on going to the storage unit today and spending all day there but at the same time today today is the Lionsgate portal. And I actually thought about doing there's so many videos, so many people talking about the Lionsgate portal. But I think what I actually want to do is excuse me talk about the transfiguration of Jesus Christ and break down that break down that the main the mystical meaning of that is symbolism. So I need to make a note to do that on my YouTube channel, but anyway, I woke up this morning and I thought to myself, Okay, what do I actually want to do today? Now what I need to do, what do I actually want to do today? Because these different portals and stuff that open up right And the energy is coming through and not just as specific times, but really every day, as energies are coming through and you're feeling different things. When you can get really in tune with what is it that you want to do not that you have to do, which I mean, if you have to do things, not saying don't get those things done, but when you're really in tune, and you can discern, okay, this is what I have to do today, but do I really have to do it today? Or am I going to tune into what I'm feeling? Be in alignment with what I am feeling? And do what I want to do today? Okay, that authenticity, authenticity, and the truth of who you are and what you want to be doing, and the current energies that you're feeling. So I ended up sitting down today, and just doing some scheduling stuff, with videos, and I decided, I started thinking about excuse me the comments on the post, and then the reply got back and I and I thought it got me thinking about the law of assumption community, the manifesting community, the law of attraction community. And I thought, there's all these different communities. But really, the premise behind all of it is the same. Right? We are the creators of our, our reality, our experiences, right. And again, think back to what I've just said about creation already been finished. But we are taking we are manifesting, we are bringing what we're doing is we're bringing we're matching a frequency to a desire, right to our to our desire of what already exists in the universe, and then we're manifesting it into a tangible form, right, that we can taste smell, see excuse me, feel etc but all these different communities the promise the underlying premise is the same it's just teaching in different ways. So why is there separation of community? Why is there separation of community as because individual because people have different beliefs, right different experiences. And you know, one person may resonate with the Law of Attraction attracting things into your life more so than they do believing that you can just assume things and then there's the manifesting community, right teaching techniques and and teaching about manifesting etc. But again, the premise is the same. So and I thought about the comment that I made about the three days etc and I ended up deleting the comment and here's why. Because honestly, because I thought you know, if if this this individuals channel just part of the law of assumption, community I did not want them I did not want my comment to in any way, make people think that they could not manifest any something in three days. Right. I did not want air realized I was like, Okay, I don't want anybody reading this comment and thinking that they cannot manifest anything in three days. Because if they assume that they can, and their beliefs are feeling state every so everything kind of aligns with that assumption, then yes, of course, it's possible to manifest something in three days or right, because anything is possible. But at the same time, there is a lot there's a lot of information out there about it. couples work about the law of assumption about manifesting about the law of attraction. There's a lot of information out there, and some of it doesn't paint the full picture, right? Because there's a separation, um, between the different beliefs and the different communities, you know, on YouTube, Instagram, whatever. But in reality, we're all connected. And there there's really a universal, a universal law, right? And that is that we are all creators, we are sons of God, we are God. And God and I've talked about this before, is not some external being, right? This God, the source of all that is, is light is love, which is an enter an energy, a vibration or frequency. Okay. And we are manifestations of that we are manifestations of the Word of God, which is again this universal energy, this frequency this vibration that exists. Because at our core, that is what we are the core of our soul, we are vibrational beings, we are light, right. So, anyway, I deleted the comment because I didn't want again, I didn't want anybody thinking they can't manifest anything in three days because you can. But the law of attraction and here's the thing, when I first started manifesting when I first realized, Okay, I'm gonna overcome anxiety, depression, I'm chartered dealing with this, excuse me, this is not how I want to live my life. This is not who I am. Because I knew at my very core, that I had a higher purpose. And I had known that my whole life. So I started with the law of attraction with affirmations, et cetera. And then I felt Nepal's teaching, and I had my awakening experience. And then I moved into the law of assumption, really. So even me, you know, I was found myself at different times, resonating with different belief systems. But now for me, I'm able to see the connection of it all. And not only with in regards to law of attraction law of assumption, like men, manifesting like how we manifest. But beyond that, right, just based on my experiences, the dreams, the visions, with the channeling with other information that I've come across, and things that have really this innate knowledge that has been brought forth now. So nothing surprises me anymore. I don't see anything as coincidence. And it's, and I don't subscribe really, to the systems of this world. Now I know that they're, you know, we have to do things we have to, you know, we have to pay the price for gas we have to pay for, you know, our mortgages, and, you know, our car payments, and we have to, you know, feed our families, and we have to do these different things, right. But I really try to pull back from those things as much as possible, and not spend my time focusing on everything that's going on externally, because if I did that, I would not be creating the life that I want to live within the higher and within a higher dimension, really within the fifth dimension within that frequency within that timeline. So I don't focus so much on what's going on externally. Holy, I do so as little as possible. And I have seen the results, my life has changed, the energy has changed, the people I resonate with as changed. And I mentioned that in the past couple of episodes. So back to the law of assumption. Yes, you can assume anything that you want to assume. And if your conscious mind and your subconscious mind real. The Two Witnesses mentioned the Bible align with what with that desire, you're in agreement, right? Without the opposing thoughts without the fear without the worry, without the force of trying to make things happen. As those to align, then that is really what brings about our manifestations quicker. And the feeling state so your heart center, like if your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, in your heart center, are truly in alignment. The energies align, right? Again, no doubt, no worry, no fear, you know, what you want? Mind, body, and soul. And I'm calling so the subconscious at this point, right? So the mind of Christ imagination. Okay, I'm going to just say so at this point, that higher realm of awareness, then yes, manifestations can come about quicker. But we have no control over that. We have absolutely no control over that. So if somebody tells you that you can manifest in three days, meaning 72 hours, okay. versus, versus the completion of like, the fullness of time, and I apologize, but my phone rang. So I pause. And then I was trying to pick up where I left off. So anyway. Yeah, so there. Yeah, so a lot of these, you know, individuals who are not fully aware of what Neville really mad, because here's the thing Neville was in the ascension process, right. And he had already experience had that experience of being incorporated into the one body the Ancient of Days, right. Well, actually, when he actually when he gave his lecture, the law of assumption, I don't think he had Yeah, had that experience, but never was an awakened individual. Right, going through the ascension process. So there is Nevels point of view on the law of assumption, right, and the fact that scripture for him that the mystical side of Scripture, the symbolism, the energy of the words, and, and the the numbers and things like that within scripture was unfolding for him. Right, he had that insight because it was being revealed to him. So we have a lot of people in that I've read novels of lecturers, who have not yet fully awakened or are aware of going through the ascension process, they're still very much in a three dimensional or really moving into or already in that fourth dimensional state of awareness and perhaps going between the fourth dimensional and the third dimensional dimensional like states of consciousness or states of awareness rather. So, those individuals right speaking on the law of assumption, are still still seeing not are but may still be seeing time as being linear. So therefore, you have the three days so 72 hours. So a lot of people who talked about the law of assumption and put out information Should on manifesting in three days, right 72 hours? It can, it can be a little misleading. Now granted, yes, you can assume that you can manifest in three days. However, if you if your beliefs, right. And your those beliefs and your feeling state remember that alignment I talked about, if you're not in that energetic alignment with that, that desire your conscious mind your subconscious mind. And even better your heart center right or not in alignment with that desire. You may not manifest in three days, right? It depends on you. It depends on your like your belief system, your faith, how much faith you have that that that it is possible. So if you have somebody out there that still kind of dealing with stuff in and not truly believing, right, they may believe on kind of the surface level, right there their mind their conscious mind thinking, oh, yeah, I can manifest in three days. But when it comes right down to it, right, that their subconscious believes they don't actually have enough faith to really believe in it. And they don't manifest in three days. Right, then they will happens. The the belief that maybe the techniques don't work or that manifesting, manifesting isn't actually possible. I had somebody, I had somebody comment on one of my videos, and ask if they almost they were like, you know, I'm beginning to wonder if manifesting is actually possible. They had hired a coach who gave them a bunch of affirmations to do that didn't really, and they have, they haven't really worked for them. So they actually said, I don't, I'm not sure that manifesting even works and I. And so I had a back and forth conversation with them. But manifesting does work. It is what is what this physical reality is. Based on its creation, it's a manifestation, everything has a manifestation. So I think that's what really kind of got me about or gets me about individuals who put out videos and things on manifesting, like in a time crunch. Yes, it can be done. But it really comes down to your faith, right, your belief, your beliefs that it is possible. So if somebody tells you, if somebody tells you, you can manifest in three days, and your beliefs don't fully align with that, like if you are not, if you do not have the faith of a mustard seed mustard seed that it is possible, and you don't manifest what you want in three days, and 72 hours, what are the chances of your beliefs kind of going out the window that techniques work that manifesting is actually even possible. Versus if you look at it from the point of view, 72 hours, the number three, that energy behind that number, being the fullness of time being completion, okay. And by completion, I mean, the fullness of time, when that seed after it has been planted when that seed is meant to sprout in the fullness of time, three days, a week, three months, two years, 10 years, the fullness of time for that seed to sprout for all that is for all that needs to happen. Okay, within the universal consciousness, because we're all connected, to happen to bring about that manifestation. Okay, do you see where I'm going with this? on how you look at things, the 72 hours versus just knowing that all manifestations occur within that fullness of time, right? When they are supposed to manifest and yes, it does have everything to do with our faith. Okay, and being in that energetic alignment with that desire for it to manifest into our reality and yes, things do have to play a part right? But the more doubt we have, the more worry, the more contrasting beliefs or the more our focus is actually shifted away from the desire focused on the opposite some cause sometimes without realizing it, that manifestation can take longer. There are there are things at play here. It's not just as simple as you can manifest in three days. Okay? I say that, but sometimes it can be. But again, it depends on you. So, just think about that, okay, and don't get if you're, if you're manifesting something, right now, you have an intent, and you're consciously manifesting. And you say, you see, a video that says you can manifest in three days, it's going to come down to you is going to come down to the manifestation, right? And everything that comes into play, everything that has to kind of be kind of happen for that manifestation to occur, because some manifestations involve other people playing their part, to bring it about, right in the unseen. So I just, yeah, I wanted to talk about that today. But assumption is huge. Assumption is a huge part of it. Right? Neville talked about the a, you know, one of his lectures is titled The Law of assumption. So you can assume anything to be true. Okay. Any desire you wish to have, you can assume that it is done. Right. But there's still that this flow of energy, there's this faith. Okay, that you need to have this alignment that needs to happen. The agreement between the two witnesses, your conscious mind, your subconscious mind. Okay? Yeah, and I mean, you can have an assumption, you can create an assumption that your conscious mind, your subconscious mind, are always in agreement. You're always in alignment with your desires, you can create those assumptions. All right, but don't get discouraged. Don't think that manifesting doesn't work. Alright. And remember that this is different communities, the law of assumption, the law of attraction, manifesting, the underlying principle is exactly the same. You create your own reality, okay, through your thoughts, through your words, through your feeling state, through your reactions to this life, to the things you experience, right. And again, and I mentioned this in previous videos, if you can get to a place of neutrality, without being attached to things, right, it allows for more flow. So that's all I wanted to talk about today. I hope that makes sense to some of you guys. I hope it resonates. And I'm not trying to I'm really not trying to put down anybody's beliefs about anything, or the way of teaching or anything. Because sometimes I'll catch myself, sometimes, honestly, I will sometimes I'll be like, as I'm sharing things, you know, I think to myself, well, you know, wish people understood this. And I can, I'm more aware of the limiting the limiting viewpoints, you know, but, and then the extent spattered viewpoints of others as well, there are individuals who have more extent expanded awareness or experience that I have at this point, right. But we're all at different points on the journey. So I have to catch myself sometimes to make sure that I am not coming across as what I'm sharing is absolute truth or my experiences, you have to be everybody's experiences, or anything along those lines, because because it's just a viewpoint. It's just me sharing my experiences, my my perception, based on my experiences based on the downloads that I get based on the images that I see right. As I go through my as I go through this ascension process, because I'm already in an awakened state, by And now I'm in that ascension process, a son S, which is a searching into higher states of consciousness, right? Ascension into higher frequencies and, and timelines. But we're all going we're all either going through this or we'll go through it in this lifetime or in future lifetimes. All right? It's all one grand play one grand journey. So there's no any one viewpoint that is right or wrong. It is just a viewpoint you know, from an individual or individuals or whatever. All right. So again, every, it's different for everybody. So use your own discernment. Find what resonates with you, and use your own discernment because you are a divine multi dimensional being, you are on your own journey, and others are just playing the part. Okay? Within your reality within your awareness. Okay. All of the knowledge, everything is already within you. There's no power outside of you. So please remember that please, please remember that. All right. So thank you so much for tuning entered into today's episode. Or if you're watching listening on my YouTube channel, thank you so much for being here for supporting my channel for supporting the podcast. If any of you guys ever want to have a one on one conversation with me, if you need any type of coaching, I do this free 30 minute discovery calls, I'd be happy to have a conversation with you. If you're in this level of how do I say this? If this is sort of your arena, right? Oh, awakening awareness manifesting and you would like to have a discussion and be part of the podcast. I would be more than happy to discuss that with you. I'd love to bring guests on. Alright, so that is it. Thank you so much for joining me and I will see you next time. Alright, bye now.