The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 30: Mastering the Art of Effortless Manifestation: Simplifying the Path to Creating Your Desires

October 04, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 30
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 30: Mastering the Art of Effortless Manifestation: Simplifying the Path to Creating Your Desires
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Welcome to an exciting episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, we delve into a topic that many are eager to explore: the easiest way to manifest. Join me as I share valuable insights and practical tips on how to simplify the manifestation process and make it effortlessly flow into your life.

Through insightful discussions and real-life examples, I reveal the key principles and practices that can help you align with the easiest path of manifestation. Discover how shifting your mindset, cultivating a state of gratitude, and releasing resistance can create a harmonious flow of manifesting your desires.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast as we explore the easiest way to manifest. Gain valuable knowledge and techniques that will empower you to manifest with ease and grace. Get ready to unlock the secrets to effortless manifestation and witness the positive transformations unfold in your life.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. If you're new here, my name is Lana. I am a spiritual teacher and a life and manifestation coach. And in today's episode, I want to talk about the easiest way to manifest your desires. But you'd like to know what that is? Well, the easiest way to manifest your desires is to focus on you. And this sounds pretty simple, right? But I realized that it's not always an easy task, especially depending on, you know, the conditions of life that you've grown up with. You know, what other people have told you, that you may have taken on those beliefs and assumptions and things like that, things that you may have gone through. So I do understand that, but the easiest way to manifest your desires is to focus on you. Okay, and by focus on you, I mean, focusing on doing the things that make you happy. Now, I understand that we all have other people in our lives. Some of us may be, or some of you may be married. Some of you may be parents, I myself, I have three children and three grandchildren. And for me personally, you know, after dealing with anxiety and depression for 40 plus years, it there was a time where, for me, I found it difficult to focus on the things that brought me joy, because I wasn't sure what that was for a long time. Or if there were remnants of it, they were few and far between However, now being on the other side of dealing with those issues, right? No longer do I honestly, no insecurities, no anxiety, no pression or depression, really no fear or worry. Yeah, I'm, but that's where I am on my journey. So I understand some of you guys may be, you know, dealing with some some things that you so you may find it difficult to focus on yourself. But I promise you, if you focus on yourself, focus on what makes you happy work towards doing that. Manifestation is going to get a lot easier. Now, of course, there are techniques and stuff that you can do to get you into that, that state of feeling like your wish fulfilled, right? There's visualization. There's so many techniques, a lot of people talk about self concept, self love, I, myself have done videos on that, and I've talked about that. It is very important. But another thing I've realized is that well, let me give you guys an example. So before I kind of got to this place of where I am now, what 668 months now, maybe close to a year, maybe closer to eight months or so, why I don't really watch a lot of or any videos really now that talk about like limiting beliefs or blocks or anything like that. I don't do any kind of I don't listen to any subliminal messages, any messages anymore with any of that stuff. Because what I have realized is, the more I like, the more I focused on those on those types of videos, and things like that, or the more I thought to myself, that, you know, there were limiting beliefs or blockages or whatever. I was manifesting more of that. So I had to stop focusing on that. And I had to just focus on myself. Right? So Self Love is a big part of it. And loving yourself unconditionally, right? forgiving yourself for everything in life that you may blame yourself for. forgiving others, right, getting to that place of love complete forgiveness, really. And it's easy to do. You know, I know. You know, I know some people, I'm sure some people I've heard some people talk about forgiveness, and explaining that it's hard. Well, you have a choice at any given moment, the only reason it becomes hard is if you believe that it's hard. And if you believe if you tell yourself, it's hard, and you believe it's hard, guess what, it's going to be hard. But you can make a choice in any given moment, I'm going to forgive so and so or, I forgive myself, right? For I forgive myself for all the times I've talked negatively about myself or all the times that you know, I, I have felt like I've failed or, or all the times, whatever it is, you can forgive yourself, you have a choice in any given moment, if you choose, okay, in this moment right now, to forgive yourself, that's a choice for whatever and to love yourself unconditionally. Some of you may not feel like you need to forgive yourself for anything and that's fine too. But if you've been hard on yourself, right, if you've been thinking from a place of limitation or lack or unworthiness or anything like that, forgive yourself for that. Okay. Because you deserve to think that way about yourself. Because that is not the core of who you are. Okay, you are a divine multi dimensional being all right, made in the image of source of God which it who has infinite love or I say who but really is infinite love. Okay, because it's not an being outside outside of ourselves, right some a human up in the sky and in heaven, right? Well, me backtrack there's some things that go into that which I've touched on here and there but anyway, so there's nobody outside of ourselves that we need to look up to right sources within God is within within the within the mind really as is all things okay. So when you forgive yourself, okay, you really when you're biting okay, I may backtrack I'm I want to make sure don't get too far off track love yourself unconditionally forgive yourself okay? There's no external conversation that you need to have it all happens within that's the point I was trying I was trying to get to it all happens within love yourself unconditionally forgive yourself okay. And and stop thinking that you have any limits you have any limiting beliefs you have any limit any blockages to manifesting anything like that. Because, um you creation is based on manifestation, right? We are souls manifested in the flesh. And souls are our energy, right? Vibration, frequency, okay. manifested in this physical body in these physical bodies. Creation is based on manifestation. The only reason you have blocks or limiting beliefs is because of conditioning growing up, okay? or listening to other people telling you that you have limiting beliefs and doubts. And maybe you came, you've come across that information, because, and trust me, I would not be talking about this from this perspective. Had I not been there myself. The reason I am able to talk about things, from the perspective I'm talking about them now is because I've been there, done that right thought. Thought about thought that I had limiting beliefs and doubts and things like that. And I thought I needed to do a lot of shadow work and things like that, which granted, I've done I've done all of that. But now I realize that by listening to others, tell us that we have limiting beliefs or doubts that we need to do all this inner child work or shadow work or whatever. We end up focusing on that when we could Just focus on focus on what we focus on what makes us happy and brings us joy? What do I want in life? How do I want to experience life and focus on that. And then as things come up to work through, make the choices in any given moment, am I going to accept this for myself. And hopefully, you'll choose not to, hopefully, you'll choose to choose the life you want to experience, choose those thoughts, those feelings, rather than thinking to yourself, well, before I can achieve these things, I have to work on my self concept, or I have to do all this shadow work, you can do it simultaneously, because we're manifesting all the time anyway. But my point, my, my point is really, you can get to a place of self love, you can forgive yourself, right? In every moment, and every moment, a contrary thought comes up to you loving yourself or thinking you're worthy. Or beating yourself up. You don't have to wait for anything to happen, you can make a choice in that moment of what you're going to accept for yourself. Right? And you don't have to search for answers outside of yourself, really, I know that it's comforting, right? And it's comforting to find a community really, of individuals who are going through the same things as you are going through, or right and getting insight and ideas and how you can do shadow work or forgive yourself or develop a better self concept. I understand those things are helpful. But I'm gonna let you know. There's nothing wrong with there's nothing wrong with the information, right? Absolutely nothing. There's nothing wrong with seeking that information. But I'm going to let you know from a different perspective. Now again, being on the other side of things that if you rather than doing all of that work, and all of that seeking, just aside, intend, you know what, whatever comes up today, if it's something I don't want to experience, if a thought comes up, I'm going to make a choice in that moment. I don't accept this. Right. Say for instance, you look in the mirror and you don't like what you see. Make a choice in that moment. You know what I love myself, I love my body. You know, I am beautiful, or I am I'm handsome, I am sexy, you know, depending on your male or female, whatever you whatever you want to think about your body, whatever you however you want to feel about your body. That's what you that's, that's a choice you make in that moment, when you look in the mirror, instead of your look in the mirror. If you're not happy with what you do with what you see, instead of thinking, oh, you know, I have to work on this or I have to develop a better self concept before I'm gonna look better. No. Or before I'm gonna love myself. No, you make the choice in that moment. This is how I look. I am beautiful. I am sexy. Right? I am handsome. I'm desirable. No matter what you see. Okay. Tell yourself and think to yourself what do you want to experience how you want to look how you want to feel? Okay. We get so caught up in, in like waiting for something to happen or thinking we have to do all this work for something to happen for us to manifest the life that we desire for us to manifest you know, a better looking body a better house for money in the bank, you know, a newer car, a better job? What have you this mindset of being in limitation and lack and, and having to do all this work because people tell us we have blockages and limiting beliefs and I believe that for a long time, too. We don't. We don't. It is our perception and our belief that we do that create them. All right. The conditions of life are malleable. Our experiences are malleable, we can change them in any a given moment now grant us our experiences, we go through them for the purpose of awakening and are in rising to higher states of consciousness before because before we incarnated before we manifested physically into these physical bodies, right? Our souls, we chose these different experiences for different for different reasons. Okay. And some of us experiences experience things. Now, we have people in our lives now, our soul contracts, our karmic contracts, what have you, as part of experiences that are carried over from previous lifetimes, all right, and we're kind of working through all that now. But everything is, everything is an experience that we chose, we chose these experiences, we have nobody to blame outside of us, right. And really not even ourselves to blame, because we chose for the purpose of awakening and rising to higher states of consciousness. So when it comes to manifesting your desires, right, there's really no work to be done. At the very core of it, other than doing what makes you happy, feeling joy, right? And leaning into your purpose. You can feel into your purpose, right? A purpose isn't necessarily based on my experience isn't necessarily something you have to, you have to look for. Because it is innately built within us. And if you do things, if you do what makes you happy, right, and you and you get into that, that feeling state of, of joy as much as possible, your purpose is going to reveal itself. And as it does, right, and as you as you do the things that make you happy, you're going to manifest effortlessly. Because you'll realize there really is no, there really is no work to be done other than in any given moment. Knowing what you want, and then focusing on yourself. Focus on yourself because a thought can manifest thoughts do manifest feelings manifest our words, manifest. So even if you're going about your day, okay, not doing techniques to manifest, you're having thoughts, you're speaking aloud, you're feeling a certain way. It's all manifesting, all of it, it's all manifesting. Okay? Consciously or unconsciously. So, being in that state of happiness and joy and purpose brings really a sense of, of peace, that I found peace and joy, and again, happiness, and manifests and that manifestation comes about just effortlessly, effortlessly, okay? Because you're not really focused on that all the time. You're not focused on the effort of doing the work all the time, you're focusing on yourself. And then making choices in any given moment, and I know I'm kind of being repetitive here. But it's, it's, it's really if you can grasp, if you can grasp the concept if you can grasp the fact that you don't have to, you don't have to do a lot of work. Okay? You don't have to sit down for hours at a time and meditating. And do all this like shadow work and stuff. If you can get to a place of managing different thoughts and stuff as they come up, like observing them, which I talk about all the time and cultivating awareness like all the time, if you can manage those things in the moment, little by little, you change those thoughts. If I I had known us dealing with anxiety, depression, depression for 40 plus years and all those feelings of unworthiness and things like that a life would have been so much easier because I would have known excuse me in any given moment if a thought comes up about this false concept of, of who I was, because here's the thing. On the surface, I would say there was this false concept of, you know, dealing with the depression, anxiety and unworthiness and stuff. But I always had this like, deep seated knowing that I was unique and special somehow. Because each of us are, all of us are all of us are unique. All of our special, we're all here for a purpose. And we all in our own right? Or not, right may not be the right word. Oh, that was my phone. But all of us are assisting all of humanity and rising to a higher state of consciousness. Right by by being authentic, being our i, i authentic, I keep wanting to say I authentic, our authentic selves and speaking, speaking our truths, right, because everything is all connected. But again, had I known that as a thought came up of, like, unworthiness, instead of like, like sitting and like, marinating in that feeling. If I just changed my thoughts, in each given moment that No, I don't accept this. I don't accept this for myself, I know because I can feel at the core of who I am. Right? That I'm unique. And I'm, and I'm special, and I have a purpose. This, whatever these other feelings are that these that are not making me happy. I don't have to accept those. I did. For various from what the age of five until what, like 47. I did, because I didn't know any better at the time. Which is why I'm sharing this with you now. To let you guys know, if if you're dealing with that kind of stuff, right? If you're dealing with feelings of unworthiness, with anxiety, with depression, with feelings of limitation or lot, dealing with having to forgive other people or yourself, not loving yourself at cetera, you don't have to spend time focusing on all of that and doing a lot of work. Just know that you are unique, you're special. Okay? You are a divine multi dimensional being, right, this surface, this physical body is only one aspect of you one aspect of your experience, okay, in this whole vast world of creation. And you have all of the power that you need within you to change your life. Okay. Choose in any given moment to be happy. If you're sad, you can choose to be happy. That is your freewill. That is your choice. So, instead of like marinating in, in these unwanted thoughts and feelings, just make a choice. Make a choice. And if you have to make a choice at any given moment, you know, 100 times a day, 1000 times a day, then do it. Do it if you really want to manifest easily and effortlessly. Okay. Smoke those those choices in any given moment. No, you don't have. You don't have to marinate in any negative feelings. You don't have to believe anybody that says you're there. You have limitations. You have limiting beliefs. You have blockages. Again, the only reason you have those things is the conditionings of life and your belief that you have those meaning we believe they conditions of life, right? Are it's manifested in evidence because of the things that we've been taught and how we've reacted to different situations that have created patterns and things like that, right. But it's really all about an illusion. Okay, because it's all malleable. It is all malleable. We believe that things are so hard and true about the things that we have been told. Right? And, and who we are like our characteristics, things like that. That those things are hard and true. Everything is malleable, because everything is energy. Everything has a frequency to it, that can change. Right? The everything. So don't accept anything that you don't want to experience. Don't accept any of it. Forgive yourself, love yourself. Go about life with ease. Find what makes you happy. Lean into your purpose, you'll know, you'll know what your purpose is, you probably already know. And do what makes you happy. And brings you joy, and manifestations will just those desires that you have will manifest more easily into your life. Now, am I saying it's going to take it'll happen in one day? Or two days? Or three days? No. We and you'll kind of get that reference if you listen the past few episodes. But no, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying they will manifest more easily. Many do. You don't have to do so much work, you know for for, you know for them to appear? Or materialize in your reality. Right? Because they are our desires already exist. If they if those desires were not possible, if they if there wasn't an aspect of ourselves that already had that desire, that desire would not even enter into our awareness. Anything that you can imagine anything that enters into your awareness already exist. So there's really no reason, there's really no reason to doubt anything. All right. It's, it's really about unlearning all that we've been told right about ourselves, and arcs, and you know, what's possible and what isn't possible, right. And even with techniques and stuff, if techniques make you happy, help to get you into a feeling state, right, do techniques. But if you don't want to do techniques, don't force yourself. I rarely do techniques anymore. I'll just say here on my chair, or in my bed at night, I'll sit there. And I'll just think about my desires. I'll think about the life I want to experience and I really more so get into like the heart space, that feeling, right, the feeling of what it feels like feeling is the secret if you are neville goddard fan. And that's really all I have to do anymore. And even like, the visualization, like the state akin to sleep, I rarely do that anymore. I rarely do that anymore. And it's because I don't I don't feel like doing like I don't have this like this urge to do that anymore. Like, oh, I have to do this in order to manifest what I want. I don't feel that I'm just like, You know what, I know who I am. And, and I know that I can manifest anything that I desire. By thinking about it, by verbalizing it, like putting that into out into the world and by feeling into it. Or just by being my divine multi dimensional self just by living peacefully and happily or not peacefully because Happiness, the joy really brings that peace, but be unhappy as much as possible. And just go through life like this, this ease and this flow. I mean, it's not every day, like I have my days where, you know, I'm working or things to do around the house, and then I get it's, I get into, there's that that mindset, oh, I have to do this, this, this and this, right. But at the same time, there's this I also there's also this aspect of my thinking of my being that is like, Don't get caught up in that do what you need to do because you're in this world, but you're not at that. Meaning. Yeah, take care of your house, take care of your car, take care of your yourself, your kids, whatever, do what you need to do. But your your, there's a higher aspect of yourself. That is always manifesting. Right. So don't get don't like don't get caught in the trenches. And don't ever get caught and limitation and lack anymore, or feelings of unworthiness. Okay, so wherever you are, like, wherever I am on this third dimensional level, like dealing with things that I have to deal with, there's always an aspect of myself, that is thinking beyond that, and I like in a higher state of consciousness always. It's like simultaneous, every once in a while. Actually, no, I wouldn't even say no, it's kind of always like that. Kind of always like that. Yeah, I was gonna say, every once in a while, I kind of get stuck in just doing doing doing. But that's not even the case anymore. Now that I think about those, it's not even the case. There's always an aspect of myself that's kind of in these higher states of consciousness. And I have forgiven myself. And I can honestly say, I love myself unconditionally, unconditionally. And it took me a long time to get there a very long time. But now I'm like, You know what? I know where I know what I'm, I know that manifestation is easy. I know that it's real. I know that. It is, it is something that we're always doing, right. And I know that I'm not bound by this third dimensional world. It's just an experience. And then it's an experience that I chose, just as each of you, even though you may not realize it, you've chosen these experiences. And again, everything is malleable. So you can change anything in any given moment. So I think that's it. Is that it? Let me think. Yeah, yes, I think that's all I wanted to say. So the easiest way to manifest your desires is to focus on you. Okay? And, and really do things with the least amount of effort. Focus on you, forgive yourself, love yourself unconditionally. It's not as hard as you think. It's only hard if you think it's hard. Okay? And let go of all of the illusions of limitation of lack of limiting beliefs of blockages, let go of the illusions. Don't focus on those. And if a thought comes up that is not in line with what you desire, just change it in any given moment. And continue to do that. Be persistent. Again, do it with the least amount of effort. Try to allow things to flow as much as possible. And don't give up. Don't give up. You'll get there. You will get there. All right. So thank you so much for joining me today. And I will see you guys all in the next episode. Alright, bye now.