The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S2 Ep. 32: A Conversation with Crystal Anne Compton: Exploring Spiritual Teachings and Intuition

December 04, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 32
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S2 Ep. 32: A Conversation with Crystal Anne Compton: Exploring Spiritual Teachings and Intuition
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Welcome to a special episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. In this episode, we have the privilege of interviewing a remarkable guest, Crystal Anne Compton. Crystal is not only a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive, but also the host of the Life Magnetics Podcast and the Miraculous Thinking Podcast. She is the founder of The Lightshine Lab, where she empowers individuals to embrace their spiritual potential and create positive transformations in their lives.

During this insightful conversation, we explore Crystal's journey and her profound insights into spirituality and intuitive practices. Join us as we dive deep into the realms of spiritual growth, personal empowerment, and the manifestation of miracles. Discover how to tap into your intuition, harness the power of your thoughts, and awaken your true potential.

Crystal's wisdom and experience will inspire and guide you on your own spiritual journey, as we explore the profound concepts of consciousness, energy, and the limitless possibilities that lie within.

Tune in now to this enlightening episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast as we engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Crystal Anne Compton. Get ready to expand your understanding of spirituality, intuition, and the transformative power of positive thinking. Allow Crystal's guidance to illuminate your path, as you embrace your own journey of self-discovery and spiritual evolution.

For more information about Crystal, please visit her website.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Linda, for those of you guys who don't know if it's your first time here, and I am so excited, I have a special guest today, her name is Crystal and competent. She is a spiritual teacher and an intuitive. She has two podcast, she is host of the life, you have more I do. Okay, you know what I was going to go through the hall, I was just going to worry about my notes. So what I'm going to do then, so I don't get anything in correct, I am just going to let you introduce yourself, you can explain kind of I know you have a couple of YouTube channels, podcasts, etc. So you can talk about that. Now if you want or at the end, so I'm just gonna hand it over to you. I am really excited to find out how you became a spiritual teacher, because I know for me, it took me a while to kind of own the fact that okay, this is I'm supposed to be doing this. And an intuitive especially because I know what spiritual gifts sometimes we know at an early age, sometimes they come you know, we realized later on. So if you want to explain a little bit how you became a teacher, and when you knew you were an intuitive and then whatever else you want to talk about, I'ma let you take it away. Sure, okay, well, I should probably start at the beginning, I was born and raised in Hawaii, my father was born and raised in Hawaii. And so I was kind of born into a magical land that's just filled with entities and beings and lore and mythology. And that's just kind of the way that I grew up. The first kind of experience I had, as a little kid that was maybe paranormal in nature, what were the two tree beings that used to live outside in our banyan tree in Maui. And I just remember, my first memories are of just kind of sitting in my room and talking to them with my mind, which at the time seemed really, really normal. I was just sitting there having conversations with them and kind of checking out their vibes, which were interesting and different than, say, an angel. They're a little different. But it was very effortless for me. And I also remember telling my mom about it, and my father about it. And they were very kind of woowoo themselves, especially my father, but my mom too. And when I went to them with kind of everything I was seeing and feeling, they were able to give me some context, and helped me to understand what was happening to me. And instead of like, well, that's bad, or that's demonic, you know, shutting me down, they, in their own way kind of encouraged me to continue to have these experiences, which I did. While at the same time. My folks were very problematic. My father became like a terrible alcoholic, very physically abusive to my mother. And that just kind of kept escalating the older I got. And by the time I was a teenager, I was like, get me out of here. You know, this is terrible. But one thing I did notice about the way that I grew up was that coming from an abusive household, you do really start to refine and hone your intuitive gifts. Like before my father ever came home for the evening, I knew what kind of mood he was going to be in. I had a feeling the way that night was going to go. And there's just something about growing up in trauma that really connects you to energy and also to people and their natures. And so I was I've always been a good judge of people very discerning in that way. But by the time I hit my teenage years, I really was having a hard time with how abusive and toxic was so I ended up going to church with my friend I think it was eighth grade. And it was a Pentecostal church. And if you know anything about Pentecostalism, you you know that that's kind of a psychic, psychic church anyway or psychic sect, very demonstrative speaking in tongues, prophesying, healing, getting slain in the Spirit, like the energy is moving in a Pentecostal church. And I was really attracted to that. But most of all, I was attracted to the idea that there was a father that loved me, and wanted to protect me and cared for me, which I didn't really feel that I had at home. So I just immediately converted. I was probably 13 at the time. And I got sold out and radical for Jesus, as we said back in the 80s. And it was just kind of my experience, and I stayed in it really until my mid 20s. I was a missionary a couple of times during that time, I was also a singer in the worship band. I was a I was a Bible study teacher. I taught the kids I mean, I was just really I was really in the church and All such time as something happened, that kind of lifted the veils from my eyes, and I was really able to see, oh, wait a minute. This is just a system. These are just people. And this is not necessarily the same thing as God, like my pastor isn't God like, and so who is God. And because of this thing that happened, I left the church, I was probably around 25 or 26 at the time. And I started to kind of wander around aimlessly. As a spiritual person. I didn't really know what to do. But I did know that I wanted to kind of return to that little kid who was just talking to tree spirits, like what was that all about? You know, by the time you're in your 20s, so much of what came fluidly as a child has disappeared, especially if we're not working on it, or taking the steps to keep those channels open. And so I wanted to return to that, but I was still kind of afraid, because I was a fundamentalist before I left and so I was worried about becoming an apostate or backsliding and or being possessed by the devil, like so much fear. And anxiety is built into religion. And so I really had to exercise that out of my life. Before I could feel confident in my path, and it took a few years to be quite honest with you. And I'll tell you, the thing that was the game changer for me was finding Edgar Casey. So Edgar Casey was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, I want to say, turn of the century, 18th 19th century to 20th century. And he too, was a literalist Christian, he used to sleep with the Bible under his pillow, and he would wake up having memorized all of it, he was just an incredible psychic and clairvoyant. And I would say medium, but he was also a Christian. And so that was what eased me into kind of checking him out a little bit, learning about his story and ultimately about his teaching. And that was the door that I needed to, to really explore my intuition again, and that magical connection that I think we can all have with God, fast forward many years later, Well, you asked me Linna, so I'm gonna tell you all, enjoying this. Fast forward many years later, after reading, studying, joining groups, fellowship, all of that thing, all of those things that are so necessary, I started wanting to put a lot of this knowledge together. And I wanted to offer readings, because I knew that I could, and I knew that I could see things, I knew that I felt things I was often right. And so I started doing little readings for my friends. And then they started telling people about that, because those readings were good. And then I started doing readings for other people. But I was really nervous and very anxious, because I was like, uh, you know, anytime we move toward our path or our purpose, we often have correlating fears and anxieties around that. And so I was trying to overcome my shyness and my fear around that. But my business just started to kind of It wasn't even a business at the time, but like, the interest started to grow, I opened a little bit of a business for myself as an intuitive reader that started to grow. In fact, it grew so much. And I did it for so many years that at some point, I raised my rates to something that I was almost offended by, like, I think it was charging like $300 an hour, I had like, mentorship programs in the 1000s of dollars. And in my way of thinking, I was like, Well, let me just raise my rates. So people will be disinclined to book with me, and then I'll have more time for what I'm really interested in, which is teaching or like doing, it's doing different things. But every time I raised my rates, people would just there would be more people. So at some point, I had to make the decision, what I wanted to do. And what I didn't tell you is that when I was a teenager in that Pentecostal church, I was also a preacher, like I would get up on the stage on Sundays, and I would preach, I would travel around to different churches, and I would preach, and I remember a man coming into town prophesying over me when I was just 14 years old, saying, one day, you're going to be in front of 1000s and 1000s of people, and you're going to have a message to share. Of course, we thought at the time, it was going to be a Christian message. But I never forgot that. And so as I was doing these readings, I always thought, Well, where is this really taking me, because I'm only talking to or reaching one person at a time. And I don't know about you. But as you get older, you lose the attachment to the idea that you have to perform, or you have to be appropriate or like you have to conform. Like all of that kind of goes out the window, the less years you have on the planet and you start to think well how can I maximize? How can I optimize? How can I reach more people with what's moving through me? And that is what ultimately moved me to starting a spiritual community which I now have about 10,000 members in and starting an academy with my friend Tricia Carr, where we teach the intuitive arts and many other things and all So just, this is what started me on the path of my purpose, which is to be in front of people talking about God in some way or another. Wow. But there's a lot of correlations with your story. And with me, like growing up, and then entering the church like abusive stuff, there's a lot of correlations. Just interesting. So yeah, I think trauma really does. A lot of people who awaken right have dealt with a lot of trauma. So that's interesting. You know, when you were talking about the playouts, I forget how long it must have been. Maybe a couple of months ago, I don't know I my time stone off after going through all these renovations for like the past three months, I was sitting here in my living room, having a full on telepathic conversation with the plant in my living room. And I mentioned it, I think, on one of my other episodes, or and I mentioned it to a friend. And you know, you always think when you tell somebody, you're talking to plants, they're gonna think you're crazy. I don't for me now, I'm like, I'm gonna be completely authentic and tell my truth. And it doesn't matter what anybody thinks. But yeah, full on telepathic communication. And it was so interesting. And I was like, Oh, I would be so I don't go out in nature very often. I'm very much stuck in the house a lot. But there's part of me that wishes I was a little bit more like, into going out in nature, and stuff like that, because I knew there's a not love and knowledge and nature and that energy is even when I go outside just to ground that energy. It's so beautiful. And it's peaceful. Oh, yeah. Well, I did a bit of channeling several years ago. And one thing I received in that channeling was the information that the frequency of Gaia or the earth is that of an archangel. And at the time, I also channeled all this information about the hierarchy of angels and oversold and things like that, but like the Gaia and other planetary bodies are actually really, really, really high in vibration. And one of the ways that people can be more intuitive, or just be more spiritually connected is just to go outside. And we call this earthing to like, you can take off your shoes, you can stand in the grass and you can just draw up that beautiful earth energy while drawing down that beautiful cosmic higher energy and it meets somewhere in the middle of you. And it really does activate so many different things inside of you. But oh my gosh, yes, the nature nature is rich with dimensional frequencies, dimensional fluctuations, rich, nature is rich with all kinds of different beings from the gnomes to the Deva, to the many Huni that we had. And in Hawaii and in Hawaii, we believe everything had a spirit, a rock or the pool Haku it has a spirit, the ocean has a spirit, the turtle, the Mother, the Father, so everything had this spirit running through it. And to your point about plants. You know, some people may think that's funny, or that's a little weird, because we don't often think about plants, but everything is just energy. And energy is always moving. But it's always in the moving. It's always talking and communicating. It really is up to us to figure out how to open that channel of communication and telepathy. You know, I didn't know it when I was three years old that I was doing something that was so wondrous, but telepathy is like the easiest way for us to facilitate that communication. Yeah, exactly. Can you talk a little bit about the you did your intuitive abilities connecting with angels and other beings and stuff I because I channel I don't do it. Like I don't, I don't do readings and stuff like that. I haven't. But lately, I've been thinking there's some injury I do it like when I go to my massage therapy session or whatever. It's so interesting because I more of my spiritual gifts are starting to come online. Like I'm getting downloads, and I'm picking up on energy and stuff and I'm able to, like I'm able to share with other people sometimes I'm not around a lot of people but like when I go on my massage therapy sessions, or even my Reiki sessions, I have been getting messages channeling through me for that individual. And I'm like, at first I was like okay, what's going on? Now I'm used to connecting with my guides and you know, my higher self and stuff like that channeling that way but now to receive messages, not only for me, but for other people it was it's really new For me, Can you can you explain a little bit kind of like the different types of beings that are interdimensional like beans and stuff that you connect with and just wood? I know, you had things going on when you were a child, but when did when you really started to like channel information and stuff? Yes, absolutely. So now angels are funny story because even though I was in church for all those years and I was intuitive reader for so many years like I never really believed in angels I always thought, well, that's just a quaint and cozy idea that humans need in order to try and anthropomorphize you know, God, like it makes it easier for us. And so I never really bought into that. Until one day, I went to this angels class, my friend dragged me along and I was like, Okay, can we have cocktails and dinner after then it's a thinness fun. So I went with her. And I walked into it was in Denver at some metaphysical society on Seventh Avenue, and I walked and I don't remember the woman's name, I wish I could give her the attribution. But I walked into this, this beautiful room. And this woman, just the energy of this woman was just so amazing. And she was very tall anyway, but it was just big energy. And she proceeded to teach a class on Archangels. And she also posited that she was channeling in the moment that I was watching her, she was channeling Archangel Raphael. And that was the first connection I made him like, oh, okay, that's where this big energy might be coming from. Is this, this being that she says that she's channeling? Well, she proceeds to open up a meditation for everyone there. And that meditation was geared so that everybody could meet their Archangel. And I was a little dubious, but like, Okay, right. And so we enter into this meditation. And when I tell you, the quality of energy, that just moved around that circle was so strong, it was like nothing I had ever felt. And again, I had been in the intuitive arts, I've been doing this for a while. Nothing that I've ever felt before. And then I became aware because my head was bowed, but my eyes weren't closed. Because I'm rebellious in a meditative circle. You know, I'm like, I don't, I'm not gonna close my eyes. But I noticed this flash of golden light up in the corner of the ceiling, and I looked up, and I was staring at it, because it looked like a moving spiral with my naked vision looked like a moving spiral. And so any, anytime, like a phenomena like that pops up, in my experience, I always stop. And then I ask questions, okay, like, what is this, and I bring online, my third eye, or my, my mental, my spiritual eye. And so I brought on my third eye, I was watching the spiral of light. And that's when I was able to see in my mind's eye, what looked like a man starting to come out of that spiral. And it was a man, and the man kind of spiraled through the room, and landed in front of me. And on one knee, and with his, like, his fist spread under his chin, and he looked at me and I was like, and first of all, my physical body, couldn't take it, like I started to have what felt to me almost like seizures. Like I was just shaking from the energy of it, because it was so overwhelming, almost as if he was saying, Oh, really, you don't believe in me? I don't believe in this. And I'm just my friend was there and she could attest, I was just, I was losing it. I proceeded to have a telepathic or mental conversation with this person. And I asked him, I ultimately asked him who he was. And he told me who he was. And I mean, even in the midst of all this was like a guy in front of me in the Spirit, and my body doing what it was, I doubted, like, Oh, come on, if you're not that person, and we came up with this agreement that I would test him because the Bible says test all spirits. I'm like, Okay, so I'm gonna test it. I want you to put your name in my environment three times in the next week. And he said, No problem. And so within three days, upon leaving that class, I had three separate very wild instances of this name in my environment. One person who I hadn't seen or talked to, in five years wrote me an email at all it had was this angels name. And that was it like, no Hi, Crystal, how you doing? I'm still in Chicago, nothing, just this angels name. And then another person that I knew who is a good friend of mine, called me and said, I had the wildest experience last night, I woke up in the middle of the night, and there was this guy at the foot of my bed. And he said, Tell crystal, this name is working with her. And like, it was like, it was very evidential things. Yeah. And that angel was Gabriel, Gabriel. And so by the time I got the third appearance of his name, in my experience, I believed it. I'm a doubting Thomas, but I believed it and thus started kind of my work with angels and opening up that communication. And here's why I think it's happening to you if I may opine you It's probably when you start, when you continue your evolution or your enlightenment, it is a kind of refinement, it is moving you vibrationally speaking closer and closer to what we would call source energy or God energy, the higher you go on this path of your refinement, the more access you have to specific grids of consciousness. And for you, with the work that you're doing, you're pulling in all these all this divine energy, the lights are coming on on the house, so in the house of who you are, but you're also accessing different grids of consciousness. And when you act, when you up level to a new grid of consciousness, you have access to all the knowledge, all the information, all the energy and all of the beings. So you've arrived at this point in your path in your practice, at a point where you've hit the angelic grid. And what I what I think is common is that they will make themselves known to you almost as an Are you interested in having a further conversation about what's happening? And all you have to do is say, Yes, angels are very gentle in the beginning, I'm tapping my shoulder, because that's what it's like, it's like, Hey, Chris, are you sure you want to do that? There might be a better way. But when you turn toward this resource, this angelic resource, and you ask questions, and importantly, when you give them permission, I am giving you permission to move evidentially in a way that I cannot miss. I give you permission to intervene on my behalf in a way that I cannot miss. When you start giving them permission like this, they become louder and louder and louder. And so if I were you, I would say well kept noticing this. I'm interested in this. I want to open the channel to that. Tell me more. And they will. Yeah, I've been I've started I've been doing that through automatic ready. And being more open, like I don't shut it down, like if I feel them. Because I the archangels have come in before specifically Metatron, Michael, and Gabriel. I was in a Reiki session. And they were literally Gabriel was on one shoulder. Michael was on the the other. And Metatron was in the middle. And I had information on the Galactic Federation coming through there was like my Reiki practitioner, she had no idea what the Galactic Federation was. But she says she got that GFL GFL. So I had explained it to her. So they come through, but I I'm not utilizing, like, I know that I could utilize the energy more. And I know all of that. But, you know, it's still kind of like, getting used to the energy, the energy is so intense. Sometimes I'm powerful as with all of these things happening. Like I'm just trying to keep up with everything that's happening. So I appreciate that, because I don't normally, I've never had anybody give me any kind of like feedback, right? Yeah. So I appreciate that. Of course. Yeah, I'm very particular, on who I speak to, I guess you could say, because not everybody. Not everybody understands, you know, kind of the things that that we go through on, you know, on this path, and especially like you said, as we elevate, right, and our states of consciousness, and we move up the spiral on the, you know, on this path and is interesting for strange things start happening to us. That's why I share all of the dreams and the visions I have on my channel. Because for anybody else who may be experiencing these strange phenomena to know that they're not alone, right? Yeah, so ah, what, uh, I don't really have any more questions. Well, if I may, if I may. Yeah, but I definitely want you to keep talking. I don't script I don't like asking questions. I'd like people to be open and just share their journey and stuff because so many people I know, but find find common ground some times and the experiences of others. And some of the folks even though I'm primarily talking about manifesting on this channel, and shifting your mindset and stuff, I know that if people, the individuals drawn to my channel, they wouldn't be here if they weren't at certain points in their journey of awakening, right. So I have no doubt that some of my listeners are possibly intuitive or have gotten the inclination to a maybe you should be a spiritual teacher and stuff. So yeah, definitely keep on sharing because I am loving listening to you Okay, good, good. Well, I, I mean, every one is intuitive. I'm going to start there. I mean, we all came into this incarnation with a fully functioning spiritual GPS system, we're always connected to all of the grids of consciousness, it's really, the limitation is self imposed. It's not the angels. It's not God, it's really us and what we focus on that keeps us from experiencing things in its fullness. But what I wanted to say was that, you know, in some of the programs that I do, I would attract students, super beginner level like, and all they really wanted to do was like, Well, I want to know if I'm psychic. And so we'd have this intuitive program, and they would enter in and they would, I always start from the ground floor, which is, do you know who you are? Like, let's get clear about that. And also, do you know what you're carrying around inside of you, I noticed a lot of people kind of want to jump right to, I want to be clairvoyant. But until you understand who you are in relation to the all that is, those lights aren't going to come on in the house, if who you are. And until you also recognize that the beliefs that you hold within you the limitations of concepts of self, the unforgiveness, the anger, until you understand that you are that this is all part of how you're signaling in the universe. This is this is your this is your vibration that makes up who you are, and then do things to, to align that you really are never going to be a sustained intuitive, or somebody who's a medium all the time, you're always going to be hit or miss. Because that energy is moving through the vessel of you. And if you are bogged down, because you have rage toward that guy, and you still have trauma about that thing, and you're not even conscious to this big shadow thing, then it's going to move through all these places and spaces. And that's going to be sporadic. And so we always start with divine concept of self. Jesus said it best when he said You are all gods. He's not saying your source energy, the singularity. He's saying you have godlike abilities, and you're not using them because you don't know this about yourself. And so we must start by acquainting ourselves with that. And then like getting real and taking some radical responsibility with your own stuff, the stuff that you hold inside of yourself, like and to choose to become conscious to the shadow, like we start there. And then we move on to what I call vibration modification. Things that we can do in our lives, that make us more high vibration, because I assert that the higher in vibration, you go, just as I just told you, the closer to God you are. And the closer to God you are, the more the things of God begin to populate your life. Jesus said this as well, when he said, Seek first the kingdom of God. And all these things are added on to you. So you want to be a psychic, you want to talk to angels, then you don't want to focus on the bells and whistles, you want to focus on your Divine Alignment with the source and creator of all things. Once you're clicked in. All of those things happen very naturally. They're just a part of the connection. It's a byproduct really. Right. So and I think that people are Ooh, shiny, new paranormal thing, I want to see a ghost or you know, and they get caught up in that without really understanding the foundation of the spiritual connection. And you know, when I started teaching, I started my first program was called Yes, you are psychic. Okay, looks like and that's my, that was my focus. But after all these years, I'm like, way more interested to talk about divine concept of self and to and to inspire people to feel who it is that they really are. Because you can think kingly tells somebody, well, you're a seed of God, you know, you come from the monad, you come from the Archangels. Like this is how beautiful and divine you are. But until they feel themselves to be that they're never going to be able to create from that space. So that's the kind of stuff I'm very interested in talking about, even though I'll tell you, I have a book coming out at the end of this year. My lips to God's ears, called channeling angels. It's all about my encounter with Gabriel and like how I went on to have this full bodied relationship with them. But I would say that's just natural. That's the natural end result of me connecting to who it is that I truly am as a higher self being and connecting to my God. Yeah, that's how limit Yeah, that totally makes sense. Because I didn't expect all of that, like I didn't expect it to happen, right. The first conversation I ever had with my psychic differentiate the energies now, right? Angels guides, I would say my Higher Selves which so I have a few videos on Well, I've literally shared the conversations I've had. With my higher self I did the first time I happen. It's so funny i was i was like automatic writing, because I'm trying to write as all of this was coming in. As I'm having this telepathic communication. It's happened many times now. The but the first couple of times, and literally as it's happening, asking, Is this really happening? And getting an answer? No, you're not quite up, basically, yes, it's happening. No, you're not crazy. And I'm trying to write all this stuff. It started happening very naturally. I have specifically said, because I know that if I wanted to see a Bing manifest in front of me, I could very well do that. I have specifically said, I'm not ready for that. Now. This was, I mean, I probably wouldn't be now but like this was sometime last year, I specifically was like, with all the dreams and stuff I was having. Don't show yourself to me yet, because I'm not ready. So what you were talking about people wanting to the bells and whistles, if you don't do that work he turn internally first. And all of a sudden, something like you start channeling information, or a being manifest in front of you, whether it's an angel, it's, you know, a like a play adn or an arcturion, or a great alien or whatever. That's a lot to handle, right? Do the internal work. And these things start to happen automatically when you're ready, right. And it just makes it in my own experience, it makes it much easier to kind of, to kind of handle weird things happen to me now. Like, I'll wake up in the middle, something will happen in a dream. And I'll wake up in the middle of the night, or early in the morning fully expecting to see a being in my room if I've been touched on the shoulder or if I've been woken up by an audible sound. Or if I've had a dream or I've seen other beings or aliens or whatever, I have fully expected to wake up and see something in my room. However, I've said I'm not ready to see you yet. But one day, I know what's going to happen, because I'll be ready. You know? Absolutely. Yeah. So it's yeah, it's really it's really incredible. But you're right, people have to do that. That internal work, there's really no other way. Correct. I mean, I think that there are instances of like spontaneous ability, like I knew a girl when I was going to psychic school many years ago, who woke up, she went to bed with a migraine and woke up the next day with 20 Dead people in her bedroom. And she thought she lost her mind she was committed for a period of time was placed on psychotropic medication. But she did not have the infrastructure to know what that was or to deal with it. And there's a really good documentary. I think it's called awake. I always forget what I think it's called awake. And it's about a guy who also wakes up one day, I think was Valentine's Day. And he's a medium and their spirits everywhere. And he goes on, I want to say a seven year journey to try and figure out what is happening to me, it's a fantastic documentary. Yeah, but if you don't have the, if you don't have the foundation, then you can be kind of spun out into a place of fear, which is why we start with who it is that you really are. And let me just say that when you understand that you are the pure consciousness, like you are not just this crystal and Compton, you know, person, in an incarnation, what stands behind and through and all around, that is your pure consciousness as you were created. When you understand that that is who you are, you understand the inherent power that comes along with that you truly are in the power position of your whole life, you're the only one who creates your life. And when people start to realize that they are the consciousness, having the experience, therefore, they are the consciousness in control of it. That's when they can start letting that fear go. Because truly I say, when you know who you are, I call this dominion, the state of the vibration, the embodied state of presence, in the higher self, when you're in your dominion. Every single being all across creation in every dimension goes since nature elementals and angels and demons, recognize the power in you and honor it. But when you don't, when you're just like dabbling and things of the Spirit and you don't know who you are, and you're a little afraid, and you're not ready. They also know that too, that's a frequency that's a fear, and they can feel the frequency of that and that's when you start getting these fourth dimensional rabble rousers coming up and trying to scare you. And that happens a lot to me when I left the church. And I started reading Casey and I started working just by myself in my own abilities, I didn't have the foundation of concept of self. And so I was visited a lot by spirits, I was attacked by what I would call then a demon. I don't know that I would say that now. But I mean, I had a lot, a lot of different fearful experiences. But as soon as I got hip, to what I really am, those for the most part have stopped. I was much kind of more of a I mean, I can still channel I can do all the things when I intend to, but I never have an errant spirit, just rolled it up into my house or a shadow person will from time to time, I will get a shadow person. But it's very rare that there is a spirit that'll try it. Because thank goodness, I don't scare easy. And I've seen a lot in my day. And I you might startle me, I've been startled by strange spirits and shadow people. But I don't stay in startle moment, for very long, I very quickly get right back into Oh, I'm the consciousness. And if I say you gotta go, this is what Jesus was working with truly, when he's casting out demons. And he's like, Nope, you're going from that guy into that herd of swine. because I say so. And I'm the consciousness that's in control of this environment. That is what he knew that he also said, anything that he can do, we can also do and even more. So that is the call for us to live in an embodied way in the power position of our life. Yeah, I wonder how many people I mean, I know people have dealt with demons and stuff, but like on this journey, because I, I used to deal with them too. Like I've been, I've seen them. They've, for me, they just looked like the one I saw look like a little black chair of, you know, I woke up and I saw it and in terms it said and looked at me and then kind of dissipated. And there was another in this was when I was in the church. And another time I was laying down trying to go to sleep, I felt like I was having a heart attack because my chest felt really heavy. And I couldn't move. Now I realized there was sleep paralysis. And I had to use the restroom. And I couldn't get up. And I was like, being in the church. I was like, in the what'd I say? I was reviewing it and the name of Jesus, right? And it disappeared. Now I but I have a whole stuff like that doesn't happen to me now. Either. If something comes in, like a negative thought, or a fearful thought, now I'm able to observe it and be like, This isn't mine. This like this isn't my energy. Right? This, I'm not aligned with this. And then I just don't accept it. Right? I can observe it, but I don't accept it. And that happens Now anytime fear or doubt, anything comes in, that doesn't align with who I am who I know I am. Right. But it's very the interest it the energy thing is new to me, I would say probably like in the last six months or so, maybe not even that maybe three or four. It's really interesting. But yeah, I don't, I don't get attacked and stuff anymore. Even if an old pattern like my dad was just your old pattern came up. I was like, I didn't fall back into, right. Um, the old reactions and things like that. It's so interesting. And I was having a conversation with somebody about manifesting yesterday. And I told her, everybody, when they are aware that they're conscious creators, right, they want to learn how to manifest things in their life. To create a better life, the best thing you can do is figure out who you are, work through everything, figure out who you are. Because you really don't need all those techniques. When you know who you are, you have, like you have no doubt that you can create a better life for yourself, you have no doubt that you're a conscious creator, you have no idea that you are a fragment of source energy that God is within you, no doubt. But we have to go through the process, right? We have to learn that we can manifest and then go through that and figure all that out. And then come into, like, do all the work the internal work and figure out who we are. I was going to ask you about your Academy because I haven't joined that. Just because kind of where I'm at in my stage of life. Do you say for somebody like me, who's not a beginner? What is your academy? Like? Would that be helpful to somebody like me, who's who's starting to be able to differentiate these kind of energies and get these new downloads and stuff like that, like do you always do you have is it structured in a way that somebody can come in at any point on their journey? Okay. Um, yes. The academy is called Light shine spiritual Academy. And the cornerstone program for that is called the Intuit Tip intensive it is a 12 week program or the last time we ran it in eight weeks, where every single week up into the first eight weeks, we just go through we go through the foundational things you need to understand. And I have had people come in through to the intuitive intensive not even knowing whether they believe this stuff. And by the time they leave, they are. They understand that they've all of a sudden have mediumship coming online, they understand about healing, they have gone on to become practitioners like yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes. That's the whole point of it. Yeah. So and then we have other intensives as well, like we have a channeling intensive and an energy intensive. But I will have to say that for 2023. We're pausing just because we've ran those programs, the same programs over and over for the last I don't know, consecutive three or four to five years. I don't know that was timelines. So we're pausing for probably about a year. Now we'll come back and start offering them again. But I also wanted to mention that because you had mentioned interdimensional, which I mean, an angel isn't interdimensional. But I think in the New Age community when you say interdimensional people tend to think Oh, alien, right. And I've, I've had I've had encounters with aliens. But one thing I was thinking about when you were talking about it was I wanted to share with you this concept of portals. I think I asked you when you were on my podcast about portals. But one thing that was given to me in all the channeling that I've done is that we have many portals in our chakras and factor portals, but like we have three main portals that allow us to connect with certain kinds of beings, the portal of the abdomen or the gut, like when you say, you know, my guts telling me this, that's actually like, you're you're receiving information because there's a portal there, the portal of your heart, which is probably your most powerful portal, and in the portal of the head, which is kind of in this a cosmic sort of an idea, but hear me out. So, the portal of the gut, we tend to receive information from like higher self, from infinity selves, infinity selves are the US that exist in the all the parallel realities, which you are always, by the way connected to and therefore have access to, that tends to come through the gut, the portal of the heart, this is where we have angels. And we have also departed loved ones. So like my mom is in heaven, right? So she can come through and speak to me through this kind of chord that happens in my heart, also departed animals. So your dogs that have passed your cats that have passed, they can, you can fire up this portal, and you can open that communication with them. And then in the head, this is where you get nature elementals This is also where you get aliens or interdimensional Arcturians as you say, is that tends to kind of come down through this chute of light that's happening in your seventh and eighth chakras. And so you have these different access points. Remember, I was talking about grids of consciousness. But you already have the infrastructure and the apparatus inside of you to connect to all of it and through these three portals you can speak to all of these types of beings this is kind of the way they come into your experience. They come in through this portal in the gut the heart or the mind. That's so interesting, because because it's well for me like it's because I felt it right a challenge before I felt it but I didn't think about the fact that they were actually portals and now that you're differentiating, I'm literally like thinking in my mind like this says like the channelings I've had what comes through it makes perfect sense. Like it maybe because I'm thinking back now I'm like, yeah, when I have to tell about the cover that they come through this way, and then sort of things come my most expanded when I feel most expanded. It's it's in my heart center. Like I guess sometimes I will be thinking about things specific either. Not everybody has twin flame connections. I'm one that does. I feel so expanded. It's almost as though I'm like I can it's I don't have to blame because there is no separation but I can literally it literally feels as though my soul is separate than my body like I can see. Like I can see the difference my ego I can see me but I can feel my soul. It's such an interesting like phenomena, but my heart expand it the hearts chakra is so powerful, I guess so expanded sometimes. It's literally it's such a euphoric feeling, but you're right about like the aliens higher self. I feel that primarily my head and then yeah, so that's so interesting. I haven't had connection connections with like, loved ones and stuff like that and but I'm a thing Think about that now because I didn't know I didn't even think about the, the being portals in the body. So I love learning, I love learning new stuff. These are these are ideas, you know, you can take them or leave them. But like there's a reason you see, you know, stat statues or renderings in antiquity with like people with the holding the prayer Mudra, right or touching different parts of the body, I would say that they're actually touching the portal, activating it. And that's really actually how you do it. So if somebody wants to use these portals fire it up, in order to call on a specific type of being the fastest and easiest way to do that is to literally take your touch and place it on one of the portals Yeah, and then to send your consciousness and your intention to this specific area. Right. And, and, and open it with intention, you open it, and you also touch it, and you open it and it will open. And this is how I talk to people, if I talk to them, I'm not a medium, per se, but I've had mediumistic experiences. But if I want to talk to my mommy, you know, I just touched my heart. And I just take a deep breath in, I imagine my heart chakra just turning, it's opening this kind of telephone line that I can now use to call my mom. And by the way, the way that I see that clairvoyantly is once this portal is open and that channel is is created, my mom actually, like picks up the phone on the other side, if you will, but uses the uses the channel of that to come into my physical experience, like I will send it out, she will catch it wherever she is in fifth dimensional reality or whatever. And then she will use it to kind of slide into my physical experience. And so sometimes after doing this, she appears, she's like, Oh, here I am. Other times, I'll just have a warm feeling. Or I'll just have a knowing that she is here. But I use my portal to like actually call them and get them here. I'm going to try that you know what's so interesting. And I say this all the time, many people know that there are no coincidences. My mom passed away. In 2007, she was 54. And just thinking about her yesterday. And I was thinking and the reason I'm telling you this is because you just brought up your mom and opening a portal. And the reason. And also when I said I love learning new things every day. And you were like, well, you know, this is my belief, because it resonates with me. And as matter of fact, there have been moments in our conversation I have I do not know how to explain it, but it's probably going to sound a little bit strange. So speaking to you, right? It's an energy. And it's almost like this, I've a couple of times, it felt like this floating sensation, right? Like I'm listening to you and observing you. But it's literally like being in a different dimension on a different plane of existence. Happens all the time. Many people like you've probably experienced this kind of stuff all the time where, but just as conversation with you. So when you brought up your mom just now and opening that portable portal, I was just thinking about my mom yesterday and thinking, I know that I can connect with her if I want to because because everything's possible, I can connect with other, you know, other beings, right? Angels, etc. So I know I can connect with my mom. I've never tried it. So now I'm gonna try that. So thank you. You're welcome. Well, good. I'm glad. Wow. Yeah. Portals. It's interesting what you're saying about feeling dimensionally shifted. And that happens with my students all the time. Like, there'll be rocking kind of a thing, man, I and I don't attribute that to me, because I'm just like, me, you know, but when I'm talking about things that light me up, or that I think are so meaningful, I Spirit does come through and, and speaks in a kind of a cadence that can you can feel it if you're, if you're energetically present, you can kind of feel it and it wouldn't and I hate to say stuff like that, because then I don't want to sound special or anything. I think we all do that. But right, every single moment is an opportunity to be the vessel for that. This is what St. Francis said when he said Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. In other words, just let me be present and able to hold it and then shine it. That is what I seek to do. And all that I do that's the work of my life and probably yours as well is to find ways to do that. Yeah. Would you say you know, I can feel it? Like yeah, yeah, yeah, maybe that's part of me being able to pick up a different energies and stuff now too, because normally it's by my not I'm used to this stuff happening by myself like standing outside and moving and experiencing like time line shifts and stuff and Another couple of weeks ago, I was in the bank and I'm standing still on the floor was like floating underneath me. And I was like, standing there. And I was thinking. Now I know nobody else knows this is happening to me. But this is a little bit weird. Had never happened in public like that. And now being able to pick up on like, pick up on energy and stuff, like it's like, it's like this floating kind of, you know, it's so peaceful. It is peaceful. And it's probably, it's probably also that you have developed a facility to kind of walk in both worlds, if you will, meaning you're here in the 3d or in your body. Of course, you're alive on planet Earth, but you're also somewhere else dimensionally speak. Yeah. And you're cultivating maybe through meditation or you're you're learning you're cultivating how to be astral. And so you are astral. Yeah. While you're here. Yeah. While you're here grounded on Earth. Yeah, I just think it's cool. Yeah. All right. Somebody's got a few minutes left. Okay. I know, again, you have a couple of YouTube channels and a couple of podcasts and stuff like that. Is there anything and you have a book coming out, which is so cool. I've been trying to write mine for three years. But the editing money says like, I know, I've been trying to write this little book for many years. And I've actually had a couple of editors, but it's finally we're finally doing it. And yeah, let me tell you how to get in touch with me, it's super easy. Really, it's to go to my website, which is crystal and Don't forget the E and N Crystal I mean, if I'm running a program, or if I'm doing something, then I'm going to post about it there. The other main place to find me would be my YouTube channel, I try to post a couple times a week, and I've got some, I've got some clips of our little conversation coming up in the weeks to come. That's just look for Crystal and Compton there. Also the spiritual community called the light shine lab on Facebook, which I know not everybody likes Facebook, including me. So I'm looking for another way to have a community but like for right now. That's where we are in. And through my time in the academy and working with students, we've cultivated like a book of practitioners. And what they do is they go up almost every single day, and they offer their services for free. So they do broadcasts and they livestream and they read people and teach. And it's really, really cool. So if you're interested in something like that, or just finding your, you know, people who are a lot like you on the internet, you can go to the light shine lab. And yeah, I've got some things coming up. I have the book, hopefully, Lord. And then I have a program that I think I'm going to be doing in December, teaching people about cord cutting, and timeline stuff. You know, Neville like to talk about timelines, I mean, soda, why? So we're going to do some of that. And I'm creating a beautiful meditation. I work with this guy in Sweden, who's just the meditations have no words, but they totally facilitate certain processes. So the meditation will help us to cut chords. And so if you want to check me out, yeah, go to my website, all of that information will be there. I'm also on Instagram, check me out there, too. Yay. All right. Now, I'm really interested in that. And of course, so I didn't, I haven't joined your I don't think I joined your Facebook group. Because I have a Facebook group too. And I'm not in a very often I let other people do their thing. Because I think once you get to a certain once you get to a kind of a certain point in your life, and the veil lifts, and you can see the systems and stuff in place, the things going on behind the scenes, some things don't really resonate, you know, but they're kind of they're part of this world, you know, and then we're out here teaching people and showing people and sharing information and stuff. And those specific systems are kind of part of that. Right? So yeah, I'm in Facebook group, too, but I'm not in there very often. So already there. I mean, I mean, I'm going to check in, you know, every day and stuff like that, but I'm not. I don't really live stream, they're usually that's usually YouTube. So yeah, same thing with me. Yep. So, but I am going to check it out today, because I don't remember if I did, and I'm interested in the cord cutting. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, that I'm I'm kind of, I just did a program in October where we did a bunch of these meditations. And we did all kinds of really cool cosmic things. And in the midst of it, I noticed that the students really needed that. Yeah, so I asked him about would you like me to create that they all said yes, so I am. So sometime in December of 2022 or January 2023. We'll just it's probably for a weekend we'll just meet together a little live workshop and it'll be cool. You have a tax community right? So apply for that and no gifts nation? Yes, that Okay, perfect. Yeah. So my text community if you want to join is text Tech And that's the community I tell the things to first so they hear first for me. Yeah, they need to sign up for that too. But you So even even after our, our last conversation, right? I always think I need to go do this, I do that and then I get so busy busy doing my own thing, right? I know, I forget, but there's information so valuable, like not a lot of people understand like cords and cord cutting and how and how the those attachments and the energy and stuff, you know, affect us. So anyway, all right, I'm gonna sign as soon as we get off, I'm gonna sign up for your checks. Awesome. All right. Um, is there anything else? You know, just, um, you know, maybe I can come back in the future. And we can talk about Goddard. Again, I just love talking about Neville Goddard, he like Casey, he's one of the teachers of my soul. I love love, love him. And I love hearing you talk about Goddard as well. So yeah, love to do that. And I literally just went down to the local, not just went down, I literally go there every couple of weeks and spend way more money on using the physical books that I probably. But I found somewhat some of Edgar Casey's books. And I think I've got like seven of them now. But I haven't dived into them. But I'm excited to. And I will obviously talk about this the other day, I would love. If you're ever interested, I would love to have you on more regularly, if you have time in your schedule. And we can talk about Neville, we can talk about lots of different things. So our reach out to you. But um, but yeah, I'd love to have more than just one or two conversations with you. Because we're all continually growing, right? More knowledge is, is kind of being on Earth, if you will, from our DNA and stuff. So I think the, you know, having continual conversations over periods of time, because people have more knowledge, you'll be able to share more information. At some point, your book is going to come out. So yeah, so I'll definitely be in touch. And I'll have the links to how to get a hold of you right in the description. Both what I post on my YouTube channel and then on the podcast episode. So thank you so much for joining me today. It was very exciting for me, so I appreciate it. Oh, thank you so much for having me. I had a great time. All right. Thank you. I'm sure we'll be talking to each other soon. Yes. All right. Bye.