The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S3 Ep. 2: Conversations with Shivany Gonell: Embracing Multi-Faceted Mastery in Spirituality, Coaching, and Healing

January 22, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 2
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S3 Ep. 2: Conversations with Shivany Gonell: Embracing Multi-Faceted Mastery in Spirituality, Coaching, and Healing
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Welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast, hosted by Lynna K Teer, a renowned spiritual teacher, and coach. In this episode, Lynna takes you on an inspiring journey as she interviews the remarkable Shivany Gonell. Shivany is a multi-talented individual, serving as a Spiritual Business Coach, Master Energy Healer, Psychotherapist, Inspirational Speaker, Akashic Record Reader, and Co-Author of the empowering book, "The Book of Inspiration for Women by Women."

During this captivating interview, Lynna and Shivany delve into the realms of spirituality, personal growth, and empowerment. Together, they explore the intricate connections between mindset, manifesting, awakening, and awareness, providing profound insights and practical guidance for listeners.

Shivany's extensive expertise in various spiritual modalities and her deep understanding of the human psyche makes this interview a must-listen. She shares her unique perspectives on harnessing the power of mindset and manifesting to transform our lives and unlock our true potential. With her compassionate and empowering approach, Shivany illuminates the path to personal and professional growth, offering valuable tools and strategies that can be applied in everyday life.

As an Akashic Record Reader, Shivany delves into the limitless wisdom of the Akashic Records, revealing how accessing this profound energetic resource can unlock deep insights, healing, and guidance on our spiritual journey.

Join Lynna K Teer and Shivany Gonell in this enlightening episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. Prepare to be inspired and uplifted as they discuss the fusion of spirituality and entrepreneurship, the power of energy healing, and the transformative potential of connecting with the Akashic Records. Shivany's remarkable journey and wealth of knowledge will leave you with valuable insights and practical tools to create a life of purpose, abundance, and fulfillment.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from two extraordinary souls as they share their wisdom and experiences on the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. Tune in now and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and spiritual growth with Lynna K Teer and special guest, Shivany Gonell.

If you would like to contact Shivany, check out her website.

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Hello, and welcome back to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena, and today I have a special guest. Her name is Shivani, she is a, I'm going to read off of her bio. So she is a highly sought after empowerment coach. She is a spiritual business strategist, a master energy healer, and inspirational speaker and co author of the book of inspiration for women, by a woman. So I'm so excited to have her on today. Shivani, I'm going to let you take it away. Tell us a little bit about yourself. And what you do. And as I mentioned before we hopped on the recording that I do want to talk about the Akashic records. That's probably one of the things I want to talk about. But I'll let you take it away and and tell us a little bit about yourself. Sure. So first of all, thank you for being able to be here, Lena, and hello to everyone who's listening. Really happy to be here. So yeah, what I do basically is I helped highly conscious women that are in a service based business to to align to the purpose, so they get more soul satisfaction, and also that make more money, like a lot of my clients double or even quadruple their money. And that's doing COVID Yeah, so I'm looking into the Akashic records, also human design to help my clients to basically align. Wow. Yeah, my own background. Gosh, I was born conscious in Germany to a single child. My dad wasn't nice is my mother. What do you call it? Not not trying to find a word. Not quite a psychopath. But before that. Let's anyway, life was interesting, because I was really open and I would just blurt things out because I would see it or feel it or, and, you know, especially my dad being an atheist. I was always told, I have too much fantasy, and I was always too intense and too much. And so I close down my gifts pretty much. However, even when I was 14, I was still really keen on. Why am I here? What is all this about? What's my purpose? Because I couldn't make sense of my world. Like, I felt literally I was to opt in on another planet. Like, where am I? Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna say, you know, I find interesting that, that children who are conscious, right, and, um, who do you have these experiences stuff often gets shut down at an early age by their family. It's so unfair. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. And look, I remember. I mean, look, I also see it that we own well, more often than not, we need the contrast in order to know about the bond. Yeah, because with the contrast, they know what you don't want. So in a way, I, you know, I look back I am like, I really believe I've chosen my parents and for a reason. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So yeah, it was hard. And but for me, thank God I became a battle woman earlier Yeah, not good for my parents. The name I was looking for is my my mom bless her. She's a narcissist. Yeah. full blown narcissist. Yeah, I had no idea that wasn't a normal upbringing. Yeah, but what it did was already when I was 15, I made super important decisions and one was I need to get out of Germany also get me out of here. And I managed to migrate to Australia at the age of 22. But married originally to Do that. And then we stayed together for 12 years. I also made a decision to not have children. And what else like? Yeah, they strong decisions at 15. And yeah, got married for convenience of actually, to an Australian. Oh, yeah. And I wanted to be in Australia was very clear. Australia was the country because back then I thought the kangaroos are just hopping around in Sydney. But I had this affinity with Australia as soon as I heard about it in school. And literally, when I landed in Australia for the first time, it really was like this moment of wanting to kiss the tarmac, and really the feeling of finally come home. Yeah, yeah. So do you feel like you were called to Australia? Or was that just a decision you just kind of made out of the blue? Like, you know, I want out of Germany. So I'm gonna pick Australia are you called there? I think I was called. Because, you know, I was this fish of the of Germany, one year old. And I had experiences with Aborigines, that back then I thought it's not normal. And I had no idea. For example, I hitchhiked with a truck. And I think I went from that site from, from Perth to Darwin. And on the way to Turkey, flew into the windscreen. And it was a he was a young truck driver, and he just stopped, picked up the turkey. And he said, I'll just drop this off to the next Aboriginal town. Yeah. And we arrive with a spark and spontaneously like they have this corroboree like you're staying overnight, the women have had really long hair back then, you know, braided my hair and the didgeridoo came out. I mean, amazing. But I thought oh, yeah, that's just normal. Yeah. I had other funny, like, I have really deep connections to our rich Nice. Wow, I think I was called for sure. Oh, that's interesting. Wow. All right. That's good. Um, by the way, when I was in the Air Force, I was stationed in Germany. So where are you from? In Germany? Born in Baden Baden? Oh. So Oh, wow. Okay. Yeah, I was in the Air Force. I was stationed in Germany for a while. So I love Europe. I'm looking forward to go but going back at some point do you can we talk a little bit about what you do you know, and Akashic records and business as a business owner myself I'm so I'm so fascinated I, I know what the Akashic records are. I have experience with the Akashic records, accessing them on the astral plane. And I've mentioned them here a few times on my podcast and then on my YouTube channel, but I'm so fascinated at how at how you work with them, and then you know, just how you assist people. Yeah, so my favorite subject. Okay, so just for those who don't know, the Akashic records are basically an energetic database that records everything that you've ever done in any of your lifetimes, so any karma restrictions, but it also records who you are at soul level. And every person, every soul has their specific Akashic record that I was trained to find. Now, again, I noticed and I didn't know that when I actually took the training that the trainer that I had in the cache because she brought her own material spoon is very, very different to most other trainings. And it obviously learned suits me perfectly. Yeah, it's very, we always find what what is the frame of reference? Yeah, like a lot of what you just said, is what most people would see the Akashic ser like open up and in Yeah, yeah. And whatever comes through, we were told almost the opposite. Yes, we were initiated. Like I have my Akashic Record guides. But we were told basically, okay, what's the frame of reference? You need to know that. So it's very accurate, precise. And the like my very first reading, you do only once a lifetime. And the reason for that is we are actually bringing your soul back to the point of origination back to love and light by deeply looking at, okay, what's holding you back right now that is completely unconscious. And the way I was trained is enter some psychotherapist and you know, I'm really interested in patterns. For example, okay, I can tell you what happened in life. I can see I can tell you the restrictions. However, what's really of more importance to me is, okay, so what is the pattern that is now happening in your life today? Because karma doesn't move just from one lifetime to the next. Yeah, if you? Yeah. So that is, for example, the very first reading and it comes with a three week clearing that deep sigh and does, I clicked on the level of the cache. The clearing that the client does is taking the clearing to the mental, emotional into the physical. And then I'm looking together with a client, looking at how often they could serve the client recognize the stage. And then we look at okay, what is one little physical action step? They can do different now because we are still in sweetie. Yeah, I need to do different, but it will be easier. Yeah. So that's one way to like, I have a whole process. So this is anybody can do that. Because what happens is with the clearing, you're literally elevating your vibration, you will feel different. Clients kept saying it's literally like the cosmic push out of the door. It's like oh, Chico, you get more of your gifts back. Things that are hard will be easier. Yeah, I mean, you still have to do new action, but things will be easier because we brought you back to love and light. Yeah, because the soul can get injured. Yeah, I think a lot. Yeah. So that is one reading. And that basically takes three weeks where you will be literally energetically very different. And of course, the more your vibration goes out, you will you will attract differently. Yeah, that's where, you know, you, you can actually, you know, more consciously create and attract what you want, right? Yeah. The next waiting is what they called a manifesting group thing. Because at soul level, again, we have a very different how we manifest. So the law of attraction totally works. But how you go about it is very different. So it gives you an example. We look like we look at different aspects and comparisons in this manner in manifesting through claims. And so you could and when I talk about manifesting, we are lit like, imagine you're at point A, which is everything you are today. Now at point is that you have already what you want and energetically, mentally, like you're a different person. Yeah. Because you've got what you want. And so the manifesting blueprint is basically how do you manage and shift your energy? Yeah, because it's literally like a molding of the clay. Yeah, we put something out. But how do we reach it? Yeah. And so for example, you can be goal orientated. And that is what most of our society workspace Yeah, like, what's the big hairy goal, chunk it down. Let's go for it. Now, a lot of people might be process orientated. So these are the people that they may have a goal but quite often they'll find it difficult to pinpoint a goal because the becoming is more in important, the journey is more important than the actual goal. And it's important to know, because again, the manifesting like how you go about it different. Or there's one comparison, and pick sample, if you land under repetition. You need to do something, when you say in business, something you've never done before, say you've never ever done a webinar. Okay? So you set out to learn it. And if you are wired with repetition, you will know that you will start for at least three or four times you will not get the results. And you have to keep going. Because for you, then it's the 678 time. huge factor. Yeah, and what a lot of people do when they're wired that way, which is very human, you try something two or three times doesn't work sucks. Let's do something else. Yeah. But, but inadvertently these people actually dilute their energy by doing that, yeah. Yeah. As an example. Now, the opposite would be where you would come up really with what I call a Power Word. So we want something in the physical say, I want more money. But underneath that, what do you want to experience? Or how do you want to feel? What are you actually really after? Now that could that could be IE, peace of mind of freedom or expansion? Yeah. Like every, you will have your own work. Yeah. But so it's freedom. You then need to look through the lens of freedom throughout your whole life. And then either change little things like look to freedom, but also have a look at the opposite. Like, you have where you where do you still say yes, when you don't mean? Where do you? Yeah, the opposite of freedom. And then it's a cleaning up of that. Yeah, had a client. She had eight and her work was freedom. She hated with a vengeance to school lunches in the morning. She wasn't a morning person. Definitely excited with freedom. And we had to find a way where she didn't have to do the school lunches. And we did. Yeah, kids how, like, they did the school lunch at night. And the husband took the kids to school. And she was able to sleep. Yeah, it because everything is energetic. Yeah. And it's interesting, because as you're talking, I'm realizing things about myself. Just because so for me, I'm very process oriented. Right. So whenever I tried to set goals, of course, I have goals that I want to reach. But I've just now I have a new planner. And I've just now I mean, I've stuck to it for a couple of weeks. But I I used to buy planners and stick to them. I need more than the goals. Right? And so what's interesting, so I might have to do you help you help people virtually right? Yeah. Yeah, like I said, I've been kind of under the the premise of I'll just do this on my own maybe I'll need any help kind of with my with kind of the business aspect but now as I'm listening to you, I'm thinking I might have to rethink that because every everybody really probably essentially needs you know, some assistance from and it's and that reflection, right because everything is okay, yeah, yeah, so once you've done the manifesting books since then we have a look at okay, you're okay, I haven't talked the first reading so let me go back, which is called the soul success blueprint. We also have the soul file in what we call the soul profile, or the soul profile, okay? And that's where we look at okay, what are your divine key? What is your soul specialization, your life lesson and what is your soul group of Origination? And that together forms a picture of who you are so level and what suits you best. Yeah. to do in your business. Mmm, yeah. And then we are looking once we know that then we look at, okay, how does your, your soul work? And your divine gift translates into business? Yes. So for example, if you would come up as divine power in my system, you are the, like your full expression would be as a business owner, you are the entrepreneur very much into freedom. You get more done in two hours than most of us in age, you know, like him. But, but business wise, knowing that impatience is the middle word. Yeah, everything is too slow. They're not good with partnerships, because it's divine power. They are. They are the CEO. They need, for example, short term. It's not they can't have any hope. But it's good to just outsource and short term. Yeah. And so it's good to know, you know, what, you know, what are the negative parts of it? And what's the strengths? Yeah. And then after all that, because becoming to the business record, underneath your personal record, is the business record. And especially when you have already a business, but also I can look up if somebody, for example, has been contemplating a lot about creating a business. So to the point of a business name, and, you know, like, you know, it's not just oh, like me create a business, I thought, yeah, I'd invented branded. And I can actually go in and see, is it feasible? Yeah. How would it work for them? Knowing what I know where they are so little, you can see all of that in the Akash. And they're in the record? Yeah. Tell you about the business. Honestly, it's so grounded, you'll be you'll laugh. But so such a shortcut. But But what normally happens is the business owner comes and says, Okay. And it's in six months time, okay, and say they have already an online business. So the very first thing I do is okay, is it what they want probable? probability means who they are right now. The goal is probable, so young then and look at a percentage, so So 65%, probable, we're off to a really good start. If it's not probable, I look at okay, is it possible, and then either get a percentage, or I didn't know if I get to know then I need to go back to the entrepreneur and say, Hey, let's let's have another look at your phone. Yeah, because sometimes we are too unicorn rich, ya know, we're thinking to magically because they, this shift the energetic shift you need to make if you say, I, I'm comfortable with 5k. And I made this and I want to make 50k It's usually too big. Yeah, as an example. So there's the reality check, but so 65% probable, and then I look okay, so what is fully aligned? Sales, joint venture partners marketing office, which one of those 100% aligned and then of course, which aren't? And then say, okay, so it's only 70% aligned, and then I literally go into the nitty gritty. Is it the language is that your own attitude? Is the price point on instead of on medium? You're like, you know, like real business? Yeah. Is it a vibration? This is a word is it? Yeah, what do we need to tweak? So sales come up to 100%? Yeah, same with whatever comes up as less than 100 then I go into a deep dive. And then looking through the whole lens, you know, domains like they know who you are. So level what you're really solid. We know how you create, how you create that how you manifest how you move. Yeah. The manifesting blueprint, for example, will also tell you your high end, you need different price points. And I tell you what, like, like, I'm still, you know, I'm tickled pink. So I have this client. And she basically had this $197 offer. And she threw everything in there plus the kitchen sink. Yeah. And it didn't work. And she's going, like I'm offering all these $497 A month why it's not working. She couldn't work it out. I look into manifesting books. She was wired to the more high end she was exclusive. As soon as so how to create an offer for 800 bucks she sold it. Wow. Is that because? Because she was in alignment and right, basically, yeah, yeah. It's all about alignment. Wow. Yeah. So yeah. Because you don't know. That's fascinating. You think cheap sales shapes. So cheap sells. But if you have a spiritually based business, the rules are completely different. You can't like you can't do cookie cutter anymore. You can't. Yeah, and then it's really alignment. And then of course, trusting and helping supporting people through the change. Because, you know, going from 197 to eight, I think we did 797. Again, that takes credit, takes more confidence. And the fears come up. Oh my god, I couldn't even sell for 200 bucks. What is she telling me but 800 bucks on it. That's so it's it just fascinates me. It fascinates me how I guys can find out so much. Right? In the Akash. And as from the business aspect of it, I'm it never occurred to me that it just never occurred to me and go through all of those processes, right. Um, to get somebody in alignment in their, in their business is just incredible, because I didn't see I'm the type of person with my blog. I fought against the system for a long time. I was like, I don't I'm not like everybody. The algorithms are different platforms, things like that. I'm like, I just want to share and teach and create. I don't want to worry about algo algorithms and things like that. So um, yeah, everything you're talking about just fascinates me. I'm like, so now I'm wondering kind of like, well, my brute blueprint and and everything else looks like, wow. So now do you? Do you just work with the Akashic Records individuals from a business aspect? Or do you work with them in other aspects as well? Look, the vague first reading and also the manifesting blueprint can be done by really anybody? Because it depends, like the waiting depends on your intention setting. And so it could also work. If you want to find out by you don't have a relationship or you have health issues. Yeah, they like in a way the reading depends on the person who was asking for the reading. Yeah. And then we are looking at every thing you know, that is restricting the lens, the lens they want me to look through. Yeah, but in but in business, I'm young depends. My next love is human design. And I don't know if you know about human design, some of the, I think the new cell systems that were channeled through in 1987. And they're they they're different in different language. But then truth is, truth is truths, right? In human design. So human design is basically a mixture of Western astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, and we're working with nine energy centers. And we go back 88 days from the day of your birth, and that becomes your soul or your design or your body, which is unconscious. And the Western Astrology is the personality and the mind, which is conscious, and then they interact. It's almost like an astrology chart. But it's a human design chart. And anybody can go online and get a free one. You can just Google it. You don't even have to give your email address. So anybody can get that chart provided you have your time of that Human design chart. Yeah. Wow. Yeah, yeah. And the cool thing is like, even on very basic human design, we have four different energy types in human design, and it tells you how your aura operates. And it also tells you how you make correct decisions for yourself. And I tell you about once you learn this, for some of it, some of us will be what, you know, that when you actually just try it on, it works. So I guess you an example. So generators and manifesting generators make up 70% of the population. And they have an enveloping aura. And they're basically just attracting stuff to them. Yeah, situations people are asking, you know, and they, but they have to wait to respond to what comes in from the outer or even from the inner. Yeah, they're not supposed to hustle, or, you know, like, yeah, not supposed to hustle, basically, then have to wage to respond. And, of course, when you first hear that, like, I have to wait on different I have to wait for the invitation. And so I'm waiting till the cows come. Telling me, right, because our whole society is to do to push, push, push, they have to initiate got to make it happen. No, not for everybody. And then the cool thing is, everybody has a different way how they make decisions. So 50% of the population is what they call emotional. So they have an emotional way. They run daily. Yeah. Or they have Yeah, everybody has done interval. But basically, it's up and they just go up and down through the emotional way. That's normal. Yeah. And they are the ones who have to wait to make a decision till they are at peace. And they are, which is around 7%. Or they need to ride the wave at least for 2448 hours. Sometimes they might take a week to make a decision. That's correct for them. They have to be in a neutral place. Because if they make a decision in the dumps, it will not work. It'll make a decision high up. Oh my god. I'm so excited. That won't work either. Yeah, yeah. So that's emotional. If your sacral it comes with sound. Yeah. Then I'm teaching people. How it's a ha for years. And for now. And again, we're trying to bypass the mind. Yeah, if you're splenic, like me, I know. Just now it's in the moment. Behind it intuitive. Everyone is different. And knowing that yeah, no, that's pretty much it gives you an example, because I'm still if we have time. Oh, yeah, we have time. Again, I'm fascinated. We have. So I use myself as a guinea pig always, you know? Because, yeah, how otherwise I can, yeah, I can teach it. So I'm a what they call a splenic projector. And I have to wait for the invitation. But any bigger life changes. I mean, not for little things. But if I want to change my life in some shape, or form, yeah, but big things. I can't initiate I need to wait for the invitation. So anyway, this wish came up, like I live in, in the tropics, in Australia, I'm really up on a mountain with 1000 souls. I'm on a quarter of an acre working on self sufficiency and all that. And which came up that I would really like to attract somebody who can share the land. So they needed to have their own tiny home that had space but didn't have accommodation. And so I was really looking for my soul, tribe, and community. And then I remember I even said, I want somebody to be really interested in human design. And my mind would go to town with me. What do you mean? Yeah, like you're in the middle. Out of nowhere, you know human design. So anyway, right. Okay. It's shared my it See ya. So that was the first invitation. Yeah. Looked at the site felt right. put a post up. Got some interest, but nothing major. Yeah. So here's and here's the thing. Yeah, the mind would say, after a few days you have to repost you have to find other avenues. Surely there are other sides. You know, how else will people know what you need or want? Right that I knew. And look, it was hard because sometimes my mind, I'm just watching my mind. Yeah, I know that. But anyway, I just knew I had to hold the energy. I had to wait. Yeah, I had to wait for two and a half months. I got a pm from Chiron eagles, who are now here saying Do you still need some I'm still looking for somebody. Now her experience Bostitch they were looking for something. They went, she went onto the site. she intended to click out. Her inner voice told to keep keeps calling. She had this call for a long time, because by then the post was two and a half months out. As soon as she found my house, she knew she contacted me. Within a week they flew up to have it was like long lost family. And they're interested in human design. Like that. And they've been here for three months. And it's fantastic. It's everything. I want it. They're happy. I'm happy. So yeah, that's how you create and manifest as a splenic projector. Yeah, I mean, but it's, it's very different to what society tells you. That's interesting. I'm gonna, I'm gonna when we get off the call, I'm going to look that up. I'm gonna use that tool. Yeah, and actually even who you are. Yeah, and I can actually, for the individuals, I coach, I could I could, it'd be nice, because now I can let them know about it. Yeah. Look, it's I think it's fantastic. Like, for example, the projector like me, I'm literally projecting like, not that I'm consciously doing it. Yeah, that's just what my energy field does. Yeah, projector projector energy. I am literally penetrating your energy field. So it's very, it can be very intense spin with a projector. And they are the guides for the world the guides that are coming in now. So they are not the work of these for example, the generators, the manifesting generators, they are the working days, meaning they are you know what society tells you. Go, go go, yeah, and they have the energy for it. Well, for example, the projector doesn't. And I was actually about even as a kid, I was told I was lazy. And now I know well, I'm just a bloody projector. Waiting, right? But you know, it's good to know, do you know like, Oh, I'm not lazy. I just haven't got the energy. And I'm not supposed to have the energy. My role in society is different. Yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, that makes sense. It was, I would say probably over the past six months, I'm starting to become more and more in tune with energy. And some days I can go go go sometimes I can't. Because I will literally, like I'll just feel you have to stop and you have to just sit and do nothing. So I'm kind of curious like what type I am because I used to a couple years ago or a few years ago, before my awakening, I was literally I go go go go go I have to do that. I have to keep keep going. And it felt like I never got anywhere. Yeah, because I wasn't taking the time to to listen. Yeah, right. Yeah. That's the thing. We can keep doing this shooting from the hip and the so busy, but you're not affecting it. And yeah, yeah, I had no idea that the different blueprint I had no amiano Yeah, the ship records, but I learned I've learned way more than I expected, which is is incredible. Wow. No, that's cool. Cool. And then on top of human design, because look, do you want? Shall I share screen? And you like to so you know what I'm talking about? Because I've got it. So for example, this is a human design chart. Yeah, I don't know if you can see it. Oh, yeah, I can see that. I've never seen anything like that. But a lot of charts, but I've never seen anything like this before. Yeah. So here's the Western astrology. Yeah, that's your personality, your mind? And then they go 80 days back. And that becomes your design. Yeah. And then you have because it's the arching you also have. Its planetary. Yeah. So and then every, we have nine centers. So we have the earth chakra. That's the cycle. This is emotional. This is the heart. This is new. They call it the G center. That's yourself. That's the spleen. Then we have this vote and the Ashna and the crown. Yeah, and everything means something. So for example, you can? I don't know. Yeah, I think you get this information. Look up your phone number. That is the costume of your soul. of tau. It's the costume of your purpose. Yeah, the profile number. Could be sweet five, I'm uh, once we are in one is different. Look at your incarnation cross. Because that is your purpose. And the Incarnation cross makes up the first two numbers of the person like the Sun and Earth. Yeah. So that incarnation Cross would be a one, a two. And then we go to the design, Sun and Earth seven and 30. And that are the guides that make up your incarnation cross. But it will be depending where you go with Google, they will tell you what it is. They just don't do with my phone. I mean, they tell me right angle across the space for that you need the numbers to look it up. And then everything means something. Yeah, whether for example, the channel Yeah, I can see the channel. That's the channel of struggle. It's unconscious, because it's in red. Yeah, everything that's red is actually not conscious. But that's just so. Yeah, and then we have and then we have sometimes for example, cake 11 You have invade and plan. And that is because you have 11 Three here on the personality. And I I still don't know the astrological sign. Like, and then you have Yeah, 11 has to be here. 11.2 here on on the design signs. Yeah, and it can tell you what I mean. Can tell you everything clearly what environment you need to be in. Yeah, how you make perfect decisions. Because just imagine so often, we make the wrong decisions. And then in hindsight, quite often, they say, Oh, I knew that. But just imagine really learning how you are wired to make the correct decisions. I mean, that alone. This goes way deeper than personality tests. Oh, yeah. five planets in Scorpio you know, I think I go down. I love going down the rabbit hole. Well, that's Wow. Yeah, I'm gonna I have a feeling I'm be going down a rabbit hole tonight learning more and more and more. Yeah, and you get little mini readings for free online. Yeah. So you bet you can Google everything honestly and on YouTube is a lot. You can just go guide to human design. Yeah, if you have the gate. Yeah. Or what does it mean to be emotional authority over the you know, like, you'll have heaps online. So yeah, it's cool. Yeah. And I And it's, you know, the Akashic and the human design, vastly different, but it works together somehow. Yeah, yeah, that would make sense. That's the information though, right? For an individual. Right? Like when you're able to then it's like you have the information, but then you know, what I do is I help people translate that information. Because otherwise, what's the point? We have already? Information overload? Yeah. Like I explained, okay, I know, plenty. Just in the moment. I know. You know how to, like, I need to wait for the invitation to create. So now I need to try it on. You know, what does that mean? How does it feel? What does my mind to you know, can Oh, wait, because we don't want to wait? Yeah. So then it's like, really using yourself as an experiment? Exactly. It's just like, that's when the rubber meets the road. apply what you've learned, right? What good is information if you're not applying it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And in the same way, you know, quite often, I actually, most business owners do way too much. I actually say no, you don't have to do this. This this. Let's focus on this because it's aligned. So again, it's about how can we create as much joy and also alignment in the business? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, it's cool. It's good. I'm, yeah, I'm sitting here thinking there's a gap. So this is, so I. I'm thinking I need to find out a lot more about myself. Oh, you're most welcome. Yeah, I'm going to I'm excited about that. Because even on my journey, right, I'm, like, we, you know, we awaken and then we kind of we come across all of this knowledge and stuff, right? Yeah. But I'm continually learning. And I would have never thought like, there are certain things I know, through past life regression, meditation, things like that. Never thought to apply it to business ever. So I'm fascinated by that. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, the cool thing is like human design has also a, like, global. You can also look because it's planetary, you they also have global transit, so to speak, and pick some but I talk very much about the global shift. That is happening right now. Yeah. And in human design. We like, you know, how they have our personal incarnation cross. Yeah. They also have an incarnation cross for the planet. And for the like our planet. Yeah. And you can think of that as an energy that is actually dictating how we humans are behaving and what is the theme of the Incarnation? Okay, so we think I mean, yeah, we have free will that seem and what's actually happening on the planet? Yeah, is actually dictated by this incarnation cross. Yeah. So we are leaving a 400 plus year cycle. And we are moving from what we call the right angle cross off planning. So that's very much our institutions, our you know, the corporate the NGOs. It's like, I scratch your back, you scratch mine, it's literally the you know, the communal bargain. Yeah. The new energy that is coming in in January 2027. Mine too, it's a process like the energy's already in like it's fully in. Yeah, in 2027. Okay, that's why part of it we have all this upheaval and yeah, because the awkward literally has to go because the New Energy is all it's called the right angle cross of the sleeping Phoenix. It's all about spirit and abundance in spirit. And with it, the invitation of knowing what your purpose is. It's all about individuation. Yeah, the we are moving from tribal into individuation. Yeah. Who am I? Why am I here? What's my purpose? That is yeah, that's the background frequency that's now shifting to very, very different energy and very, very different experiences that We will be having, yeah, a lot of people are going to be experiencing a lot of things, we're integrating the energies, you know, that are coming in and just kind of, because we have to have to integrate them. Yeah. And for those who really aren't aware of it, it's going to be, it could be kind of feel chaotic, right. Like, if you if you don't if you're not aware of what's going on, right, and, and the, the energy and how to integrate it. So, I mean, like I said before the call, just, you know, with everything going on now with the energies coming into the earth with the solar flares and CMEs, things like that, the DNA activations and everything going on. It's it's a lot. Yeah, yeah. And we feel that she Yeah, because we are noticing. You know, so, all right. Just know that. I mean, the cool thing is, we are now really being invited to live our purpose and individuate. Yeah, because it's so level, they're like snowflakes. We are all different. Yeah. And the cool thing is, then you don't have to compare yourself anymore. You are unique. Exactly. Yes. No competition. Yeah. If honestly, if you do the you in business fully. If you own who you are, you make money. You will be happy. Yeah. Yeah. But it's a process. Yeah, it doesn't come overnight. I know. For we're here to go through the process. Right. You're talking about your, your parents, well, before we incarnated here, right, we make the choice to go through these experiences. So we just have to do it, take whatever comes right, get through it the best we can, but then going through learning things right about ourselves, like the teaching, it can go a long way in helping us kind of navigate, navigate what's going on. Right? Yeah, be authentic, align with our find out what you know, align with our purpose, right. And hopefully be successful in business. And look, honestly, I really believe once you're aligned. I'll be because it's your birthright. Yeah. Is abundance. Exactly. It's just, we like it's when I see it's a bit harder. Because we are swamped by fear and negativity that's on the planet. Yeah. Because war and recession and you know, whatnot. Yeah. We are influenced by that. And it's harder, meaning we have to stay in our own energy and in our, in our own knowing that we are still the powerful creator of our reality. Yeah. Because the spiritual laws have not changed. Yeah. Yeah. It's just more negativity more. Yeah. Yeah. If you get affected by that, yes, that will bring you down. That's why I don't watch the news. At all. Good idea. Yeah, I still don't either. And I just kind of and I've gotten really good at just observing, right when other people talk about, like, I have to tell people, I don't want to talk about politics. I don't want to talk about what's in the news. I don't want to talk about it. Right. It's there. You can acknowledge it, but it's not part of my part of my reality. I'm creating something different. I can observe it right. It's accepted. Yeah. Yeah. right way to go about it. You have to take on everything. Exactly. If you take it on, then you go do you become angry or fearful? Or oh, my God, what's happening next, you know, yeah, it doesn't help. And really, the law of attraction is literally like a Xerox machine. There's no nobody is a favorite. Nobody's better than anything else. It's like, Hey, your vibration is made visible by what happens in your life. Yeah, yeah. Really? Like black that black and white. Yeah. Yeah. And, but and we need to be open to really making shapes. Yeah. And for example, I had just gotten a letter from somebody I've worked with for six months and she is the healer something okay, but was really struggling. Okay. And had an expensive hobby, basically. And I think she made like $1,000 a month, the equivalent time. And she was she didn't trust herself, basically. And I kept saying you need to up your price. And which was hard. And he knew that the relationship that she was in was in the way. Yeah. And I'm not somebody say, leave your partner. It's not my business. Yeah. But as we were coaching and working together, it became evident. Now, she didn't leave her partner within the six months that she made some progress financially. And then six months after, I got this email saying, I left my partner, I moved somewhere else. I quadrupled my business, by the way. Wow. And, yeah, like that shaped by going, okay. He's not the right person for me. I need to created more confidence. She got Yeah, have operation shifted, changed. She got invited to other things. And yeah, she could she got in the end, she had like, I think 5000 pounds a month, which, and she said, when she started coaching with me, like she, she never thought she could do that. And now she gets that the more she earns, the more she's in service. Yeah. You know what I mean? No, she's not really. So yeah, you know, when you let people come to me, and, yes, a lot of it is money. Yeah. Unclear. I don't know what to offer. And they're surprised because, again, depending how you're wired, you Yeah, that we look at your soul. Manifesting blueprint. If you have to shift across your life, and your relationship is toxic. Well, guess what? Yeah, you'd have to make a change. I mean, I'm not saying Come with me and ditch your partner. But I'm just saying that the alignment sometimes we need to shift and change. And sometimes we need to make hard decisions. Yeah. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. Yeah. Yeah. It makes sense. Yeah. Because, you know, you are the business. You know, there's it's not that you. You're not selling milk in a shop, where you're removed. Like you are the business. Yeah. And so if you are, yeah, it can't just go well, privately online. And when I'm in my business, I put my business hat on. Doesn't work. No, it doesn't work. You are Yeah. Ideally, we are the same no matter what. Where we are. Yeah. Yeah. That's why if your business doesn't work well, quite often, it could be in your personal life that you need to change something. Yeah. See your mother in law? Yeah, I'm just saying. Because, you know, this is all about relationships, ultimately. Yeah. Yeah, that's true. Yeah, it's very good. Yeah. So I think we're coming up on about an hour. So I think we will end the call here, but um, yeah, I I'm gonna reach out to you. I wasn't like it because it's so much more than I thought, right. That I would learn. So I'm kind of excited. There's no yeah, you can Yeah, you can reach out my website is Shivani. If you want to email me direct, it's so easy. Yeah, perfect. Yeah, I'll definitely be doing that. And I don't so I don't know how many of my listeners right our business owners. Um, but there's a lot of information that you share that it could be just be helpful. Right in general has honesty? Yeah. Yeah. Like I was saying I was barking up the wrong tree so to speak. Yeah. And yeah, exam but I would go to Network Marketing back in the days I hated it. And then we were like, Oh, my God, it's hot. And anyway, it wasn't about seeing but I just Well, this is what you have to do. You know what I mean? Just a shortcut. Yeah. Because I think the big lie is that there is a certain way of doing business that actually isn't. And even the the biggest most, you know, most successful companies, if those start something new, it's always trial and error testing, you know, and so it's a shocking pattern. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's just a shortcut. Yeah. Well, I appreciate you. I appreciate you joining me today. Again, I'm really excited. I and I know I've said that a lot. I've said, Wow, a lot, but I just didn't expect to learn this much. I really didn't. Yeah, it's incredible. So what I'll do is, I will, obviously this will be on my podcast, but then I also share it on my YouTube channel. So I will link leave links to your website and your social media platform. So anybody who wants to connect with you will be able to do that. And then hopefully, you'll get some, hopefully you'll get some new visitors. Alright, alright, so thank you so much, and I will definitely be in touch. Wonderful Linna