The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S3 Ep. 7: The Lens of Perception: Shaping Your Reality's Perspective

March 19, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 7
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S3 Ep. 7: The Lens of Perception: Shaping Your Reality's Perspective
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Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a transformative journey of mindset and manifesting while exploring the realms of awakening and awareness.

In today's captivating episode, we delve into the fascinating topic of the lens through which you perceive your reality. Join me as I explore the profound ways in which our mindset shapes our experiences and manifestations. Discover how the beliefs, thoughts, and perspectives we hold influence the reality we create.

Through insightful discussions and practical examples, I offer guidance on how to identify and shift the lens through which you view the world. Explore the power of perception, mindset reframing, and conscious awareness as we uncover the secrets to unlocking a more empowering and abundant reality.

Tune in now to this episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. Open your mind to the possibilities that lie within as you explore the lens through which you see your reality. Get ready to expand your awareness, shift your perspective, and manifest a life filled with joy, abundance, and fulfillment.

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Hello, everyone, welcome to my channel. Before I get into the content, I just wanted to ask you guys, how do you view your reality? So through what lens? Did you view your reality? And what through what lens? Do you view the world as a whole? And the reason I asked that is because there's some information that's been coming through since last night, I don't know that it's come through in its entirety yet. And to be honest, it's more it's more visual. So if I close my eyes, during this video, it is because I'm channeling the information through the by accessing the visuals, if that makes any sense, alright, so again, so what through what lens? Do you view your reality? Through what construct you view the world as a whole? And the reason I ask that is because many people, right, and I say, so I say that many people based on that's based on a perception, okay? of perceiving the world perceiving those who are unawakened and bound by the limitations, right of a third dimensional reality, versus those who are awake and see, really beyond the veil, how ever that perception is still a reflection of the world that exists within me the universe that exists within me, okay? The universe exists within you, right? Your reality exists within you, as within, so without, and I'm going to try to explain this to the best of my ability with the information that is coming through. So and if I look down if I don't look directly at you, it's I'm accessing the information okay. So again, some may close my eyes at some point and then if I don't look directly at you, it's because I'm accessing information. So what happens is and sort of viewing it kind of off to off to the side really it's a words and visions it's I don't know how to explain it but anyway, so you are the creative power okay. You are the creator of your reality and you are co creating everything that you see that is universal you are okay we are all aspects of God many manifestations of God we were created in the image of God and God's name right is I am but God is really energy just as everything is energy, or frequency, infinite love. That's what source is. Okay. And the name is I am God's name is I am, according to the Bible, right. So, even prior to incarnating here we were creating because we are that creative aspect All things exist okay all things all things exist if it comes to the mind that exist if we can imagine it if we can think about it exist creation is finished all things exists. So, the image that I was seeing right oh before I go into that, so, prior to incarnated into physical form right we were manifesting we were creating incarnated here in physical form okay and we have been creating all that we are experiencing and as others came into our awareness as it became we became aware of more and more we became co creators with others alright so, the visual I was getting Imagine you're in the center of a large room like a large room good dome or a Coliseum, you are in the center you are the projector and the projection okay because all things really exist within you as a creative aspect as a creator of your reality as that emanation of god okay that aspect of God of source whatever name you call that universal source of all that is So, here you are in the middle of this dome or the this coliseum, right. So, the visual that's coming through and there are screens all around you everywhere every member you are the projector and the projection okay. There are all these screens with all of these different scenarios and not only scenarios experiences different teachers etc right. Essentially essentially everything you come across everything is part of it timeline a reality. Now, you choose you can choose what experience you want to continue experiencing what piece of knowledge you want to accept as true for your soul for yourself and then, so, choosing you are choosing essentially a parallel reality parallel timeline. So, even though all things are existing now it within your awareness on your current timeline, each possible outcome, each teaching each experience when you choose it when you choose to accept something you move into a different timeline a parallel reality so, don't ever work every experience you come across every teaching you come across you do not have to take it at face value you do not have to accept it if you do not want it to be true for you it may seem as though it's true for you but you would either accept it or you don't you either shift to a higher higher state of consciousness shift to a different timeline parallel reality or you remain on your existing timeline in the moment trying to see if anything else is coming through it's really hard to explain me see if something comes through and I can give you guys an example okay let's use teaching for example teachings knowledge cetera so say you're standing in the middle of this room, this stone Colosseum whatever it's large right because there are infinite possibilities and you're looking out and you come across say four different teachings one teaching is the Bible as the church's teach the Bible another teaching someone else is sharing about a aliens and multi dimensional beings, the universe and all that exists beyond Earth you have another teaching that is teaching, let's say if atheists atheism right that there is no God, etc. There's another teaching that is teaching let's see. Um, let's see shamanism. Let's take shamanism. So all of these teachings in their own right are valid and true in their own right, because if they weren't, they would not exist. If they were not a possibility, a timeline a parallel reality. They would not be in our awareness. So say your current, your current thought process, your current timeline you are so you believe in manifestation. But you only believe that you manifest certain things and that you are the creative power. But you're only creating certain things. That's your current church trajectory. You have these other four teachings that you've come across. Which of those realities Do you want to choose? Or do you want to stay on your current timeline? In the moment so what I'm getting at is absolutely everything that comes into our awareness. Every experience is a projection of what already exists within us. What has already been created. Okay, and exists within us because all that exists the universe is within us. Okay? It's not up there, it's projected outwards, but it starts it starts within right within that creative aspect of the mind, which is projection in and of itself of source, right of creation so every experience everything that we come across every bit of knowledge, etc is giving us the opportunity. And yes, it is all a manifestation, everything is a manifestation. And it gives us the opportunity to observe and say, No, I don't want to experience that I want something different. Let me choose something different. Let me set my intention on something different. And then you move into a different state of consciousness which is essentially a different timeline. Or, Yes, I love this experience, I want to experience more of this. And then you feel into the feeling of wanting to experience more of that, you manifest more of it. Okay. And you move into that state of consciousness into that timeline. I see states of consciousness, and timelines are synonymous because you're moving. Right, you're moving from your present state, your current timeline, and to a new state of consciousness, a different state of consciousness, essentially, a different timeline. But things are moving so rapidly, although it appears sometimes that things are moving slowly. We are constantly moving between states of consciousness throughout the day if you can train your focus to remain in a current state of consciousness that's possible to do without moving so rapidly. I feel like I should say more about that I'm. But what I mean by we move through. So we consistently moving through states of consciousness throughout the day, say, So you wake up. You're grateful you're in a great mood, right? You are in that state of consciousness of feeling grateful. And then something happens you get a phone call that frustrates you, you check a message on your phone that frustrates you. Or you know, you get on social media and then you see, you know, some post about, I don't know, it could be anything and then and then your focus shifts to what you're observing right? On social media or how somebody made you feel and a phone call or an email or if you have children, right. You know, say something has happened in you know, in the morning with, you know, when your kids right, you're trying to get them dressed and they don't want to listen, whatever or it could be that you know that you have a great morning with your kids and they make you laugh and you feel even better you still shift when you take time to sit still and you focus your intention and you can focus it for a certain amount of time you remain in that state okay? But if you're not focused that things just happen you shift more rapidly right? Because it's because these things are happening and shifting. So anyway I don't want this to get too confusing. So anyway, just think about that through what lens do you view your reality and through what lens do you view the world are you seeing it through the lens of who you who you truly are? that creative aspect that is the manifestation a manifestation of source itself of God itself? A manifestation of that frequency of infinite love and light or do you view your reality and the world from the lens of I am marry or I am Joe this is my reality and this is how it is. Right? And life is happening to me. So, how do you view your reality and the world? To what lens? Are you seeing it? Alright, so, I think that's it, give it some thought if it resonates wonderful, if not, it's wonderful too. We're all in different plate different points on the journey. You I've said this many times and I'll say it again that either resonates towards a seed that's planted for a reason because some aspect of this information you will come across at some point in time on your journey and some part of this message will make sense because if not this would not have even come into your awareness and I would not even be sharing it okay all right, I'm trying to see if anything else is coming through all right, actually, this I think this is the last thing so I'd be reminded just to say this once again. If you want to give this some thought maybe visualize yourself being in that center and these screens being all around you all right. What is currently happening happening in your reality these different scenes with work friends, family, what are you paying attention to on social media or the news? etc. These different scenario your daily routine etc. Look at it. Is there anything you want to change? If so? Change it because you have the power to do so. And set your intention. Change your belief systems. Observe your thoughts To fine tune your mental diet, then scripts you can affirm etc. You can change anything that you want to change. Do not accept anything that you do not want to experience. Okay, that's all. Alright. See you next time