The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S3 Ep. 8: In Conversation with Melissa Baise: Exploring Attachment Theory through a Psychological Lens

March 26, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 8
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S3 Ep. 8: In Conversation with Melissa Baise: Exploring Attachment Theory through a Psychological Lens
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Welcome to an insightful episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to helping you navigate the realms of mindset and manifesting, while also exploring the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of engaging in a captivating conversation with a special guest, Melissa Baise. Melissa is a Psychologist with a specialization in Attachment Theory. Over the past four years, she has been integrating the teachings of Neville Goddard, and now she is transitioning into the realm of coaching.

During this enlightening discussion, we explore the intersection of psychology and spiritual teachings, delving into the powerful realm of mindset and manifestation through the lens of Attachment Theory. Melissa's expertise and unique perspective shed light on the profound ways in which our attachment patterns can impact our mindset and manifesting abilities.

Join us as we uncover the transformative potential of merging psychological insights with spiritual teachings. Discover how understanding and healing attachment patterns can create a solid foundation for personal growth and manifestation. Melissa's journey and wisdom will undoubtedly inspire and empower you to embrace a new level of self-awareness and harness the power of your mindset.

Tune in now to this enriching episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast as we embark on a journey of exploration and integration. Gain valuable insights from Melissa Baise, the Psychologist transitioning into coaching, and unlock the keys to aligning your mindset with your manifesting abilities.

Melissa Baise:

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. I have a special guest today. Her name is Melissa Baisi, She is a psychologist. And she specializes in attachment theory. And she is also a fan and expert. And Neville Goddard's work. So she integrates some of his, his teachings into our practice, I would say specifically the law of assumptions. So I'm going to turn it over to Melissa. Now, Melissa, few could perhaps explain first, what attachment theory is, for my guests who may have no idea. And then if you want to know a little bit about yourself, and kind of how you integrate, like what to do, in your practice, how you integrate someone Devil's teaching, so a lot of assumptions, etc. And they will, then we will go from there. For sure. Okay, thank you for having me. So attachment theory is how we attach to other people. And that usually, well, it always starts when we're young, eat, but even if we have a good attachment with our primary caregiver or our parents, we can still have attachment disruptions later on in life. Also, if we have poor attachment with our parents, we can heal our attachment style later on in life. And so when we have an insecure attachment style, that basically means that somewhere along the line, our attachments got disrupted. And now we struggle to stay connected and attached to the people that we love, specifically, our ISP. And then how I work that in with law of assumption is, I really use the law of assumption in terms of how people want to see their healing. So oftentimes, they come in, in a sad state, because their attachment is off with their specific person, and they're wanting to get their relationship to a happy place. And so we use attachment theory to understand why there has been a relationship breakdown. We use that to conceptualize it, and then we use law of assumption to heal it. Does that make sense? It does. And I have a question for you. For sure. So, um, how do you work with because a big proponent of this is, and I know from my own personal experience, is working on ourselves, right? Working on ourselves is really important. And how we deal with other people and have relationships with other people. So how does that play in like, do you work on? Do you work with people on that simultaneously? In conjunction with the attachment theory, and how they form relationships with other people, or not? So how, like, how did those two coincide? Is it like, a one two step process? Or is it kind of do they coincide? Healing, helping the individual to heal themselves? And dealing with relationships? So how does that process work? Yeah, so the the process kind of works together. So the beginning part is really understanding what your attachment style is, and why it became that way. And the next part of it is using the law of assumption, beginning to imagine who we want ourselves to be. And seeing that version of ourselves imagining what it would feel like to be that version of ourselves, and beginning to embody that version of ourselves on a day to day basis to move forward in our healing. Does that answer the question? That's perfect? Yeah, that is, so do you also, um, do you also teach people how to use some of the different techniques that Neville taught? Or do you have? Or do you primarily just teach about, you know, imagination state akin to sleep? So what particular techniques do you give the clients that you work with? So I like to stick to things that have them using their imaginations? So visualizations, scripting, listening to affirmation tracks before bed, those types of things? Yeah, that's good, because the techniques really work. If you if you know how to use them correctly, meaning if you're using them to help you get into that state, right of embodiment. Because I know there are a lot of people out there that think that the techniques themselves, in and of themselves are going to work. When that's not really the case. It's really though just it's, it's, they're just tools. Yes, yeah. To help you get into that state. So have you. So how many years? Have you first been a psychologist? And then number two, how many years? Have you been utilizing the teachings on the law of assumption? So I've been a psychologist for eight years, and I've been into the law of assumption for around four years. Okay, so about half the time. So that's why I'm actually have you. So have you noticed a difference in the outcome outcomes? Or probably, I don't know what word to use Outcomes progress and your clients. Now? I'm assuming you're an amazing psychologist, you've been doing this for eight years, right? And you've probably have a lot of success stories and in helping your clients. But have you seen a difference? Since you've been using, like the law of assumption and gone that route and integrating those teachings and the techniques and stuff into your practice is have you? Is there a difference there? I would say there's a big difference. I was doing Law of Attraction before law of assumption. And so I was always on this journey. And I was always kind of adding it into my therapy. The difference between when I was using Law of Attraction versus law of assumption is with law of attraction. I find there's limits. And there's certain things you can manifest and certain things you can't manifest such as people, because according to the law of attraction, people have their own freewill. So you can't manifest a person back into your life or manifest people to do certain things. Whereas the law of assumption says, No, you are the God of your reality. You are the creator. Everything kind of falls around how you are projecting. And so since using the law of assumption, I've been able to help people manifest anything they want, versus it being having all the limitations on it, which is I think a big thing between the law of assumption and the law of attraction is the law of attraction has limits. I would agree. Yeah. I've talked to several people out one of my massage therapists Actually, she's a Reiki healer. And she stopped doing Reiki for a while because she, you know, she had studied law of attraction as well. And she began to feel really limited with that teaching. So she did like a full, like energetic cleanse, she stopped doing Reiki she kind of rethought everything, all of her beliefs, everything. And then got to a point where she kind of cleared all of that out and she was kind of able to reset. So I agree. I started out with law of attraction when I was overcoming anxiety and depression, it helped and then I found it very limited. And I found Nevels teachings. Soon as I found his teachings, like in like, in the core of my gut, like this inner knowing I was like, Okay. What he is talking about is, is true, it resonated more deeply with me than anything has ever resonated with me in my life, other than my Twin Flame journey. So yeah, I agree. There are some really limited stuff with law of attraction. Now with love is what Nevels teaching. So there are actually some teachings out there. Some individuals who talk about Neville's teachings, and it can come across limiting as well. So I think people when they're coming across the different teachings, they need to use their own discernment. But again, it's not his teachings. I think, in some cases, it's just the individual teaching based on their own interpretation. Right? Novels work, and and teach in a way not everybody does it, but there's a handful, that I've found that it can be very limiting as well. So people really need to use their own discernment and that way, so as far as a What did you say? Four years into your practice you came across Neville's teachings, right? How did that come about? So I had clients who were on the manifesting journey. And so just through my psychology, I was able to, I don't remember exactly how did I come across Neville, maybe YouTube, or maybe YouTube from because I was listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks at the time as well. But it just seemed like it was something that clients really, really needed. And then YouTube was always one step ahead of me in terms of what I really, really need. And I think it just kind of started getting fed to me, I think, maybe the first one of the first teachers that I started watching on YouTube was Amanda from create your future. And that's how I remember learning about Neville. Oh, okay. Did I find? Have you heard of Joseph Li? Yeah. So I, that's how I came across Neville. And then I found Amanda, and then, you know, it's like this whole, this whole journey. And we never come across teachings by accident, right? It's all a progression, this journey is all a progression, right. And sometimes things will resonate. And sometimes things won't. So in your, no, it sounds like with because obviously being a psychologist or in any profession, you know, lawyers, doctors, etc. There's specific things that were taught, right within the system or the industry, textbooks, et cetera. So it sounds like that you have the freedom, obviously, because you've been doing it to integrate these teachings on the law of assumption. So is that something that's frowned upon in the industry? Or do you really have that freedom? To do it, like there are any constraints within the industry on on kind of some of these outside teachings that you're able to integrate? Yeah, it's definitely fine line that I walk. I actually get clients who I do really in depth neville goddard work with, I get them to sign a consent form an informed consent, saying that they know what they're getting into. We are on the periphery of psychology and moving more into spirituality. And I have them signed consent saying they understand this is more spirituality, I talk about the benefits, and maybe some of the downfalls that they might find some of the downfalls might be that their family thinks it's strange, or they use types of things. But no, I have to be really, really careful with it, which is why I'm going in the coaching directions so that I can incorporate attachment theory and law of assumption into my coaching and be an attachment spiritual coach. Oh, that's great. Yeah, I know, I actually remember seeing your signature block coach, and I forgot to mention that. So I apologize for that. So are you looking at getting away because there's another individual on YouTube Kim villas, who was a therapist, and now she does coaching. So you looking at sort of gone in the same direction and just doing coaching and not doing therapy? Are you going to do both? Yeah, I think I'm just gonna go in the coaching direction, just because doing both is really, really exhausting. Imagine even from a, from an energy perspective, I would imagine that would be pretty, pretty exhausting. And you know, just going into teaching or to coaching, you have that freedom. So yeah, do you have a particular time in mind where you're making a shift? Or have you already made the shift, I'm in the process of making the shift right now. So just moving in that direction, it's super exciting, because I'm going to be able to be working with Dream clients, clients who are into the law of assumption who are into Neville Goddard, who have that motivation, who might just have a couple of blocks or stuck points, which I can use my psychology to help them remove, so that they can actually manifest what it is they want. Because I find that's what the missing pieces in this community. And I think that's where I would just add to Neville a little bit, Neville says kind of turn your back on any of your past forget about it all. And just focus on on the future focus on what you want to have happen focus on being at now. But when we have neural pathways that are so developed in one way of being it's really hard to change our brains wiring to just completely almost get like gaslight ourselves and be like, Oh, that's not happening. Now, this is happening. It's very, very hard to do that when we don't have an understanding of why our neural chemistry is the way it is. But if I can help clients understand, okay, this is what As your brain is doing, this is what your nervous system is doing. And so these are the ways that you work with your brain and your nervous system to get it on board with living in the end. That's when people can really get their results. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense for me. I had to do the healing work. So I never saw therapy. I mean, years and years ago, back when I was in the military, I had seen a therapist a couple of times, but all of the AI basically 99.9% of the healing work. I've done myself from anxiety, depression, abuse. When I came across Nevels teachings, I had done a lot of that healing. But, and I had actually started writing a book about everything that I had been through. I found his teachings and I found it hard to go back to edit the chapters, because I was revisiting the past. And I started that back in 2017. It's just been recently where I've been like, okay, I can go back incorporate my awakening experiences now with my past without reanimate reanimating everything, basically, because Neville talks about we reanimate things when we focus on it without re animating it. So doing it in a healthy way. Now, the thing is, now a lot of people will come across these teachings or come across manifesting, right? And, oh, it's, oh, I can just do this. And it's so easy. This is a journey, it is you healing. Many people go through the dark night of the soul, right? If somebody, of course, you can manifest something. But if you haven't done that healing work, right and embodied that person that you want to be, you're always going to revisit those past traumas. So I think that's one thing that's kind of limiting and not necessarily Nevels teachings, but like in the manifesting community, is all about manifesting, and then forget about the healing and, you know, and, and all of that other stuff. But it really all ties in, it really all ties in together. So I think what you're doing is so important, and it's going to be really like when you're coaching, it's going to be so helpful, because you have that experience as a psychologist, because there are a lot of coaches and stuff out there that don't have that experience. And it's you it's going to set you apart from not to say, I mean, they're wonderful coaches out there, right. But don't you do not have that experience of being a psychologist. So I think that's going to be very, very beneficial. So how excited are you now making the transition, because you're gonna have to do a lot of work now. Right? And there's kind of the brand new rebranding yourself as like, just a coach and, and from the back and part of it. I know, kind of what, like, what goes into that, because for a long time I fought on like, I'm not going to be a gorge, I'm not going to be a spiritual teacher. Finally, it was just like, No, you have to do this, right? Um, so How excited are you about that? Oh, my God, I am so excited just because I get to work with my dream clients down people who are really on the same page as me. When I bring the Neville teachings into my, my psychology practice, I have to be really, really careful, right? Because the, you know, the other thing with Neville is, is if you're working with somebody who's extremely traumatized, like, if you imagine somebody coming in, for, like, having been in a traumatic accident, or having a crime committed against them, you don't want to be dropping Neville on them. And making them think that it's their fault. And so that's such a fine line too, because we really are responsible for our entire reality. But oftentimes, we're pretty unconscious of what we're creating. And so it's not our fault if a crime gets committed against us, or we get into an accident or something like that. It's not like we did that on purpose. It was more just we had it in like, in our fields in our vibration, and it had to be manifested. But all of that can be turned around with awareness with self awareness. So it's not about blaming, but rather it's about becoming more and more aware of where our focus is, and how we are directing our attention. Exactly. Yeah, I talk about culture. Reading awareness a lot. Because the more and more aware you become of what's happening around you, the fact that you created everything, whether you realize it or not. Right, did it consciously or not? And that's where the phrase forgive them. Father, they know not what they do comes from, right. Yeah, it's cultivating that awareness becoming more and more aware of, okay, this is mine, I created it. How am I going to change it? Now? What am I going to focus on? Right? And realizing that it's all part of it's all part of the process. And recognizing that what you're experiencing and what you're seeing, you can choose to accept it, and perpetuate it and continue to manifest it or not. Right. It's all it's all on you. And I agree I could. somebody coming in, like you said, that has trauma, and things like that would probably if you immediately dropped Neville's teachings off to them, my guess would be they would probably reject it and may never come back. Because that is a lot to take. It's a lot to take on. So it's a very, it's a very fine, a very fine line. So I'm wondering, do you know when you're going to be making a transition solely into your coaching practice? Are you able to say that because I'm going to be either would like to be able to direct my audience, leave links to your website and stuff? So do you know when you're going to be fully going into coaching? Yeah, so I am available for coaching now. And my website is called attachment And that's where you can also find me on Instagram and YouTube. Although I might change my name to Melissa bassy. But right now, it's it's all attachment recovery on YouTube, Instagram, and my website is attachment So I'm going into coaching right now. And I'm slowly easing back on the psychology patients and ramping up with coaching. So I'm in it, I'm ready to go. So as far as Nevels teaching, so law of assumption, what is what is your favorite part about Neville Neville's teachings, like the coaching aspect, his teachings? What are you most excited about? Like, what's your favorite part? I think it's that we can really manifest anything, anything, anything anything. And I love that there are no limits on that, if you can imagine it, it can be done. And it's really just a matter of just shifting, where you are putting your focus, it doesn't have to be, you know, working hard and changing this and changing that. That's what I found a lot of psychology to be was a lot of work. This is about having faith, finding stillness, and moving into the state of the wish fulfilled and staying there. And whenever you start to wobble out of that state, just reminding yourself that faith is what's going to be the engine that gets you there. And so just remembering that all you have to do is stay on that focus, and it will come to pass. And I have so much evidence of it in my life. So I know this works. I have so much evidence of it with psychology patients. And I'm going to be having so much more evidence of it with my coaching, coaching clients. So it's really just how unlimited it is. And that's where I was so happy to go from law of attraction because already with law of attraction, I felt like oh my gosh, this is possible. This is so amazing. And so then to find law of assumption after law of attraction, that was even more exciting, and I don't think it gets any more exciting than that. I don't know, maybe. Yeah. Well, it does. It does. Yeah, when you're further along, and the awakening journey, because everybody will get there because that's really where Neville was. So a lot of things right in this. I guess the mystical type of esoteric teachings that some people talk about that goes a little bit above like the manifesting, right the law of assumption and stuff. On the awakening journey. Neville experienced a lot of that Um, but it's not easy to pick up on until you've had those experiences. So there's so yeah, there's a lot more to it. And you'll, you'll experience it right, your clients will experience it on their journey, and you get to see all of that progression, which I think is really, I think is really cool. There's a reason why you came across this teachings, right? As part of your journey. So I know what's it's based on where I'm at. In my awakening journey, I could say I probably have a little glimpse of kind of where what like all of the really crumble mystical things that are probably in store for you, which is kind of cool. And then you'll be able to integrate though that as well with your, your coaching eventually hope you don't mind me saying that. But I am. Back in 2019, and March, and it has been quite a ride. Since then, it's been pretty incredible. I'm really excited for you to be able to start your coaching business, because that takes in and of itself, that takes faith. Right? Yes. So obviously, you're manifesting that that's where you're meant to go. It's part of your journey. So do you want to, if you don't mind, how would you feel about giving some examples on some of the things that perhaps you've manifested in your life? Because when you begin to manifest when you realize the law of assumption, and you begin to manifest things? Yeah, more and more confident in the fact that this works. So obviously, you've seen it with your clients. But do you feel comfortable giving some examples of what you've experienced in your own life? And how this has kind of solidified for you that yeah, this really does work? Yeah. So I've manifested large amounts of money, I've manifested debt being taken out a huge debt, like my student loan debt gone. I've manifested SPS back easily, I've manifested. I manifested, becoming a psychologist that really wasn't on the radar for the longest time. And then it just happened. And it was just, as soon as the door opened for it, all the doors just flew wide open. And it was so easy for me to become a psychologist. So much more easy than what I would say, my classmates experienced. I manifest, I'm just recently some manifestations. I had some stuff with two of my sisters. And it was very different with both of them. But it was kind of some off stuff. And so with one sister, I manifested it back to normal. And I'm like, Well, if I can deal with that Sister, I can deal with the other sister. And then sure enough, I just put it out there. And then that sister came back around, and my family relationships haven't always been, you know, there's been some family dynamic in my history. This is why I got into attachment is because I myself have experienced attachment disruptions, and I understand the pain of it. So my family relationships haven't always been the easiest. So that was those were some pretty big manifestations with my sisters. The question really is, what don't I manifest? I'm always manifesting, like, I'm always manifesting the best parking spot. I'm always manifesting the green lights. I'm always manifesting. Even when I take my dog out, I'm like, Hey, he's gonna go right now, because I really don't want to be out here anymore. Yeah. Everything you can i It's, it's just a way I live right up just like I intend for this. And then I just watch it unfold. Yeah. And life is so magical when you live like that. Yeah. And I asked that question, because a lot of there are a lot of people out there though, when it comes to like manifesting law of assumption. Right. And I was teaching, they think some people aren't, can't quite grasp, that they are truly manifesting their entire experience everything that they see, in their third dimensional reality, they have manifested, how it shows up they may not recognize because it's done. Much of it's done unconsciously right. The content we consume, what you watch on the news, what you watch on TV, what you it's what you see and you react to, right. It's all manifestation. So I asked you that question, just to point out some of the things right because people love examples. They love success. stories and things like that. But even the little things I see, I see hundreds of things now, right? In a week. Something a conversation I have, then I watch something on TV and the exact same thing is said or done was in a coaching. Yeah, I was in a coaching session on Tuesday. And about 20 minutes before it I thought, I think we should I think we can go to like every other week now. I didn't say anything to her. I love her to death out. It's just because we're, we've I've been we've been talking for a while now. So I was like, instead of every week, I think every other week, didn't say a word to her. And in the session, she was like, Can we go to every other week now? See every little bit, every little thing like that? Yeah, is a manifestation and so many things people think are coincidences. There are no coincidences in this life. So I love that you live your life like that. Knowing that everything is a manifestation, you're the creator of it all, because it's going to be really beneficial to the people, you know, that you're that you're working with. So that's kind of incredible. Okay, so we've technically got I mean, some of my podcast episodes go an hour? Or what about almost 40 minutes? So is there anything else you want to talk about? You talked about anything? If not, close it now, but I'm gonna give you like, is there anything anything you want to tell my audience who may be interested in coaching because even though I do Kochi, I'm because of where I'm at in my awakening journey. I don't, I've really limited, you know, and, and the people that I work with, I have a coach of myself, she was like, you can't help everybody. Right? Now. You have to be like that. But that's just where I'm at now. So some of my, some of my audience members, I wouldn't even be able to coach, um, but I'm always looking for individuals. So people reach out to me, can I refer them to someone else? Or is there any thing that you want to share about yourself, your business or anything like that at all that you want to talk about? Well, I'm just really excited to get started in being able to blend the psychology with the manifesting the psychology with the spirituality, and I can't think of anything off the top of my head, like, like, maybe I should have some sort of catchy plug for my business. But I don't have that right. I'm sort of what I think if people jive with some of the things that I've said that they need to just reach out to me and see if we're a good fit. They can always book in a 15 minute call to see if we are a good fit. And that they will find on attachment They'll find my schedule to do that. I can't promise that's always going to be open. But at the time of this recording that is open for people to be able to book in to see if we are a fit. What are some of the cool things that you've manifested? Me? Well, looking back now, over my 52 years in existence now I realize a lot of things that I'm I everything, obviously, right, but so many things. I'm like, wow. But since I found novel, I manifested coming out of poverty, because I grew up in poverty. So I had that mindset for many up until about 2092. I found Neville really manifested overcoming poverty, right. I manifested my house against all odds. Because I've been doing I did freelance work before. Before I found that the full time job that I had, and then became a spiritual teacher, so it was really difficult. Also coming out of poverty, buying a house, but I manifested it even up until the day before closing, right? I was supposed to go into closing with like 2000 are with no deposit because I'm a veteran. So I thought I'm going to closing no money. I don't have to bring money down. I got a call at 7pm the night before. I was like you, you need to have$2,000 to come into closing. I have $2,000. So I literally end the owners. Interestingly enough, the owners of the house, gave me the keys. And before I close the next morning, so when I went in the day before design, some of the paperwork, they gave me the keys. Wow, I came into that because I was living in a hotel for two months. Um, came into the house, I was sitting on the floor when I got that text message that I had to have $2,000 in the house that I hadn't even closed on. I took Neville's teachings, I closed my eyes, and I was like, and I had been manifesting the house before I even moved in, in my office being able to look to look out into my living room. I visualize that over and over again. So that night, I was like, No, this house is mine. And I close my eyes and I visualized it. I was like this house is mine. I texted back, I was like I don't have $2,000. And I'm going into closing tomorrow, right? Otherwise, otherwise, I'm gonna walk away. About an hour and a half. Two hours later, I got a call. I was like, Yeah, we took care of it. You don't have to you don't need any money. So I closed on my house without Wow. Any money down, moved in. It's exactly the layout from my office to my living room, the windows. It's exactly how I imagined it. I imagined a new car. Money, things being paid just like you debt, right? I'm still manifesting my student loans being paid off, but that's going to happen. And then just so random little manifestations that I see. Every single day. I look at things now. And sometimes things come up and I just kind of smile and laugh. I'm like, yeah, things come up. And I'm like, it doesn't even faze me anymore. Things that happen that may not seem favorable. I understand now that sometimes, not even sometimes when things look like they're falling apart. falling apart, where people get stuck is when things seem to be falling apart. They look at it, they react to it right? And tend to spiral downward. Sometimes it gets sucked back into that dense energy. Yeah, well, it shows, all it's really showing you is look, new things are unfolding for you. You understand how this works. Now? Are you going to react to this negatively? Or are you going to stay focused and persistent or in the knowing that your manifestation is unfolding? Right? So I look at everything now as a teaching experience, right? What is the 3d reality showing you? How are you going to react to it? Are you going to remain firm in your faith? Knowing that you create your reality, right? Or? Or are you going to look at it from a place of Oh, no, I can't do this. This isn't happening, right? It's an opportunity. So I never say I'm sure you've heard this phrase. ignore your reality. I say Don't ignore your reality, because it's teaching you it's giving you an opportunity to step into that higher state of consciousness. Now, so I see. I mean, like you said, we're always manifesting, right? So I've manifested some big things. But it's really my my specific person who is my Twin Flame over I have manifested him in three times. Now. So manifesting a specific person. The twin flame journeys quite a bit different, right? Before I realized we were twin flames I manifested in back in three times. First time without understanding law of attraction or law of assumption. Second time understanding law of attraction but not doing the work on myself. The third time doing the work on myself understanding the law of assumption. And then finally understanding that we're twin flames not everybody's twin flames. And now, you know, things are, we're in union and things like that. So again, everything, everything is a journey. So it's kind of cool that you have experience with the specific person aspect of it. There are going to be a lot of people coming to you probably and the two big things will be specific person and money. Those just seem to be big, big thing. So the fact that you have experienced and manifesting both of those, I think it's going to be huge because you have that experience, right? To help individuals with because it's one thing to coach and not really have the experience in certain areas. But having that experience is just kind of that extra the ability to really share those experiences. So I think that's going to be really helpful to the people that come to you. So that's exciting. Thank you. Yeah. And just picking up on the point what you were saying about how when the 3d falls apart, and then the the person falls apart to is that the way I look at the 3d falling apart, if you're really dedicated to living in the end, and the 3d is still falling apart? Isn't that is old stuff coming up for clearing. And so that's old stuff coming up and showing you what you've had in your vibration or in your field, whatever you want to call it. And that needs to be wiped away. And the true test of whether or not you've changed is if you can stay the course. Or if you fall apart along with your 3d. Yeah. And that really just tells where your state really, really is. It's not even a test. I hate to say that the universe tests us because the universe doesn't test us. We are the universe we are God, I use that. But that's not really what I meant. So you're exactly correct. You're wording it better. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Oh, I don't think that you said testing. Okay, I hope I did. No, I don't think he did. I don't think he did. I would have picked up on it. No, but I you know it. I've heard manifesting coaches say like, the universe is testing us. Oh, I don't think the universe tests us. The universe doesn't have that personality to come and test us. We are the universe. Yep. And so if it's coming up, it's coming up from an old state. And it just has to come up to be cleared. That's it, we just have to let it go. Yeah. Yeah, because there's a lot of I mean, we've been so programmed our entire life, right. And I'm so limited in what we believe, because we, you know, the things that we've been taught and our conditioning. So there's a lot of that dense energy that has to come up and be clear. And it'll come up over and over and over again, until it's clear, it's why a lot of patterns show up in our lives. Right? Yeah. Because you until you learn how to clear it right? And, and break the, like, when you break the it'll keep coming up, there'll be these patterns, you'll see over and over again. And then when you've been able to break the pattern, some of that stuff may still come up, because there's a little bit of it in there, that still has to be has to be clear to you exactly correct. And the old and the new is happening simultaneously. Right? Yeah, it takes a while for that new state of being to become the dominant state of being your natural state. So and it eventually does when you clear all of that stuff that keeps coming up. But again, how are you going to react to it? Right, you're going to see it, be aware and see it for what it is that it just needs to be observed and cleared, and move on. Right? So I don't hear a lot of I don't watch a lot of coaches on YouTube anymore. I've unsubscribed to a lot of them, kind of based on where I'm, again, I'm out on my journey and like some of the teachings and kind of expanding on that. But you're the first person the first coach, because you're a coach now that I've heard talk about manifestation and a broader aspect, right? About clearing certain things, and you just speak about it differently. Which is exciting that I hear a lot of people talking about it because a lot of people are focused just on SP just on money just on the manifestation aspect of it without bringing in now a lot of them bring in that awareness aspect. But there's even more to it than just the awareness right? Because we're awakening, really. So it's really nice to hear that to be able to have a conversation with coach with a coach is even more aware than some of the other coaches out there. But again, we're all on, you know, different points of that journey, all based on our own excuse. Your answers and understanding. So I'm really, I'm really excited. It's so what's happening for me now I begin to resonate more with with certain individuals based on where I'm at, on my own journey, which is why Yeah, we, we've connected because there are again, there are no coincidences. So I have a favor to ask you. Sure. While we're on the call, I could wait till we're off. But I would like to be able to, just so if anybody's interested, anybody who's already gone to my website, or my blog, would you give some thought to maybe me being able to add your, your contact information? Where to find you as a resource? How's my blog? Yeah, for sure. I would love that. Because I, again, I don't, I'm not able to coach everybody. And I would love to be able to have a place where people can be like, all you know, this, I don't have time or, you know, we resonate on a different level, I need, you know, I'd like to find somebody else. But I'm very particular about who I recommend. So with that, I'd love to put a link on my resource page. So that would be great. I appreciate that. Oh, you're welcome. And I'll also share this to YouTube, and on my podcast, podcast platform, and then just include links so that people can find you. That's awesome. All right. I want to say one more thing on the point about how things are always shifting and moving. I was just driving the other day, a very mundane drive one of my very, uh, routes that I take a lot. And so it's just very mindless, right? And I just thought, how mindless this how mindless this drive is, and how nothing is going on and how life is just calm and fine. And nothing's really happening. And I thought, hmm, I thought back to about seven or eight months ago, or even a year and a half ago, or three years ago. So often, I feel like life is mundane, nothing's happening and stuff like that. When I look back at what happened over that time period, big things happened. Yeah. Seven, eight months ago, big things happened a year and a half ago, big things were happening. And all those days were mundane, they felt the same. They didn't feel that much different. I didn't know what was going on behind the scenes. And now I look back at it. And I'm like, Oh, wow, that was pretty awesome. That all fit together so perfectly and beautifully. And so the other day, I thought nothing's happening. I'm not I'm not trying to manifest anything huge. Right? Well, my coaching business that's, that's a big. Yeah. But I just thought everything's just kind of blah. And then I thought, you know, I'm gonna look back at this time of you like that it was anything but blah. Yeah. So I just kind of want to remind people that sometimes it feels like nothing's happening. Sometimes it feels like the 3d isn't moving. Or sometimes it feels like the 3d is actually against you. And it is not give it time, stay in that faith, stay in that knowing stay in that conviction. Because when you look back at this time, so much will have unfolded, so you'll get these texts, you'll get these calls, you'll get these emails, you'll get what you're trying to get. And it all comes at the most unexpected time when you're living in faith. And focusing on being in that end state. So, exactly. You're so right. And that reminds me and I know we got to get off here a few minutes. But you mentioned early on in the call about like being still right. If people get so caught up in the like, I got to do this this like the work right? I used to be like that. I still have a plan. I fill it out every day. But I used to be way more in my masculine. So I was always this this this and this working 1214 16 hour days. Yep, I have air I have a list of everything I need to get done. But if I wake up, and I'm like, You know what, I just need to rest for a while or rest or in the middle of the day. I'm like, You know what? There's something going on with the energy something is you got to push through like there's things to do but something's telling me not to push through. Although sit in my chair on the couch, I will meditate. And I told somebody this one time. Sometimes you can get more done Like if you want to literally sit and meditate, or even daydream, sometimes I'll just sit. And I'll just daydream. I'll just, I'll just clear my mind. And I'll think you can get more done. If you want to do that for eight hours, right? Instead of working for eight hours, you will have gotten more done or even in an hour, just sit and allow things to flow. Right? Yep. That sometimes does more. From an energetic perspective, a manifestation perspective, and then sitting for eight hours at the desk and going, I have to get this done, I have to get this done. I have to get this done. So be open to allowing. Yeah, and then those those days, when it seems like nothing is happening. It's all happening energetically behind the scenes. And when you get to a point of realizing that it becomes so fun and so easy, because you can just relax and have faith. But sometimes it takes a coach to get you there, because many times people are like, I'm manifesting this, I'm manifesting that but subtly. They're really kind of focusing on something else. Yeah. A coach really can help because you're, you're able to pick up on those subtle differences, aren't you like when people are trying to manifest something big, but they're still dealing with trauma? Or they're still focusing on something else? You find that a lot? Yep. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. It's always moving and changing. And yeah, manifesting is just such a wild, amazing, exciting ride. Yeah. Awesome. All right. So I think we'll call it had had an end the call here, I would actually, if you'd be interested in when you after you start your coaching business, maybe if you're still doing interviews and stuff, you know, in a few months time or whatever. And maybe reaching back, I would love to hear from you. If you want to make a note of that, and reach back out to me and say, hey, yeah, I'd love to come back on, I would say that I would reach out to you, but I'm not really great if that's okay, what's going on, and you'll probably get so busy too. But if it ever, if, at some point, you want to reach back out and be like, hey, you know, if you're still doing interviews and stuff, I'd love to come back on, kind of tell me, you know, share where my coaching business is at at that time. I'd love to have you back on. If at any point you're interested in doing that, yeah, that would be great. I'll try to, I'll make a note of it. But what happens with me is, because I'm in that flow state more often now than not a lot of things I'll put on my list, and they go to the bottom of my like, yeah, I have a list a mile long I used to, especially in my freelance business, or even working with other companies, I would have a list of small tasks, even tasks that other people were doing that I was kind of in on, and I would always follow up. So I would have to mark stuff off. I'm not like that anymore. So if you Yeah, but if you want to reach back out in a few months, let me know how things are going. Or at some point. You know, want to touch base and come back on I'd love to interview you. I had so much fun chatting with you today. This was all the stuff I love talking about. So I was wondering, I try to keep the conversation going. And try not to talk too much about like my own experiences and stuff. But I think having a two way conversation is also interesting because yeah, different perspectives. And again, people are always are different places right on the journey. So there are things that that you're doing now. I that bring up things for me like oh, yeah, I remember like that trauma, that healing and stuff. And there are a lot of people out there that do it. I have people reach out to me now who are still dealing with mental health or anxiety and depression and things like that. Right. And I don't really work with people like that anymore. I could I just don't because from an energetic perspective for me, that's I'm not able to do that. And yeah, right. So I so people that have gone through those kinds of things. They're dealing with things from from a mental health perspective. I'm not able to I'm not able to help them because I'm so sensitive to energy which is the new world motivation for me, probably over the past six months, which explains a lot of why went through anxiety and depression being so sensitive to energy. And I have so many spiritual gifts coming online, I have to be really careful with my with my energy, but when the fact that you deal with people that work with people with their attachments, because I have some of those own issues and stuff, right, I can't even really, it's difficult for me to be in the same room as my father now. Like, it's like, the energy is I can, I just can't do it. So perhaps there will be some people listening. And again, some people that may reach out to me that I can refer them to you. Yeah. And that that would actually be really helpful. Yeah. Yeah. I'm glad you were able to talk about that, because it brought some things up for me that were like, oh, even though maybe I can't help people. Perhaps you can. Yeah. So yeah. Awesome. All right. Well, I will end the call now. And hopefully, I will talk to you again in the in the near future. The link on for those of you listening, I'll have a I'll do that today. I'll put a link up on the resource page of my website. Right. If you want to reach out there are there will be a link in the description box, my YouTube channel and for the podcast. So I have and I'll let you. So this this Sunday. So what the 19th I have an episode scheduled. So this particular schedule will be out the following Sunday, so I'll send you a link and stuff for that. So yeah, so the last week, I don't know what date that is right off the bat, but not the 19th the following Sunday is when this podcast episode will. Will air. Perfect. All right. All right. Thank you so much. See you soon hopefully, yes. Okay. Have a good one. Bye. Bye.