The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

S3 Ep. 9: Conversations with Daniel Mirfield: Unveiling Inner Peace through Healing and Mentorship

April 02, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 9
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
S3 Ep. 9: Conversations with Daniel Mirfield: Unveiling Inner Peace through Healing and Mentorship
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Welcome to another transformative episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. I'm your host, Lynna K Teer, a spiritual teacher and coach dedicated to guiding you on a path of personal growth and manifestation. Join me as we explore the realms of mindset and manifesting while diving into the profound subjects of awakening and awareness.

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing a remarkable guest, Daniel Mirfield. Daniel is not only a Healer and Mentor but also the author of the inspiring book, Seedling: A Journey to Inner Peace. During this insightful conversation, we delve into Daniel's profound wisdom and experiences as he shares his transformative journey toward inner peace and self-discovery.

Through this engaging interview, we uncover the power of healing and mentoring as catalysts for personal growth and transformation. Daniel's unique perspective and invaluable insights will leave you inspired and motivated to embark on your own journey of self-reflection and inner healing.

Tune in now to this captivating episode of the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast as we explore the depths of Daniel Mirfield's wisdom and uncover the transformative power of his book, Seedling: A Journey to Inner Peace. Get ready to be inspired, enlightened, and empowered as we navigate the path toward personal growth and manifestation together.

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Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. I have a special guest today. His name is Daniel mirfield. He is an author, a mentor, and a healer. And his book, seedling, its seedling, the journey to Inner peace is what we are going to talk about today. It's a channeled text. So, Daniel, I'm gonna let you take it away, if you can tell us a little bit about yourself, how the book came about, and then talk about the book, I'm sure my listeners would be really interested in hearing what you have to say. Hi, thank you for having me a little bit about myself. So I, I knew I had a bit of kind of foresight, when I was younger, I kind of let it go between my teens and my 20s. And then I embraced it after that. So I've kind of gone through two or three different cycles of actually embracing my, who I am and my identity. But the my journey I've done a lot of traveling. So I've seen I've done a lot of soul searching and been able to place myself around the world and experience different energetical frequency frequencies across the planet. So we've been within our own journey, and we have our own principles. And there's always life lessons that are always relevant to your story as we move along in life and grow as grow as an individual but also surround ourselves with with people so i i I've had my journey, it is taught me lessons it has brought what is actually brought this book to us. So the guides that were with me when I was younger, they were obviously stayed with me for the full time that I am today. And they have actually helped me write my, my book seedlings. So with the world that we have, at the moment, it's very regimented, and it focuses on profit and materialistic markets. So when when someone goes through a spiritual awakening, very hard to find avenues, that suit suit, their kind of healing and kind of not necessarily hot, find, find the right way to be yourself and move forward. And when we're kind of looking for that rebirth and trying to heal and find our identity and pastels in positive positive spaces. It's a very difficult process. It's a very emotional process we've been we've been emotionally charged majority of our lives so to go from being emotionally charged to conflict within our embodiment is is a journey and it won't happen overnight. It's it's it's about honor self awareness and self love. So So seedling is a message from my guides. Those Those who whatever stage of their spiritual journey is is an avenue to be up here that help you look inside to help you recognize the value of yourself and to put simple concepts into into your world into how you place yourself. And look, look at your mental health, everything we start with in our mental health. So the what we eat, it starts with our mental health how how, how big we are our mental health. So if we have a strong and healthy mind, the rest of our life kind of sinks in with that reality. And we can grow as our true identity, our true or true enlightenment body which is, which is why we're here we're embracing the physical form, we, we come to this, we come to this planet to be in this beingness embodiment, to experience the positions that we put us in and to enjoy life. So seedling is it ceiling can be quite deep, but it's there for the individual to know who they are. Yeah, that's awesome. We all need tools on this journey. I knew from a young age to I was really, I'm an old soul. So I always felt there was more out there. But like many people, right, who experienced an awakening, went through a lot of trauma and things like that. And then gotten into the church, I was disconnected for a while and then had my awakening. So it's a it's a journey. When I was younger, I didn't have I didn't have tools. And I really didn't come across tools like your book until after my awakening. So I really didn't have much before that to like to assist me on the journey. So like me now and having individuals like yourself, right on on my podcast and this will be on my YouTube channel as well. In hopes of reaching people who are even haven't even perhaps, had us Spiritual Awakening yet or are just not the beginnings of it right and need guidance and tools to help them on their journey. However, I do have a question when. And I knew, because I read your book I know from a young age, age, as you just mentioned, you know, you started working with your guides and things like that I didn't have that experience. Now, when you kind of in your teens and 20s, did you or at any point did you go through a period of, of solitude of like not really wanting to be around other people? I know you are out in nature and stuff a lot. But did you experience that need for just a lot of solitude? And from an energetic perspective, whether you realize it or not, or not, not being able to be around other people? Because you just needed that time for yourself? Yeah, absolutely. Well, and when your identity has been taken away for you, it's a very lonely world, you know, everything feels difficult. Every every feeling and emotion that you're experiencing has been shut down and removed and blocked and hidden away from you. So so the the joys of life, or dramatically change our perspective in how we even place ourselves within a world. And I don't, I don't see words, I never have, I see the energy behind the words. So when someone's saying a story, all it takes is for me to hear a word, see that story. And I'm, I'm dyslexic. So sometimes you hear me stumble and mumble and whatever the words are. So I have always seen like, different and both because I've had a relationship with animals. And I've been able to form that communication. I knew quite early on that. I struggled with the modern day reality of how we, how we, how we enter life, how the structure is with school and society, and I had to adapt. And when I adapted, I became someone that I was not meant to be. So that was forced upon me, my personality change. And there was no avenue for me to really identify the spaces that I was holding. And that that journey of, you know, 1518 years, it was a difficult one, but it's given me the core principles of life of, of wisdom that I can pass on to people and say, there's, there's another side to the story. And it's and it's more aligned to your values and your core principles of life. And we struggle as as as as we evolve materialistically and economy and all this greed and fear and control. We struggle just know the values of life. Nevermind, live it. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I'm finding now I have taught where, like, all the materialistic things, you know, we need things to survive by how a place to a roof over our head to keep us safe and stuff. finances to help us feed ourselves or whatever. But I find it really I am. So content, sometimes just sitting, right and meditating or just sitting and daydreaming. And realizing that being in the heart space for me, like joy and, and stuff is like, it means more to me now than sitting. You know, I sit at my desk a lot, but I didn't used to be like that. Right? I didn't used to be so connected, you know, with myself and I never had Inner Inner Peace growing up. So it's, it's quite interesting. Now, at my age, I'm 52. To have found that just over the past four years, I wasn't lucky enough to really have that as a young age. You know, like, like you. I've just connected to my guides of the past couple of years. And I find it interesting. You said you see the energy behind the word. So instead so can you explain if you don't mind explaining kind of how the book came about that channeling process I, myself I'm really interested, and how that came about. Because when I channel what I see not necessarily energy, I see images, right when I'm writing and a clear audience so I hear it. So can you if you don't mind, explain kind of how that process was for you. And seeing the energy behind the words because I'm so curious. Yes, so our law I was built on the transfer of energy. So every interaction conversation, space, energy is glimpse into the planet, it is all it's all transferred for the communication lines of energy. So when we, when we look to healing, we always look to the source, the source has the power to, to release that burden and to heal you within that moment. So when someone's telling a story, and this is this is the way that logic works, logic works on a control base scenario. So the society gives you a story, and it gives you 10% of the story. And 90% of it is made up of their reality made up made up of what they want to tell you. And a lot of the times it's this victim mentality, or this kind of villain or creating a villain to make them to give them power. And they don't realize that the power comes from being at peace, but they try and take it away from others. So when someone is telling a story, you've got to decipher the the actual, the truth within that story. And that energetically imprint can can release that burden. So it's a very tiring process, listen to stories and trying to understand just potentially 10% of it is true. So I, I read the energies behind the words, I don't listen to the words, words are very foreign to me. I, so the energy behind the words is the story that is the actual true story that happened to the person. So the true event that was within that moment that was able to that was that was discipled. So the the transfer of energy is kind of like how we bring our awareness back in brings our empowerment because we have this aura, and within this aura, it's it's our first line of defense. So we can obviously determine, you know, unwelcome, passive aggressive to rejected kind of comments and energies that want to kind of take away your power, but it's also our lines of communication. And when we go into nature, and we find our principles, we are we're welcoming in their story and their energy. And when when we're sitting and meditating, sometimes we look internally, and we're standing energies within our empowerment and we're embodiment. But sometimes we're also welcoming energies in and we're listening to their story and their their energy, energetic imprint of that kind of consciousness, that higher place of value. So, um, words are something that we have to learn and we've, we've we've created a society that has helped with words, but within this lifetime words are the biggest challenge that we have. Because we've been one if you're lost your impairment, and so an activity actively is overstepping their boundaries and taking away your value. Within one word, they can change your day on a on a spin, you know, so. So, with anybody within this world, we use words to take away people's power. So we have to find a power inwards, to bring that harmony and love within our relationship. Channel in the book was kind of, I did it for six months. And it was it was non stop I channel. Naturally anyway, I'm happy with my own company, and especially around animals, I can sit in nature and really absorb what's happening around me. But I use a few different methods of channeling the book. I know there's all those you mentioned before the Clairsentience and like that I have that I have that kind of a range of skills in the background. But that's not that's not special to me. That's that's that's special to everyone. We just have to be able to get to a point that where we can welcome those qualities into our life. So yeah. Interesting. Oh, you know, when I was younger, I love being outdoors wasn't really much of an animal person, but I love being outdoors and I never really understood why. And I stopped doing that for many years. You've been outdoors and now I've realized over the past couple of years how important it is right to be outdoors and to be grounded. And I actually I don't even hesitate to tell people this know if it comes up but occasionally now I will go out outside and I will lay in my lodge shout back and I'll I'm able to have conversations with the trees in my backyard, which to some people would seem so foreign. I had an entire conversation with one of my houseplants. I was like people would think this is really weird, but like, there's a consciousness there Right? Um, so now I realized and I'm looking forward to it being sunny outside to go outside now and have that grounding experience because I missed out on For so long, right, just staying indoors so much. How do you be? I know your mentor. So can you tell me a little bit about your, your process of mentoring the type of people that you mentor? Because I'm assuming that nature that because of how important nature is to you, right, that that probably plays a part like, how does that go on? So I'm curious, because I don't I don't have that connection, right with nature and a real for me, I feel like I missed out on a lot. And I'm hoping to kind of gain that back. Being outdoors and being grounded and stuff going forward. So does that play a huge part in your mentorship? Like, do you? Is that? Do you teach people to get outdoors more? Or do you just bring that in your experiences and how important it is to you into your mentorship? Can you talk about that process? If that makes any sense? Or just worded that? Yeah, absolutely. I totally get where you're coming from. So we've nature is more natural tours, then the world that we've created. So we have to reconnect this relationship, this harmony and this balance. And to do that, we have to recognize the moment, you know, if we were too busy concentrating what's going to happen in the future is anxiety. If we if we live in the past, it's fear, you know, we have to bring this awareness to our moment within this moment. Because within this life within this within this kind of like, the core principles of the universe, everything happens within the moment. So to build on this relationship and connect in with nature, we have to bring our awarenesses and a lot of the time I'm I work on the mind. So there's a lot of different kind of specialities and especially spirituality, it's the the consciousness isn't Unlimited, but I kind of work on the mind work on the healing and work on the values for themselves. It comes with identity and self respect, and being accountable for your life. And when you start putting these core principles of making the right decisions and choices, and your values, and not, not attaching your energy to a theme that's emotionally charged, and when we kind of bring our awareness in, we can then work on our value within nature. So our embodiment, we have feelings and emotions out the way of control, to get to gain control, people emotionally charged their reaction, and minimize our feelings. So the feelings are generally used for addictive states. So our feelings or our gifts we hear, we see we smell we feel. So when we, when we look into nature, we have to maximize our feelings, we have to really fine tune are hearing or seeing or smelling or tasting. And what we do is we because we're emotionally charged, we use these as an addictive states or triggers. So when we when we see something, do we have to binge watch TV? Or do we have to stay on our phones all the time? Or when we hear something? Are we shutting down a conversation because we've been triggered? Or when we smell do we actually go and binge eat some food. So all these all these gifts that we've been given, they've been minimized and have been used to control our emotions. And our emotions aren't meant to be controlled. They're a blessing, you know, we experience love and harmony and you might go to a wedding or a birthday, or just even being in nature and really embracing that environment. It's, it's a moment of purity. So when we walk into nature, we have to build on this relationship with our feelings, we have to maximize our gifts, and know the value of who we are. So that when we walk in, sometimes we want to close down a couple of our gifts and work on just certain areas, like just listening. Or even even if for example, if you if you want to just if you just want to visualize, you can you can put headphones on and you can sit and quiet and when when when the when a silence is deafening. That's when we struggle, because we can't get out of our own mind. You know, so I can't I start off with my mentoring of just working on the individual, their identity, their gifts, their routines, the energies and spaces that they put themselves in. And then when we build on this we can start integrating our core principles and the values and the the the kind of the own hidden realities or their own here unconsciousness that's available to us, but has been removed by design to state a control control narrative or a, you know, a forced kind of locked down within the mind. Yeah, that makes sense. I feel like I've been feel like, nature is actually calling me out. Right? that being a nature is how do I explain it? Um, it's just like it's calling me now. It's like, this is something you have to experience now. Right as part of your journey or experience again. It's just something that's calling me. And again, I feel like I've missed out on so, so much of that, because I used to love being in nature when I was a kid. So I'm curious now, as it warm, I just hate the cold. So I'm not going to go outside now. But I'm so curious. What it's going to be like now in the state that I am in now. There's so much peace and harmony in my life. Even just being outdoors and in solitude a lot of the time. But I'm, I'm really curious what the what it's going to be like to be out and connect with nature. Because again, it's calling me and I feel like it's so important. So do you. I'm just curious, do you find with people that you work with, or just people that you come across, that have kind of gotten sucked in, right into, you know, what? People call this matrix, right? We're so bound by what we're told, and, you know, the limits placed on us by technology, government, whatever, the systems, right? That, as people awaken, that they're drawn to nature, do you? Do you find that with a lot of people? I'm just curious. Yeah. So the knowledge of freedom is nature, we have free free will and choice. And when we when we take away the control factor within our minds, we look for avenues to release that burden. And, and that's what we get with grounding, being understanding the collective consciousness. And being being able to appreciate that we're our embodiment is part of nature, we have to walk into nature and see our silhouette and not see the damage or footsteps behind us. You know, so when when we kind of look at people's stories, and the matrix, we will never know the individual story. That's why That's why identity is critical. So within your life and your and your experiences, that is unique to you, we, I will never be able to know that nobody else will ever be to know that that is down to the individual, their identity and their experiences, the only thing that I can bring value to their life, help them understand notes and make them stronger, you know, and healing comes at the deepest levels. So when we, when we talk about kind of like this system, we're that's been ingrained into our reality. It goes back 1000s of years and because of just because of control, you know, so when we're born, we've got our family DNA, we've got the imprint of the the stars, and then we've got a solid contract and a fewer fewer OF WANDS as well. So the actual reality within your world means that you're potentially faced with understanding other people's reality before you're facing your reality. And what what nature does is, Nature gives you a place of freedom to digest those energies in a harmonic harmonic kind of internal understanding of who you are. So when we, when we look to heal our deepest wounds, we have to remove the cloud or the hustle bustle of the over over aggressive and passive energies. And that space is available in nature. So the knowledge of freedom, or the core principles of life are available when we put ourselves in positions of A been able to understand it. And that is that's the that's the value of nature. And when we when we so when we talk about our homelands and being able to respect it, that energetical imprint of the planet is unique to the area. So So where you live and the places that you reside, there's no other energy like that place. So within your within your world, you have to create this relationship you have to adapt to the balance and principles you have to adapt to the frequencies and really embrace that place you call home you know, you're there to be part of it. You're not You're not there to have an alternative motive or agenda, to push to push your greed or materialistic wealth that people are ingrained ingrained into reality. You know, so we've nature brings aspects of our life that we've been missing. And for us to move forward and advanced like an event so aside to civilization, we have to teach kids the knowledge of freedom, the moment they are born. And that's a key within the relationship with nature, you know? Yeah, I just think I just think back to when I was a child and I used to sit there was a big oak tree, I lived on dairy farm, there's a big oak tree, or not an oak tree, it was a willow tree. So it had like the leaves that would just flow down. And I would just sit under that tree. And I would talk and I realized now that I was having conversations, right with my higher self, and probably, I'm guessing probably my gods and didn't even realize it, but it was. So reading your book, talking to you now is just reminding me like how, like innocent and beautiful. That experience was just being outside sitting under that tree, a dock. And actually, I've been out in nature before taking walks and stuff. And I remember this one time, I looked down on the side of the, the road, this dirt road, and I could see, I was in such a state of like peas. And I looked down at this flower, I think it was a daisy. And I could see its aura. And I thought that was the coolest thing. And I've lost that now not being out. So again, I'm kind of excited about warms up and I can go back out. I know you're a healer, too. So do you do? What does that process like for you? Right? Healing do you work with? Do you work with energy, like Reiki or anything like that? Or is it just me? You know? Because different healers work with different tools and stuff, right? So what is that process like for you as a healer? Yeah, so my healing is kind of directly at the mind, this is this is a, this is my guidance from my guides, the how I read energy, and how, how I can see the world behind a wall that we've created. So I'm looking at a place of harmony and a place of love. So when when someone comes and asking for advice, or they struggle with simple life qualities, it all starts within the mind. So for me, it's about being able to hold an unconditional space for the individual to process these moments and not feel neglect or guilt or kind of like they have no value of in their life. And when we say healing, starts with unconditional spaces. And then once we create this platform, and the individual within their identity, is able to understand their life, what and what they've been through means that they bring a value of respect to their, to their principles in life, you know, every conversation should have a balance in principles of respect. So we're not when I look to heal, I'm holding the energy within their embodiment. So people go well, we're over over zoom, that's not possible. But they don't realize that my energy call imprint is when I'm reading your words, I'm reading your story behind those words. So I can access parts of your mind that you struggle with, and I can hold it an unconditioned space for you to be able to really understand yourself. I don't I don't look too, I have no no conditions to it. So I am I am literally holding that space, that is for you and yourself to be able to just digest the the clouded storm that has been created on someone else's reality. And, and when when you've got when you when you can take control back to release control of your own mind. That's when that's when you start to recognize your true value and where you place yourself in a world. That's, that is so beautiful. That's so beautiful. You know, one of the things I've realized probably over the past six months that I didn't realize early on, I'm looking back and now realizing dealing with anxiety and depression is because part of us because I was sensitive to energy, I had no idea. So I've learned now how important it is that we really all can hold space for each other. Right? And hold a space of unconditional love for people. And you don't have to have any special abilities right to be able to do that. You could just hold space. Right? And it's everybody could do it. It's just it's beautiful. So I don't think I have I don't have any more questions for you. But is there anything else that you want to that you want to talk about? Your I don't know. Is there any? Yeah, I don't I usually. So I usually want to do interviews, I don't come with like a list of questions because I like things to flow. Sometimes I've run out of dialogue myself, because what happens with me is I'll take information. And then in my head, I start processing it, right. So some of the things that you have said, are, they have me thinking, and they're so beautiful. So now instead of me like being in the now, I'm thinking, Oh, my goodness, I need to get out in nature more. So I have this process going on in my head right now. So I've run out of questions because my internal mind is going. But I love to if this or if there's anything else that you want to talk about and share. I'd love for you to do that. If not, we can end the episode. And I would like for you before we do end, though, to let people know where they can find you. Write what you offer. Again, we know your mentor and a healer. But how you offer that and, and I will be leaving links in the description when I post the episode to YouTube and to the podcast on open it back up to you. Anything else you want to share? How people can find you? Etc? Yeah, yeah. I think when you take the when you leave it organic, and you don't have that kind of built up, kind of like structure and within your life, you're welcome in energies that aren't actually aren't actually necessarily attached to those that structure but they're more of a blessing, the more of a more of a divine link to who we are. So when we when we have this organic flow within a conversation, we can stop creating themes and blessings within within our aura, place ourselves in positions and kind of welcome in different directions that have been hidden away from us. So I, I, I think our intuition, and organics is an important part of our daily routine, you know, when we talked about the unconditional space, if we're looking to kind of know that value, nature is what holds it unconditional space. So when we when we try to move this kind of we'll talk about anxiety, stress, fear, you know, envy all these all these products. They're all the end product, they're they're the the situation that's happened and been built up. And that's what you that's what you experienced at the end. So we've healing we look we look to the source, never look to never look to the moment of anxiety, you can understand that within this moment. I'm, I'm getting I'm being anxious and I'm something's driving this energy. But it is it is the history behind who creates the energy in the first place. And we we start, we start by just taking our mind back step by step. And eventually we're going back to the source. So just remember, the end product is never there's never a direct reason, but the indirect reason. So it's the it's the it's, it's what surface it's you know, I I've only recently come to social media. So I'm very fresh, and I only have Instagram on my website. So Instagram is a sages journey. And then my websites are sages And then there's also my book ceiling the journey to win a piece. Yeah. So I'm assuming Do you do you? Because you mentioned as the Zoom sessions and stuff. So do you work with people one on one and then via via zoom? Is that how you feel like one group or how do you how does that work? So I'm quite remote to New Zealand. So one on one sessions are only limited to a very small percentage of the people. But I You can go on my website and book in for just 30 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour and just just kind of this is a space that's dedicated to the individual and their identity. So they're more than welcome to jump in line and book in for a session. Awesome. All right. Well, that is all I have. I really appreciate having you on. Like i said i i mentioned before our call that I read your book, and I read it knowing right that I was going to have you on an interview but now after talking to you I'm going to go that through the book. Because, you know, when you go back to material, sometimes there's material, you can go back to over and over again. And you pick up on new things each time. So I'm gonna go back because I because I have a feeling, I'm going to pick up on a few other things that may really resonate with me. So I'm excited about that. So I feel really, I have this really peaceful, beautiful feeling now after speaking to you, so I just want to thank you for that. Well, I want to thank you for sharing this space with me today. Thank you. All right, so and the call for now. Thank you so much. Again, for everybody listening. I will have links to Daniel's website. If you're interested, and reaching out to him for a session or ordering his book, I can leave a link for that. Also. It is available on Amazon. That's where I purchased my copy. So thank you all for tuning in. Thank you Jett, Daniel for being here with me today. And I wish everybody a wonderful blessed day All right. Thank you. Thank you have a good day.