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Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 1: The Awakening

October 16, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 23
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 1: The Awakening
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Ready to embark on a profound journey towards higher consciousness and self-realization? Come along as we delve into the transformative process of spiritual awakening, transcending the ego, and shifting our values. We'll discuss the limitations of our third-dimensional reality, and how this impacts our spiritual growth. More importantly, we'll explore how to overcome these limitations through practices such as meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection.

The awakening journey is unique for everyone, but you're not alone. Hear about my personal journey and the challenges and breakthroughs that have shaped it. There's so much to learn from each other's experiences, and the importance of finding and connecting with like-minded individuals cannot be overstated. If you're searching for guidance, I offer coaching services, providing the support you need on this enlightening journey.

As we continue this journey, remember that it's all about finding your unique path to self-realization. There's no one-size-fits-all approach. To help you navigate this, I'll be sharing valuable tools and resources such as coaching sessions, Q&A emails, and insightful YouTube content. Don't hesitate to reach out, ask questions, or book a session. Your journey of self-realization is uniquely yours, but you don't have to navigate it alone. Join me as we explore, learn, and grow together.

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Mindset and Manifesting podcast. If you are new here, my name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach. In today's video, I want to talk about the awakening. So, awakening this I'm going to do a series over the next 10 weeks titled awakening to the fifth dimension the journey of self-reflection. So there will be 10 different episodes and I'll talk about different aspects of the awakening journey in each episode. This is episode one, so we are going to talk about the awakening. So, of course, I'm going to introduce a series and the concept of awakening to higher states of consciousness. I'll talk about understanding the third-dimensional reality and its limitations, and the initial signs and experiences that signal the beginning of awakening. So let's get into it, Alright. So the concept of awakening to higher consciousness is a profound and transformative process, Alright, in which individuals experience a shift in their perception, and I know this because it has happened to me. I experienced my awakening back in March of 2019, and what an incredible journey it has been since then, Alright. So again, during the awakening process, individuals experience a shift in their perception, their understanding and awareness of themselves and really the world around them. It involves moving beyond limiting confines you know of your everyday kind of ego driven and materialistic thinking in order to access a more expanded and interconnected state of being. Alright, and it takes time, right, it doesn't happen overnight. And, truthfully, we have been on this journey lifetime after lifetime, right? And many of us have our soul chose to incarnate on earth and live many lifetimes and then awaken in this in this lifetime, right? So let's talk about some key elements. You know of the concept of awakening, so, number one, expanded awareness, alright. So awakening to higher consciousness it often involves a significant expansion of awareness. You know, individuals begin to see beyond the surface level of reality and recognize the really the interconnected, interconnectedness of life. Alright, some of you may experience a heightened sense of intuition and a deeper understanding of the underlying, like unity of existence. So for me, my intuition definitely heightened and my spiritual gifts started coming online. I started getting visions and my clair audience came online and even some what I would consider probably psychic type abilities. An example a few years ago, I was the first time I remember it happening where I was aware of what was happening. I had a massage scheduled. I was laying on the massage table and my massage therapist her father had just passed away and she was pregnant and I received a message from her father, who had just passed, about the unborn baby. Right, there was a really personal, special message in there for her and it came through really strong and I was getting some visuals that weren't extremely clear, but I was hesitant about mentioning it to her. So I approached it. Really, what's the word? I don't even know the word I'm looking for. I was hesitant but I mentioned to her hey, this, this gonna sound on, but this just came through. Is it okay if I share it with you? And of course she said yes and she was happy that I did and made her. It just made her kind of feel a little bit more relieved about, you know, her father's passing prior to her unborn child coming into this world. So, anyway, personal experience there have had many. Let's see the next element. The next key element of awakening is transcending the ego. So one of the central aspects of awakening is transcending the ego, which is which you might call the self-centered, identity driven aspect of one's personality. Right, and it's really kind of a protective measure as well for many people, right, when fear and doubt and things like that come in, or the illusion of alright. So with this transcending of the ego, right, people tend to become less attached to their self-image and the material possessions and then begin to identify more with their true assets or their spiritual self. For me personally, I have gone through the these patterns since my awakening, of kind of being in the void, where I'll really feel called to meditate and and really it becomes very obvious that this world of material things and such are just an illusion, right, and we really are spirit alright. So the next key element is self-realization. So awakening is often accompanied by self-realization, which is a deep understanding of one's true nature. This realization, you know, may involve the recognition that we are not just our physical bodies and individual personalities but also spiritual beings having a human experience. And then there's unity consciousness. But a common theme in awakening is the experience of unity consciousness. So this is the understanding that all of the beings are the entire universe, or and the entire universe are interconnected and part of a greater vehicle. So it involves a shift from I to we and one's perspective. Now, for me, when it comes to unity consciousness, my awareness really ties in with the teachings of novel Goddard and the fact that we really are all sons of God, role, aspects of God. Hence, therefore, because we are, we are made in God's image. We are, we are, God, right, which is I am. So. So my awareness of my awareness, my experience of unity, consciousness, really comes from the understanding of his teachings and the experience in that, because we are all all aspects of God, right, we are all playing our parts in this world, Okay, and in one's individual awareness, reality, you are an aspect of everything and everything and everyone is an aspect of you. Right, Because we're all aspects of God. Alright, so let's see. And next key element of the awakening shift in values. Alright, people who awaken often experience a shift in their values and priorities. They tend to place greater importance on love and compassion and spiritual growth over things like material possessions and external success, or paying more attention to really what is going on externally, like stuff that really doesn't contribute to their life, sort of the noise and the nonsense out there, right? Alright, let's see. The sixth key element is the expanded perception of time. And, yes, I am reading off of some notes, because if I try to memorize all of these notes and stuff I made, I don't think I'd be able to do that, Alright, which I actually should practice for speaking engagements and stuff eventually. But anyway, expanded perception of time Alright, I know that there are some individuals, myself included, who experience altered perception of time, where it becomes like, it becomes more fluid and less linear, right, which can lead to a greater focus on, like, the present moment and then a diminished attachment to past regrets or future anxieties. You start to realize that the past is really malleable. It may seem solid but it's really malleable because we're existing. Multiple timelines, dimensions etc are all existing simultaneously and there really is only the now, because we are creating in the now, in every now moment. And you know, with the expanded perception of time, like the altered perception of time etc. I know there's a lot of people that experience, you know, what they call Mandela effects or like glitches in the matrix, which I've experienced as well, and it can get a little bit trippy, but it's definitely, it definitely happens, this altered perception of time. It's important to stay grounded on the awakening journey. Yeah, All right. So let's talk about elevated, the elevated state of consciousness, or elevated states of consciousness. I should say so. As we awaken to higher consciousness, it is pretty natural to enter into elevated states of consciousness, where and it may not be consistent, especially at first where we're able to, or individuals are able to, experience feelings of bliss, of oneness and a sense of being in the flow of life. And that happens to me quite often and I don't know if I can really. It really is like a state of flow and stay, state of bliss. It's kind of. It's kind of a euphoric really. It is. Yeah, I've experienced that many times. I wish it was I should not say wish, but it would be pretty cool if that were a consistent state of being right 24 hours a day right now. I think that would take some getting some getting used to, but it is a pretty incredible feeling. Many of you probably experienced it. All right. So you know these kind of feelings of bliss and oneness and that sense of being like in the flow of life. They're often described as transcendent and beyond the ordinary human experience, and they really are, I'm sure. As I say, I'm trying to, I'm like trying to find some really descriptive words to explain it, but you'll know, when you experience, you'll know, All right. So key element number eight spiritual growth. All right. So awakening is often associated with a deepening of one's spiritual journey. Okay. So people may explore various spiritual practices, things like meditation, mindfulness and other tools to foster personal growth and self awareness. For me, you know, of course I meditate. I now do sound baths. You know I purchased I have seven sound bowls, one for each chakra. I have a set of tuning forks now I purchased crystals and what else I have done reiki sessions with master reiki practitioners. I'm now certified as a level two reiki practitioner. I have I had a couple of coaches and one went into my acotc records and kind of did a deep dive on really my human design and retrieved some past life stuff from acotc records, gave me some insight into you know, the fact that I am a divine blueprint holder and deliverer what else Past life stuff. There was some other information that she gave me as well, just some deeper insight right. And then my other coach. We did some past life healing together. I've interviewed both of them here on my podcast, both shavani and faith. Let's see what else I have. I think that's really all the spiritual type practices that I've done. You know I ground regularly. So you know I go outside and I ground. You know I script and journal occasionally. Occasionally I will create information lists and stuff. Not very often on that anymore, but you know I'll script every day. Now I go back and forth between regular, whether I do a daily or not. So I'm back to doing it daily now and you know I may get tired of doing it every day for a couple of months and then I'll just do it, you know, every once in a while and then I may go back to doing it every day. But when I script, what I'm really doing is getting clear on what I want to experience in life and what I want to manifest, and then I am writing those things down as if, of course, they already exist. All right, so let's talk about personal transformation now. So the awakening process is again highly transformative. I personally am not the same person that I was even five years ago right, Five years ago, definitely not even eight years ago when I was dealing with things like anxiety, depression, poverty, things like that, right and was not able to sort of transcend certain negative thought patterns or limiting beliefs etc. I'm able to do that now as a matter of fact, part like the spiritual process that I've been through, all the healing, all the shadow work that I've done and we will talk about shadow work in another episode. But what happens when we experience trauma is our soul really gets fragmented. So, on this journey, as we heal and as we integrate the lessons that we've learned in previous lifetimes in this lifetime, and then we do that healing and we integrate those fragments of the soul, then then we, it becomes easier to maintain being in higher states of consciousness, right, Because in those, those higher states of consciousness become your natural state. So I've, I've done all of that work, that that healing, etc. I just came out of a three day meditation at fast last week and it dawned on me that I've picked up all the pieces. There's no more healing to do. They're still learning to do, right, there's still integration of the energies, you know, coming in and you know what we experience in our reality, or recreating and sort of taking a look at that mirror, what is reflected back to us, and that continual learning process. But the healing for me is complete, which is has been a long time coming, a very long time coming, Alright. So again, right, that personal transformation, the awakening process, it's just so profound and transformative. You know, people experience profound shifts and their identity and their relationships, like choices, etc. Right, all old beliefs and habits that no longer serve you may fall away, right, and that makes way, it makes room for new perspectives and new ways of living, new experiences. And yeah, I'm not going to lie sometimes that falling away can feel uncomfortable or it can feel maybe sad, right, when your things have been in your life for so long and then they fall away certain, certain habits, certain people, etc. It's a transition, Alright. Final key elements Service to others Alright, so many awakened individuals feel a deep sense of purpose and serving others and contributing right to the well being of humanity. The service, you know me, stems usually from a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and a desire to make a positive impact on the world. And another thing many of us we awaken to the purpose that we came here to, or the, the sole mission right that we came here to complete. You know if many people who are healers there are, you know, there are individuals who you know, grid workers, who travel right and as they, you know, and as they travel and go to key points around the world and because they've done that inner work on their journey of awakening, they're able to really help to heal, that place right their energy, their light. And then, for for some of us, like me, I'm a teacher. This is not the first time or the first lifetime that I've been a teacher. I've been a teacher in many lifetimes before, I have been trained in many lifetimes and I still train in in my dream state. So when I dream, there have been quite a few times, probably more than I'm able to remember. I don't remember all of my dreams. I remember a lot of them, but where I'm actually either teaching others or I am being taught on the astral plane, and I know that sounds crazy, but it is what it is. It's my experience. And again, I've been a teacher in previous and previous lifetimes. So that is what I've realized. Well, and I've actually I've known since the age of 10, that I would share my story, my experiences and when I was. It's interesting because when I was younger, in school, elementary school, high school I always thought I was going to be a teacher, like actually like go to college and be a teacher and not never happen. But here I am and it hasn't. It didn't come to full fruition until after my awakening and really understanding what my soul chose to to do in this lifetime To assess, write others on their spiritual journey, Alright. So again, awakening to the higher states of consciousness is deeply personal and spiritual, or it's a deeply spiritual and personal journey, Alright. It can take many different forms and it's often triggered by a variety of life experiences, things such as crisis, spiritual practice, profound realizations and you know many people. It happens through like near death experience, but it's a continuous process of growth and self discovery ultimately leads to a more compassionate, mindful and harmonious way of living in the world, Alright. So now that we have covered sort of the concept of awakening to higher dimensions, let's talk about understanding the third dimensional reality and its limitations. Alright. So understanding the third dimension and its limitations is a key aspect of the process of awakening the higher consciousness. So, in this context, the third dimension is often used as a metaphor to describe our everyday conventional perception of reality and the limitations associated with it. Right, Our conditionings in this life, if you will. So here's an explanation of this concept. So, physical and material focus, right, the third dimensional reality. It's primarily characterized by a focus on the physical and material aspects of life. So in this state of consciousness, you know, we tend to prioritize and identify with our physical bodies, with the material possessions and the external world. You know, individuals often view themselves and others in terms of labels, roles, societal norms like hierarchies, things like that. We've also got dualistic thinking. So in the third dimension, reality is often perceived in a dualistic manner, with a strong emphasis on opposites and polarities, such as good and bad, right and wrong, you know, and us versus them. So this black and white thinking can lead to judgment, conflict and a sense of separation. And then we have time and linearity. The third dimensional perspective perceives time as linear, with a past, a present and future, you know. And individuals tend to be fixed on the past and future. You know, it often leads to regrets, anxiety and a diminished focus on the present moment. If you're so focused on, like, on what happened in the past or what's going to happen in the future, etc. All right. And then we've got ego identification, All right. So in the third dimensional reality there's a strong attachment to the ego, which is the self-centered, again identity driven aspect of one's personality. Ego consciousness can lead to a sense of separate, separateness, competition and the pursuit of personal gain. And then we've got limitations and scarcity mindset and the third dimension, which is characterized by limitations, scarcity and the belief that there is not enough to go around. So this mindset can lead to fear, to greed and a constant desire for more. And then we have material success and validation. Success and validation and the third dimensional reality are often measured by external factors, things like wealth and status and achievement, right. So people may seek happiness and fulfillment through external things, external markers, often leading to a sense of emptiness and unfulfillment, especially if they don't feel validated enough. There's, like this continual search, All right. And then there's perceived separation from source and the third dimension. So individuals in the third dimension reality, in that state of awareness, that state of consciousness, they often perceive themselves and I know this because it was the same for me, right as separate from a higher source or divine presence. We often think of God as being outside of us, which is not the case. So this can result in feelings of isolation and disconnection from a deeper spiritual dimension of life. And for me, like you know, I deal with feelings of, you know, unworthiness and things like that. All right. And then, finally, we've got limited perception, Okay, so those operating primarily in the third dimension often have a limited perception of reality. They may not be aware of the subtler, interconnected and spiritual dimensions of existence. So awakening to the limitations of the third dimensional reality is a pivotal step in the process of spiritual growth and personal transformation. It involves recognizing that there is more to reality than what meets the eye and understanding that our conventional perspective can be restrictive and confining. And this realization can lead to a desire to transcend these limitations, right and once consciousness, and explore higher states for wears and existence. It often involves, again, practices like meditation and mindfulness. Self reflection is huge in order to shift one's perspective towards a more expansive and interconnected view of reality. All right, Finally, we're going to talk about the initial signs and experiences that signal the beginning of awakening. All right, so the beginning of an awakening, again, it's highly personal and an individual, an individual, individualistic experience. So no two experiences are going to be the same, right, and the signs and the experiences can vary from one person to another. However, there are some common themes and indicators that often signal the onset of an awakening to higher consciousness. So let's go over some of those initial signs and experiences, right. So, number one, we've got intense dissatisfaction. So many individuals on the cusp of awakening or of an awakening experience may feel a deep sense of dissatisfaction with their current life circumstances. They may feel unfulfilled, you know, if something is missing or that their life lacks purpose. Questioning reality, okay, People beginning their awakening journey often start questioning that nature of reality and existence and the meaning of life. They may wonder about the purpose of suffering, the nature of consciousness and the deeper mysteries of the universe. And again, you may be experiencing these things as well. All right, fine. Sensitivity, All right. So there may be an increase in emotional sensitivity and empathy, which is a common early sign of awakening. You know, you may become more attuned to the emotions and energy of others and the environment. This can sometimes actually lead to feeling overwhelmed by external stimuli. So for me, I didn't realize it until you know, probably within the last year or so, that growing up and dealing with anxiety and depression, I was really just sensitive to energy and I didn't realize it. So I would often get very overwhelmed by external stimuli, like not being able to be liking crowds for long periods of time, having super long conversations, et cetera. It wasn't social anxiety, it was just. It became overwhelming for me, All right. So then there are profound life events, right? So often an awakening is triggered by significant life events, such as a personal crisis, near-death experience, you know, loss or major life changes, and these events can serve as catalysts for self-reflection and transformation, seeking meaning right again, a desire to find deeper meaning and purpose in life which emerges. It may involve exploring, you know, spirituality, philosophy, engaging in self-help and personal development practices. For me, I was, I've been like that my entire life ever since I can remember when I was very like a toddler. I'm always wanting to learn more. I always, from a very young age, knew that there was more to this world right than what I was seeing, and I was always seeking deeper meaning. Now I realize it's because I am an old soul and I'd lived many lifetimes, so there's a lot of wisdom that I had carried with me into this lifetime and didn't realize it. A lot of experiences, All right. Another sign questioning beliefs. So in the early stages of awakening right, you may start to question long-held beliefs, both about yourself and the world, you know, and this questioning, excuse me, can lead to a reevaluation of your values and your worldviews. And then there are synchronicities. So you know things like experiencing meaningful coincidences or synchronicity. And I'll tell you a little secret which may not be a secret to you. You may already know that there are absolutely no coincidences in this life none. But you know, as you begin to awaken, you might start experiencing what you would consider meaningful coincidences or synchronicities, right when events seem to align in a significant way. It's gonna be a sign of it can be a sign of awakening, and it can feel like the universe is sending messages or guiding one's path. When I awakened again, back in like March of 2019, I remember I woke up one night and I had been listening to Neville Goddard's lectures and really kind of questioning existence and reality and things like that, because I had dealt with, you know, anxiety and depression and poverty, things like that for so long and I was like something's gotta change here. And Neville Goddard's, his work, his lectures, resonated with me in the core of my soul, the core of my soul. I was like there's something to this and it just made sense. His experience has made sense. And now I understand because I've had a lot of similar experiences that he's had, especially when it relates to scripture. So I remember this one night I woke up and I looked over the clock across the room and it said 11-11. And I have been seeing synchronicities with numbers consistently ever since, like all the time, like a crazy amount of synchronicities when it comes to especially time, but I also see these everywhere right in my daily life. These synchronicities are really like manifestations. I'm very hyper aware where I may think of something, an object or, you know, think of a phrase in my head and then, you know, I may hear somebody else say it or see it in the television show or something like that Crazy amount of things like that have happened and manifestations have come quickly, especially some of the more, like some of the things that we kind of just think about and then let go of right, and then they show up and then oftentimes we forget that it's really our creation, our manifestation. But I'm also very aware of, like, the bridge of events, like everything unfolding is an unfolding towards a greater manifestation. I'm very well aware of that. All right. And then we've got increased intuition, all right. So you may have a growing reliance on your intuition and your inner guidance. Some people call that like a gut feeling. Right, it's really your higher self spirit speaking to you. That's often an early indicator. You may find that your intuition becomes more accurate and reliable and you may start listening to it more. You can also ask yourself questions like simple questions like when should I go today or what should I have for breakfast, and then pay attention and you're going to answer right. Your intuition, your higher self will tell you. There may also be a desire for self-exploration, A strong desire for self-discovery, and our exploration that arises. It can lead you to possibly seek out meditation, spiritual practices, you know, maybe therapy as tools for self-awareness, different sort of healing modalities, maybe Reiki, maybe seeking out like a spiritual medium who can help you, like I did with past life regression, etc. There may also be a shift in your priorities, alright. Your values and priorities may shift, with a greater emphasis on things like personal growth, spirituality and well-being rather than external success and material possessions. Not saying that you can't have those things. You can absolutely have those things and absolutely manifest those things. But it may become less important than your own personal growth. For me, my own personal growth, that healing and my spiritual journey is the most important thing in my life right now. I love my family, I love my children and my grandchildren. I love what I do, but my spiritual journey is the most important thing in my life. Alright, the main physical and emotional symptoms let's move on to that, Alright. So you know a lot of people call these ascension symptoms. Right, you may start feeling different physical and emotional symptoms. Right, you know, during the early stages of awakening you may experience heightened anxiety, emotional turmoil, physical discomfort, etc. And this can be part of the body and the mind adapting to these higher levels of consciousness. Also, there's so much energy coming in right to earth right now from our I'm gonna say this and hopefully I don't want it to kind of throw people off our galactic family. Right, Our soul family, those higher aspects of ourselves and other dimensions, etc. Right, we have all of this energy coming in and the knowledge contained within our dormant DNA from these past life experiences, etc. Our awakening are activating within us. Right, this knowledge is coming online. And also, as we take on, as we take in more light and we move more into the heart center, what happens is these lower, like this lower consciousness, right, this energy of things like fear and doubt or lack and things like that. Right, these beliefs that no longer serve us, all this dense energy, trauma, things like that. We can't hold on to that anymore. So, as it comes up, it comes up so that we can recognize it, observe it and then integrate and just kind and let it go right, Develop new beliefs, right, when we make a choice that this is no longer what I want to experience, I'm gonna make this choice to expand my awareness and to let go of these limiting beliefs, etc. Then you will kind of release all of the old, right. And when it says in scripture, you cannot pour old wine into new winescans and you can't serve, you cannot serve two masters, right, you move into a higher state of consciousness, you let go of the old, Alright. Finally, epiphanies and insights Alright, so you may have, you know, sudden realizations or epiphanies about the nature of reality. You know, as you awaken, right, your purpose in life and, of course, the interconnectedness of all things. Alright. So it's important to note that the process of awakening is ongoing. It's a journey. It may involve both moments of clarity and periods of uncertainty, right. Trust me, I've been there. Many of you probably have too. So you know, right, it's not one long joyous ride. You awaken and that's it. No, it's a journey. It's an ongoing journey, but it unfolds at its own pace, you know, and it can take different forms for you know, for every individual. But as you progress in your awakening, you know you'll begin to experience deeper insights. You know more spiritual growth and a greater sense of alignment, you know, with your true selves, and I will say it's often beneficial to seek guidance and support. You know whether, through spiritual practices, you know therapy, connected with like-minded individuals. You know who are on a similar journey. One thing I will say is you will start to, you will start to notice that different people will start to come in your life, right, People that you start to resonate more with. That kind of understand where you're at on your journey. There will be people who may not, and that's okay. But as you evolve and expand you may find that you know you find your soul, family, people that you can really relate to and that can relate to you. So, on that note right, you know seeking guidance and support, etc. So I again, I've been on this journey for quite a few years now and again I'm a very old soul. I have a lot of information now in my past lives, things like that. I have a great understanding of Neville Goddard's teachings, a great understanding of manifestation, not just from like a like a manifestation tools, kind of you know, perspective. I have a deeper level of awareness of a lot of things I'm still learning, of course, right For me personally, I'm also a. I am also on my twin flame journey, which I'm mirror, so which adds a adds a whole nother level to this journey of awakening. So it's been, it's been incredible. So if you're looking for more guidance, please don't hesitate to reach out, to reach out to me. I do offer. I do offer coaching. I offer a free 30 minute discovery call and if you know any of what I've said resonates with you, or if you would just like to have a discussion to see you know, if maybe you'd like to work with me, I'd be happy to do that. I only take, I only work with five individuals at a time. That is just from an energetic perspective. That's what I prefer to do. I don't prefer to work, you know, with 15, 20 people at a time. I don't have other people on my team as coaches. You know like there are some manifestation coaches out there that can have a team of individuals. So don't work like that. I'm very individualized. So if you are interested in something like that, just check out the link in my website, my coaching link. You know, at the top of my website, the menu also on the front page. Actually, Just go to my, just go to my website it's just LennaKTiercom, and you'll see on the first page you can actually book a free discovery call, book a session, and I have different packages available. And that's it for this episode on the Awakening. So again, there are going to be 10 different, 10 different, different. Why am I saying different? I don't know 10 different episodes in this series of Awakening to fit the message and, of course, the journey of self realization. So thank you so much for joining me today. Please don't hesitate to reach out. You know, if you're not interested in booking a coaching session but have a question you might like me to address, either in another episode or on my YouTube channel, or if you're following me over there, just reach out, email me, ask me a question and I'd be happy to answer that for you guys. All right, Thank you so much for joining me today and I will see you all in the next episode. All right, Bye now.

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Awakening to Higher Consciousness
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