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Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 2: Shadow Work and Self-Exploration

October 23, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 24
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 2: Shadow Work and Self-Exploration
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Ready to confront the hidden parts of your personality and experience a more authentic and fulfilling life? That's exactly what you will get from this enlightening exploration of shadow work and self-reflection. We dive deep into the importance of acknowledging and integrating our shadow selves and the unconscious materials they contain. We talk about how confronting and healing emotional wounds can bring a sense of liberation. We share tools and techniques that will guide you to navigate the depths of your psyche. 

Vulnerability is the gateway to your higher self. We tackle how therapists and healers can shine a light into the darkness of our souls, providing insight and understanding. Learning to accept and not judge our negative traits and behaviors is the first step to self-love. We also discuss how understanding and integrating the shadow self through tracking patterns in dreams can provide insights into our true selves. Engage with us as we explore mindfulness and meditation techniques that can help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. Tune in, and let's journey together towards self-discovery and healing.

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Mindset and Manifesting podcast. Alright, we are on episode 2 in a 10 episode series on Awakening to the Fit Dimension, the journey of self-reflection. So in this episode we're going to talk about shadow work and self-reflection. So we'll talk about what shadow work is, why it's essential and why it's essential in the journey to higher awareness, and then we're going I'll give some examples of confronting and integrating our shadow selves and then some tools and techniques for navigating the depths of our psyche. Alright, so, shadow work and self-reflection, right? So what is shadow work and why is it essential in the journey to higher awareness? Well, shadow work is. It's a really, it's a psychological and spiritual practice that involves exploring and integrating the unconscious or the shadow aspects of one's personality. The term was apparently popularized by a Swiss psychiatrist called Jean, and it plays a significant role in the journey to higher awareness and personal growth. So here's a deeper look. Let's dive in a little bit deeper and look at what shadow work is and why it's essential. Alright, the shadow in Jungian Jungian, I call him Carl Jung, I don't think that's how it's pronounced, though In Jungian. Let's just say psychology, the shadow, and I actually have, I love his. I have a couple of his books, I love his work, but anyway. So in Jungian psychology the shadow refers to the hidden or the less visible parts of our psyche, right, including aspects of ourselves that we deny, suppress or reject, and these can be traits, emotions, desires or experiences that we consider unacceptable, shameful or incompatible with our self image. And then there's the unconscious material. Okay, so we've got the shadow, the unconscious material, and integration. So the unconscious material, right, it's, the shadow contains unconscious material that often stems from early life experiences, societal conditioning and unresolved emotional wounds. So it may include repressed emotions, fears and securities and unacknowledged desires. And then there's integration. So shadow work is the process of bringing these hidden aspects of the self into conscious awareness and integrating them. It involves acknowledging, accepting and making peace with the shadow, rather than avoiding or projecting these traits onto others. Now, I don't believe shadow work necessarily happens just once. I know for me. For me it's felt like removing layers. So I've gone through periods of deep work and then, you know, done that healing work, kind of peeled back the layers of the self and done that deep internal work. But then the next round, additional shadow work, but it's less intense because you know, I'd already peeled back layers, you know, and done the really deep, intense work. So then you know, the next time it was a little bit less intense. I would say I don't know how many times I've really done shadow work, like deep, intense shadow work, probably just a couple of times. Well, let's see, in my and not just since my awakening but in my life, yeah, a handful of times. And then after my awakening I had done a lot of the work prior to my awakening Because, again, you know, we're all, we're really always on this journey, you know, and then we get to the point of awakening and you know, of course we still have the journeys not over. So for me, I really I don't, I don't really have any of that like healing work to do. Every once in a while A thought will come up about a belief maybe, that I have to do a little bit of work, you know, on kind of kind of fine tuning, but nothing really deep now that I deal with. So again, the shadow work, it may not be just kind of a one and done type thing. Alright, so where was I? Okay, so I was talking about the integration. Yeah, so as they come up, it's. You know, it's important to to acknowledge it, right, because if you push it off to the side, guess what? It's going to come back up again and it's going to keep. These things are going to keep coming up until you've acknowledged them and you accepted them and and realize that you make a choice. Am I going to, is this going to be part of my reality, or am I just going to acknowledge that this is here and I no longer accept this as part of what I'm creating and my life experience is going forward? Okay, so again, you make peace with the shadow rather than avoiding or projecting you know the traits on onto others, because, as within, so without. Alright, now, why is shadow work essential, right, and the journey dire, awareness. Well, so you've got self integration. Let's see. We're going to talk about self integration, emotional healing, actually, you know, I'll go through one by one. So one of the primary reasons shadow work is essential in the journey to higher awareness is that it promotes self integration. So by acknowledging and accepting the hidden aspects of oneself, you know, we become more, more whole and authentic. I talked about that in the, you know, in the first episode in this series about integrating the fragments of our soul. You know, when we do so, our soul really kind of fragments as we deal with trauma and things like that in our life. So as we do the healing work, we integrate those aspects of our soul back into, you know, the back into the one soul. Alright, so where was I at? So it allows us to become more whole and authentic, as we sort of call those heal and reintegrate those aspects. So, you know, then we no longer have to expend energy repressing or denying, you know, these parts of ourselves. Then we've got emotional healing. So a shot of work allows individuals to confront and heal emotional wounds. So the act of exploring and addressing suppressed emotions can be deeply therapeutic and liberating. There's a sense of freedom that comes with it, right, because you're no longer bound by those chains you know that that perhaps have been kind of, you know, keeping you down for so long. You know, at least emotional maturity and or peace, you know, and a more profound understanding, you know, of one's emotional landscape really. And then there's self-awareness. So engaging in shadow work enhances self-awareness. It helps, you know, it helps us to better understand why we think, feel and act in certain ways, and this self-awareness can lead, you know, to more conscious choices and a reduction in, like automatic or reactive behaviors. Because oftentimes those we, through life, we develop sort of automatic or reactive behaviors to certain things, certain patterns, right, that we experience over and over again. Well, when you do the shadow work and you experience increased self-awareness and you become aware of those patterns and those reactions, you can kind of cut them off at their knees and no longer continue to react to the same circumstances in the same way. Hence you break the patterns, you know. And then, of course, there's resolution of inner conflicts. So often we experience inner conflicts resulting from the disnets between our conscious values and then the suppressed aspects of ourselves. So shadow work can resolve these conflicts, leading to greater inner harmony and peace, spiritual growth. So, and this is number five, god list of eight here. So, on a spiritual level, shadow work can be a pathway to higher awareness, so it can facilitate a deeper connection to one's true self, right, allowing us to move beyond ego driven patterns and connect to a more profound, like universal or more profound universal, consciousness. Alright, let's see. Alright, so there are eight steps here, you know. So, going back to why shadow work is essential, you know, in this journey to higher awareness. So just these eight key ideas. So we improve relationships as one, right. So integrating, integrating one's shadow, can actually positively impact relationships. I know for me, before doing the shadow work, you know, dealing with the things that I dealt with growing up, right, anxiety, depression, feelings of more worthiness but you know things like that affected relationships, so I would actually distance myself from people because I didn't want my action, I didn't want the way I felt to impact others in a negative way, so I really isolated myself a lot. So doing the shadow work, though, again, can positively impact relationships, right, because then you know you become less likely to project, you know, those disowned traits onto others which can reduce conflicts and then, you know, improve empathy and compassion. And shadow work can also help to release creativity. So you know when, when we embrace those suppressed desires, the talents and the unconventional thoughts that we have while doing the shadow work, you know it can lead to a surgeon in creativity and innovation. Again, that freedom, right, because we're no longer bound, you know, by those, those chains that have kept us down. So you know it releases creativity and then also a full purpose as well. Right, it allows for that opportunity, for the understanding of that to arise, alright. Finally, the freedom from limiting beliefs. So shadow work can help us to let go of limiting beliefs, right, can help you let go of limiting beliefs about yourself, and it opens the door to personal growth and transformation by releasing the constraints of the past. Alright, so shadow work, in summary, is an essential and transformative practice and the journey to higher awareness. You really cannot get away from it the like you. Just I mean you can't. It has to be done and I don't want that to come across as like a limiting belief type statement. But shadow work is important, but that's something you have to experience for yourself to know what to be true. Okay. So shadow work it encourages self integration, emotional healing, self-awareness and personal growth, and by confronting and embracing a shadow you can obtain a deeper understanding of yourself and then experience a greater sense of fullness, inner peace and spiritual awakening, as I said before. Alright, so let's talk about the actually give some examples of confronting and integrating our shadow self. So so, confronting and integrating our shadow is, again, it's deeply personal and often really challenging. It involves acknowledging and embracing again the hidden, suppressed or rejected aspects of our personality. So here's some examples of how shadow work can be done Self reflection, embrace vulnerability therapy, accepting negative traits, so on and so forth. I've got like 15 examples here. So, self reflection, right, take time for self reflection and introspection. Journaling or meditation, you know, both of those can help you to explore your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, to identify patterns and triggers related to your shadow self. I will say something about journaling. Prior to learning about manifestation, when I used to journal, I used to journal and write down exactly what I was going through, and that was when I was dealing with some not so great things. So by writing those things down, guess what? I continue to manifest those things that I was acknowledging as I wrote them down. So, self reflection and introspection Be careful when you're journaling. What I would recommend? What I would recommend when you are journaling? Right, acknowledge kind of that self reflection and introspection, but put a little twist on it. Right, how are you going to change? You know some of the negative things that you're feeling, change it in the moment and change that thought or belief into something positive and then write it down as though that is occurring now. That is something that that novel well, I mean it could be considered revision, because you're revising these feelings that you've had right. So you can add a little bit of revision and journaling and self reflection, but do it in a way to where you're not. It doesn't. It doesn't put you sort of like in a spiral of only focusing on the negative things that you've experienced right, the negative things that you need to heal. So it'd be a little bit tricky but it's possible. I've done it Alright and again, I'm here to help. So you know, if you're kind of confused on that or you need some assistance, feel free to reach out to me, email me. I can give you a little bit of guidance. I actually have a conscious manifesting guide and a conscious manifesting journal available on Amazon. If you're interested, I'll kind of help. That'll help bring you into the present. Alright, let's see next thing Embracing vulnerability. Alright, so allow yourself to be vulnerable. Share your fears and securities and deep emotions with a trusted friend, a therapist, support group, etc. So this openness, it can be a powerful step in confronting your shadow. However, I will caution you Sometimes when we share things with others, because everything is a mirror, everyone is a mirror. Oftentimes those fears and their securities can be reflected back to us. So it takes some finesse and being able to embrace that vulnerability to share with others, but then being aware enough to understand that this is no longer who. You are right, because you're working on. You're working on healing yourself. You're working on overcoming these fears and insecurities and things like that. Me personally, I had no hope. I had to go through like the shadow work that I did was painful and lonely, like I peeled back the layers and I faced everything and I experienced a lot of trauma growing up, a lot of trauma you know I don't say this much anymore, but I used to say it a lot is one of the most difficult thing you may ever do in your life is face your own soul, getting down to the nitty gritty of everything that's held you back, everything that you've been fearful of, all of the conditioning of life, all of these beliefs that you've had that don't serve you. Right, getting over feelings of, you know, worthlessness or anxiety or depression or fear, trauma, things like that. Right, it's not easy work, so sometimes, as you share that with others, they may reflect those back to you, because they may. If they're not on their spiritual journey as well, they may not know how to respond to you. Okay, and really no one outside of us can really fully help us unless we are, unless we are helping ourselves right, because it's really about all about us and our journey. Right Now. Seeking outside help can be absolutely wonderful. Again, I've done it, you know, with my past life, healing, you know things like that but that was later in my journey, much, much like much later, right In my journey, where I was like, okay, now I've done all of this work, so you know I don't need somebody to fix me, but let's gain some additional insight into a couple different areas. All right, so again, if you're, if you are doing shadow work right now and you and you need guidance from somebody who has been there, reach out, email me if you're interested in, you know, a free discovery call to see if coaching would be right for you. I'd be happy to help you because you don't have it's important to do a lot of it on your own, because it allows you to go really deep within. But you are not alone. Okay, you're not alone. First of all, spirit, you're higher self. God is always with you, whether you believe in God or not. So God is really just spirit, it's really just your higher self, is an aspect of God, you are an aspect of the source of creation. Infinite love, infinite light, all that is Okay. It's not some external being right, and I've described God before. Source before is really just energy, right, because everything is energy, everything is frequency, this energy of love and light, right, illumination, when I say light illumination, okay. So again, I'm here, I'm available. If you're interested in, you know, getting some help with the shadow work from somebody who has been through it, right, If you want to seek out therapy, things like that, that's fine. Then I would highly recommend that. If that's what resonates with you, or another healer or things like that, I will say that I would probably limit myself because I've done the work and I know how intense and difficult it can be. I can provide guidance, but I would really not be able to assist too many people at once in that area because of the nature of the energy behind that and what it takes to really kind of assist somebody going through that. All right, therapy, so you can work with a therapist, right, especially one experienced in shadow work or Jungian psychology. That can be invaluable, you know. Therapists provide a safe space to explore and confront suppressed emotions and experiences. I would say, though, if you're on this awakening journey, some of the things that you may be experiencing I always had. I was never able to stick with seeing a therapist for very long, and part of that again because I'm in an old soul and I tried to see a couple of therapists that would help me with depression, anxiety, things like that Over the years. You know, growing up, part of my awakening. I think the last therapist I saw was several years before my awakening, but for me therapy never resonated Again. I did the work on my own Therapy. Traditional therapist was not for me. Traditional therapists may be very helpful for you. If not, there's nothing wrong with that. You'll find. Just find somebody who resonates with you and if something's not working, don't be afraid to maybe seek out somebody who is on their awakening journey rather than a traditional therapist who may not have gone through this and again, I don't want to sound like I'm not. The therapy profession is great, is a great avenue and is very helpful for a lot of people. The awakening, this awakening journey, is so individualized and unique for a lot of people and is so intense. Right, some of the things that you will go through with this shadow work and then afterwards, some of the mystical things you might experience. Somebody who has a goal through the experiences may not understand it. I guess it's kind of the gist of what I'm saying, so I'll leave it at that, alright. So then we've got accepting negative traits, right? So identify and accept negative traits, behaviors within yourself. Don't judge yourself. There's no reason to judge yourself. Okay, just identify and accept that. Realize you weren't awake before You're awake. Now You're going through this beautiful journey and now you're aware, and now you can work on the process of doing the shadow work, healing and then embarking on this beautiful journey of awakening, alright, some of the negative traits and behaviors. They could be anger, jealousy, selfishness and falsiveness. Acknowledge them again, without judgment, and that is the first step of integration. Then we've got art and creative expression. So, engage in creative pursuits, whatever they may be art, writing, music. Find something that allows you to express yourself and brings you joy, because these outlets can provide a means to express and explore aspects of your shadow stuff that are not easily put into words. Oh, you know what I was just thinking about something I actually, if you go to my resource page, I actually did an interview with Melissa Blaise. I can't remember how to pronounce her last name, b-l-a-i-s-e I think it was. She was actually a therapist and then she decided to move into the coaching space, so she has experience with this spiritual journey. So if you go to my resource page, I have some other contacts. There are other resources that may interest you. All right, I thought I would mention that real quick. All right, so let's move on to feedback from others. I know I touched on this a little bit, but listen to the feedback and observations of others about your behavior, personality. You don't have to. But if you want to just be objective about it, if somebody is giving you feedback Because sometimes people close to us can see our shadow more clearly than we can. But again, no judgment. Again, people reflect things back to us, but if you can look at that reflection and learn from it without judging and without getting into those negative spaces because of what's being reflected back to you, that feedback can be very, very helpful. All right, dream analysis. All right, carl Jean. So Carl believed in, or believed that dreams often contain symbols and messages related to the shadow. So keep a dream journal and work on interpreting your dreams for insights into your unconscious self. Dreams are for me. I have been recording my dreams since my awakening in 2019. And I don't remember 100% of my dreams, but I have remembered a lot of them and there are definitely messages and symbols and dreams. Now there are also patterns. I have been able to see patterns over the months and years sometimes over days, months and years in my dreams, okay and sometimes the symbolism, the information given in a dream, the meaning of a dream, may come right away upon waking. Sometimes it comes a couple of days later, sometimes it takes, you know, revisiting my journals. So I have this process I'll write my dreams down in a dream journal and then, every once in a while, I'll transcribe the dreams into a Word document on my computer so that I can record them, etc. For my blog, my YouTube channel, etc. Every time I do that, I reread that dream. I gain additional insight usually, and so it's like putting pieces of a puzzle together, really. So I would highly encourage you to keep a dream journal Because, again, the symbolism, the meaning of the symbolism, revelation may not come right away, but over time, you'll be able to see patterns and it'll become easier to understand your dreams. I highly recommend writing down your dreams. I actually have four dream journals up on Amazon and I have each of the journals. I believe I have one of Neville Goddard's lectures, because he talks about dreams, included with the dream journal. So if you're a Neville Goddard fan, student, whatever, if you enjoy his work, I do have those journals available. Matter of fact, I need to redo the covers. But, yeah, those are available on Amazon. You can go to my website. I've got a storefront. So if you're interested, check in those out or just take a spiral notebook. That's what I started. What I started was spiral notebook and just write my dreams in a spiral notebook. Ok. Inner dialogue or mental diet right, neville Goddard calls that mental diet. So initiate an inner dialogue with your shadow self. So this can be done through visualization or meditation, or just go in throughout your day and it's like you're up in a telepathic conversation with your higher self. Right, I do it all the time. That's it's really natural for me now, always talking to myself internally. So have a conversation with this aspect of yourself, you know, to better understand its motivation and needs. Your inner self, your shadow self, all right. Shadow journal All right. So again, we talked about journaling. So if you want to have a journal specifically for doing shadow work when you record your thoughts, feelings and behaviors right that you associate with your shadow self. It can. This also can help you track patterns over time. So I don't want you to be like fearful or nervous of what I said before about writing your stuff down and like remanaposting stuff you don't Want to dwell too much on. Then the negative stuff. But again, if you need assistance with that kind of understanding that and helping you get through that, just Feel free to you know, to reach out to me. All right, forgiveness and self-compassion All right. So forgive yourself for past mistakes and self-judgment relating to your shadow. Self-compassion is essential for integrating these aspects with without self-criticism, without judgment. All right, be kind to yourself. Set boundaries, establish healthy boundaries with people and situations that trigger your shadow self. So learning to assert yourself and protect your well-being as part of integration. I Went through this with my dad. It was very difficult to be around my dad, matter of fact, the last time he was here and now, energetically, I understood what was going on. So over the years he has come to visit me here in Colorado from Florida, but you know I had, um, there's a long history there. I kind of view my, my relationship with my dad. It was like a karmic relationship, right, we have karmic relationship, soul contracts, things like that. But by karmic meaning there were certain things I needed to clear, to clear out, right, certain lessons I had to learn to learn from, from the soul cut, the soul Connection, the relationship that I agreed to have with my father Prior to incarnating here right, because our souls make agreements to have certain experiences while we're here. The last time he was here, I, um, I, it was difficult to be in the same. I mean, I love my dad, but it was difficult. I had painters here, was renovating my house and he would get right next to me, kind of look over my shoulder if I was on my phone or trying to figure something out or talking to the, you know, the painters or whatever. And his energy, the energy for me, was too dense and I had, I literally had to physically remove my distance myself, all right. So I had to set personal boundaries for myself. I Didn't tell my dad, kind of, you know what I was experiencing because I at the time I didn't realize what was happening. But I have done. The last time he was here it was better than the time before that the time before that I used to kind of get, and it was, I used to find it very difficult to have conversations with my father. So, again, if you, he would, so he would trigger me. So if you have individuals in your life that that trigger you and you know they trigger you, set boundaries right and work on those triggers. Why is it? Why is someone or something triggering you? Okay, and do that work, but set boundaries. If you need to, alright, mindfulness and meditation, all right. So practicing mindfulness and meditation, I can help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions as they arise, right. So this awareness is a crucial step in integrating the shadow. Now, if you're not used to meditating, when you start out meditating you might find it difficult to relax and to get into meditation. I Did at first to, because the as barrage of Thoughts would just come in and I you know it was difficult to kind of calm my mind. But Over time, what? What happened was those thoughts Seized, not all the time. You know I still get thoughts when I'm meditating, but now I'm sorry, I'm tuned kind of. You know my higher self. So I'm having these conversations that my guys, my hair stuff, etc. And sometimes I'll pick up on thoughts that that I know are mine, right, I'm picking up on thoughts, you know, and because we're all connected, this collective consciousness, past life experience, whatever other dimensions, timelines etc. So but I'm very I'm able to kind of discern now what's what, and there are a lot of times I really entered that void, right, that would complete void, no thoughts it's, you know. I would say it probably took, I Don't know, three, four months to be able to kind of experience that meditation. I actually somebody at one of my I'm, you know, I'm member of a group From with one of my previous coaches, you know a really beautiful community, and she had asked a question on if you, what would, if, if you could tell your younger self something about meditation, what would you tell them? I think there was something similar to that and my answer was Give it time, give it time, okay, of Eventually, the barrage of thoughts you know will, you know they'll die down, they'll cease to be and you'll enter the beautiful void. So Practice, practice, practice. And sometimes I don't even go into in meditation, like with my eyes closed and stuff. I can sit and stare at a what the stair offense and you know into into space, stir at a wall and just date ring. I'm able to do that now, too, without being distracted. All right, um, the next point is refraining from negative beliefs. So, challenge and refrain negative beliefs that you hold about the suppressed aspects of yourself. So, and then seek evidence that contradicts these, contradicts these beliefs, right. Again, when it comes to journaling, you can revise, you can revise these thoughts and beliefs. Okay, you can change them in an instant and then keep doing that. Be persistent, you know, until that new belief Takes. Hold, all right. So, shadow work exercises so, you know, explore various shadow work exercises and practices, you know, that can involve visualization, dialogues with your shadow creative activities and that are specifically designed to uncover and integrate your hidden aspects. Right, I'm sure you can do research on the internet, you know, and and find specific shadow work exercises. And then again, seek guidance, right, therapist, you know, a teacher, a healer. You can consult books or workshops. Again, spiritual teachers, therapists, who specialize in shadow work, you know they can provide guidance and structure for your journey. So, again, you know, even though I am a conscious manifestation coach, right, because I've been through this experience, doing the shadow work and stuff like that, that is something, you know something. If you really want to work with me, I'm happy to work with you on that. I don't know. However, I don't want you to feel alone, but you know I may not Resonate. You may find somebody else that resonates that you want to work with, or you may choose to do the work that yourself right, maybe feel more comfortable just Doing the work yourself, and Then you do the work and realize how beautiful and strong, courageous you really are. Because, again, face in your soul, like that face in your shadow, is one of the most important things, one the most difficult things you may ever do. All right, all right. So some tools and techniques Actually, we just went through all. So this is so a lot of these right are Really kind of we've already covered a lot of this meditation and Journaling and things like that. So, navigating the depths of your psyche, that introspective journey, right, that leads to self-discovery and personal growth, it's it, you know it's, it's really profound, it's important and you'll need tools along the way. So there's meditation, there's journaling, which we talked about, therapy, dream analysis you know the shadow work, creative expression, a Mindfulness right, spin, mindful, being aware of your thoughts, things like that. You can also do things like psychological assessments, right, like Myers-Briggs, the Myers-Briggs type indicator for the enneagram, right. Those types of things can just kind of offer insight into your personality, motivations and behaviors. Also, human design I was unaware of human design until you know. I worked with Shobani and she looked into my Akashic records and my human design, which is you just provide the information similar to like you would with an astrological chart. So I'm misogytarius. And then my human design. So I'm a manifesting generator. And I tell you, when I received the information from my human design chart, I was blown away. I was like, oh, so many more things make sense. Now, if you're interested in that, if you go to my website not the first page but any of the other pages in the sidebar I actually have like a little image for Jim Matrix and you can click on that and it'll take you. You can do your own assessment if you want. Or you can just do a Google search for human design chart and, you know, use that as take a look at your human design chart. Or do a combination of things right. You can do the Myers-Briggs, you can do your human design chart, your astrological chart, right. Everything gives us a little bit of insight into, you know, into ourselves, really. There's also breath work, all right. So certain breath work techniques can help you access deeper layers of consciousness and release emotional blockages right, techniques like holotropic breath work or like Pana Yama those can really be transformative. There's biofeedback devices, right, or like sound therapy, things like that. Biofeedback can provide like real-time information about physiological responses to stress and emotions and this kind of feedback can help you become more aware of how your mind and body are interconnected. Guided imagery or visualization you can do art therapy Reading the self-help books, you know. Join a peer group therapy, you know. And then holistic approaches right, things like yoga or Tai Chi, energy healing techniques like Reiki, you know, et cetera. On that note, I also do distance Reiki healing, so I am a level two practitioner, so I do distance Reiki as well. So as part of, you know, as part of healing modality, all right. There's somatic therapy. Somatic therapy focuses on the mind-body connection and, you know it may involve physical exercises, body awareness and relaxation techniques to access and process deeply held emotions. I never had somatic therapy specifically, but through regular massage therapy I was able, and then sacral therapy helped me to really release a lot of trauma and my own body especially, you know, with some of the abuse I dealt with growing up. All right. And then, of course, nature and solitude right. Spending time in nature, engaging in solitude, you know, could provide a peaceful and reflective environment for self-discovery. And then grounding right, it's. Grounding is so, so helpful. I ground a lot now and because my, because my Kundalini has awakened, I feel energy in my body, sometimes so intense that I have to ground myself. Otherwise it's like I really have to concentrate, like if I'm sitting still and I can feel the energy searching through my body. And sometimes it feels like like shock, like I can actually feel like jolts of energy, like in my hands or my feet and again coursing through my body. So for me, I ground pretty regularly. As a matter of fact, it's getting cold outside here in Colorado, so I have a grounding mat for my bed that I lay on and I have a grounding mat. So if I'm sitting in my chair, if I'm going to sit in my chair, if I'm going to sit in my chair, I'm going to sit in my chair, I'm journaling or reading or whatever, or sitting here at my desk, I'm able to plug in the grounding mat, so I'm constantly grounding. That can be very helpful, all right. So remember that navigating the depths of your psyche can be a lifelong journey. Right and maybe intense at first, it gets much, much easier. So it's important to be patient and gentle with yourself. You know, as you explore your inner world, as you get to really know your soul, and it's often beneficial, again, to seek professional guidance when needed only if you feel called to do so. You know, and the specific tools and techniques you choose are going to depend on your preferences and what resonates with you personally. Okay, all right. So that is it for this second episode on in this series of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension the Journey of Self Realization, shadow Work and Self Exploration. All right, so thank you so much for joining me for this episode and I hope to see you in episode three next week. All right, bye now.

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