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Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 8: The 5th Dimension and Beyond

December 04, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 8
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 8: The 5th Dimension and Beyond
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Ready to challenge your perception of reality and step into a realm of unity, love, and transcendence? Today, we're guiding you beyond the mundane and into the Fifth Dimension, a higher state of consciousness that shatters the confines of linear time. We unravel personal tales of our awakening journeys, those precious moments where we brushed against this elevated state of existence, and shed light on how to cultivate and maintain this awareness in our everyday lives.

Turn your attention to the power of manifestation and the magic of heart-centered living in the second part of our enlightening dialogue. Learn how our thoughts, intentions, and words shape the very fabric of our reality, and how we can harness this understanding to birth a world infused with compassion, empathy, and healing. We delve into the phenomenon of collective consciousness and how heart-centered decisions ripple out to benefit the greater good. As we wrap up, we leave you with a tantalizing sneak-peek of our next episode, where we will journey further into the process of ascension and the tools that can support this spiritual evolution. Intrigued? Tune in and let's reshape the way we see ourselves and the world around us, one dimension at a time.

If you want additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or YouTube channel.

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If you want additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or YouTube channel.

Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to today's episode of the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach. For those of you who are just tuning in, we are on our eighth episode of our series on awakening to the Fit the Mention the journey of self realization. Today's episode is on the Fit the Mention and beyond. So we're going to I'm going to be describing the Fit the Mention and its characteristics, the idea of living in love, oneness and higher states of awareness, and the significance of heart centered living and its impact on the world. So, first of all, the Fit the Mention is not something outside of us. None of the dimensions are. Everything is within us, everything exists within us and then is projected out onto the screen of space for us to experience in our reality. Alright, so the concept of the Fit the Mention and beyond is really a spiritual and metaphysical belief system. Okay, that envisions higher states of consciousness and and existence beyond our conventional third dimensional reality. So you know, I realize that you know, for some individuals who haven't had certain experiences, that the concept of anything beyond our third dimensional reality may seem kind of kind of out there, kind of woo woo. But once you've, once you've awakened and had certain experiences, right once you've really embarked on your ascension journey, once you're consciously aware of what is happening within you and how it's being reflected back to you, etc. It begins to make more sense because you can't deny it, you cannot deny the experiences. I've been on my awakening journey consciously since 2019. I'm an old soul, I've lived many past lives so and of course, our souls are infinite. So, lifetime after lifetime you know we're when we've incarnated here on Earth, we we incarnate lifetime after lifetime to have certain experiences and then, once we awaken, we go through the ascension process. You know who your soul may choose to incarnate again, you may choose to incarnate somewhere else. Right, there are infinite possibilities. But the fifth dimension is an experience that our souls can choose to experience right in this lifetime, once we awaken. And it's really that state, it's really just a higher state of consciousness. Alright, things like heightened awareness, where we experience oneness, love and a deeper connection to the universe, because we realize there is no separation. Everything really is just an aspect of us, an aspect of, of source of God. There is no separation and every everybody in this world is is playing their part. Okay, we'll have roles to play in in each other's individual realities for the sake of the experiences that we chose to experience in this lifetime. Alright, so the fit dimension again, it's perceived as a higher vibrational state of consciousness that transcends our ordinary 3d reality and it's characterized by the following features Oneness and unity. So in this fifth dimensional state of awareness, there's a profound recognition of the interconnectedness and oneness of all life. So, those who understand that, you know we're part of a larger, unified whole and this awareness fosters a deep sense of unity and love. No judgment, no hatred. No, you know thinking that life is all these terrible things are happening to you, people are treating you badly, etc. None of that, because you realize that everything is just an experience and everything is connected and you're able to. It really starts before, you know, beforehand, right going through things like the dark night of the soul, kind of purging all of these old belief systems, all of these limitations, etc. Learning to self love, and then you rise to higher states of consciousness. So by the time you move into the state of awareness, this fit dimensional state of consciousness, you've really purged all of that, all of that stuff, and you're able to experience this sense of unity and love. Now, there have been a handful of people we know in our lifetime right that have seemingly reached the state of consciousness. You know, people that we would consider ascended masters. But you and I, in moments on our journey, and even if we're not fully there yet, can experience moments of that. I've experienced, you know, moments of this fifth dimensional state of awareness. You know periodically, but I'm not yet, I haven't yet, you know, been able to sustain it, for you know more than a day or two at a time, but it's all part of the process, all right. So one of the next features of the transcendence of linear time so linear time is just a construct and you know our third dimensional reality state of awareness, it really the lines of linear time become blurred Once you transcend the third dimensional state of reality or state of consciousness and really move into the fourth dimension and the you know the various planes in the fourth dimensional state of awareness. Time can get kind of wonky, right. People experience, you know, things like what they would consider, what we would consider glitches in the matrix or timeline shifts, things like that. Time really does get kind of wonky, all right. So time in the fifth dimension is often experienced as nonlinear, with past, present, future really converging into the present moment, because there really is only the now moment. Each and every moment, we are shifting timelines and we are creating the next now moment, or many would call that our future. And then when we look back on the past, where we it's real, that too is just a now moment, because everything is existing simultaneously. But as we look back on things as especially things are traumatic or not very pleasant, all we're doing is reanimating that thought, because all things exist, all experience, all experiences exist In the Akashic records the Bible is called the Book of Life Everything that could exist exist. It never truly goes away, it's just. What happens is, as we move into higher states of consciousness and we get away from this idea of a third dimensional reality and linear time, we and then we do things like awaken right understand that we are the creators of a reality and that we are conscious, we are manifesting everything that we're experiencing. We begin to take our awareness away from certain things that we've experienced. So, because we've taken our awareness away from those things and moved into higher states of consciousness, right, no longer being in, you know, in certain states of awareness or consciousness, things like, you know, poverty mindset or victim mindset, things like that, some of the more negative things. Once we take our awareness away from that, they seemingly don't exist in our reality, but in truth they do exist in the, you know, in the records, in the Akashic records, in the Book of Life, because they never truly go away. We just take our awareness away from it. But in a fit dimensional state of awareness, we that the idea of linear time really converges and again, it leads to a sense of timelessness and a deeper understanding of the eternal. Now, alright, the next feature is higher vibrational frequency. Okay, so the fit dimensional state of awareness is, you know, is believed to vibrate at a higher frequency, characterized by love, joy and harmony. Fear and negativity have less influence in this dimension, in the fit dimension and you know, we tend to operate from a place of love and compassion. Okay, you know, and again, that's, it can be observed by looking at, you know, ascended masters, buddha and others, right, how they treat or how they have treated others. Alright, there was something I wanted to say about, oh, about frequency. One thing you'll notice as you are going through the ascension process, you will start to experience certain physical symptoms and this idea of vibrating at a higher frequency. For me, I can personally feel it in my body and I know I'm not the only one. There are plenty of people out there going through this. For instance, a lot of times, especially if I'm, if I'm really tired, like if I'm laying down to go to sleep, or if I'm just kind of waking in the morning, I actually feel like I mean, I'm perfectly still, but my body feels like it's spinning, which is an interesting, an interesting experience, to say the least. So, as we do all this work, all of this clearing okay and as we become grounded and we learn to really like work with the energies, like, feel them and optimize like negative emotions, we integrate lessons that we're learning, we begin to actually feel these ascension symptoms, you know, and they range Eventually I'll do a probably a YouTube video on my personal ascension symptoms but the vibration, like this actual feeling of like vibrating or spinning, is very tangible. Alright, so another thing, another feature is expanded consciousness. Alright, so consciousness is expanded in the fifth dimension, right, and this expansion in consciousness enables us to access higher states of awareness. The veil is lifted. We're able to see, seemingly, the unseen. You know and experience things that you know that not everybody is experiencing at the same time as you may be experiencing it. Alright, so this expansion in consciousness leads to deeper insight into the nature of reality and, again, a greater connection to the universe, right, because then the realization of the infinite possibilities that are out there is really undeniable. Alright, so the next feature I'm going to talk about is manifestation. Alright, so thoughts and intentions, okay, have, and words have more immediate and powerful effects on shaping one's reality in the fifth dimension. So I'm going to change something here real quick. I left the word words out, but words are important. So, and by immediate it's been the reason thoughts, words and intentions have a more immediate, powerful effect on, you know, shaping our reality in the, in a fifth dimensional state of awareness, is because we're not focused so much on the opposites of what we're intending for. Okay, because we've done so much of that work of clearing old belief patterns, old thought patterns, things like that. So in this higher state of awareness, the I would say, our, our channel really becomes more clear. Okay, um, we become. And I just did a YouTube. I just did a YouTube video on a dream that I had about, about becoming clean. It was a, it was a biblical dream, but we really do become more clean, right, we've purged so much of the old and then, by this time, many of us have learned to take better care of ourselves, which really, from a physical aspect, helps us to become more clean as well. So we don't have so much in the way opposing or opposite of what we are intending to manifest, so the effects can become more immediate and powerful, all right. And this fifth dimensional state of awareness emphasizes the understanding of conscious creation and the role that our mind has in shaping our experiences, because then we realize that life is not happening to us. We are creating all of this, all of the experiences, things happening on a global scale. You know, we're co-creating that with other souls who are still aspects of ourselves, because we're all aspects of God. Everything is connected, all right. Last feature I want to mention is heart centered living All right. So living from the heart rather than the ego is really a central characteristic of a fifth dimensional state of awareness. Our decisions and actions are guided by love, compassion and a genuine concern for the well-being of all living beings, because then you realize that everything is just an aspect of you and you are an aspect of God. Therefore, everything is an aspect of source of God. So you become guided by love, and not only that, but I would say your gut instinct too, because that's really where, for many of us, like that intuition, our higher self speaking to us, and then we're led by a higher, higher guidance, rather than just the ego. So, for instance, somebody may say, hey, do you want to go? Do this? Right, you want to go out tonight or whatever? Or do you want to participate in this work, function or whatever? And instead of perhaps being like a people pleaser or doing something just because everybody else is doing it, you can become more in tune with your higher guidance and you don't do things that you don't want to do. That's been my experience. I do not do anything that I don't want to do, and I don't know how other people feel about that or what they think about. That doesn't faze me, because I choose to stay grounded in the knowing of who I am and following my highest, following the like, my highest, highest guidance. That's not really the word I want to use, but you know what brings me joy, what makes me happy. That's what I'm trying to say. So, and then you know the that aspect of being guided by love and compassion as well. So would I do something that's going to hurt somebody else? No, right, you get into the state of awareness and, and you, you know like you don't do things like gossip or think negative things about other people. You just don't do it because you, you've expanded, all right. All right, let's talk about heart centered living and its impact on the world. I'm going to take a sip of mine mushroom coffee, I'm trying to get used to it. That's not too bad. All right, excuse me. So this concept of heart centered living is really integral to the fifth dimensional shift and it has several significant implications, for instance, compassion and empathy, all right. So heart centered living okay. It fosters compassion and empathy for all living beings. It encourages us to treat others with kindness and understanding, and this leads to more harmonious relationships and a more compassionate society. Again, because you no longer are thinking negatively of yourself or others, no longer you know somebody's hurt you, you no longer are wishing harm upon somebody else, etc. All right. Another aspect is healing and transformation. So living from the heart involves acknowledging and processing one's emotions, leading to this personal healing and transformation in each and every one of us and this inner work essentially has a ripple effect and it contributes to the collective healing of society. So you as an individual, on your awakening journey, doing your healing and releasing whatever it is that you need to release Traumas, old conditionings, etc. As you do that healing, you are affecting humanity Essentially because, again, we're all connected and because everything externally is only a reflection of what we are doing internally. So as you shift internally, you will see that reflected in your reality. All right. Collective consciousness, all right. So when we collectively adopt heart centered living, it can positively influence a collective consciousness, because a society that operates from a place of love and compassion is more likely to address, you know, societal issues with empathy and care we can't really get away from. You know the things happening on a global scale because you know those things have been created. We've created those things to experience, to allow us to learn certain lessons, move into higher states of awareness. So there are going to be things that affect us on a global scale that we impact. And as we move into this heart centered living, again, everything is just a reflection. So as we change, the outer world will change and that brings us to positive change. Okay, so this heart centered living motivates us to make choices and decisions that benefit the greater good and, you know, and this can result in positive changes in areas such as environmental sustainability, social justice, cooperation. Just, you know things that are happening more on a larger scale rather than just our individual, immediate lives. And so let's talk about harmony and peace. Alright, so a society rooted in heart-centered living, you know, is more likely to promote harmony and peace, both on a personal and a global scale. Because you're not dealing with all of this turmoil. You know that perhaps that you used to deal with, or trauma, or, you know, perhaps maybe weren't treated well growing up. You know things like that, since you've done all this work and moved into a fifth dimensional state of awareness, you really are able to feel more harmony and peace and therefore that again, you've created it within and therefore it's reflected in your reality on a global scale, not just in your immediate reality, but eventually on a global scale as well. So conflicts and violences they're less prevalent. You know, when we individualize or when we, as individuals, prioritize love and compassion. Alright, so it's important to note that. You know, while this concept of the fifth dimension and heart-centered living is central to many spiritual and metaphysical belief systems. It's not universally accepted in mainstream science or philosophy. Alright, it's an individual experience first and foremost, you know. But for those of us who embrace these ideas, you know, they offer really a vision of personal and collective transformation which again emphasizes love, unity and a higher state of consciousness. So if you I mean if you are even listening to this podcast, you know this you're not far off from this fifth dimension, this fifth dimensional state of consciousness. Right, it's a journey, though may not happen tomorrow, you may be able to hold it for certain periods of time, but then kind of, you know, seemingly shift down into, you know, into even sometimes a more third dimensional or lower or fourth dimensional state of consciousness. But it's, it's, it's all part of the process with the experience, certain things to expand. So that is it for today's episode on the fifth dimension and beyond. So let's see what is next week. Next week, next week, next week, I'm going to talk about tools for ascension, going through this ascension process. All right, so thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. Have everyone, have a lovely day wherever you are in the world, and I will see you guys in the next episode. All right, bye now.

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