The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 5: We are Co-Creators

November 13, 2023 Lynna K Teer Season 3 Episode 5
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Awakening to the 5th Dimension Episode 5: We are Co-Creators
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Ever wondered how to truly harness the power of your thoughts and emotions? This episode promises to illuminate the intriguing world of manifestation and co-creation, offering you the keys to consciously create your desired reality. Our special guest, spiritual teacher and manifestation coach, Lena, delves into the powerful law of attraction, underscoring the vital roles of mindfulness, gratitude, and positivity in effective manifestation.

We don't just discuss the concepts, we provide practical, actionable tips for you to implement right away. Lena shares her insights on how to cultivate awareness to redirect limiting thought patterns, and encourages us to view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than hindrances. From inviting positivity into our life to taking inspired actions towards our goals, Lena guides us through the dynamic process of co-creation. Lean in as we explore the possibility within each of us to shape our own reality. Trust us, this episode is more than just a conversation; it’s a catalyst for transformation.

If you want additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or YouTube channel.

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If you want additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or YouTube channel.

Speaker 1:

Hello everyone, welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting podcast. My name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach and we have been going a little bit beyond just Mindset and Manifesting into really the journey of awakening here on this podcast, and today is no different. Today we are on episode 5 of a 10-part series on awakening to the fifth dimension, the journey of self-reflection. In today's episode, the subject is we are co-creators, and not only are we co-creators, we are the creators of our reality. I've gone into that deeper on my YouTube channel. So if you're interested and more insight on that, just head over to my YouTube channel and I have a playlist on Mindset and Manifesting, so most of those videos are categorized in that playlist. Alright, let's get into today's episode. We are co-creators, alright. We're going to talk about the power of manifestation and how our thoughts shape our reality, and I'll give you some practical tips for consciously creating the life you desire and, on that note, consciously creating the life you desire. I am working on a spiritual discipline and conscious manifesting course. I have retitled that before. It was titled Living Consciously. So by the end of this 10-part series I will have the information available on that course if you are interested, alright. So the idea that we are co-creators, alright, suggests that we actively participate in shaping our reality and the experiences we encounter in life. So this idea is based on the belief that our thoughts, our intentions and our consciousness play a vital role in the creation of our personal and collective experiences. Alright, so here's a bit of an explanation of this content. First, there's a power of manifestation. Okay, so co-creation involves the power of manifestation, right, which is the ability to bring about desired outcomes through conscious intention and focused thought. It's the idea that our thoughts and intentions can influence the events and circumstances in our lives. The second point, right, this idea is the law of attraction. Co-creation is closely associated with the law of attraction, alright, a belief that like attracts like. So this means that the energy and thoughts we emit into the universe will attract similar energies and experiences into our lives. In other words, our dominant thoughts and emotions shape our reality. Alright, so now this is just an overview, right, of this concept that we are co-creators. For those of you who follow me on my YouTube channel, you'll know that I've kind of had my ideas on attracting. Things is a little bit. I don't fully believe enough when it comes to manifestation, right, we essentially choose which state of consciousness that we desire, that we're going to occupy, whether it's a state of being healthy, or, said, rich or poor, etc. Because all things exist. So all realities technically exist. All things exist. We choose what we want to experience and we step into that. However, there are a lot of people just like me, starting out on the journey prior to awakening, or even you know those in their way into their awakening journey, who their primary belief is in the fact that we attract things into our life. There's no right or wrong, right. Everybody is at a different point on their journey and really it all comes down to our belief anyway. So I just wanted to mention that because, even though I'm mentioning it here for those of you guys again who've listened to me other podcast episodes here on my channel or my YouTube, I didn't want you to think that there was that I was like contradicting myself what I've previous said. Alright, then there's conscious intention. Okay, so to be a co-creator, I mean even to be a creator and co-creator, and by co-creator I mean, like what we see as a whole on really a planetary level, on a universal level. Okay, once stuff comes into our awareness and then we focus on that kind of feed into it. Right, we are co-creating with humanity of those who are focused on certain things, like you know, the outcome of an election or what is going on, say, in the financial sector, or with things like the shape of our planet. Right, when it comes to, like natural disaster, things like that Co-creating right, you see something, something is brought into your awareness and you focus on that, you give attention to it, you believe that your thoughts are circulating around that concept. You're co-creating In your individual reality, right, your immediate awareness thinks that you want to experience in your life, where humanity as a whole, right, billions of people are not involved in that. You are creating your reality. So there's a conscious intention there to consciously create. Right, to get away from those old belief systems of experiencing things you don't want to experience. Be intentional and consciously create your life and then take responsibility. Okay, so being a co-creator being a creator in and of itself, but again, this episode is on co-creating so being a co-creator implies taking responsibility for the experiences in your life. It acknowledges that you have a role in how your life unfolds and that you can influence it positively. Right? There are no coincidences in this life. Alright, now let's talk about the power of manifestation and how thoughts shape reality. Alright. Energy and vibration so everything in the universe, including our thoughts, emits energy and has a specific vibration. Thoughts and emotions carry their own energetic frequencies, right, which can attract similar frequencies in the world or match up to similar frequencies in the world. So each thought in and of itself, right, each emotion in and of itself carries an energetic frequency that aligns with the energy of whatever is contained within that thought or emotion. So maybe you have a thought about winning the lottery. Okay, so that and result the lottery, right, that winning of the lottery, okay, the thought in and of itself has an energetic frequency and the action has an energetic frequency, because everything is energy. Okay, alright, focused attention. So when we focus our attention on a particular desire or an outcome, we give that particular desire or outcome energy and intention. Okay, this focused attention increases the likelihood of it manifesting in our reality. And finally, positive or negative feedback loop Alright, for those of you who have experienced repeating patterns in your life, it's happened to me. There are feedback loops, okay, and the feedback loops exist for the purpose of experience, so that we can learn to overcome that, right, choose a different thought, choose a different emotion as a pattern arises, so that it's not the same action, the same emotion, the same thought that you had the last time it occurred, until you really until it doesn't occur anymore. Right, because you've kind of chosen a higher state of consciousness of not wanting to experience that again. So you just shift it. Alright, I'm taking a sip of my coffee one sec. Okay, so our thoughts and emotions can create a positive or a negative feedback loop. Positive thoughts and emotions tend to attract positive experiences or align with positive experiences, while negative ones attract or align the opposite. Okay, so be careful Anytime you experience something negative. Mind your thoughts, watch your thoughts, okay. Observe your thoughts and your emotions and your actions, okay. And if they are negative, you need to shift those. Alright, because that pattern will arise again. It may not look exactly the same way, but it will arise in some form, and you'll need to shift your thoughts and emotions and your thoughts and emotions primarily right Into positive ones, so that you don't react negatively. All right, let's now. So let's go over some practical tips for consciously creating the life you desire. How many tips do we have here? Okay, I've got about 10 tips here. All right, clarify your vision. Take time to define what you truly desire in life. Create a clear vision of your goals and aspirations. I would recommend, like, getting very, very clear. Okay, take a notebook or a journal and start defining your life. Start clarifying your life. I have a. I created a conscious manifesting guide in a conscious manifesting journal that takes you through some steps that you can do to help you get clear right On defining your life and rewriting the story of your life. There is a link if you go to my blog. I have a shop on my blog and so you can purchase. It'll take you to Amazon and you can purchase, or just go to Amazon and type in conscious manifesting guide or conscious manifesting journal, or even probably my name, lenike Tierer, and it'll bring that up. But there's a link to my blog in the description box and, if I remember to do this, I'll try to link the, to link the guide and the journal separately. I just need to make a note to do that. All right, setting in tensions all right, is the second key point, or the second tip. So, regularly, set intentions for the experiences out and outcomes that you want to manifest. All right. Be specific and concise in your intentions. The clearer you are right, the clear the outcome okay. And as you go through life right, new things will arise and you may need to set new intentions. So make make clarifying your vision and setting intentions really just like all of these steps, as part of your regular routine. And this goes back to the spiritual discipline and conscious manifesting course, which, again, I'll have more information by the end of this series, so in about 10 weeks, maybe before then, if I can get everything, if I can get the course done, but definitely by the end of the series okay, which will help you guys through these steps, all right. The next key point is positive affirmations. Use positive affirmations right To reinforce your intentions. Affirmations are short. Positive statements right that you repeat yourself regularly to shift your mindset of focus. You don't have to repeat them like a robot, but anytime you find yourself thinking a negative thought, have a positive or come up with a positive affirmation that contradicts that negative one. Okay, and then you reinforce the thought or belief with the positive affirmation All right. The fourth tip is visualization. Practice visualization techniques right, where you vividly imagine your desired outcomes. Visualizing success can help you align your thoughts, with your goals, okay. Visualizing being in great health, being physically fit, et cetera. Those things can help you align with those particular goals. Now, clearly visualizing, right? I understand that not everybody is able to clearly visualize something. I'm not able to do it 100% of the time. You don't need to be able to visualize in clear, clear detail 100% of the time. If you know what, if you know in your mind what you're visualizing, okay. But yet, as you're visualizing, parts of the visualization maybe dark or gray and you may not be able to clearly define exactly what you're saying, if you know what you're visualizing, that's fine, okay. And I would say daydreaming too, right. Sometimes I will kind of look off into the distance and I can see, like staring out a wall or something, and I can visualize in my mind's eye without having my eyes closed. So I can see. And sometimes I can see better daydreaming with my eyes open, staring off into the distance again, at a blank wall or something, I can sometimes see the vision more clearly than if I close my eyes. So try different things and see what works for you, all right. The fifth tip is mindfulness and awareness. So cultivate mindfulness, cultivate awareness. And by cultivate I mean practice, okay, practice mindfulness to become more aware of your thoughts and emotions. Cultivate that awareness. So, and as you cultivate that, you'll see that there are no coincidences. You will see your manifestations all around you, okay, the small ones, the bigger ones, etc. Every manifestation and smaller, big, is relative, right, all right. So recognize and redirect your negative thought patterns, okay, by cultivating the mindfulness, the awareness of your thoughts and the patterns that occur in your life and your emotions. And then tip number six is gratitude. Express gratitude for what you already have. Gratitude is powerful. It's a powerful, some would say, magnet right For attracting positive experiences. Because if you are grateful, you're sending that energy of gratitude out into the universe. Right, that energy, that frequency of gratitude is going to align you with more things that have that same frequency, more things for you to be grateful for. Okay, and take inspired action. Creation, co-creation, involves taking inspired action. Once you set intentions and visualize your desires, take inspired steps toward achieving your goals. Now, inspired action takes awareness, right, because many of us, many of you probably, have been in the mindset before, or are now perhaps, of go, go, go, go. I have to do this to get this done. I have to go. I, you know I have to take care of this or this will happen. That's not true. If you really cultivate this awareness, all right, if you establish a spiritual routine, a spiritual discipline routine, where you are, where you are aware of what is really going on and how you're operating, how your soul is operating, then you will be more in tune to yourself, to your higher self-dispirit, to take aligned action right, because you will feel that you don't always have to be taking action just for the sake of action. Okay, it was helpful for me to understand my human design. So in human design, I am a manifesting generator. That allowed me to kind of understand how I, how I operate right, how I react to things, etc. I'm a very sacral being. So I, you know I feel things right and my sacral chakra, and when I generate energy, I need to generate energy right and put energy towards a certain things. But if I'm not generating energy from my sacral chakra, then I'm not able to really put energy toward anything. So for me, I have to recharge. Okay, the next key point is surrounding yourself with positivity. So spend time right with people, environments that uplift and support your aspirations, things that support you rather than drain you. Positive influences can really reinforce your co-creative efforts. I learned from challenges okay, so few challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. They're just experiences, that's all they are. They're just experiences. Shift your perspective to see how these experiences can contribute to your overall journey. Okay, and then finally, we have trust and patience. Trust the co-creative process and practice patience. Manifestation can take time, right, so just maintain your faith, your trust, your knowing and your intentions. If you set an intention and you know that that thing is going to happen in your life, that thing is going to happen, that knowing and then of itself is so powerful. If you know that something is going to happen, it's powerful if something comes up into your, comes into your awareness that contradicts right, that that desire like seemingly, seemingly coming to fruition. Don't worry about it. If you know that, no matter what arises, that your manifestation will still manifest right and in a tangible form, then that knowing right is going to kind of trump whatever you're seeing in your, in your reality. Right, because everything is unfolding, some things look positive, some things look negative. Right, the thing is to look at it whatever is happening and just know. Just know that your manifestation is coming to fruition because you set the intention and you know what's going to happen. You're that powerful of a being, your soul is that powerful. I mean, look at what you've already created or co-created everything in your existence. You've created a co-creative. You're that powerful, right? So why would you doubt anything? Okay, remember that being a co-creator it doesn't mean that you can control every aspect of your life, because each, each intention, each thought, each emotion, each believe, everything, right, contains within it and energetic frequency, right. So there are certain things that need to happen within the core of each of those thoughts, motions, etc. Okay, like a little, a little egg that contains everything it needs, right, to occur. Um, so you can't control absolutely everything, right, but it empowered, especially when you're co-creating, right, because when you're co-creating like the things happening on the screen of space, right, humanity is co-creating with you. I could go a lot, a lot deeper into that I just touched on I think I did a tip, talk about it. Maybe a YouTube on the howl, like the battle within us, the turmoil within us, is going to reflect on in our reality on the screen of space. So, essentially, everything really that is happening within externalizes, okay, as it externalizes, right. Then what happens is we become aware of that. Sometimes it shows up something on the grander scale, right, and then we become aware that it's happening and that humanity is aware of it and then, as a whole, begins co-creation. Okay, yeah, it's very everything comes down to us, really, as within so without, but there are many layers to that. So let's just simplify it by saying that co-creating doesn't mean that you can control every aspect of your life. Further on in your journey, you may understand that that is a portion of the story, because really we do create everything, all right. So, remembering that you're a co-creator, again, it doesn't power you to consciously influence your experience and shape your reality to a significant extent, right, it's a mindset and it's a practice that fosters a proactive and intentional approach to living a fulfilling life. Okay, but this journey, again, is multi-layered. At some point I'll probably go into that a little bit more here in the podcast. You know I definitely do that on my YouTube channel. So that is it for today's episode. Let's see, I'm going to see what we're talking about in next week. Let me bring up my notes. So next week, oh, next week we're going to talk about the transition to the fourth dimension. All right, thank you so much for joining me again today. Don't forget check out the link Again. I may not to put a link to the conscious manifesting guide and the journal and the description box. I will see you guys next week. All right, bye now.

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