The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast

Manifestation Mastery: Vision and Clarifying Your Desire

January 05, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 2
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: Vision and Clarifying Your Desire
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๐ŸŒŸ Welcome to another transformative episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast" with Lynna K Teer! ๐ŸŒŸ

In this empowering session, Lynna dives deep into the art of Manifestation Mastery, focusing on a crucial aspect: "Vision - Clarifying Your Desire." ๐Ÿš€โœจ

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as Lynna shares profound insights and practical strategies to help you gain crystal-clear clarity on your desires. Learn the secrets to fine-tuning your vision, turning your dreams into a magnetic force that effortlessly attracts abundance, joy, and success into your life. ๐Ÿ’ซ

Discover the power of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and intentions with your deepest desires, creating a harmonious frequency that resonates with the universe. Lynna's unique blend of spiritual teachings and conscious manifestation coaching provides actionable steps to guide you toward manifestation mastery.

Whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just beginning your journey, this episode is packed with wisdom that will elevate your mindset and accelerate your manifesting abilities. ๐ŸŒˆโœจ

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast, where I now talk about manifestation as well as the journey of awakening. My name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach, and I'm passionate about supporting conscious men and women on their transformative paths. I'm dedicated to helping you develop unwavering trust in your intuition and to step all into your true power and purpose, helping you to foster deep self discovery so that you can live a more authentic, purposeful life in alignment with your inner wisdom. Now let's get into the episode. This is the first episode of our next 10 part series on manifestation mastery, and I say are because we're co creating here. However, I will be your guide on this journey of conscious creation. Today, in episode one, we delve into the foundational step of manifestation, which is clarifying your desired reality and creating a vision. So we will talk about setting the stage, defining vision, the importance of specificity, the power of imagination, emotional resonance in your vision and crafting your vision statement or mantra. Okay, so first let's talk about setting the stage. So, in this vast tapestry of life, the power of manifestation really lies within our ability to envision the reality we desire. And we're talking about conscious creation here, because we are always manifesting. Many times we have manifested unknowingly, right Before we became aware of the fact that that is what we are doing and that everything we experience is a manifestation. So when I talk about manifestation, I want to make it very clear that I'm talking about conscious creation. So we are now consciously aware of what we are doing, okay. So again, this power of manifestation lies within our ability to envision. That doesn't the reality that we desire, okay, and that all begins with a vision, or really an idea of knowing exactly what you want. Okay, a clear image. So you had that, you have this desire, okay, you know what you want. Then you develop this clear vision or this clear image that serves as the blueprint for the life that you wish to create, okay. So manifestation, in essence, is an art form that really invites us to step into the role of an artist, and I'm going to use in this episode, I'm going to use an artist as an example. You know, you can use an author as an example, or, you know, a director of a play, but again, I'm going to use artists really as an analogy. So think of an artist, right, taking hold of the paintbrush to craft the canvas, right? So, essentially, that's what you're not doing, as you learned to consciously manifest. Right, you're taking that paintbrush and crafting the canvas of your existence with intention and purpose, or, hopefully, that's what you're doing, that's what we're going to learn to do, if you're not already doing this, if you're not already practicing practicing this, alright. So at the heart of manifestation, alright, is really this concept of being a visionary artist. Okay, so you're now in, have the ability, now that you're aware that you can envision anything that you want and know that you can create that that can become your, that can become your reality. Okay, so much like a painter who envisions the final masterpiece before the first stroke even of the brush. Okay, manifestation involves creating a mental image of the reality that we seek. So this vision then becomes our guiding light, directing our thoughts, our actions and our choices. Okay, so you're going to paint with intention. Manifestation is not a passive process, but rather an active and intentional one, and it requires us to choose our thoughts and our beliefs carefully, recognizing their influence, really, on the reality that we're painting. Okay, because our thoughts and our beliefs create, so we do be mindful of those. So, just as an artist selects colors and brushes purposefully. We must be mindful of the thoughts that we entertain and the beliefs that we hope. So we need to make sure that that they align with the vision that we aim to manifest. So, every stroke think of this every stroke on the canvas of manifestation is driven by purpose. Now that you're consciously aware of what you're creating, alright. So without purpose, our creation really lacks depth and meaning. So, purpose knowing what we want, right. That the knowing, this desire that we wish to create, right. Having that purpose of wanting to manifest this desire, okay, it fuels our intentions, which provides a motivation to persevere through challenges and setbacks. Okay, neville Goddard talks about persistent assumption. Be persistent in what you are assuming and what you are creating, okay. So purpose really acts as a foundation upon which our manifestation takes shape. Okay, infusing it really with authenticity and significance Alright. So the journey of manifestation Alright, it really is a creative process that unfolds over time. It always has been, always will be. It is how we came to be. We are manifestations of the word of God or source, whatever name you choose to call the, the creator of all that is the universe, and I realize some individuals, you know, have issues with using the term God, etc. But but I that's the term that I will use God or source, so. So again, it's manifestation, really, it and it is a journey. We've been on this journey since you know the we were born really, and again, it's a creative process. It's like painting, gradually revealing its layers. Our reality transforms through a series of intentional steps and processes. Okay, once we become consciously aware and we're actually being intentional rather than just, you know, kind of being a loop about everything and thinking like that life is happening to us or allowing life to happen to us, right, we'll take the reins and, more consciously, creating that we do through. So, through a series of intentional steps and choices, whether you're doing manifesting techniques like journaling, creating affirmations, you're meditating and visioning, visualizing, etc. Okay, patience and persistence, though going through this process, are really key as we navigate the, the ebb and flow of this creative process, because it's not always going to be smooth sailing, because, remember, we are on this journey of awakening. Okay, we are learning lessons as we go along, we are breaking patterns, etc. Okay, and I'm going to talk about more about awakening and the journey and stuff in future and other episodes. We just finished series on the different, on awakening to the fifth dimension, but in this series we're going to focus on manifestation. But anyway, so we go through this ebb and flow of the creative process, right, because things are always manifesting. So we're seeing in our reality the old and the new unfolding simultaneously, and sometimes it can be kind of hard to pick out, you know, unless you really cultivated that awareness. Sometimes it can be difficult to look out and see your manifestation because it looks as though maybe life is happening to you that you have no control over that, and that is not the case. You're manifesting everything. How it shows up is not up to us, and that's why things can look kind of confusing Sometimes. Right, like, how did I create this In my life? This is not what I wanted, but anyway. So just trust that each decision that you make contributes to your overall masterpiece. Okay, and just like any artistic endeavor, obstacles are inevitable. Again, we're breaking patterns on this journey of awakening, learning lessons, etc. So they're going to be obstacles because there are lessons to learn. And again, everything is a reflection, right, of what we're doing internally. So we're going to see, we're going to see the things that we need to work on, etc. And manifestation is no exception. Conscious manifestations, no exception, okay. So challenges may arise, right, you test it, which will test our commitment really to the vision we hold. So, for instance, you may have a desire, okay, and you're, you're doing techniques, affirming, visualizing whatever to consciously create that in your life, to consciously manifest that, but maybe something comes up that looks opposite. Well, that's there to show you really what your underlying belief may be about that particular desire. So it's given you the opportunity to kind of look at that and and and give some thought, right, what is this obstacle showing you? Okay, and work through that. So these obstacles are really opportunities for growth and and refinement. But they give us the opportunity to test our commitment to the vision that we hold and I'm going through this right now. This, actually, the past couple months, have been for me a little, a little challenging in that there's a lot of stuff coming up to assist me in reaffirming the direction that I'm going in and not going backwards, right, and that has to do with now sort of the direction, career, wise things like that where I'm going with my teaching, etc. So it's been interesting, to say the least. And now we're in, we're retrograde, so an energy is always very interesting, you know, for me it, I have to really kind of ground myself and stay centered. So, yeah, it's been interesting, not so much in that blissful fifth dimensional type or fifth dimensional state of awareness recently, but that's okay, because I'm very aware of what's going on, of the lessons etc. And again set up and flow right. So my commitment to the vision that I hold is being tested, and you'll be tested to just be persistent, okay, all right. So refinement yeah, there's this inner refinement that that takes place within all of us. So, with resilience though, you know, and and really a steadfast belief in the power of manifestation and in your own creative power, you know you can overcome hurdles and continue painting your desired reality. So, remember that it's a journey, okay, and it's really empowering us to shape our destiny, like actively, consciously, okay. So embrace that role of a visionary artist. Okay, paint the campus of your existence with intention and purpose and live the life that you really want to live. You can create it, okay. Now let's talk about defining vision. Okay. So, in the realm of manifestation, the concept of vision really transcends the ordinary and it takes on a transformative role. So it's not merely a fleeting daydream, or rather a powerful force, that that really shapes the reality that we seek to manifest. So, at its core really, okay, vision and manifestation it's more than just a mental picture. It's a dynamic and vibrant image that goes beyond the surface, and it encompasses specificity, clarity and a deep emotional connection to the desired reality. That's what you want when you're defining your vision. Okay, so, unlike a passing thought, a true vision becomes a living, breathing entity within our consciousness, really driving our intentions and actions. Okay so, imagine vision as the architects blueprint. Okay, the detailed plan that lays the foundation for the reality that we aim to create. And this blueprint isn't just a vague outline, it's a meticulously crafted guide that outlines every nuance of our desired existence. Okay, so, from the colors of our experiences to the emotions that saturate them, the vision acts as the guiding star that directs the energy of manifestation toward a specific destination. And a powerful vision is vivid and specific. It's not enough to vision a general idea of success or happiness instead. I mean, you can do that, but that's what you're going to get is general, so go specific, okay. So manifestation invites us to dive deep into the details, painting a picture, again, with vibrant colors, intricate brushstrokes. Right, the artist comes into play here. So the more detailed and specific the vision, the clearer the path becomes, guiding us through the. You know the twists and turns of the manifestation journey and emotions think of emotions as the palette with which we paint our vision into reality. So compelling vision elicits a strong emotional response, creating a resonance that proposes forward. So, whether it's a warmth of fulfillment, the thrill of achievement or the serenity of balance, the emotional connection to the vision adds depth and authenticity to the manifestation process. Okay, so, really, in the vast universe of manifestation, vision serves as a guiding star that navigates us through the cosmic sea of possibilities and it really is a cosmic sea, let me tell you. So it provides a sense of direction, okay, which keeps us focused on the destination, even when the journey becomes challenging, because it does on the vision that you craft, acts as a constant reminder of what we're working towards, okay, infusing our efforts, really, with purpose and determination. Okay. So, in this intricate dance of manifestation, vision really emerges as as a linchpin that holds the entire process together. So it's more than a fleeting fantasy. Again, it's really like this vivid, specific and emotionally resonant image that acts as a blueprint for the reality that we want to manifest. Again, you can go general but be creative, get specific, make your vision vivid using your senses Okay, and embrace the power, vision, right A lot, the true, potential manifestation, so you can transform your dreams into tangible experiences. Okay. So now let's talk about the power of precision, or rather the importance of specificity. Okay, so, in the intricate art of manifestation, the importance of specificity cannot be overstated. Okay, so crafting your vision, one that is vividly detailed and specific, goes beyond just wishful thinking. Okay, it sharpens the focus, right. Creating this vivid, detailed, specific vision sharpens the focus and it provides a clear roadmap for the universe to follow. It doesn't have to be a long vision, it can be really short and to the point, but make it as vivid as possible, Okay. And then you're given again, you're given the universe a clear roadmap of exactly what you want. Okay, it's really this specificity is really the magic ingredient that transforms a vague desire into a tangible reality. It involves articulating the details of your vision with clarity and precision. Okay, instead of the artist, again here. Right. So, instead of a broad stroke, specificity zooms in on the nuances, bringing into focus the intricacies of the reality you wish to manifest. So, think of your vision as a set of directions for the universe. The more specific and detailed you are, the more accurately the universe can interpret and respond to your request. So it's akin to providing a GPS coordinate rather than a general location. Okay, specificity acts as the guiding map, allowing the universe to navigate, really, this vast landscape of possibilities and aligned circumstances to bring your vision to life. It also, being specific also sharpens the focus of your intention, right, it cuts through the noise of, you know, just the vague aspiration. So when your vision is crystal clear, the energy of manifestation becomes constricted and erected. It's like adjusting the lens on a camera, right, bringing the subject into sharp relief and eliminating distractions. And the universe responds to this clarity right, by aligning circumstances and opportunities that match the detailed specifications of your vision. So this relationship between being specific and the clarity of the manifestation path is symbolic. Okay, the more specific you are in crafting your vision, the clearer the path becomes for your desires to unfold. So it's about removing ambiguity and paving the way for a smooth manifestation journey, like following a well-marked trail. Right, specificity ensures that the universe understands your intentions precisely, reducing the likelihood of misinterpretation. So avoid ambiguity. Right, be specific, avoid ambiguity. So ambiguity in your vision, you know, can lead to mixed signals, creating confusion, you know, in the manifestation process. Okay, so being specific helps eliminate any room for miscommunication. It's about articulating not just what you want but the intricate details to make your vision uniquely yours. Specificity ensures that the universe receives a clear and unmistakable message, which really enhances the likelihood of a successful manifestation. That is exactly what you envision, okay, alright, so now let's talk about imagination. Okay, so in this enchanting realm of manifestation, imagination emerges as the transformative paintbrush that transcends the boundaries, really, of our current reality. Alright, so, just as an artist chooses a paintbrush to create a masterpiece on campus, so too does imagination become the tool through which we paint the portrait of our desired reality. So it's a dynamic force that allows us to venture beyond, you know, the confines of our current circumstances and really explore the vast landscape of possibilities that await us. So imagination, if you think about it as being the antidote to limitations, okay, our imagination invites us to break free from the constraints of our current reality and dream beyond what we see with our eyes. In the world of manifestation, it's through the boundless exploration of imagination that we discover the untapped potential and opportunities that exist beyond the surface. The journey of manifestation is transformative, again, right, it takes a transformative turn when we enter the realm of imagination. Okay, so, you know, in this step, really, of using our imagination, give yourself permission to let your imagination run wild. Okay, picture reality that goes beyond what you perceive as possible, allowing your mind to dance right in the vast landscape of creativity. Have fun with it. Have fun with it, alright, and then see, feel and experience in your imagination. Okay, it's not a passive act. Just like I said, manifestation is not a passive act, imagination is not a passive act, but it's an immersive experience. So, using or engaging your imagination right, includes engaging your senses to the fullest. So see the vibrant colors, feel the textures and experience the emotions associated with your desired reality as if they're happening in the present moment. Okay, immerse yourself in the sensory richness of the envisioned world you're creating. When it's wielded correctly, imagination, it has this extraordinary ability to make the envisioned future feel alive in the present moment, and really all there is is now. Okay, so by mentally inhabiting the details of your desired reality, you bring them into the now, therefore aligning your energy with the manifestation process. Okay, so this is the magic of imagination the power to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. So as the paintbrush, so to speak, of manifestation, imagination, you know, it's not just a whimsical diversion, but rather it's really a potent force that fuels the entire process. Okay, the images, feelings and experiences conjured by your imagination become the building blocks for your reality, the reality that you wish to create. And it's a co-creative dance, really, between your creative mind and the vast universe of possibilities. So imagination is really the catalyst that turns dreams into reality in the world of manifestation. So, by letting your imagination run wild and fully experiencing the details of your desired reality, you unlock the creative force that propels you towards your goals. Alright, so embrace the power of imagination as a paintbrush that transforms the canvas of your existence, so allowing you to paint a life that goes beyond the limitations of your current reality. So, step into the wild realm of imagination. You know, watch as the colors of your dreams really do come to life. Now let's talk about emotional resonance in your vision. Okay, so in the symphony of manifestation, emotion, you know, stands out as the powerful fuel that propels our visions into tangible reality. You know, we talked about really making the vision come to life. Okay, emotion when we can really feel it, okay, that really becomes the fuel that propels our visions. Okay, you can imagine visualizing, right, and your vision is vivid and you can hear and smell and see, right, your desired reality. Now, invoke emotion, put your emotion into that. Okay, that really is the fuel, right there. Okay, now you're gonna manifest without the emotion, but the emotion is, is really, can be really powerful. Okay, so, if you so, if you create a scene, right, if your desired reality, so let's, let's say you're, you're manifesting your dream job, right, heart of downtown. You have this great job maybe you're in marketing or finance or something and a high-rise apartment building in the middle downtown. You walk in and there's a coffee shop on the ground floor. You can smell the coffee when you first walk in and you know, imagine going up the elevator and getting off the elevator, walking into your office space and you walk down a little hall, you walk into your office and you're, you've made this office space your own. You're not in a cubicle, you have an office space and you've really made it your own and it feels good to be sitting in the office. You manifested your dream job. How does that feel? Okay, so do work on in bringing your emotion into your vision. Okay, All right. Again, it provides a fuel. It's like the sign-ignition key to manifestation, all right. So picture of your vision as, let's say, a vehicle, okay, embarking on a journey towards your manifestation. And emotion, you know, is a key. So we've switched from the artist, now we're apparently a car. But you know, emotion is a key, right, that ignites the engine. So when our vision elicits strong, positive emotions, we align our energy with the frequency, you know, of the desired reality. So this emotional resonance becomes the propellant that, again, it moves us forward on the path of manifestation. Alright, so as you craft and contemplate your vision, ask yourself a crucial question how does your vision make you feel? So emotions are not just incidental to the manifestation process, they are a heartbeat that brings your vision to life. Just as this sensory vividness can bring your vision to life, adding that emotion into it adds a heartbeat to it and really brings it to life. So the way your vision stirs your feelings is a direct indication of the alignment between your desires and the energetic frequency required for manifestation. And again, conscious manifestation, right, because everything is energy, everything has a frequency, right, even the not so pleasant manifestation. So we're talking like consciously manifesting our desired reality, that frequency, alright. So consider emotional resonance also as a compass that guides you through the terrain of manifestation. How are you feeling? The intensity and positivity of your emotions serve as an indicator of how closely your vision is aligned with your true desires. If you're envisioning something and something's not feeling right, maybe you're not aligned with that. Maybe you need to get clearer again specificity, get clearer on that desire, okay. So if your emotions are, you know again, to say, a magnetic force right, drawing you towards your vision, you're on the right path. Okay, emotional resonance really becomes again the North Star, okay, guiding you with unwavering certainty. Alright, let's talk about your positive emotions, right. So positive emotions play a pivotal role in the alignment process. Okay, the negative ones, you know, are important too, because you can gauge with, even like, the not so great emotions, right, If you're not in alignment. But the positive emotions really play a pivotal role, okay. So when your vision sparks feelings of joy and excitement, gratitude or love, you're tuning yourself to the frequency of abundance and manifestation. So these emotions act as a magnetic force that attracts circumstances and opportunities that are in harmony with your vision. Right, really setting the stage for its realization. You know, energy is, or emotion is energy in motion, right? The energy generated by your emotions, you know, shapes the vibrational frequency of your being, creating a resonance that echoes into the universe. So, when this energy is infused with positivity, it transforms into a really potent force that aligns with the energy of your desired reality. Okay, and it becomes a catalyst for the manifestation process. All right. So, to enhance a manifestation journey, actively cultivate positive emotions associated with your vision. Okay. So engage in activities that evoke joy, express gratitude for the present and future and immerse yourself in the feelings of success and accomplishment. By consciously generating positive emotions, you amplify the energy that fuels the manifestation of your desires. Okay, again, emotion emerges as a vibrant thread, really, that weaves our visions into reality. Okay, and the power of positive emotions really is unparalleled, and its ability to align our energy with the frequency, you know, of our desired reality. So, as you navigate the journey of manifestation, you know, let that question of feeling guide you and use your emotional resonance as a compass. Okay, embrace the heartbeat of manifestation and watch as your vision is just come to life with the extraordinary energy of your emotion. All right. So, finally, we're going to talk about crafting your vision statement or your mantra. Okay, so we talk about everything else, right, the being specific, the importance of, you know, emotions, imagination, etc. And defining your vision. So now let's talk about crafting your vision statement, or creating a mantra or a set of affirmations, etc. So, crafting a vision statement or a mantra, okay, stands as a tangible and actionable step that can propel you towards a manifestation of your desired reality. Okay, your mantra or your vision statement, it's more than just a collection of words. It's a blueprint that outlines the architecture of your desired reality. Okay, so to craft a vision statement or a mantra is to engage in a process that goes beyond like mere wishful thinking. Okay, so if you were to sit down and script, all right, you're basically crafting your vision statement. You're a handful of vision statements, right, as you're scripting. So it involves deliberate and detailed articulation, right, of what you want to manifest. Okay, so specificity becomes a cornerstone, providing, again, a clear roadmap for the universe to follow. So, when you're crafting your vision statement, creating your mantra, your scripting your desired reality, okay, you want to get specific, so clarify the details of your desired reality. Imagine vividly, so let your imagination paint the scenes and experiences you want to feel the emotions and fuse your statement with the emotions you wish to experience, right in your vision, your desired reality. Use positive language. So frame your statement in the present tense, or statements if you're scripting and writing the story for life really Frame your statement in the present tense and use positive language, okay. And then be concise, clear and impactful in the words that you are using. Okay, so you can I mean you can use, you know, your vision statement as an affirmation, okay, and I mean your statement really transcends its role as just in your statement. Okay, it becomes a powerful affirmation, or set up powerful affirmations, right, a declaration really to the universe that you're ready to manifest your desired reality. So by regularly affirming your statement or series of statements, etc. You reinforce your commitment to your desires and then you signal to the Cosmic Forces that you are prepared to receive the abundance that you seek, okay, alright. So that is it for today's episode. I'm trying to get used to reading off of my outline now, so hopefully I get better at that. I used to. I used to just talk and not really have an outline of what I wanted to talk about. So I'm trying to get better at creating an outline and making sure I touch all the points and things like that. So thank you so much for for bearing with me If it, I'm hoping it came together okay and that it will continue to do so. As I practice choosing notes, I've always I've always honestly just thought you know, I have this idea I want to talk about, so let me just let me just start talking and see what, what comes out. But you know, there are some things I don't want to miss any points, some key points and stuff. So it's better that I make notes. So, anyway, alright. So thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. I will keep you guys posted on anything new that I have coming out the way of courses, anything like that. I will have a link in the description box if you want to sign up for my newsletter. I have put out one newsletter. I did that sometime last year 2023. And this year I've decided I want to put out a regular, probably just monthly, newsletter. So if you're interested in that, just click on the link sign up, and I'm not the type I'm not going to bombard you like constantly with newsletters. It'll probably be once a month. That's the goal for now. Just take so if you're interested in staying up to date with anything you know going on, anything new coming out. Definitely sign up for that and if you're not following me, if you're not subscribed to my YouTube channel, I would love to have you over there. You know if, if you're interested, I have some guided meditations now, very short guided meditations, and, of course, I share my podcast over on my channel. And then you. I talked about other things too and I'm hoping to add some more, some more videos and stuff. You know, in the coming year. I definitely want to talk about mystical dreams and visions and shared more channel messages, things like that, more light language. You know things like that. So, all right, thank you again for joining me today and I will see you guys in the next episode. So part two of this 10 part series. All right, have a great day and I'll see you next time. Bye.

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