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Manifestation Mastery: Desire - Igniting the Passion Within

January 08, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 3
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: Desire - Igniting the Passion Within
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๐ŸŒŸ Welcome to another transformative episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast" with Lynna K Teer! ๐ŸŒŸ

In this empowering session, Lynna dives deep into the art of Manifestation Mastery, focusing on a crucial aspect: "Desire - Igniting the Passion Within." ๐Ÿš€โœจ

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as Lynna shares profound insights and practical strategies to help you gain crystal-clear clarity on your desires. Learn the secrets to fine-tuning your vision, turning your dreams into a magnetic force that effortlessly attracts abundance, joy, and success into your life. ๐Ÿ’ซ

Discover the power of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and intentions with your deepest desires, creating a harmonious frequency that resonates with the universe. Lynna's unique blend of spiritual teachings and conscious manifestation coaching provides actionable steps to guide you toward manifestation mastery.

Whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just beginning your journey, this episode is packed with wisdom that will elevate your mindset and accelerate your manifesting abilities. ๐ŸŒˆโœจ

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Speaker 1:

desire, the heartbeat of manifestation. That's what you feel when you want to experience something you have yet to experience. Hello everyone, and welcome to the Mindset Manifesting podcast, where I talk about manifestation as well as the journey of awakening. My name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach, and I'm passionate about supporting conscious men and women on their transformative paths. I'm dedicated to helping you develop unwavering trust in your intuition and step boldly into your true power and purpose, helping you to foster deep self discovery so that you can live a more authentic, purposeful life in alignment with your inner wisdom. Now let's get into the episode. Alright, this is the second episode of our 10 part series on manifestation mastery. Today, we delve into desire and igniting the passion within. We'll talk about the essence of desire, cultivating genuine desire, techniques to fuel your desire, aligning with your heart's desire, navigating external influences and affirming your desires. If you're not subscribed to my monthly newsletter, the link is in the description box. I have new courses, books and products and the works that you won't want to miss In the pursuit of manifesting our deepest desires. The power of affirmations is a deniable, so crafting affirmations that resonate with the heart is an art that goes beyond mere words, right, it's a practice that reinforces the energy of desire. So let's talk about affirmations, the transformative practice of creating them and turning them into declarations that align your thoughts and emotions with the passion of your heart's truest longing. So affirmations, first of all, are not just strings of words. They are potent declarations that carry the energy of intention, because our words have energy. Everything in the universe is energetic. So words are very powerful. And by creating affirmations that affirm your desires, you then engage in a practice that shapes the way you think, feel and, ultimately, the reality that you create. So it's a conscious effort to redirect your thoughts and emotions towards a positive manifestation of your aspirations. And when I, when I talk about affirmations, I don't mean to do them robotically. You, at first, like when I first started creating affirmations, I, you know, had list and list of affirmations and I would repeat them, you know, quite often. And what ended up happening was I realized that I can condense some of these into personal, like mantra statements, personal vision statements, as you will right, made up of words that I can say out loud. So now I have about five that I can repeat that encompass a really the long list of affirmations that I used to do and I don't do them all the time I do. I just do them when I feel like doing them Because otherwise I mean there's no point for and there's for me now, where I'm on at on my journey, there's no point in doing them like daily, to try to like beat that into my subconscious, because my affirmations now are a natural state, a natural feeling state. So when I say them, they don't sound like, they don't sound like too far off, that you know it's something that isn't here yet. I just say them, just sort of as a reminder sometimes or if I'm driving right, and I just say them. But it's so natural now that they just these affirmations, these mantra statements, are just like this is just part of my life now, right, and I believe what I'm saying. So it may take a while to get there, but as you're, as you are saying affirmations, as you are creating affirmations, think about how they make you feel. They don't make you feel good, there's really no point in doing them, okay, so be mindful of the affirmations that you are saying and then, if you get to a point where it's robotic or you're just doing it to force it to do it, then stop because there's no need to do that. Alright. So again, the art of crafting affirmations. It really begins with a connection to the heart, feeling it right, feeling the statements to be true for you, okay, moving you into that state of consciousness of having your desires. So take the time to reflect on your truest desires and aspirations and get specific. Don't be afraid to get specific. What is it that your heart yearns for that you really want to experience in this world? Okay, once you identify your desires, then formulate affirmations that encapsulate the essence of your heart's passion and let the words resonate with the authenticity of your innermost desires. Okay. So give that some thought. I mean, there are hundreds and hundreds of affirmations out there. There are meditations and subliminals and you know affirmation statements that you can find anywhere, basically YouTube and probably in books, things like that that other people may have written on this subject. But what do you want? And craft the statements. If you're going to create affirmations, craft them around how, what you want to experience and how you want to feel experiencing what you want to experience. Okay, given some thoughts, and the more specific you are, okay, the easier it will be to move into that state of consciousness, because you're going to have an idea of how you want to feel, okay, all right. So, again, affirmations are more than just words or like personal mantras I mean, they are, but they're more than that. They're declarations sent out to the universe. Okay, because what you want to experience, the, it already exists. So your words carry with them this power, this frequency. Okay, that that will align with your, with the desires. Okay, whatever you want to experience, the energy of your words, the frequency of your words, aligns with that. Now, you know there's, there are reasons why some things take longer, et cetera. I'm not going to go into all of that. Get clear on what you want, create your affirmations and you think of it like this this is my, not only my affirmations, these are my intentions, this is my declaration to the universe of what I choose to experience and I'm going to experience it. Okay, be bold about it, all right. So, and when you articulate your desires through affirmations, you essentially are broadcasting a very powerful message. You know to the universe, to yourself, higher self, that this is what I choose to experience. And again, it aligns your energy with the vibrational frequency of those aspirations and ultimately creates this harmonious resonance between your thoughts, your emotions and the universe at large. The reason I say be specific is because there's a difference I don't remember if I mentioned this in the first episode or not. There's a difference between wanting to perhaps say you want to work out a law firm in the middle of New York City, you want to be at the hub of it all right. There's a difference in saying that. Then you know what I choose to work in the heart of New York City in this particular law form, in this particular high rise building. Right, I have a corner office, my own office, and everyone there treats me with respect. Okay, that's more specific. So get specific, don't be afraid to do that. All right. So the so affirmations. They also act as a bridge between thoughts and emotions. Okay. So when you repeat affirmations that affirm your desires, you're not only influencing your conscious thoughts, but also tapping into the emotional realm, if you can feel, into it. Okay. So this alignment is crucial and manifestation, as thoughts and emotions together really create a magnetic force that draws your desires closer to you. Okay, now the. The magic of affirmations lies in their ability to channel the passion of your heart's lung trus longing. As you repeat them with conviction, you infuse them with the energy of genuine desire, okay, and this passion becomes the driving force that proposes you towards your goals, transforming affirmations from mere words into dynamic agents of change in your life. And consistency is key in the practice of affirmations in order to eventually get you into that natural state to where you really may not even you don't have to say them if you don't want to, because it's just your new belief system. These affirmations you've created, this is your new belief system, okay, okay. So make them a part of your daily routine. At first, if you need to, whether you know, in the morning as you start your day, or in the evening before you sleep, recite the affirmations with sincerity and belief, and this regular practice reinforces the energy of desire, therefore creating a positive and and focus mindset. Okay, so let's talk for a sec about the assets of desire. Okay, now, desires are often described again as the heartbeat of manifestation. Um, I mean it's. You know, people may word it different, but I'm using it. That's a analogy that I'm using. It is Well, let's put it this way Without the desire, what would you, what would you want to manifest? Right, it's a desire that comes first, so that's why I say it's a heartbeat of manifestation. So it's a force that intricately weaves a fabric of our reality. Okay, and it acts as a magnetic pull. And I don't even know if I would really say that, because I see, I don't believe in the law of attraction, because I know that we're not, actually, we are not magnetizing anything to us, we're just aligning with what already exists, right, um, there's a frequency of the, there's a frequency of what we wish to desire, and the, uh, the, the desire, the manifestation itself, right, um, that, that match. So it's not like we're drawing it onto, onto, we're not drawing it to us, we're aligning with it. So, anyway, but a lot of people believe in the law of attraction, that we magnetize stuff to us. So I may reference that as I'm talking about manifestation, but just know that we're actually aligning with the frequency, or aligning the two frequencies. Right, we have this desire, this is the does, the manifestation of that desire, alright, so, so this magnetic pool, if you will, this alignment, draws our visions closer to us. So in this, so now, I'm going to delve into the essence of desire and kind of unravel it, or unravel its pivotal role in shaping really the tapestry of our existence. So, desires, more than just like this fleeting wish or whimsical thought, it's really a potent and powerful energy because, remember, everything is energetic. It's an unstoppable force that proposes toward the realms of our envisioned reality. And understanding the true essence of desire requires acknowledging its depth and influence in every aspect of our lives. So think about the things that you desire. Why do you desire them? Okay, is there this deep? Maybe there was something you didn't have or experience when you were a child. Right now, as an adult, you, you wish to experience something. Okay, so where does that desire? What is it rooted in? And many of us, as we incarnate here and choose to have certain experiences, right, we'll have certain desires, you know, come to us through thought or whatever, and perhaps those are they. They come upon us because, okay, this is what I chose to experience in this life. So, if some thought to where your desires like, why are you desiring a certain car, or to live in a certain location, etc. Right, do you know? All? Right, now imagine desire again. We'll use this analogy, but as a magnetic force, a comp. It's really a compelling energy that attracts or aligns the objects of our, of our longing, of our yearning. Okay, so it's this invisible thread that connects our dreams to the realm of possibilities. The intensity of our desires determines the strength of this magnetic force shaping the trajectory of our journey towards a manifestation of our aspirations. Okay, and beyond its magnetic alert, of the allure I don't know what I'm having a heart. I don't say that word very often allure. But beyond its magnetic appeal, let's, I'll just use the word appeal, it's better. In my notes I wrote a lure. I don't know why I wrote that, but anyway. So desire serves as a catalyst for action, okay, so. So, driving force behind our efforts and the determination that fuels our endeavors, and when desire takes root in our hearts and minds, it propels us to take the necessary steps transforming mere thoughts into tangible actions. Okay, an understanding. Desire involves navigating the intricate path toward manifestation. It requires a conscious alignment of thoughts, emotions and actions with the desired outcome. So, by acknowledging desire as a dynamic force, you know, we can harness its energy to steer our reality in the direction of our dreams. Now, cultivating an amplifying desire involves a mindful expiration, okay, of our passions and our aspirations. So what are you truly passionate about? What do you truly aspire to be? Do our have? Okay, requires honing the skill of visualization vividly, pitch picturing the desired outcome. Okay, so the cultivating and amplifying of these desires? Right, want to hone that skill of visualizing what it is you want, vividly picturing, you know the desired outcome. And as we nurture our desires, we infuse them with the energy needed to manifest in our lives. Okay, all right. So in the journey towards manifestation, obstacles may arise and these obstacles may challenge our resolve. Right, but it's the unwavering power of desire that serves as a guiding light propelling us forward despite the adversities. Right, recognizing that desire is really this indomitable force that helps us persevere through challenges and maintain focus on our goals. Now, speaking of the external influences in the pursuit of our dreams and desires right, as we're manifesting, external influences, what we call our 3d reality and societal expectations, can cast shadows that obscure the clarity of our desires, okay, sometimes. So let's talk about some strategies to navigate these external forces, which can then empower you to stay true to the authentic desires that reside within your heart. All right. So external influences, whether from societal expectations, cultural norms or the opinions of others, or what you're seeing is not what you're manifesting right, because, remember, there's this time like, there's this echo that occurs sometimes. So these, you know these external influences can sometimes act as fails that obscure your true desires. Okay, maybe, what other people are telling you your friends, family, society, etc. Right, it's not uncommon, for you know, for us to for individuals to find themselves on the path dictated by external pressures rather than guided by the genuine yearnings of your hearts. Okay, how often have you ever experienced that? Right, where these external pressures get in the way. All right, now, one of the key strategies in navigating external influences is empowering yourself to discern between external expectations and your heart's genuine desires. This discernment involves a deep introspection to distinguish between what you truly want and what others expect of you. It requires courage and authenticity to carve a path aligned with your innermost desires. Okay Now, cultivating self-awareness is important because it's a powerful tool in navigating these external influences that you may experience. So, take the time to reflect on your values, on your passions and your aspirations. Understand what truly resonates with your authentic self. The more aware you become of your own desires, the better equipped you are to recognize when external influences are steering you off course. You really cultivate that awareness. You'll know pretty quickly if something is not in alignment with you. Okay, and you know it has the potential to steer you off course. All right, and that's where boundaries come in, okay, so setting boundaries is a crucial aspect of staying true to your authentic longing, your authentic desires. So learn to say no to external expectations that don't align with your values and your aspirations. Establishing clear boundaries can help you to create space for your authentic desires to flourish, and it also protects you from being swayed by external pressures. Okay, building a support system can help, a support system of like-minded individuals who understand and encourage your authentic aspirations. You know it's essential. I didn't used to think that I needed that. I needed that in my life. And then, you know, I started aligning with people. Really, I mean, people just kind of showed up in my life, obviously no coincidence, where you know, kind of understood where I was coming from, from an awakened perspective, from the perspective of manifestation and being the creator of, you know, of your reality, etc. Okay, it just naturally occurred as I, as my state of consciousness, shifted. So, create boundaries, establish a support system, and you don't listen, and you may not necessarily have to look, you'll see. The people in your life may start to change. All right, there's nothing wrong with that. Seek out. If you're going to seek out people, then seek out those who resonate with your authentic self, okay, that align with with you and and what you believe, where you're going and like, etc. Okay, all right. Now, every decision that you make shapes your journey, so adopting a mindful approach to decision making involves considering whether choices align with your true desires or if they're driven by, again, these external influences. Okay, mindfulness provides clarity and helps you make decisions that honor Excuse me your authenticity. Okay, and empowering yourself to navigate external influences as a journey towards mastery. It involves reclaiming your autonomy and authorship over your life's narrative. As you embrace the power to discern, cultivate self-awareness, set boundaries and surround yourself with supportive influences, you become the master of your destiny. Okay, now let's talk about cultivating a genuine desire. Okay, in the pursuit of manifesting our visions, there exists this profound question, often right, how do we cultivate a genuine and powerful desire? How do we actually do that? Well, the answer lies in the art of connecting with the hearts. With the heart, okay, what do you truly want to experience in this world? How do you want to feel? Okay, living your life In this exploration, this part of talking about desire, okay, I want to talk about the power that emerges, okay, when we listen to the heart of our or these whispers, if you will, of our heart and uncover our authentic desires. All right, so the heart okay, let's call it this repository of our deepest longings, and it's often communicated through these faint whispers, right Through our gut, our intuition. Okay, so to cultivate a genuine and powerful desire, we must to tune ourselves to these subtle messages, right, cultivate your awareness of self so that you can learn to hear these little whispers. Okay, and it involves quieting the noise of external influences and turning our attention inward, where the true essence of our desires reside. It doesn't reside outside of us, it resides within us. Okay, all of our desires reside within us. And these authentic desires are not dictated by, you know, societal expectations, external pressures, you know all these external influences. We may look out there and think we want to experience something, but truly it comes from within, like, the deepest desires truly come from within, okay, they emanate from the core of your being. There are certain things that you're going to experience in this life, certain things that truly just set your heart ablaze, right, that, especially things that maybe you're really passionate about. Those desires are going to emanate from the core of your being, not from outside of you, okay. So uncovering these desires requires self-reflection and a genuine exploration of what truly resonates with your inner self. Okay, it's about peeling away layers of conditioning to reveal the authentic desires that lie beneath. Okay, and the synergy between desires and core values is where the transformative power truly unfolds. So, aligning your vision with what you hold dear at your core creates a resonance that propels you forward, and this alignment serves as a compass, you know, guiding your actions and decisions at harmony with your authentic self. So, in this journey of cultivating genuine desire, alignment with one's authentic self becomes the key to unlocking this transformative potential. Because when you really know who you are and you're really authentic and you are unwavered by external influences, okay, that's really powerful. Okay. So when your desires echo the values that define you, they become a driving force again, propelling you towards a reality that is not only envisioned but it's also deeply fulfilling. Okay, external influences, right, can sometimes cloud the clarity of these authentic desires that we have. So it's essential to distinguish between societal expectations and the true calling of your heart. That's why really peeling back the layers, really getting to know yourself, spending time in meditation, etc. Is very, very helpful. Okay, but consciously aligning desires with your personal values right, you gain this. You can gain the strength to overcome external pressures and stay true, you know, to your authentic self. I've done this. I'm at a place now where, if that, I am so grounded in who I am that I'm pretty unwavered, right. So no external force is going to move me to a point of drawing me out of alignment with my authentic self. I'm pretty grounded now, so I'm not gonna do things just because other people may be doing them or because somebody tells me I should do certain things. Right, I'm just not there anymore. It's not where I am on my journey. That was the old version of me, right, the people, please, are not anymore. Alright. So having this heart-centered, having a heart-centered vision okay, being your true, authentic self and having a heart-centered vision can act as a beacon that guides you towards your authentic desires. Right, there are many things that we can desire. Right, you may not go to the store to dance like. You know what I really want to park in space up front, or I want to freak out for a coffee. Right, I'm talking about your heart's truest desires here, okay, having a heart-centered vision involves infusing your goals with genuine passion and purpose, creating again this magnetic pull of this alignment, that that draws you closer to or aligns you with your desires. And remember, as we cultivate vision okay, that's rooted in the heart the journey becomes not only meaningful but also profoundly transformative. Alright, now let's talk about really aligning, okay, with your heart's desire a little bit deeper. So I've broken this up into segments. So you know, I'm going through my notes and I'm trying to have all the. I want to make sure that I don't miss anything. So, in the journey of manifestation, the heart, again, it serves as more than just in your organ, it's a compass guiding us toward our desires. Okay, your heart, again, is a repository of emotions and desires and holds a map to your truest desires. So listening to the whispers of your heart becomes essential in navigating the intricate path of manifestation, because it will, because you'll be guided on what actions to take without having to force anything, okay, so it's not merely about what you think you should desire, but about tapping into the authentic yearnings that reside deep within you. Okay, aligning with your heart's desire. It's, you know, it's more than just a poetic notion too. It's a fundamental principle that ensures your journey of manifestation is in harmony with your authentic self, doesn't matter what other people are doing. When your desires resonate with your core values and genuine passions, they become a more powerful force that propels you forward, and this alignment serves as a guiding light in the pursuit of your dreams. Okay, so use your heart as your guidepost, as your guiding light. Okay, now, again, you want to really get to know yourself, right? Do a little bit of introspection. Reflect on the things that bring you joy, that bring you fulfillment and that bring passion into your life. These elements, not only indicators of your authentic desires, but also the fuel that powers the engine of manifestation. Right, joy is a big one. Joy, fulfillment, passion. Just think the word, just saying the words joy, fulfillment, passion. How does that make you feel? So? It's about again, infusing your goals with the essence of what makes your heart come alive. Okay, manifestation is not just about achieving external goals. It's about creating a reality that resonates with the joy within you. Infuse the elements of joy into your visualization and planning. Have fun with it, get excited about it. Okay, now you can manifest. You know you can manifest things, yeah, without infusing that joy and the passion, but when it really comes to creating the life you want to experience. Infuse that overall feeling with joy and passion. Okay, it's exciting. Think about it. Think about the excitement of living life the way that you want to live it, experiencing life the way that you want to experience it. So imagine not just the end result, but the journey I mean. Neville says go to the end, okay, go to the end, meaning you don't have to manifest. Don't manifest all the steps in between, okay, but that does not mean, as you are imagining, living the life that you truly desire, right, imagine the feeling of the journey, filled with moments that bring a smile to your face. Okay, this infusion of joy ensures that you desire. Reality is not just a destination, but it's a fulfilling, joyful journey. Enjoy the journey. Alright. Now true manifestation, again, goes beyond your true goals, goes beyond superficial achievements. It's really about fulfillment. So reflect on the aspects of your life that bring a sense of deep satisfaction and contentment. Incorporate these elements into your vision and when fulfillment becomes a guiding principle, your desires take on a much richer, more meaningful dimension and passion desires again the heartbeat of manifestation, this driving force that will propel you through challenges and keep that flame of desire alive. Okay, so reflect on the activities, the pursuits and goals that ignite the fire of passion within you. Let passion be the engine that powers your journey towards your manifestations. Alright, visualization is a technique that most people are aware of, right? So we're going to talk about some of these techniques. So, visualization is a potent technique, really, that brings your desires into sharp focus. Alright, so close your eyes and vividly imagine the reality that you wish to create. You want to engage your senses, you know, in this mental picture. You know you feel, feel the textures, hear the sounds and immerse yourself in the experience. Visualization really serves as a blueprint for your desires, making them more tangible and within reach. Okay, and then there's affirmations. Right, affirmations act as a catalyst. They're like mantras that resonate with the universe, reinforcing the energy of your desires. And by repeating positive and empowering statements, then you program your mind to align with the reality that you seek. So affirmations act as a constant stream, or can act as a constant stream of encouragement, you know, which can foster a mindset that believes in the possibility of your dreams. And then sensory engagement. We talked about engaging your senses. Okay, so engage your senses in the pursuit of your desire. It adds adds of visceral dimension to your journey. You can create a vision board that visually represents your goals touch, feel and interact with the elements on the board. This sensory engagement anchors your desires in the physical realm, making them more real and compelling. Okay, and remember that consistency is key. So the power of you know these techniques, whatever techniques they are, really lies in consistency and their regular application. As long as it's not being forced, okay, you don't want to get into that state of feeling like you're, you are forced to do these techniques because you don't have your desire. You don't want to be in that state. So consistency, you know, is the key to keeping the flame of your desire burning bright. Okay, make visualizations, affirmation and sensory engagement a daily practice. And, you know, as long as it feels good because you're again, they're just moving you into the state of consciousness, you know, of being doing and having all that you want to be, do and have right your desires. And having a regular routine, a regular I call it spiritual routine, really not only reinforces your commitment but also serves as a constant reminder of the reality that you are actively creating. Okay, using these techniques regularly, you know, turns your desires into a living, vibrant entity. Okay, when they're part of your daily life, you know, becomes a pulsating force, really, that permeates every aspect of your life. Okay, the more you infuse these practices into your daily routines, the more alive and attainable your desires become. You know, they cease to be distant dreams and evolve into tangible possibilities. Right, because think about it instead of waking up, you know, every day, and just allowing life to happen to you. Right, if you are, if you are regularly doing affirmations, if you want to, or you're regularly scripting or meditating or visualizing, you're keeping those desires alive and and again, without force, allow it to be an enjoyable process. Right, you're waking up every day, you're creating your reality. Okay, you're affirming that this is true, or you're visualizing this scene, or whatever. I don't do it every day because I don't need to do these things every day, because now, my natural state of consciousness most of the time is oh, you know, this is already happening, this is already here, whatever, and I can go out about my day. I know, I say it, I say I don't do these things daily, but the truth is, what happens is, if I have like in the, my thought process is really now automatically, for the most part, my affirmations, if that makes any sense, like I'm not thinking to myself oh, I have to do these affirmations today, or I have to visualize this today because they're natural for me. Now, my thought process, and even if something that is not an alignment comes in like an old thought, for whatever reason I like, I switch it like that Because I'm like oh, that's where, where did that come from? That makes no sense. This is, this is my life, this is the life I'm creating, these are my desires that are already here, and then I automatically switch my thought process right. Or to visualize, like I can literally sit here at my desk and think of a scene, right, the end result of something I'm manifesting as though it is a memory because I've done it enough. Okay, now if new things come up, then of course I'll visualize or affirm or whatever, but for the most part I really have a core set of affirmations and of scenes that I've created, and then it's really only when something new comes up that you know, I may do something like every day to get into that state of consciousness of having that new desire, experiencing that new thing that makes any sense. So so practice these things daily, as you need to, until they become natural for you, okay, alright. And again they, they cease to be distant, alright, they're just possible, they're now Alright. Now let's talk about real quick overcoming doubt and uncertainty. Okay, so, in the pursuit of our desires, doubt and uncertainty can sometimes cast shadows, just like external influences. So things like visualization, affirmations, sensory engagement can act as powerful antidotes to these doubts. Okay, because if you, if you, if you move from us, from you know feeling doubt or fear or whatever into this, you know state of I already, this is already mine, I'm already experiencing this and this feels so wonderful and I'm so excited, etc. Right, kind of it, kind of nudges those fears and doubts out of the way, at least momentarily. Okay, the more often you do it, the easier it gets. So they create a reservoir of positive energy, right, these, your affirmations, your visualization, engaging your senses, right, so you then have because you've cultivated that, you've experienced that for yourself, you've created that for yourself there's this reservoir now, this positive energy that you can tap into, that can help you navigate challenges and then stay focused on the path of manifestation. Alright, so is practical techniques, you know, think of them, you know, as ignition for the fire of your desire, okay, and not just like mirror tools, okay. They are dynamic forces that amplify the energy propelling your aspirations into reality, and consistency and applying these techniques turns your desires into a living, breathing entity, a constant reminder of the vibrant reality you are actively creating. So, as your mergers often these practices, then you embark on, you know, a journey where your dreams cease to be distant wishes and become tangible, attainable reality that you're envisioning. Okay, alright, so that is it for today's, for today's episode. So, thank you so much for joining me for yet another another episode. I'm a little bit I don't know why I feel so. It's cold, you know what it is Chili outside. I turned my heat off and I'm a little bit chilly. I think it's making me a little bit out of breath. Alright, again, thank you so much for joining me and I will see you guys next week. Episode three Episode three we're going to talk about belief and cultivating unwavering faith. Alright, thank you so much. I'll see you guys next time. Bye now.

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