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Manifestation Mastery: Belief - Cultivating Unwaivering Faith

January 12, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 4
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: Belief - Cultivating Unwaivering Faith
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๐ŸŒŸ Welcome to another transformative episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast" with Lynna K Teer! ๐ŸŒŸ

In this empowering session, Lynna dives deep into the art of Manifestation Mastery, focusing on a crucial aspect: "Belief - Cultivating Unwavering Faith." ๐Ÿš€โœจ

Embark on a journey of self-discovery as Lynna shares profound insights and practical strategies to help you gain crystal-clear clarity on your desires. Learn the secrets to fine-tuning your vision, turning your dreams into a magnetic force that effortlessly attracts abundance, joy, and success into your life. ๐Ÿ’ซ

Discover the power of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and intentions with your deepest desires, creating a harmonious frequency that resonates with the universe. Lynna's unique blend of spiritual teachings and conscious manifestation coaching provides actionable steps to guide you toward manifestation mastery.

Whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just beginning your journey, this episode is packed with wisdom that will elevate your mindset and accelerate your manifesting abilities. ๐ŸŒˆโœจ

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting podcast, the space where we embark on a journey of transformation, awakening and limitless possibilities. I'm your host. My name is Lena and I'm thrilled to welcome you to the Sanctuary of Inspiration and Self-Discovery. In each episode, we will dive deep into the realms of mindset manifesting and the expansive journey of awakening. Join me as we explore the power of your thoughts, the magic manifestation and the profound wisdom that comes with expanding your awareness. This isn't just a podcast. It's a portal to a world of self-discovery, ascension and the limitless potential that resides within you. We'll discuss the art of cultivating a powerful mindset and unravel the secrets of manifesting your dreams, and explore the transformative journey of awakening to higher states of consciousness. Whether you're on a quest for personal growth, seeking to understand the magic of manifestation, are ready to elevate your consciousness to new heights, this podcast is your companion on the path of transformation. Get ready for uplifting conversations, practical insights and the kind of inspiration that sparks the flames of your soul. It's time to align your mindset, unleash the power of manifestation and embark on the exhilarating journey of awakening. So grab a cozy spot, open your heart and join me on the mindset and manifesting podcast. Okay, let's awaken the extraordinary within and manifest our life beyond your wildest dreams. Are you ready? Let the journey begin. In today's episode, we're going to be talking about belief. This is our third episode in our series on manifestation mastery. We're going to talk about a belief and cultivating on wavering faith. We're going to talk about the crucial role of belief, shifting your mindsets, affirmations for strengthening belief, visualizations to amplify belief, realizing the power of self talk and daily practices for strengthening belief. In the intricate journey of manifestation, belief stands out as the sturdy bridge that spans the gap between vision and reality. It is more than a passive acknowledgement. Belief is an active force that propels your desires into manifestation. So we're going to delve into the profound significance of belief and the manifestation process, and rather the transformative power that it holds. Belief acts as a catalyst that breathes life into your visions. It is the unwavering faith that fuels your journey from the realm of imagination to the tangible reality that you seek. Understanding belief as a dynamic force is crucial, as it transforms mere aspirations into a powerful magnetic pull that draws you closer to your desire. So it's not a belief, isn't a passive spectator right in the manifestation process. It's not just say oh, you know, I have to have belief and that's it. Like you, really like an unwavering, unwavering belief. It's one thing to say, oh, I believe this. It's another thing to really feel it, to really know. Okay, without a doubt. Neville Goddard has a lecture titled brazen impudence. Right, so you believe. No matter what comes up, you reinforce your belief and what you're manifesting. Okay, so belief shapes the energy around your vision, infusing it with a vibrancy needed for realization. When belief is harnessed as an active force, it becomes a driving energy that propels you forward. Right, just like your emotions, etc. This helps you to overcome obstacles and then turn possibilities into certainties. Okay now, the foundation of any successful manifestation is built upon a bedrock of belief. So before your desires materialize in the external world, they must first find a firm footing in your belief system. This foundation becomes an anchor that keeps you grounded amidst challenges and uncertainties, ensuring that your faith remains unshaken. Alright, so we can't really talk about belief without talking about doubt. Right? This is a world of duality, yin and yang, opposing energies, etc. So doubt is a natural adversary on the journey of manifestation. However, belief serves as a weapon that combats doubt, and cultivating unwavering faith requires an understanding that belief is not a fleeting emotion, but rather a steadfast conviction in the inevitability of your desires coming to fruition. So, in the face of doubt, belief stands as a beacon of certainty. Now you may have to come back to belief and affirm that right, until you it gets to a point where you just know, alright, and it takes a while. I mean, I've been on this journey for a while now and there are certain things that now I've affirmed them so much, I've worked on my mindset so much, that I'm like, no matter what I see externally, I know that certain things are a done deal, no matter what. So I don't even question them anymore. Alright, now there are a few things I'm still working on, right, belief systems, etc. But for the most part, a majority of the, the core things that I, the bigger, bigger things that I'm manifesting, I just have this belief and I'm not really focused on the time as much, right, whether it happens a month from now or a year from now, as I just know, alright, but it's taken me affirming that you know until it became a natural thought process or a solidified belief for me. So don't give up strengthening your, strengthening your belief. It's a practice, right, that involves continuous effort. Visualization, positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with supportive influences that we talked about in the last video are practical steps to fortify your belief. Visualization vividly portrays your desired reality, okay. Affirmations reinforce your conviction and a positive environment acts as a nurturing ground for your unwavering faith. Now, belief is a powerful energy that aligns with your vision, creating a resonance that attracts the desired reality. And, of course, I use the word attract. But we if you follow my podcast from my YouTube channel, you know I feel about the word attract. Right, we're aligning rather than really drawing something to us, we are aligning with it. There's a, there's a difference there. Alright, so it's not just your wishful thinking. It's a deliberate alignment of thoughts, emotions and actions, with the absolute certainty that what you envision is not only possible, but that's destined to manifest. Now let's talk about shifting your mindset, okay. So, in the pursuit of manifesting our deepest desires, cultivating unwavering faith acts as a beacon, right, when you have unwavering faith, although at this moment maybe you perhaps don't see your manifestation, you have unwavering faith, an unwavering belief that acts as a beacon. So you know, okay, you have something to look forward to. You know it is coming into fruition, okay, and as a beacon it guides us through the intricate journey of manifestation, and by intricate I mean all the things that may occur in our reality that perhaps may look the opposite of what we're manifesting, by all the things that come up the bridge of events, the echoes. Bashar calls this lapse in time. It's really like an echo. And these old manifestations, right, this, this old, dead shadow world, really, that's reflected back to us because, again, it's perceived as lag time. But it's really just an echo, because everything echoes out into the universe, right, everything is energy, our words, our thoughts, etc. Okay, so cultivating this unwavering faith, this belief, begins first with a profound shift in mindset. Okay, our beliefs shape the reality that we experience, and recognizing the influence of our thoughts is the first step toward manifesting our desires. Okay, so let's explore some practical strategies to identify and transform these limiting beliefs that may be hindering, you know, your path to manifestation mastery. We're essentially all masters when it comes to manifesting, because we are always manifesting everything we experience as a manifestation, even though it may not show up the way we think it's going to show up. Or we look out into the world and think how can I possibly have manifested that? Trust me, everything is a manifestation. Okay, when I talk about manifestation mastery in this series, I'm referring to conscious manifesting, being intentional. Intentional, knowing what you want Okay, and taking control of your visualizations, your intentions, your thoughts and restructuring your belief systems. Okay, so where was I? I lost my place on my notes, all right, so? So again, let's talk about some practical strategies. Alright, so first, limiting beliefs. Alright, so limiting beliefs are, and limiting belief is an actual strategy, but bear with me for a sec. So, because we're going to talk about transforming them. Alright, so limiting beliefs, those are like invisible chains that bind us, okay, and it restricts the flow of energy toward our aspirations. So, identifying these beliefs involves introspection and self awareness. What narratives are playing in your mind when you contemplate your desires? Are there recurring thoughts that echo doubt or fear? Identifying those limiting beliefs is crucial to dismantling their influence, because you, when you know what your belief systems are, you can choose what works for you and what no longer works for you, and then you can go about shifting. Okay, once identified, once you identify these limiting beliefs, then the next step is to transform them, and that involves challenging their validity and replacing them with empowering alternatives. For instance, if you find yourself thinking I'm not worthy of success, transform it into I am deserving of all the success that comes my way. Alright, this is a shift in perspective that creates space for unwavering faith to flourish. Now, the role of thoughts in reality. Creation means to recognize that your thoughts create your reality, because a series of thoughts right Over time, if you have a series of thoughts about a certain subject over and over and over again, eventually you develop a belief system. Okay, so, recognizing your thought that your thoughts create your reality is a pivotal realization in the manifestation journey. Your mindset acts as a powerful architect, shaping the blueprint of your experience. So by understanding this connection, you gain the ability to consciously direct your thoughts towards positivity and abundance, aligning them with the frequency of your desired reality. Okay, another practical technique that you can do is shifting your mindset for empowerment. A mindset shift is an empowering process. Right, it's? You're taking control of your thoughts and shifting your mindset. Okay, not letting your thoughts kind of rule over your life? Alright, it involves intentional and consistent effort, though, okay. So engage in positive affirmations that reinforce your faith and potential, visualize your desired reality with vivid detail, allowing your mind to dwell on the positive outcomes, surround yourself with inspiration and like-minded individuals who uplift and support your transformation. Okay, so again in this, so in this series, you know some. There are some things that will be a little bit repetitive, like just now when I said surround yourself with inspiration, right? So there's a theme through this series. So there are certain things that will be repeated as a way to get you to really think about these things. Okay, alright, now let's talk about aligning with the frequency. Okay, another practical technique. So shifting your mindset is not just about positive thinking. It's really about aligning with the frequency of your desired reality. So, as you cultivate this unwavering faith, your thoughts, emotions and actions harmonize with the energy of your aspirations. So this alignment becomes a magnetic force that attracts your desires into manifestation and embrace the journey of transformation. So, transforming, limiting beliefs and shifting your mindset, it's a journey. Does it happen overnight? It's a journey, it's a destination. So embrace the process with patience and persistence, celebrate the small victories along the way and recognize that each shift brings you closer to the unwavering faith that is required for success, successful manifestation. Don't give up. Okay, now let's talk about affirmations for strengthening belief. So, affirmations when they are wielded with intention and go. We spoke about this couple of episodes ago when wielded with intention and authenticity, okay, are transformative instruments that reinforce belief. And you'll notice I keep using the word transformative because we are transforming here. This is the process of awakening, we are transforming ourselves, alright. So affirmations serve as more than mere words, as we spoke about their vehicles of energy that resonate with the frequency of your desires. So let's unravel the nuances of crafting affirmations to go beyond positivity and make them powerful declarations of unwavering faith. Alright, so let's talk about crafting affirmations with precision. So the art of crafting affirmations begins with precision. Identify the specific beliefs that underpin your journey of manifestation. Are there doubts or uncertainties lingering in your mind? Craft affirmations that directly address and counteract these limiting beliefs. Precision and crafting your affirmations ensures that they serve as targeted arrows, piercing through doubt and reinforcing your belief. They really become most potent when they specifically target beliefs that are related to the manifestation process. So, if doubts arise regarding the inevitability of success, then crafting affirmation that boldly declares your unwavering faith in the manifestation of your vision. Remember brazen impudence? Okay, be bold. So this targeted approach ensures that your affirmations directly counteract any beliefs that may hindered your process or your progress. Alright, affirmations, in essence, are declarations to the universe. We spoke about that. So you know they go beyond personal mantras and they resonate this cosmic energy, that or with the cosmic energy that surrounds us, and there is cosmic energy all around us. So, as you craft affirmations with sincerity and conviction, they become declarations that echo through the universe, solidifying your unwavering faith and aligning the energies for the manifestation of your vision. Alright, now what is the role of emotion in affirmations? And we talked about emotion before. So the effectiveness of affirmations is heightened when infused with genuine emotion. So, as you recite your affirmations, allow yourself to feel the belief coursing through your veins. Emotion adds a dynamic layer to your affirmations, amplifying their impact on your subconscious mind and the vibrational field that connects you with the universe. Okay, and remember that consistency is key. It's a practice of affirming right until those affirmations shift your state of consciousness. Okay, and your new natural state is a belief in those manifest or in those affirmations. Alright, excuse me. So make them a daily ritual. We talked about this before. If you need to make them a daily ritual, integrating them into your morning routine or bedtime ritual, repetition reinforces the beliefs embedded in your affirmations and gradually shifting your belief system and moving you into a new state of consciousness, a different state of consciousness, right, the state of actually being doing or having that which you are affirming, okay, alright. So if you your affirmations not only as declarations, but really as stepping stones on your journey, okay, so, each affirmation, think of it as propelling you forward, aligning your mindset with the reality that you seek to create and, whenever repetition, you are laying the ground for the manifestation of your vision. Visualization is more than a mental exercise. Okay, it is a practice that holds the power to shape your beliefs and, consequently, your reality. So let's uncover some techniques for creating vivid mental images, tapping into the transformation or transformative potential visualization as a key ally in the cultivation of unwavering belief. Alright, so let's talk about the power of vivid mental images. Okay, the art of visualization begins with the creation of vivid mental images. So, close your eyes and imagine your desired reality with intricate detail. Engage your senses in this mental rehearsal, feel the textures, hear the sounds and immerse yourself in the experience. These vivid mental images serve as potent fuel for belief, making your aspirations tangible in the realm of the mind. So here are some techniques for creating powerful visualizations. First, clarify your desire. So, before you embark on visualization, ensure clarity about your desires. What do you seek to manifest? The more detailed and specific your vision, the more powerful your visualization. Your visualizations become Emotion and fusion. Enfusion visualizations with genuine emotion. Allow yourself to feel the joy, excitement and fulfillment associated with the realization of your desires. Emotion adds depth and authenticity to your mental images. And then mental rehearsal. So treat visualization as a mental rehearsal for success. Picture yourself navigating the journey towards your goals with confidence and ease. Envision the challenges as opportunities for growth and the triumphs of inevitable outcomes. Make it a regular practice. Remember, consistency is key. So make visualization a daily practice, integrating it into your morning or evening routine. Regular regularity reinforces the belief embedded in your mental images and signals to the universe, such as unwavering faith in the possibility of pure vision. And then use visualizations as a rehearsal for the mind. Okay, so visualization serve as a powerful rehearsal for the mind, a practice that goes beyond wishful thinking. Right, so, as you vividly picture your desired reality, you are signaling to the universe that you not only be the leave of the possibility of your vision, but also whole, whole, whole world. But you are partly anticipating this manifestation. It's a profound alignment of your inner beliefs with the external possibility or the external potentialities. All right, now. The act of visualizing is akin to stoking the flames of belief. The more vivid and detailed your mental images, the more you amplify your belief in the manifestation process. Visualization becomes a sacred space where your desires are not only envisioned but lived, felt and deeply believed. Now let's talk about the power of self. Talk your inner dialogue right, the architect of belief. So our internal dialogue is the architect of our belief system. Every thought we entertain shapes a lens through which we view the world and, more crucially, the realm of our own potential. So let's unravel this profound connection between the internal dialogue and belief. Okay, we'll highlight the transformative impact that our, that positive self talk has on our journey of manifestation. So, positive self talk, excuse me, positive self talk, it's not merely a collection of affirmations, okay, but rather it's this dynamic force that actively influences our beliefs. So when we choose words and thoughts that uplift in a power, then we set the stage for unwavering faith in the manifestation process. It's a conscious decision to be a source of encouragement to ourselves, fostering a mindset conducive to realizing our desires. So, excuse me. So let's explore some techniques for positive self talk. All right, we've got. Awareness is really the first step. So awareness is paying attention to the thoughts that permeate your mind. All right, are they uplifting or self limiting? Awareness allows you to identify patterns that may be hindering your belief in your manifestation abilities. Okay, and then there's challenging negative thoughts. So actively challenge negative thoughts. So when you catch yourself entertaining doubts or self limiting beliefs, counteract them with positive affirmations. Challenge the validity of negative narratives and replace them with empowering alternatives. Okay, visualize success in your mind's eye. Picture yourself achieving your goals and confidence with ease. As you visualize, let your internal dialogue echo the positivity associated with successful outcomes. This mental rehearsal what it does is it reinforces positive self talk. And then affirmations create affirmations for self belief. Okay, create affirmations specifically tailored to boost your belief in your manifestation abilities, such as I trusted my ability to manifest my desires or I'm capable of creating the reality I envision. Right, these conservatives, powerful tools to infuse positivity into your self talk. All right, now the transform, the transformational, as I say, transformed it. The transformational impact and I keep using that word because this is this journey of awakening is transformative. All right, we're transforming. Transforming from an old version of ourselves into a new version. Really right death of the old man into the new. Okay, so the transformational impact of positive self talk on believe cannot be overstated, because as you shift your internal dialogue to one of encouragement and self belief, then you end up creating an, a mental environment where your unwavering faith can really flourish. Okay, so positive self talk becomes again this guiding light which illuminates the path to manifestation and dispelling the shadows of doubt. Okay, and remember, consistency is key. It's a catalyst for change in your self talk patterns. So make positive self talk a daily practice. Whether in moments of challenge or triumph, consciously choose words that affirm your belief in your manifestation abilities. All right, with each positive affirmation, you reinforce the foundation of unwavering faith. Okay. Now, finally, let's talk about some daily practices for strengthening, you know, our, your belief system. Okay, really anchoring in the belief. All right, consistency again is key. Is not just, it's not just a practice, really Right, consistency again is kind of this guiding force, because if you continue to, if you continue reinforcing your beliefs, then you have this, this, this trajectory, this, this progress forward. Okay, so if you're consistent, and if you're consistent, you're going to manifest. Continue to be consistent, which is going to propel you forward, okay, guide you forward. Okay so the consistency really has this ability to to help you shape your beliefs right and, subsequently, your reality. Okay so let's talk about some rituals and habits as anchors. You've got morning affirmations, visualization sessions, gratitude journaling and like mindful moments. Okay so, start your day with positive affirmations that affirm your belief in the manifestation of your desires. These morning rituals set a positive tone for the day ahead, aligning your mindset with the energy of your vision. And I'm going to tell you from experience, because consistency is key. There was a time when I used to wake up anxious and worried about the day. Right, and my first thoughts were usually negative, or they were about the day and not always positive. Right Again, worry, fear, doubt, etc. Now, when I wake up, like, my first thought is never why wouldn't say never? Maybe it depends on what type of dreams I've had, but very, very, very rarely will I wake up with a thought that is not an alignment with what I want to experience in my life. It's very, very, very rare. I can't even think of the last time. So, when I wake up, like, my automatic thoughts now are things like I am abundant, right, or I'm so grateful for this day, or, you know I am this divine, radiant being of light. I am right, positive things, positive things, I really think about it. It's it, yeah, like I cannot remember the last time I had an anxious or negative thought. Wow, it's been a really long time. So see, consistency is key because again, you move into a new state of consciousness, okay, and it becomes your natural state. So those old, those old things that I used to doubt or fear, things like that, that's not my natural state anymore, but it took. Consistency, okay. And then some more habits or rituals, visualization sessions, all right. So dedicate a specific time each day to visualization sessions. Create a mental sanctuary where you vividly picture your desired reality. Consistent visualization becomes a powerful practice that reinforces the belief that your aspirations are not only possible but inevitable. So, for again, consistency is key. So for me and I mentioned this in one of the two previous episodes, okay, in the last episode, I think, maybe the one before that that now, like, there are visualizations that I've done for specific manifestations, I don't even have to close my eyes and visualize anymore, because now they are more like a memory that is embedded, right. So if I think about, if I think about a specific like, if I think about my honeymoon. Okay, then, that I'm currently currently, at this moment, not married, but my honeymoon is a memory in my mind as though it's already happened. I made there, here and now. Okay, when I think about it, it says, though it's already happened. Okay, the same with things like speaking on stage, etc. Okay, or my next house I have seen my next home, my one year anniversary in the home, like everything. But the thing is, I don't have to visualize it every day now, because I've done it so much, I've embedded it with emotion and intention that now they're just, they're like memories. Okay, again, making there, here and now, all right. So, but you may need to visualize, you may need to make it a daily practice to visualize until it's so vividly real that it's already happened. So now you have this unwavering faith that it will manifest. Okay, you've created it, it will manifest. All right. Gratitude journaling has another habit, right? So cultivate an attitude of gratitude by maintaining a journal, if that's helpful, all right. I still journal, not every day. Now I have. So. I talked about spiritual discipline and that course I was going to put out by the end of the year, but I'm holding off because I'm doing a. I am doing a course myself where I can channel and anchor in the energy of my guides, specifically the dragons. I have four that have come in now. They were coming in one at a time and then finally, about two weeks ago, they all four of them came in at once and gave me clear direction. So when I talk about guides, I see guides as really other aspects of the self, other dimensions, other, you know, planes of existence, parallel realities, etc. Because everything is an aspect of us, we are aspects of God, etc. So everything we're all one. So anyway. So information that we receive from our guides etc. Are really just from aspects of ourselves, okay, and whatever form, dimension, etc. So I thought you know, let me see what comes from this course or this course that I'm doing, and what else I can infuse with into the spiritual discipline course to to, because I want to be able to add more value to it. Okay, so that's why I didn't come out and I'm holding off on that, but it'll, my guess is probably in the next couple of months, by, like maybe March, I should have it done. Well, it's done, but whatever else I channel and infuse into it, okay. So gratitude journaling, let's get back to that, because I was talking about journaling, etc. Gratitude and spiritual discipline. So, journal every day or script, right, what are you grateful for Each day? Reflect on the aspect of your life that you are thankful for Gratitude. Journaling can really shift your focus towards abundance, which can foster this belief in the richness of your life Excuse me and potential for even greater manifestations. Because as you're writing something down, you're shifting into that mindset, because you're focused on what you're writing. Okay, all right. And then mindful moments. So incorporate mindful moments into your daily routine. So, whether it's meditation or deep breathing exercises, moments of reflection, for me, I will daydream. Sometimes I would just sell in the couch, look up or even hear my desk. Sometimes I'll look up into the distance and visualize that way, okay. Or think about my affirmations by mantra, statements or whatever. Okay, with my eyes open. Okay, these types of practices can help you stay present and attune to the energy of belief. Okay. So then mindfulness becomes a thread that's woven into the fabric of your day and it becomes a habit. I vary, I don't go throughout an entire day Now, just go, go, go, go, go in a third dimensional reality of I have to get this done, this done, this done, etc. Because I'm very aware of my thoughts and my energy and things like that. So if I am pulled out of being mindful for too long, like if I'm focused on, you know, on working or whatever, and I'm pulled out of being mindful if I catch myself thinking something I'm like where did that come from? Or it's a thought that doesn't align with my reality, or if I'm picking up on other energies or thoughts right from the collective consciousness, then I will. I have the wherewithal now to take a moment and kind of center myself. All right. Again, it takes consistency and after a while, you know, it becomes natural to do, to do those kind of things. All right, so let's all right. So let's talk about creating a daily routine aligned with your beliefs. So if you can craft a daily routine that aligns with your beliefs and make it a deliberate and empowering act, okay, that can be really helpful in your manifestation practice, Okay. So identify excuse me, identify core beliefs, first and foremost, clearly identify the core beliefs that underpin your manifestation journey. What affirmations resonate with your vision, what practices reinforce your unwavering faith? What can you do daily that aligns with your new core beliefs? Okay. And then integrate belief. Boosting practices Okay, whether it's morning affirmation session, midday visualization break, evening gratitude reflection or visualizing before, right before bed, etc. Which is really the best time strategically places practices throughout your day, okay. And then stay flexible. That's a big thing for me. Now I'm way more flexible than I used to be and I'm flexible on purpose, okay. So it's one thing to have a daily routine, but it's another thing to have a daily routine. But allow flexibility. Okay, there are some days where I'll have a list of things that I'd like to get done and you know work that I need to get done and or other things, and then I will, because I'm so aware of my energy that there are days where I may need to take a nap. Okay, or I will do. I will shift my focus from what's on my list to what excuse me, what I feel called to do that day. Okay, what is my gut telling me? Am I channeling information, you know, from my higher self? You know? Am I picking up on telepathically from you know, my guides or something else within the collective consciousness? That's going to shift my focus. Okay, what is my energy like? Okay, and again, consistency has taken me what? Four years? It's taken me a couple of years now, right, because it was really. It took me a while to understand the energy and stuff like that and to get comfortable with just kind of with being flexible a couple years into my awakening journey, all right. But stay flexible, okay. And while the routine again provides structure, allow for flexibility. Okay. Connect with yourself as often as you need to throughout the day to really get in tune with yourself, know yourself. Okay, life is dynamic and your routine should adapt accordingly. All right. Consistently lies not only in like rigid adherence, but in the commitment to consistently anger yourself in your beliefs. Okay, even with the specifics of your routine, shift and remember the flow of energy. Okay, for fulfillment, because everything is energy. This consistent daily practice that you cultivate will serve as conduits for the flow of energy toward the fulfillment of your desires. So each ritual and habit becomes a vessel carrying the energy of belief and intention. So as you engage in these practices regularly, you create a current that propels your vision closer to manifestation. All right, so that's it for the episode. So I want to mention this real quick, if I know that I have a tendency to sound a little bit choppy at times, I know you, I mean. You guys may not pick up on it, but that's just the way I talk now. I used to talk way faster than I do now and I used to not make any notes for my podcast episodes or my YouTube channel, my YouTube videos. Now I've gotten into the habit of creating notes, so I'm still kind of getting used to reading through the notes and things may seem a little bit choppy at time because sometimes I lose my place a little bit, etc. So I just wanted to mention that in case any of you guys were picking up on it. I know I didn't have to mention it, but my my personal. I have a personal goal to get really better at the delivery of the information that I'm talking about. Okay, and part of that is because I know that I'll be speaking one day on stage about this journey of waking up out, manifestation, etc. So part of the reason why I had to start creating notes is so I could get back into the habit of being a little bit more prepared in the information that I was providing, rather than just thinking solely off of the top of my head without any structure. So just wanted to mention that. Thank you so much for joining me for this episode, episode three of 10 in the manifestation of mastery series. All right, so remember, belief is the driving force behind the manifestation journey and cultivating unwavering faith is a transformative practice, truly transformative. Okay, I can tell you from experience. All right, now, in the upcoming episodes, we will continue to unravel, you know, each step of conscious creation to really get you to the point of manifestation mastery, conscious manifestation, mastery. All right, this is Lena, signing off for today, and make your belief in the magic of manifestation be unwavering and steadfast. Persistence, okay, all right, I'll see you guys in the next episode. Bye now.

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