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Manifestation Mastery: Acceptance - Embracing the Now

January 19, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 5
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: Acceptance - Embracing the Now
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Welcome to another transformative episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast." I'm Lynna K Teer, your guide and conscious manifestation coach, here to delve into the profound realm of Manifestation Mastery. Today's episode is a journey into the power of acceptance and the art of embracing the present moment.

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Episode Description:

In this episode, titled "Manifestation Mastery: Acceptance - Embracing the Now," we embark on a soulful exploration of the fundamental principle that underlies conscious manifestation: acceptance. As a spiritual teacher and manifestation coach, I've witnessed the incredible impact that accepting the present moment can have on one's ability to manifest their deepest desires.

We begin by unraveling the concept of acceptance and how it forms the foundation of manifesting with intention. Acceptance doesn't mean resigning yourself to current circumstances; instead, it's about acknowledging the reality of the now without resistance. We'll explore how this simple yet profound shift in perspective opens the gateway to a myriad of manifestation possibilities.

Join me as we delve into the practical aspects of integrating acceptance into your manifestation journey. I'll share actionable insights, mindfulness techniques, and real-life examples to guide you in embracing the now. Learn how to navigate the delicate balance between setting intentions for the future and finding contentment in the present.

In the second half of the episode, we'll explore the powerful connection between acceptance and manifestation. Understand why resisting the current moment can hinder your ability to attract your desires, and discover how embracing the now becomes a catalyst for positive change.

As a conscious manifestation coach, I've witnessed the transformative effects of acceptance in the lives of my clients. We'll discuss success stories and practical tips that you can implement immediately to enhance your own manifestation journey.

Whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just starting on this empowering path, this episode is designed to inspire and guide you towards mastery. Manifestation is not just about creating the future; it's about fully experiencing and appreciating the present. Together, let's unlock the secrets of manifestation mastery through the transformative practice of acceptance.

Tune in to "Manifestation Mastery: Acceptance - Embracing the Now" on "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast." It's time to elevate your consciousness, manifest with intention, and embrace the incredible power of now. Remember, the key to the life you desire begins with accepting the life you have. See you in the realm of limitless possibilities!

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to the mindset manifesting podcast. I'm your host. My name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and conscious manifestation coach. I have been on my awakening journey consciously now for about five years. Well, a lot of things happen in those five years a lot of mystical experiences, awakening to the truth of what Neville Goddard teaches about scripture unfolding within us. I've manifested everything in my life because that's what we do. Manifestation is natural to us. However, most of the time, we manifest by not being aware of what we're doing consciously. So that's where a lot of the unwanted, negative things come from in our lives, you know, starting from a very, very, very young age, when we are not aware that we can change our story, that we are creating our reality. So we're going to talk about manifestation, mastery and acceptance, embracing the now in today's episode. But first I want to let you guys know I do offer. I offer a few things. I'm updating my website now so I'll mention, I'll let you guys know what I've added, you know, as we move along in the episodes. But for now, I'm really passionate about supporting, you know, conscious men and women, you know, on your transformative paths, right. So I'm dedicated to really empowering individuals by helping them, by helping you to develop unwavering trust in your intuition, because, again, we're always manifesting. But how do we do it effectively, consciously, right, so that we are living the life that we choose to live. And when unwanted things come up, how do we observe rather than react? Right, so that we break? We break the patterns, we and we continue evolving and rising the higher states of consciousness. So I'm really dedicated to helping you guys step into your true power and your purpose, and my hope is that my guidance will foster deep self discovery right, leading you towards the lives that are, that are authentic. Right, so that you are living your most authentic life right, and being purposeful and being in alignment with your inner wisdom, because you possess true inner wisdom, right, it's just a matter of tapping into that. So, alright, let's talk about today's episode, episode four of this 10 part series on manifestation mastery, and again we're going to talk about acceptance, embracing the new someone. I'm going to talk about the essence of acceptance balancing acknowledgement and focus, the power of non resistance, mindfulness as a tool for acceptance, releasing judgment and comparison, and gratitude as a path to acceptance. Now, when I offer, so, I offer coaching, one on one coaching group, coaching, which I'm not actively doing right now. I've got a lot of. I have some stuff that I'm working on. Eventually I'll add coaching sessions back in on my calendar, but I just lost my train of thought. Oh, so my coaching really. So manifestation is one thing, right, there's, there are plenty of tools and techniques and stuff out there that you can learn to do. But coupling that with your, with your purpose, your passion, your innate wisdom and observation, right, because, again, we're always manifest, manifesting. So those manifestations are always around us. Synchronicities are everywhere. But are you aware of it? Right? Can, if you're not aware of it, can you open your mind up to allowing and observing and becoming aware of it, so I can really help you on your path, and not only manifesting through techniques and stuff by, but really becoming the observer and tapping into your own power, right, and and then coming into true alignment with your higher self, so that you are no longer manifesting unwanted things. Okay, all right. So let's talk about the essence of acceptance, all right. So in this intricate dance of manifestation, so the concept of acceptance really emerges as this profound and transformative force. And you'll notice I use the word transformative and profound quite often, because both of those are accurate descriptions. Okay. So let's explore this nuanced understanding that acceptance is not resignation, but rather it serves as the gateway to transformation. All right, or one of the things that serves as the gateway to transformation. So let's dive into embracing the present moment with open arms and unlocking this powerful energy that allows your desires to flow into your life with ease and grace. And before I go into this, I actually want to mention something. So I am on my path. Okay, I am. I have a deep, deep, deep understanding of manifestation, awareness, ascension, awakening, and Neville Goddard's teachings, bashar's teachings and you know some other teachings out there, because everything is really are really like pieces of a puzzle on this journey. So, when it comes to manifestation, some of the things I talk about in these episodes, you'll notice that, based on where you are on your journey, some of the things may seem pretty basic. Some of the things may some of what I share in certain series may seem kind of intermediate. Right, you're on your journey, you've been there, done that, and that makes sense, but you're ready for something, something more like additional insight, knowledge, etc. Okay, and then you get to a point where, like where I am on my journey, where there's an even deeper layer to it, which is interesting because I found that the deeper my understanding becomes, the simpler things become, especially in regards to manifestation. So I just wanted to mention that real quick, in case some of what I'm sharing may seem simplistic to you, based on where you're at in your journey or if you're just starting out. Maybe you're finding, maybe you know you're finding it hard to grasp certain concepts just because it's new to you. So I can help with the different levels or the different steps on the journey. But I wanted to mention these things because I'm fully aware that you know some of the information may not resonate at this time, but if you are subscribed to the podcast then you'll find that with additional episodes I will sometimes I'll talk about things that may seem a little bit more advanced and some things may seem fairly basic, if you will right, because I understand that everybody is at a different point on their journey. There are different levels of awareness, right States of consciousness, etc. So, again, I just wanted to mention that All right. So acceptance is beyond resignation, right Moving towards transformation. So acceptance is often misunderstood as a passive surrender to circumstances. However, in the realm of manifestation, it takes on a dynamic quality. So let's shed some light on the idea that acceptance is not resignation, but rather it's a conscious choice to acknowledge and work with the present moment, which creates a foundation for transformation. So embracing the present moment is really a cornerstone of acceptance. Can you live in the moment? And Eckhart Tolle has a book called the Power of Now, because everything really exists now. Although we have the perception of time being linear, it really is not. Everything exists now simultaneously. So what timeline are we going to choose? Are we going to move into and how are we going to transform our lives by making that conscious choice in each given moment? And can we surrender to the current moment and realize that everything really is working out for us? Everything is synchronistic, there are no coincidences, excuse me. So acceptance really involves a steep surrender to what is and allowing oh, excuse me, I'm going to take a sip of my coffee, I'm so sorry. One sec, all right. So allowing yourself to be fully immersed in the current reality without resistance. I've really been doing that lately and it's interesting because so I went through this, this purge. It was really a physical purge, being sick in December, but with, with the energies being what they were, there was this I I just felt this transformation within myself and knowing that this year, like moving forward, things are really going to start changing Pretty rapidly, I just have this deep feeling and lately I have been experiencing that deep surrender more so than ever before and just living in the moment, right, and not being being in the mindset of go, go, go, go go. I have to get this done, this done, this done, this done and just being and allowing, and I will tell you that it not being used to it I mean, I've gotten better at it over the past couple of years but it not having been that natural state for me, because I used to really be in my divine masculine, just on the go all the time, working all the time and you know, sometimes work in 16, 18 hours a day, so just kind of being still and allowing almost feels like being lazy at times, but it's not because I'm doing internal like. I'm doing the internal work I'm aware of, of the energies I'm aware, aware of things transforming. I have seen so many synchronicities the past couple of weeks, not only in numbers, like I've literally been seeing repeating numbers like every single day 1010, 1111, 333, 222, 555, 1111. I've been seeing every single day, right. I've been seeing that for the past five years, consciously aware of it, since my awakening, but it's really ramped up the past couple of weeks. I think being present and and just allowing has really helped to understand that things are going to unfold and I don't have to make anything happen, okay. That being said, if I feel like journaling, if I feel like writing down, like affirmations and stuff, then I do or I will. I'm not at that stage now where I have to do it every day to try to shift my mindset or beliefs. Okay, but I still have a spiritual routine in my day where I'm spending time being, still taking care of myself, etc. So, anyway, so that deep surrender okay, allows yourself to be fully immersed in the current reality without resistance, rather than viewing the present as an obstacle. Okay, see it as this fertile ground where the seeds, or the seeds, of your desires can take root. Acceptance is a power, it's a powerful energy and manifestation. Acceptance is this energy that acts as a catalyst another catalyst, right, because there are various catalysts on this journey but acceptance really is this powerful energy that acts as a catalyst in the manifestation process. When you accept the present moment with an open heart and mine, you release resistance and you create this harmonious flow of energy and this flow becomes a conduit through which your desires can seamlessly enter your life, unimpeded by the barriers of things like doubt and impatience, and by accept, embracing acceptance. It invites you, or it invites yeah, I'd invite you to dance, right. It invites this dance of ease and grace into your life. Dance with ease and grace, okay, embrace it. Rather than pushing against the current of the present moment, you allow yourself to glide with the flow. So this dance is not passive, but rather an active participation in the co creation of your reality, and acceptance really becomes a partner that leads you towards a manifestation of your deepest desires. And you'll notice that I use metaphors To be trying to be really descriptive, right, so the this process doesn't seem so monotonous like technique, technique, technique, but metaphors. So you can kind of envision that and develop yourself with this process, right, and create this visual, visual imagery of this process, because where it's beautiful and it really flows, when you get past the initial stages of wow, I'm manifest, my reality, how do I do that? Right, and then you start with the techniques or the affirmations and then you move into this ease and it really does become like this beautiful dance. So you'll notice I'll use the metaphors and past couple episodes it was about being the artist, all right. So let's talk about some techniques real quick for embracing acceptance. Mindful presence. Okay, practice mindfulness to anchor yourself in the present moment, engage your senses fully and whatever you're doing, allowing you to cultivate a state of awareness that transcends past regrets or future anxieties, because everything is now. It does no good to think about the past because you reanimate that. Why would you want to? Why would you want to make that memory alive again? Okay, and the future? The thing is we are are moving into different timelines at every moment of the day. Okay, so it does no good really to think about the future and or be an anxious about the future, because you can choose at any moment to move into a different state of consciousness. Okay, all right. So there's no need to worry about the future because you're creating it. So if you're anxious about it now, then you're creating out of anxiousness. So it does no good to be anxious, because you can create whatever you want in this now moment. So, think lovely things, think wonderful things, right. Think exciting things. There's no reason to be anxious. Another technique for embracing acceptance is releasing resistance. So identify areas in your life where resistance is present. So might not be towards certain circumstances, emotions or aspects of yourself, or, yeah, it could be towards any of those things. So consciously choose to release the resistance, which will open the door for acceptance to flow in. And then gratitude, cultivate a gratitude practice to shift your focus towards appreciation for what is currently present in your life. Acknowledge the blessings, both big and small, and this allows you to foster a mindset of abundance. Because, as Bashar says, abundance right. Abundance is not just money. Abundance of anything is abundance. So, do you have an abundance of lack? Do you have an abundance of fear? Do you have an abundance of gratitude? Do you have an abundance of money? Do you have an abundance of doubt? Right, abundance is not just money. Abundance can be an abundance of positive things or an abundance of negative things. So Be grateful for the blessings in your life, the abundance of things in your life, but think on the positive things. If you think on the negative things, you'll create more of the negative things, and you don't want an abundance of those so craft affirmations that affirm your acceptance, okay, of the present moment, for example. I embrace the beauty of this moment, knowing it is a stepping stone towards my desired reality. Alright, create affirmations that move you forward in the present moment. In the present moment. Now let's talk about the delicate balance, this delicate dance of balancing the present and envisioning the future, and manifestation. So, in this intricate journey of manifestation, this delicate dance unfolds and this dance, if you will, involves acknowledging our current reality while keeping our gaze firmly, our focus firmly fixed on the vision that we aspire to create. So let's explore some of those nuances of striking this balance between present and envisioning the future. So this delicate balance includes really balancing the acknowledgement of our current reality while, at the same time, like not fighting against it, just acknowledging it, while maintaining focus on our vision. Okay, and it's a subtle art, it takes time, okay, it requires finesse and mindfulness to navigate the present while keeping the flame of your aspirations burning brightly, okay, so let's unravel some of those complexities of this delicate balance and offer some insight into how it can be achieved. First of all, being present is important. This is a foundation for our manifestation. So being present is not, again, a passive state, right? None of these things that we're talking about are really passive states. They're active, right, mindfulness is B is an active state, an active engagement with the current moment. So that serves as a foundation for manifestation. Right, to be present, to be aware, and from this point of being present, you can launch your journey towards the future in the now moment. Okay, acknowledging the present without resistance creates a harmonious flow of energy. Right, it's an essential ingredient in the manifestation process. So what is the stance between presence and vision? So, envisioning the future is an equally important aspect of manifestation. Right, it's about holding a vision so vividly in your mind that it becomes a magnetic force drawing your desires closer. This delicate dance lies in seamlessly really transitioning between being present and then projecting your consciousness into the realm of your envisioned reality. Now I'm going to mention once again that, essentially, we're not draw. We're not. We're making the invisible visible. We are not attracting something that does not already exist. We're not creating it. We've already done that. All things exist. So, by drawing something unto us, we're really making the invisible visible because it already exists, you know, in this wonderful world of ours and this wonderful universe which is really all within. So we're moving into alignment with our desire. By doing that, we make the invisible invisible. All right, I there are so many things. I started out, and originally on my journey of, you know, overcoming anxiety and depression, over 40 plus years of it through affirmations, and understanding the law of attraction and the law of attraction. There are some wonderful aspects of that, but, like I said, on this journey we come across information at different points, all synchronistically, all pre-orchestrated, and these pieces of the puzzle start coming together. Right, there may be different parts of different teachings that begin to make sense as a whole. All right, so let's talk about techniques for balancing the dance. All right. So mindfulness, again, talk about mindfulness a lot. So, again, practice mindful awareness to anchor yourself in the present. Okay, gratitude again. Right, gratitude rituals, scheduling, visioning time if your day tends to get away from you, dedicate specific times in your routine for visualizing and during these excuse me visualization sessions, allow yourself to fully immerse in the vision of your desired reality. This structured approach helps maintain focus without overshadowing the importance of the present. Okay, eventually, you'll get to a point where you may let me think how to word this eventually, you will get to a point where you may become so present and so aware that in any given moment throughout your day, you may feel called to sit and meditate or visualize, etc. And I realized that you know, this kind of this may depend on you know what type of like if you work outside the home and you're in the office, where you may not be able to do that. But again, on this journey, right on this journey, when you really begin to live authentically and live your with passion and purpose, you may find that what you're doing now may not really be what you want to be doing. Right, maybe you don't want to be in a corporate job, so then you move into something that really brings you great joy, something you're passionate about, and then maybe then you have the time, the freedom to sit and visualize, you know in the middle of the day, or you know mid-morning, or you know in the evening. Right, that's part of the journey too is moving into your power and purpose and like, when you know what you want, when you know what brings you joy and you really live authentically, these things start to move into place naturally. So it's not something you have to be anxious about, fearful about, just know what you want. Okay, again, this is a journey, it unfolds over time and everything you experience is part of the journey. It's synchronistic, okay, and it is part of the divine plan that you have created for yourself. Does it happen all at once? Okay, but again, for depending on where you're at, again, in your journey, you know, if you have a full-time job, if you're able to, in the morning, schedule time to visualize, or before bed, or, you know, in the evening or whatever. That's a really good practice to get into the habit of doing Gratitude throughout the day when you're driving. Now, obviously you don't want to close your eyes and visualize when you're driving, but think about all the things that you're grateful for, or saying your affirmations out loud. Okay, getting into the regular routine of doing these things can be very, very helpful. It's what I started with, it's what I had to do in the beginning. Okay, I still driving in my car, I still talk out loud my mantra statements, my affirmations, if you will, and then being grateful. So in my daily planner I have a section, a gratitude section. So I don't script every day anymore because, again, if I feel like it feels forced, like I'm sitting down, like oh, I have to write, I don't do it. I have moments where I'm like, oh, I want to script this, right. But now, as I've mentioned before, it's so natural for me I can do it, like I can be sitting here on my desk and be, you know, just going about my day, working or whatever, and I'll have a thought. Come in and then if I need to revise something in the moment, if I need to affirm something in the moment, then I will do it. So that's part of my routine now is being really present and really aware, no matter what I'm doing. Okay, because I'm really in alignment with my, with my higher self. If you will, right, I'm having these telepathic conversations all day long with myself, with my spirit, with my soul, with my higher self. So you'll get there eventually. It's just, it's natural. But in the beginning you may have to have this routine. I used to sit every morning and every evening and script and write affirmations. I have journals and journals and journals of writing affirmations 55 times or the 369 method, right, I have journals and journals and journals of just oh, my goodness. And manifestations, writing my manifestation list, the small things to prove to myself that I could manifest. Now I just know, I don't even doubt it anymore. I don't doubt if I can manifest something, because I know that I can manifest anything. Right, where's my focus? So, schedule time to do what you need to do, to get you into the state of consciousness of having your desires, okay, of being present. And as you do that, eventually it will become so natural that you don't, it'll just become a natural part of your day. I don't know how else to say it. But don't force anything, please. Don't force anything, right? You don't want to create that resistance. So, and speaking of resistance, release it. Identify and release resistance towards the current reality. Resistance just acts as a barrier to the free flow of energy. Right, let go of it. You create a space where manifestation can take root when you let go of it. And how do you let go of it? By being present, not thinking about the past, not worried about the future, knowing in this now moment Everything is as it should be. In this moment, I know what I want, I am creating what I want in this now moment. That's all that needs to be done in this non-moment. Okay, all right, now let's talk about breaking through barriers and racing non-resistance, okay. So, understanding the impact of resistance. So, resistance is more than just a mere obstacle. It's an energetic block that disrupts the natural flow of manifestation. Okay, think of it as like a detour. A detour because and I'm getting this visual now so for me I don't see a block as like this, not of energy. For me, I see it as you are, you're focused on your vision, right, there's this free flow of energy and then, if resistance comes up, what happens is is like this little detour, like you're on this. I did a YouTube video about this one time, I forget what it was called. So you're on this timeline, right, you're on this trajectory, and because we are shifting into different states of consciousness, essentially different timelines, at every moment, every moment throughout the day, if resistance comes up and you focus on that resistance too much, what happens is you shift momentarily into a different timeline, into a different state of consciousness. So I don't see it as like this block, like this not any energy. I see it as like a slight shift, shifting you from the timeline that you're on momentarily into a different timeline. So you want to move back into that state of consciousness, letting go of that resistance, right, and knowing that whatever fear, whatever doubt comes up, that whatever belief comes up, that is not an alignment with what you want to experience. Then shift your focus back to what it is that you want to be focused on, through affirmations, gratitude, whatever you need to do to shift that belief, and then it shifts you onto that more ideal timeline, into that state of consciousness. That is an alignment, okay, creating again that natural flow of energy towards realization of those desires. So let's delve a little bit deeper into this concept of non-resistance. Okay, it really is an art that enables this seamless flow. Okay, and it allows the universe, which is really you, your higher self, right, your spirit, to work its magic, because the universe is within you, so there's not something outside of you working its magic. Okay, your spirit, your soul within you, okay, works its magic and creates your desires, brings them to life, manifests them into physical form Alright. So again, resistance, more than just a mere obstacle, okay, non-resistance, it's not about passive acceptance, but it's an active choice To work with the energy of the universe, to work with the energy of all that is within you. It involves letting go of resistance and allowing the energy to flow freely. By embracing non-resistance, you end up, you create this gateway for the manifestation process to unfold with grace and ease. So eventually, on your journey, you really will see or become aware that everything you're experiencing, everything body that you encounter, really is just a reflection of you. Okay, they exist in their own right. They have their own realities. Okay, when they come into your awareness, you are experiencing the version of them that you have created within your reality to interact with them, right, they're not soulless individuals just walking around. They are beings, individuals, souls, having their own experiences. But your perception in your reality is the version that has been created for you to interact with, to learn certain things right, to see certain things within them about you, about your beliefs, etc. It took me a really, really long time to grasp this, but I get it now. I get it now and if you're familiar with Neville Goddard's teachings, I can tell you that everything he spoke about I understand because of experience. So much of it, so much of it, and I need to do a YouTube video on it. But I'm really trying to figure out how to accurately articulate the experience or experiences, because it's a little challenging to articulate the experiences right In a way that makes sense, because I know for me, like in the beginning, the ability to grasp certain things, like everyone as you pushed out. It took me a long time to really grasp that. So, anyway, now I do eventually Some of these concepts. If they don't seem to make sense right now, they will Alright, especially if you are tuning into my podcast, if you're watching my YouTube videos, whatever that is synchronistic. There are no coincidences. So I am part of your journey. I am a piece of the puzzle on your journey and you are a piece of the puzzle on mine. My ability to share this information, right, is reaching those. End of it is reaching you, those of you who are how do I explain this? What I'm sharing is reaching you because there are more sole contracts in place, possibly prior to our incarnations here. Okay, there are also reflections for me in this process, right? Who's listening? Who's interacting? What do the Like, how many people am I reaching, etc. Do I have certain limiting beliefs about sharing the message, sharing these experiences, right? Because not everybody's going to get it. So, anyway, it's really a two-way street, this whole process, this whole interaction. So you're not listening to this information by accident. It's part of your journey as well. So let's talk about some tips for recognizing and releasing resistance. And you'll find there's continuity here, because cultivating self-awareness is one of them. Right Mindfulness practices, gratitude, using gratitude as this counterforce okay. And affirmations for non-resistance and visualizing release okay. So first step, overcoming resistance is self-awareness. Excuse me, pay attention to your thoughts, emotions and reactions. Identify patterns of resistance, whether they stem from fear, doubt or limiting beliefs. Engage in mindfulness practices to anchor yourself in the present moment, because mindfulness allows you to observe resistance without judgment. It creates a space for conscious choice rather than reactive resistance. And then cultivate gratitude as a counterforce to resistance. So, when you focus on gratitude, you shift your energy towards appreciation and abundance and it dissolves the negativity associated with resistance because, guess what? You focus on gratitude rather than the opposite. Okay, rather than something negative, you're shifting your focus, all right. And then craft affirmations, if you need to, that affirm your commitment to non-resistance. For example, I release all resistance and then allow the natural flow of abundance into my life, and then repeat these affirmations regularly to reinforce the mindset of non-resistance. If you get to the point of creating an affirmation and repeating it so often that it's just annoying to do, don't force it, okay. And then visualize release. Use visualization as a powerful tool to release resistance. Picture yourself letting go of happy burdens or visualize symbols of resistance and allow them to dissolve into the ether. Okay, so this symbolic act creates a mental space for the free flow of energy. You know, if you want to try different types of meditations and visualizations and stuff I have I've started adding those to my YouTube channel. Now they're really short, most of them are between like five and 15 minutes. They're really short, but their message is kind of puts you into that state of consciousness of visualizing, you know, whatever it is. You know that the meditation, the visualization exercises on, really, whether it's abundance of money, whether it's, you know, being on a tropical vacation, whether it's kind of weeding out the negative thoughts in your mind, etc. So, a handful of those. There are more coming, all right, so let's talk about creating space for the universe to work its magic. Non-resistance creates this spacious environment where the universe can work its magic. So when you release resistance, you align yourself with the expansive energy of the cosmos, of the universe again, which is inside of you. All things exist within sight of you. Everything outside of you is just a reflection. Okay, you are creating this space within you to allow this natural flow of energy allowing your manifestations to come to fruition be made visible, right? And then this non-resistance allows this orchestration of this intricate dance of manifestation, right? So, finally, let's talk in when it comes to this non-resistance, let's talk about embracing it as another transformative practice that goes beyond the manifestation journey. It really permeates every aspect of your life. So, by choosing to be non-resistant, you invite the state of flow and openness and receptivity, and it creates this harmonious relationship with the energies that govern the universe, governs your universe, everything that you experience. So breaking through these barriers of resistance really is a crucial step on the path to manifestation mastery. Okay, now let's talk a little bit about or a little bit more rather about mindfulness as a tool for acceptance, because in each of the previous episodes, you know, I've brought up mindfulness, mindfulness, gratitude, you know things like that, but let's talk about mindfulness as a tool for acceptance. So mindfulness is not just a practice, okay, it's another gateway to cultivating acceptance. So let's illuminate the symbiotic relationship between mindfulness and acceptance, so we can demonstrate how the art of being present lays the foundation for embracing the current moment without resistance. All right, so here are some mindfulness techniques for present moment inquiry. Number one breath awareness. Engage in conscious breath awareness to ground yourself in the present. The breath is a constant rhythmic anchor that brings your attention back to the current moment, fostering a state of mindfulness. There is actually a great book on breathing techniques for breath awareness, so I will leave a link for that in the description box if you're interested. Another technique is sensory awareness. So immerse yourself in sensory experiences, whether it's the feeling of your breath, the textures around you or the sounds in your environment. Sensory awareness anchors you in the richness of the present. Okay, the next is body scan meditation, so you can actually scan your body in meditation. So perform a body scan meditation to bring awareness to different parts of your body, and again, I will leave a link to a meditation in the description box. So this technique not only enhances mindfulness, but also fosters a deep connection with your physical being, so grounding you in the now and then. There's observing thoughts and emotions. Practice observing your thoughts and emotions without judgment. Mindfulness involves becoming a detached observer of your mental and emotional landscape, which allows you to accept them as they arise. So mindfulness then acts as a bridge to manifestation. Mindfulness serves as a powerful bridge, really connecting your present reality with the vision you are actively creating. By being fully present, then you create a space that allows acceptance to flourish and this acceptance in turn becomes a fertile ground where the seeds of your desires can take root, as I mentioned before. So enhancing acceptance through mindfulness and we can do the way to do that is releasing resistance, okay, Shifting your perspective and then cultivating gratitude. So mindfulness cultivates a state of non-judgmental awareness. As you observe the present without judgment, then you naturally release resistance to what is opening the door for acceptance to flow in, and then shifting your perspective. Mindfulness encourages a shift in perspective. So, rather than seeing challenges as obstacles, you can view them as opportunities for growth, and this shift enhances your ability to accept challenges with grace and resilience. So the practice of mindfulness naturally fosters gratitude. By being fully present, you become attuned to the beauty and the abundance in your current reality and this cultivates a mindset of appreciation and acceptance. Now that we've talked about releasing resistance and non-resistance, let's talk a little bit about releasing judgment and comparison. So the impediments of judgment and comparison are formidable foes, let's just say, on the path to acceptance. So let's shed some light on that and how these mental habits can hinder the natural flow of energy, torn manifestation, and explore the strategies to really break free from their grip. So a few strategies are cultivating self-awareness, practicing non-judgmental observation and challenging negative self-talk. So the first step in releasing judgment is self-awareness. So notice when judgmental thoughts arise and then observe them without attachment. Awareness provides a space-native to make a conscious choice to release judgment. And then engaging in non-judgmental observation of yourself and others is also important. So when phased with situations or individuals that trigger judgment, consciously shift your perspective to observe without evaluating. This shift in perspective fosters acceptance. And then become aware of negative self-talk and challenge it. Replace self-critical thoughts with self-compassionate ones. For every judgment, find a positive and affirming counterthought. And then cultivating self-compassion is also important. So you can do this by practicing self-reflection. So take time for self-reflection to understand the roots of self-judgment, what beliefs or experiences contribute to these judgments. Self-reflection is another powerful tool for cultivating self-awareness and self-compassion. You can use affirmations of self-love, create affirmations that promote self-love and self-acceptance For example, I am worthy of love and acceptance just as I am and then repeat these affirmations regularly to reinforce a positive self-image. Mindfulness for self-compassion is another one. So integrate mindfulness into your daily routine to enhance self-compassion. Mindfulness practices such as loving, kindness, meditation, and nurture a gentle and compassionate attitude towards oneself. It gets easier over time. At first it may be difficult to do, but it gets easier over time and you can be mindful without having to sit in meditation. If you're not able to sit, meditate, for instance, if you're at your desk at work and you can take a just a couple of minutes just to kind of sit there and become aware of your thoughts. That is also practicing mindfulness and brace your unique journey. So shift from comparison to celebration. Instead of comparing yourself to others, shift your mindset to celebrating their success. Recognize that everyone's journey is unique and the accomplishments of others do not diminish your own path. Remember everyone and everything you experience is first of all, your creation and also your reflection. So there's really no reason to compare yourself to others. What is, what is what you are seeing in the other person showing you? Are they do? Are they living a lifestyle that you'd like to live? There's no reason to judge them. Just, you now know that this is something you want to experience. Are they acting in a way that that you don't like? Well, you change that. What is it about the way they're acting that you don't like? That may rub you the wrong way. You change that within yourself. Okay, everything is. We can really use everything and everyone is a learning experience. All right, so there's really no reason to judge or to compare yourself to others at all. You created the experiences. So observe For what reason was this experience with this person created? What can you learn from it? All right, and then focus on personal growth, you know, as part of your unique journey. So redirect your energy from external comparison to internal growth. Again, observation what is it that you are judging in another person or comparing yourself to in this other person? Okay, and use it as a tool for personal growth, for learning, set personal goals and celebrate your progress. Focus on the continuous evolution of your unique journey. Focus on others, focus on you, and then make gratitude a part of your story. Cultivate gratitude for your story, for your journey. It took me a long time to do this, but I eventually, once I healed from all the trauma I endured as a child, the abuse of my child I was able to do it. I endured as a child, the abuse, etc. I am now. I am now really grateful. I can literally say I am so grateful for this beautiful journey because it has brought me to this place of where I am now a fully awakening to so much, to everything, really To everything Again. Sometimes I find it's difficult to put into words, but this journey, this lifetime, previous lifetimes, everything, all of it. I am so grateful for it because I am now awakened to, to the truth, who I am, the truth of this existence, and to so many mystical experiences, so it's really been incredible. So if you can be grateful for your journey, that is, that can be a crucial step along the way for releasing judgment and comparison. Now, before or as we end this episode, let's talk more about this gratitude as a path to acceptance. The symphony, if you will, of manifestation really is symphony If you think about, if you look out into your reality as a series of manifestations, because really that's what it is right, all of the along with anything negative, there are many, many beautiful things as well. If you can focus on those beautiful, wonderful things, then and allow gratitude to emerge Again, it becomes a powerful force to transform them. Force these, all these things that I speak about will eventually transform you. They are powerful. Gratitude really becomes this alchemical elixir that transmutes the perception of lack into a celebration of abundance. And gratitude is not merely a courtesy, it's a catalyst for transformation. Just like a lot of these things that I've talked about when it comes to manifestation mastery, this practice of gratitude is to shift your focus, cultivate daily gratitude rituals and to create gratitude into your daily routine through rituals like keeping a gratitude journal where you jot down things you're thankful for. Regular practice reinforces the habit of focusing on the positive aspects of life. Find mindful gratitude moments during the day. So, throughout the day, pause for mindful gratitude moments, whether it's a warmth of sunlight, the aroma of a favorite coffee or a moment of connection with a loved one. Just mindful pauses redirect your attention to the abundance surrounding you in that moment and then express gratitude to others. Extend the practice beyond personal reflection. By expressing gratitude to others, for instance, a heartfelt thank you or a note of appreciation not only fosters connection but also amplifies the positive energy circulating in your life and then shift from a state of lack to abundance. Become aware of abundance. Gratitude serves as a lens that brings awareness to the abundance already present in your life. Shift your focus from what is lacking to the richness that surrounds you. A conscious choice that fosters acceptance of the now and see challenges as opportunities. Practice gratitude by reframing challenges as opportunities for growth. Every obstacle becomes a stepping stone, contributing to the abundance of experiences that shape your journey and appreciate the journey. Gratitude encourages appreciation for the journey itself, with all its twist and turns. Each step, whether challenging or joyous, it becomes a valuable part of the narrative leading towards a manifestation of your desires. So gratitude, then, can act really as a magnet for positive energy and it aligns you with your desired reality, or one of the things that aligns you. So, as you express gratitude for what you are doing, as you express gratitude for what you have and anticipate the abundance to come in the now moment, you create a harmonious resonance with the manifestations you seek and also elevates your vibrational frequency. The act of gratitude elevates your vibrational frequency, creating a flow of positive energy. So this higher frequency not only enhances your mood and well-being, but also acts as a beacon, drawing in the energies that align with your aspirations, with your desires. Gratitude really, really does go a long way. So thanks for joining me. That is the end of this episode On acceptance being the key to unlocking the full potential of the present moment on your journey of conscious creation. In the upcoming episodes we will continue to unravel each step of this transformative process. This is, lena, signing off for today, and may your acceptance of the now be a beacon guiding you toward the reality of your heart's desires. I will see you guys all in the next episode. Bye now.

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