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Manifestation Mastery: "Action" Co-Creating with the Universe

January 26, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 7
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: "Action" Co-Creating with the Universe
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🌟 Step into the realm of limitless possibilities with Lynna K Teer on another illuminating episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast!" 🌟

Join Lynna, your trusted spiritual guide and conscious manifestation coach, as she unravels the mysteries of "Manifestation Mastery: Action - Co-Creating with the Universe." πŸš€βœ¨

In this dynamic session, discover the pivotal role of aligned action in the manifestation process. Lynna shares profound insights on how to harness the power of conscious co-creation, forging a partnership with the universe to turn your dreams into reality. 🌌πŸ’ͺ

Get ready to dive deep into practical strategies and spiritual wisdom that empower you to take inspired action with confidence and clarity. Learn the art of balancing intention with movement, and witness the magic that unfolds when your actions harmonize with the cosmic energy surrounding you.

Lynna's teachings blend spirituality with actionable steps, making manifestation accessible and transformative for all. Whether you're a seasoned manifestor or just starting your journey, this episode is a roadmap to amplify your manifestation prowess.

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to episode six of our 10 part series on manifestation mastery. This is the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena, I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach, and today we're going to talk about action co-creating with the universe. And again, this is episode six of our 10 part series on manifestation mastery. So today we are going to talk about the power of inspired action. Again, this is co-creating with the universe, okay. And action. So we're going to talk about the power of inspired action, with action being the bridge that connects your intentions with manifestation. Okay, so in this episode, we're going to explore the transformative power of taking inspired action that is aligned with your desires, and then understanding that that action is it just motion, but it's a conscious co-creation with the universe. We're going to talk about the synergy between intention and action. So how do intention and action work in harmony? All right, I'm going to discuss the that beautiful synergy between setting intentions and taking intentional action and then creating a powerful flow of energy. We talked a lot about this in the last episode. We'll talk about exploring techniques to align your actions with the energy of your intentions, which will help to amplify the manifestation process. We're also going to talk about overcoming resistance to action. Okay, so resistance to action can often be a stumbling block, right? So I'm going to delve into the strategies for recognizing and overcoming resistance, allowing you to take steps towards your desired reality with confidence. Right? Understanding the action is like a dance, right, not a forceful push. And then learning to flow with the rhythm of co-creation. And, of course, we'll talk about the dance of co-creation, so co-creating with the universe. Right, it's this dance of energy. And, again, we talked about this in the last episode. So we'll discuss the concept of surrendering to the flow, allowing the universe to contribute its part to the manifestation process, and I'll give some practical insights on finding the balance between intentional action and trust in the unfolding journey. Okay, we'll talk about trusting the unseen path. Taking action often involves stepping into the unknown, so we'll explore the concept of trust and how it becomes a guiding light on the unseen path of co-creation, okay, which in turn cultivates trust in the process, knowing that the universe conspires to bring your desires into fruition. And then we'll talk about celebrating those small wins and the course corrections. Right, so every step is a victory, and I'll talk about the importance of celebrating small wins A long manifestation journey and being open to course corrections that really refine your path, and understanding that the journey is as important as the destination. So each moment really is a chance for growth. So let's talk about inspired action first. Okay, inspired action like this little dance with the universe, all right. So, first in this, in talking about inspired action, talk about alignment with desires. So, inspired action, it's not this random series of tasks, okay, it really is this conscious dance with your desires. So each action is a deliberate step, harmonizing with the frequency of your intentions. So the more outlined your actions, the stronger the bridge between your dreams and reality. Okay, so you can use intention as a guide. Inspired action it often arises from the intuitive whispers of your soul. Okay, so listen to the subtle guidance within, because it serves as a compass, directing you toward actions that resonate with your aspirations and trusting your intuition. Right, it becomes this cornerstone in this dance of manifestation, if you will. Okay, all right. Now let's talk about co-creation. So, unconscious co-creation, rather. So, if you can recognize that every action is a form of co-creation with the universe, as you take inspired steps, you send signals to the cosmos, to the universe, okay, affirming your commitment to the manifestation process. So conscious co-creation involves actively participating in the sculpting of your reality. Because you have to have action, right, you can't just sit and do nothing all the time, like if you get those little nudges right of inspired action, you actually have to take the action. I'm going to take a sip of my coffee one sec, okay. So action is a big part of it, right, it kind of rounds it out. You can do all the other steps, but without the action the whole is not going to come together. Right, it's got to come full circle. So all right. Now let's talk about understanding action beyond motion, quality over quantity. So in the realm of manifestation, the quality of your actions holds more significance than the quantity. Okay, so each action infused with intention and purpose carries a potent energetic charge. So it's not about busyness but about the conscious direction of your energy. Okay, and this goes back this really kind of goes back to like affirmations. But so if you're writing or saying affirmations, but you're doing it kind of robotically, without you know, without feeling, without conscious intent, you're just doing it because you think all these affirmations are going to bring my desires into fruition, but you're just doing it over and over and over again. Right, that quantity is not going to be as potent as sitting down and visualizing for even the five minutes. Right With feeling. Right, if you're able to inject emotion and feeling into that visual visualization, seeing the outcome of that desire as it already is and invoke emotion into it right, feel into it that's way more potent than you know saying or writing your affirmations 500 times a day. So, quality over quantity. And then there's pacing and patience. Okay, so manifestation is a journey. We are doing it every moment of every day, through our intentions, our thoughts, our beliefs, our words, our actions, etc. Every moment of every day is a manifestation. So it really is a journey. It's not a sprint, right, because we're shifting constantly throughout the day. So pacing your actions and exercising patience are really integral components of the process. Okay, so, because everything has its, as Neville Goddard says, its own appointed hour, because it's a seed. You plant that seed of desire. Everything needed for that seed to really grow, all the components for that manifestation are already contained within that seed, right? So just practice patience, okay. Trust that each inspired step that you get contributes to the unfolding of your desires and the universe responds in its divine timing. Okay, so trusting is really, really important and when we talk about letting go, that's really all letting go is. It's just trusting in the process. You've planted this seed, you have set your intentions, you know what you want. Okay, not focused on the opposite. You know what you want and it will manifest. Just trust the process and if things come up along the way that bring up worry or doubt, just realign your focus. Those things come up to show you that you still have those fears or doubts. Right, you don't have to feed into them, just observe them and then realign your thoughts. Okay, all right, now let's talk about synchronicity and signpost. All right, so pay attention to synchronicities and signposts along your journey, because you will get them. So these are often accused from the universe, indicating that you are on the right path, but actions are aligned with the natural flow of your manifestation journey. Okay, really creating the stance of serendipity. So, synchronicity, signposts there could be any number of things for me right now, because I don't really watch TV. I see a lot of. I see a lot of numbers. People call them angel numbers. A lot of them Like, every day, multiple times a day. I think I saw 444, like, three times. Yesterday I saw 111, 1111, like four or five times yesterday and I think there was 222, I think I saw so things like that when I do watch TV, which isn't very often anymore, but I used to see like signs and synchronicities, my manifestation even weirdly, in like television shows or movies. Right, a phrase or a word. Okay. The other I was seeing owls, owls and elephants a lot last week and I haven't been like, I haven't been on, I haven't been on social media like YouTube and like TikTok I just took TikTok off my phone again because I was going down a rabbit hole but I was seeing owls and on Instagram too, and Facebook, owls and elephants a lot, and I kept thinking, why am I seeing owls so much? And I looked up the significance of owls and I was like, oh, that's exactly where I'm at on my journey. And then, right before I took my launcher dragging course started what? Two weeks ago I was connected. So my guides right, we all have guides, really five view guides as aspects of ourselves right, so they're elementals or what have you? Okay, aspects of ourselves and other dimensions, other timelines, et cetera. Right, if we can conceive it, if we can think about it, it exists. Right. So things I never would have believed in before, even though I haven't actually seen them, like dragons and mermaids and unicorns and things like that right, I don't have fairies and unicorns and leprechauns and things like that come up for me, but I have four dragon guides and they were coming in one at a time, right, probably over like the past six months, and then, right before this launcher dragging course, four of them came in all at once and shared information with me, gave me specific information on how to utilize working with the information, okay. And then, you know, I found Natty on. I saw her on TikTok. I'd seen her before, but she talked about her course and automatically it resonated with me. I was like, ah, okay. And then there were some other. There were some other synchronicities in my mastermind course that I take with faith and I she's been on my podcast before, but she she had brought up dragons too. So every so, there were these signs and synchronicities, right. So things like that, okay, they may be different for you, but science, but they're there, okay, and you'll start to notice them. I see them as okay, I'm in alignment right with my desires, I'm where I need to be, etc. Okay, I will say actually there, I'll talk about later when we get to that section, about how obstacles can kind of come up. Yeah, I'll talk about that when I get to that part, because it happened with the launcher dragon course. All right, so now let's talk about goal breakdown. So, break down your long term goals, okay, into, if into, smaller actionable steps, okay. So this not only makes the process more manageable but also provides a roadmap for inspired actions, okay, so celebrate each milestone as a victory on your path. So, for instance, if you have a vision board or if you've written down your intentions as goals, then and you have, like a big goal say, for instance, you want to take a European vacation, right, but you're going to need time, you're going to need time off, you're going to need finances, things like that okay, are there smaller actionable goals? That that that you can tune into? Now here's the thing you know if you have, if you have set an intention, if you have visualized, like the end result, if you've visualized already being on that vacation, like in your you have visualized they were walking down this cobblestone street in Rome, okay, everything needed for that manifestation to come to fruition will come to fruition. Okay, but if there are, if there are. So we don't control how things come about. Okay. So we can sorry that if you heard that noise, I was the stool under my desk, so we can just leave it be and trust that it will happen right. But then again, we have goals. So, although you have visualized that, that desire, if you have goal, if you have goals that maybe coincide with that, okay. So maybe you have a job now that that doesn't provide time off, so maybe you need to find another job or whatever that would allow time off, or maybe you want to leave that job or whatever. If you have goals and intentions that you know will take certain actions, it's okay to have those goals and then break those, break those actionable steps down. But here's the thing you're going to be inspired to do things as well that maybe you haven't necessarily written down. Okay, the important thing is to tune into that because it may take you like. You may have a, you may have a set of goals you may have, you know steps that you need to take, like out of my planner right that I write it every day for things that I need to get done. But if I have my work to set where I'm like, okay, I need to do this, this, this and this, but I'm sitting here and I get this inspired action to. No, you need to go do this today, right, like you, instead of working at home, you need to go like. This happened one time, not towards the end of, was it last year? This happened towards the end of last year. I was sitting, I was sitting here working, or I was sitting on my the chair in my living room and I think I was scripting or something, and I had a set of. I had a everything written in my plan of what I was going to get done and, during that, what I needed to get down or wanted to get done during the day and something told me no, you need to, you need to go have breakfast at the diner of the street. I was like that's weird and I brushed it off at first and I kept. It kept coming to me you need to go have breakfast at this diner. So I was like, okay, well, I'm going to go for breakfast. So I did that and I had this really interesting insight that day and I actually had talked about it either on my YouTube channel, maybe here on my podcast, I don't remember. That was pretty significant. So I took the inspired action, but I still had a list of goals that I need to get of steps, action steps for the things I needed to get done that day. But then I felt inspired to go do something that I hadn't planned on doing, and then I received some pretty significant insight by doing that. So, do you see what I'm saying? You can have goals and intentions, break them down into tasks, but still be in tune with your intuition and don't be afraid to take those action steps as they come about. All right, now your intuition. Let's talk about that for a sec, because it it acts as a guide. Okay, your intuition is really your higher self. Okay, inspired action often arises from the intuitive whispers which is talked about. That, right? Oh wait, no, I, you know what. I accidentally hit the mouse button on my notes and I had the page scroll backwards, so I already talked about that. But I mean it does. Intuition acts as a guide, it's your higher self. So if you can really tune into that, it's really going to be helpful. Okay, all right. So as you break down your goals, okay, celebrate each milestone as a victory on your path. All right, the science, the synchronicities will be there if you recognize them. And really, everything, everything that happens is unfolding is a bridge to your manifestation. So it really comes down to how do you react to it. How do you react to what's happening? Can you be non reactive when something is not going the way you think it should, or as planned, or things seem to be chaotic or going the opposite direction? Don't react, can you? Can you? Can you be so grounded in the knowing that your manifestations are unfolding, your intentions are coming to fruition, that you can be non reactive? Okay, that is so important, it's so helpful, okay. And if you can observe and be grateful for everything in your reality and what it is showing you and what you're learning from that, right, if you can be grateful and then celebrate the milestones in your life, the things that do show you that you're on the right path, if you can celebrate those as a victory, right, you'll gain momentum there. Okay, all right, now we've talked about daily rituals before. Okay, so if you can incorporate daily rituals that align your actions with your intentions whether it's, you know, morning visualization, affirmation, setting intentions for the day or what have you these rituals create a foundation for inspired actions to unfold. Okay so, and that coincides right with reflection and adjustment, because reflection and adjustment, or revision, can be part of your daily ritual, okay, your daily alignment ritual. So, regularly reflect on your actions and their alignment with your desires, adjust your course as needed, recognizing that you know flexibility is a key element of your practice. You know flexibility is a key element in conscious co-creation. And so, adaptation, being able to adapt, ensures that your actions remain in harmony with your evolving intentions. All right, because, remember, at each moment of the day, okay, we are shifting, we are shifting our state of consciousness, we're shifting timelines, essentially. So, what are you doing throughout the day? That is, are you the person that you want to be every moment throughout the day? I know that seems like a monumental task, right, but those small, but those small moments gain momentum, okay. So think about that, right, what is your first thought when you wake up in the morning? What is your daily routine like? Okay, what is your, what are you observing, what are you thinking throughout the day? There is a synergy between intention and action. So, for instance, harmony in motion, right, really, if you think about it, harmony in motion, okay. So if you're somebody who can see energy, you'll, under you, kind of understand the visual of what I'm, of, what I'm referring to. But again, there's this synergy right between your intention and action that that does look like harmony in motion. I wish I could explain that. I've seen it like energy, how it dances together, when the, when things are really in alignment, all right. So anyway, sorry, I was getting the visual coming through again and sometimes when that happens when I'm talking and then I can actually see it, it kind of it wants to kind of throw me down. Once again it's throwing me down like I could talk about that for days, the, that beauty of seeing, seeing energy and how it, how it flows and dances together, or sometimes it can, even if it's not flowing together, it can seem kind of murky. But yeah, anyway, that would be a whole another episode talking about energy like that, all right. So anyway, intention is the seed, right? Think of intention is the seed, your desire, right, is the seed, and action is a nurturing soul. So everything, everything about that manifestation is contained within the seed. Okay, nurturing it through aligned action, not force, right? You're not trying to make it grow. Everything needed for it to grow like it's going to grow. It's a seed right, it needs to be nurtured, but, like you don't have to stand and watch over it, yeah, telling it, you know, grow, grow, it's going to grow, just nurture it. But that nurturing comes through aligned action. You can really think of intention as blueprints. Okay, the blueprint right for this masterpiece that is your desire provides the vision and the structure for your desires. Okay, and this clarity that comes from from setting these intentions, or whatever intentions you you may be setting, again becomes this guiding force that directs intentional actions. You set your intentions and your higher self is going to the universe. People say the universe is. It's really your higher self, because essentially you are the universe, the universe is within you. Okay, will direct your intentional actions through your intentions? Right, then, your higher self, the universe, is going to know. Okay, these are the actions that need to be taken for this desire, because they're already within the seed of that desire. Okay, all right. So now let's talk about action being as a brush stroke. Brush stroke, because we're going to go back to the analogy of being the artist again here for sex. So your intention sets the scene and action becomes the brush stroke that colors your canvas. So each intentional action is an artistic expression, really, okay, that contributes to the vibrant tapestry of your manifested reality, and it really is vibrant, like, look at your reality and all that you've created, rather consciously or unconsciously right, is definitely not one note. All right, if you look at it, you know as a whole from the larger picture. So, again, so these brush strokes, if you will, when aligned, create this beautiful, harmonious masterpiece, all right. So there are some techniques to align your actions with intentional energy. We've talked about these before. So there's mindful decision making. So, before taking action, practice mindful decision making, pause and reflect on whether the proposed action aligns with the energy of your intentions. Okay, conscious decision making ensures that your actions resonate with the frequency of your desires. So this, actually, there are a couple things. There's another section where we talk about obstacles that I'm going to bring this up again, but right before. So right before taking any of or doing any of the coaching that I've done with others, like my me myself having a coach, not me coaching, but myself hiring a coach, or even this, this course I'm doing now, launcher Dragon, I don't just jump into things anymore. Okay, being a manifesting generator, that being part of my human design, I tend to emotionally like, oh, that looks great, I want to do that. And then kind of, there's part of me that kind of wants to just jump and go ahead and do it. But I have, I've learned to kind of like practice, the pause and reflect. Is this really something in alignment? It may look great, it may seem fun, right, I may be able to learn something from this. But does that, does it align with the energy of the true intentions, right, of what I really want to do, my business and my life, etc. So I've had to be very consciously aware to pause and reflect. Okay, so, yeah, so that's very important If you tend to jump to do things and then afterwards you're like, oh, what did I do that? Pause and reflect, mindful decision making. Okay, you can also visualize before acting. So visualization is not only a tool for setting attention attention, but also for aligning actions. So, before taking intentional steps, visualize the successful outcome of your actions. This mental rehearsal really strengthens the energetic connection between your intentions and actions. So I do this quite often too. Something will come up and I there have been times where I've stopped and I'm like, no, this, this is not going ideally. Perhaps I know what my intentions are for this. I know that I can't I consciously create my reality, so let me not react to this. You know, whatever may be going on, I'm going to visualize the outcome that I desire. So I've done that before. I've stopped and visualized the outcome, rather than reacting to what may be coming up as part of whatever bridge, of events for whatever manifestation, etc. Okay, that is unfolding. That may not necessarily look like it is unfolding, but it is, because everything is essentially a manifestation. So there's every moment of every day is really an unfolding. You know, a bridge towards something. Alright, and then you can also create an action plan. So you can develop a strategic action plan that aligns with your intentions. For instance, a daily routine, a spiritual routine Okay, that would be an example of creating an action plan. Okay, what do, how do I want to be, what do I want to be like in my daily life? That aligns with my desires, that aligns with what I am creating. For instance, if you are manifesting a new home, a beautiful new home, okay, when you walk throughout your house during the day, Do you think to yours? What are you thinking about? Where you're currently living? When you fall asleep at night, when you lay your head down in bed, are you laying your head down in your current home or are you laying your down head down on a pillow in your new home? Okay, things like that Develop a strategic action plan that aligns with your intentions. So, for instance, you are manifesting a new beautiful home. So I'm telling you so, since I'm telling you this now, what it's like to in the afternoon. So tomorrow or tonight, rather, when you lay your head down on your pillow, lay your head down in your new home, on your new bed in your new home. Okay. When you wake up in the morning, okay, are you going to just walk into your kitchen in your new home? Are you going to think to yourself, where you know, where would the layout of your kitchen be? Okay, essentially, that can be a strategic action plan, right, that aligns with your intentions. Your strategic action plan is you are now living in your new home. So, as you walk throughout your current home, you're really, in your mind's eye, walking throughout your new home. Okay, as you. If you, maybe you have a planner. Okay, so, as you write down the things that you that you need to get done today, is there one thing that you can write down on your planner that aligns with your long term goals, your long term desire. Okay, it can be. And here's the thing, you can be bold and use your imagination a bit, right? So, for instance, say you are, say you're writing up, your goal is to be a published author. Okay, you may not have even started your book right now, okay, but perhaps in your planner you can write down that you know I've a meeting with my publisher at I don't know, 4 pm or whatever. You know I actually have to be doing that today, but you can write it down as, because you know you're going to be a published author, right? Right, if you were being a published author, you would have a meeting with your publisher. And the thing is, everything exists right now. So why not write that in your planner? I've done it before. I haven't done in a while, but I've done something similar before. Alright, okay, oh, I wanted to mention something. I lost my train of thought. I took a sip of coffee and then I had something come to mind that I wanted to say. So here's the thing you don't have to tell people you're doing things, you're meeting with a publisher today, even though you haven't started with you, but you don't have to tell people that, alright, and you may write down that you have a meeting with your publisher and you may think to yourself this is crazy, it doesn't matter, right, you're not crazy, you are creating your future in this now moment. Okay, so write your own story. Write your own story, alright, don't be afraid to do that. Alright, let's talk about amplifying the manifestation process. First, we do that with consistency Consistency in intention and action, aligned action. So the synergy between intention and action is amplified through consistency. So, regularly revisit and re-affirm your intentions, because you will find yourself kind of things will come up that are not, that don't align with your intentions, right, but they're just showing you that, hey, you can react differently this time, okay, or you're not quite there yet, you don't quite have the faith yet that it's actually going to happen. So just reaffirm your intentions, okay, and don't be afraid of the things that come up that may seem like they're opposing what you're manifesting. Just allow those things to show you. You know, you, just it's time to reaffirm Okay, or I'm subtly focused on it not happening, so let me just focus on the fact that it is happening, okay, alright. So again, regularly revisit, reaffirm your intentions and ensure that your actions align with the energy of these intentions. Okay, consistency becomes a catalyst, you know, for this, for manifestation and again, celebrate the intentional milestones. So, acknowledge and celebrate each intentional milestone, because these aren't just checkpoints but rather affirmations that your actions are in harmony with your intentions. Okay, so celebration becomes a form of gratitude and it reinforces the positive energy surrounding your desires. Okay, I do this even with things that aren't necessary, that things that are opposite, or seem are seem to be opposite, of what I would like to see happen, because I know that that, in and of itself, is just showing me something. So I'm grateful for the journey. I'm grateful for the good and the bad, right, the positive and the negative, because everything is showing me something. Right, I don't say I'm, you know, I'm so grateful that that this happened this way. If it's something negative, I'm like I'm so grateful that this is showing me this, and then I reaffirm something. Or I know that I need to kind of go into visualization. Right, it's a journey. It is a journey, alright, and it's a dynamic process. Manifestation is a dynamic process, so the ability to adapt and to observe is crucial. Stay flexible in your approach. Okay, recognize that intentional actions may require an adjustment. Okay, tune into your intuition Okay, this adaptation really ensures that you remain in alignment with the evolving energy of your intentions. Now let's talk about overcoming resistance to action. Okay, Resistance is like this unseen force. Okay, it can create hurdles on the path to manifesting your desires. So let's talk about recognizing resistance, some strategies to overcome it, etc. Alright. So recognizing resistance can be time. It can be done through our internal dialogue, awareness. It often manifest. Resistance often manifest through negative self talk or doubts. So, pay attention to your internal dialogue. If you catch yourself hesitating, doubting or fearing the outcome of your actions, it might be a significance of, or might be a sign of, resistance, okay. And then procrastination patterns Alright. So delaying or avoiding task can be a subtle form of resistance. If you find yourself consistently putting off actions that align with your intentions, it's essential to recognize this pattern and address the underlying resistance. Okay, I've run into this before. If you're procrastinating on something, what is creating that procrastination? Okay, what is creating that pattern within you? I have run into that with. I'm going to be completely honest with you. I have been running into that issue in regards to in regards to writing. Okay, I've got three books in the works and I had been procrastinating on them and I actually something just came up this past week, meditation that really kind of knocked me upside the head, if you will that I need to get these done. Okay, I need to get these done and I need to not worry about, I need to not worry about anything surrounding getting these. You know, getting them done. I don't want to go into too much detail Because our words are our words, have power, right, but well, I'll just say it. So, my first book, right, growing up, all of the trauma, things like that I didn't want to revisit that. Okay, my, the anything having to do with scripture is pretty significant because there are so many, there are so many beliefs surrounding scripture. But I see it from an awakened, mystical point of view now and I I get information, I receive information through meditation etc. And I receive something in meditation just this past Sunday which was so significant. I was like, okay, wow, but who am I? Who am I Right? Who am I to do this? And I received an answer to that. So there are certain things that I've been putting off, that I that, that I have no doubt that I need to do now and I need to push through, not worry about anybody else. Things Know from my own experience, information I've received from my higher self, my guides, universe, etc. Whatever these things. I need to finish these things Okay, because they're important and there is a significance and a purpose behind it for my journey, and not only my journey, but for the individuals that that my experiences, my words, my sharing are meant to touch, are meant to help as part of their journey. Right? So procrastination, if you recognize procrastination, what is the underlying resistance? Okay, for me, one of the things was well, who am I Right? Who am I? I know who I am, I know who I am, but ego comes in and says who am I Right? Who am I Right? So then you know, you have to kind of step into your power. And the power, the knowing of who you are, as this read, as this beautiful divine being here for a purpose. You chose this life. Okay, you have a purpose here is not insignificant, so step into that. Okay, all right. They're also physical and emotional signals. Okay, resistance can manifest in a certain way. So notice these feelings of tension, anxiety or discomfort when contemplating certain actions or even in action. These signals can provide valuable insights into areas where resistance may be present. So, when I had that significant message come through and meditation this past Sunday, I physically felt sick, like I physically felt nauseous. Nauseous came from me, knowing that I have been resistant to, to writing these books and sharing certain information. Okay yeah. So I felt nauseous, not just during the meditation, after it and for maybe even the next day. Definitely for that day I was just like, wow, I have not been fully stepping into this Because, again, the question was arising Well, who am I? Well, guess what? I've just got to do it. So, anyway, you may feel so, you may have things like that come up. So, or like, if you're, if you have this desire that you're manifesting and that question comes up for you, right, well, can I really have this? Or who am I to get on stage and speak? Or you know, who am I to you know, to share this information with certain people? Or who am I to think I can take this trip? Right, you are creating your reality. So know that, though that resistance, that question, questioning, is coming up and it's giving you a chance to fully step into who you are and the power that you have creating your reality, alright, alright. So let's now talk about strategies to overcome resistance. Alright again, mindfulness. Cultivate mindfulness, because it's a powerful, powerful tool to recognize resistance. You can practice being present in the moment, observing your thoughts and emotions as they arise, without judgment. Then mindfulness cultivates awareness, right, and then it allows you to identify and address resistance as it arises. It takes practice, trust me, it takes practice, but after a while it have become, it really will become like second nature. You'll just automatically, if something comes up, you'll, you'll automatically be able to, for the most part, right. Obviously, we have so many thoughts throughout the day. You know there are things that may slip through the cracks, but it gets easier and easier with practice that things will come up and right away you'll be like nope, right, that's what. Why is this coming up? Let me you know. Let me tweak this a little bit, let me fix this, because this is not really where I want to be. This is not the thought I want to be thinking right now. Alright, and then reframe your negative beliefs. So, challenge and reframe any negative beliefs that come up, right, that fuel this resistance, and replace the self limiting thoughts with empowering affirmations. Shift your mindset, because it creates a more conducive environment for the dance of action. Okay, and then break tasks into smaller steps if you need to. Resistance can be overwhelming sometimes right, when you have faced with, you know, large tasks that you need to do. The break them into smaller, more manageable steps Okay, focus on achievable actions. Achievable actions right, because you not only make progress but you also reduce the perceived resistance. So, when what came through a meditation came through this past Sunday, in regard to what I'm supposed to write, it was like it was really profound. So think I want to say this without sounding egoic, because this really has nothing to do with it with the ego. Where the ego comes in is where I was like Well, who am I? But this, what came through was so profound in this writing, it was kind of like, if you think, like Einstein or Tesla level, kind of information writing and reworking information that we've been so used to. That's kind of what it was right. And I thought at first I thought, oh, my goodness, am I supposed to do this like right now? And I kind of had to settle into what I was feeling, into the moment, and I say into the moment, but it was like really that day, because it was so profound, like it was and it made me so nauseous and I had to sit with it and I was like, okay, no, like this could really be. This is not something I have to do, like right away. First of all, it would be impossible to get it all done right away, but it was like, no, this could really be like over the next several years or whatever this unfolding. But the information came, that came through, was like this is what you, this is what part of what you came here to do in this lifetime. And now you're being made aware of it, now that you've awakened, you're on this ascension path. You're being made aware of it now because you're ready for this information, okay, but, but it seemed overwhelming, right, because I was like how am I going to do this? Like right now? And then again, as I settled into it, it was like no, this is in this lifetime. Okay, so now you're aware you can, this can now be broken down the into the smaller steps. Okay, that didn't come through the part about breaking it down into smaller steps, but realizing that in this lifetime, okay, so it doesn't. It doesn't necessarily mean I have to sit and like, right, for 40 hours a day for the next, like you know, 1012 weeks to get this all done? No, break it down into smaller, more manageable steps, and that's what I'm going to do, alright. So if you have things like that that come up that seem overwhelming, sit with it, because the information will come through on. Does this really have to be done right now? If not, break it down into smaller steps? Okay. And then again in regards to action. So, action, again, it's like this dance, it's not this forceful push. So, embracing more fluid approach, recognize that action is a dance with the universe. Okay, it's all energetic. It's not about forceful pushing, but about moving with the rhythm of co creation. You are co creating. So embrace a fluid and adaptable approach to action, because that allows it to unfold organically. You don't have to force anything. Okay, and align with your authentic self. Ensure that the actions that you take align with your authentic self and record values. So when your actions resonate with your true essence, resistance diminishes, okay, and the dance becomes a harmonious expression of your desires. Alright, I'm going to bring up another example this launcher dragon course that I took, I'm still taking. I was excited about it. I practiced the pause. I took a moment. I was like, do I really want to do this? It was like, yes, because I saw the synchronicities, I saw the signpost, so I paid the paid the first half of the course, right, and that was no small. Let's put it this way. I could have put the money elsewhere, but I paid for half of the course upfront and immediately my ego was like, why did you do that? Right, you, this money could go elsewhere. Are you sure this is really the right decision? Kind of thing, even though I knew it was the ego automatically, right, there was resistance, okay, and I was like, no, I saw this, I saw the synchronicity. This is something I know I'm supposed to be doing. Had I not taken, had I had I let that resistance kind of take over my ego, like talk me out of it, I would not have received this profound message that I received on Sunday in meditation, or maybe it would have taken months or years to receive it. Okay, so when resistance comes up, recognize it. Okay, um, yeah, wow, thinking about that, the whole turn of events, my goodness, um, alright, so align with your authentic self. Okay, when your actions resonate with your true essence, resistance diminishes. Okay, trust me. I've been there and again. Celebrate your small victories, okay, and then, and learn to flow with the rhythm of cooperation. Trust the process, okay, trust the process. Connect with your vision and practice self compassion. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate resistance. Practice self compassion and acknowledge that resistance is a natural part of the journey. Treat yourself with kindness Okay, let go of any self judgment that may arise. Alright, so we're going to go over an hour today, but hopefully this information is really helpful. I mean, I know it's helpful, but you know, depending on kind of where you are in your journey, whether it really resonates right now or not. I'm hoping that it will. So we, but anyway, I'm going to finish. I'm going to kind of finish going through my notes. We'll just go over an hour, alright. So surrendering to the flow, right, that's really important. It's really important to understand the concept. So letting go of control means surrendering and it involves letting go of the need to control every aspect of the manifestation process. So it's a recognition that the universe right, your higher self, with its vast wisdom, is a co creator in your journey. So surrendering is an act of trust in this cosmic dance, if you will. Okay, embrace divine timing. And remember, you are the divine, okay, you are the divine. So surrendering to the flow acknowledges the presence of divine timing. You're co creating everything you're creating. You're creating everything. You're co creating your mind with your higher self. Your subconscious mind is co creating everything, okay. And then everyone is an aspect of you, everything that you see, everything you experience, everyone you encounter aspect of you. Although they exist in their own right, they are in your reality as a co creative effort, so that you can experience what you came here to experience, learn what you came here to learn, etc. Okay, so you are creating and you are co creating. Right, again, your mind and your higher mind are co creating everything. Okay, so there is divine timing in that, because your higher mind knows when everything is going to happen, to come to fruition. Okay, it's a matter of letting go and allowing it to happen. Okay, certain certain elements of your manifestation journey are going to unfold exactly when they're meant to unfold, okay, so patience really becomes a virtue. Okay, all right, surrendering also allows you to align with the universal intelligence, your higher self, that orchestrates the, this intricate dance of energies. Right, so it's an acknowledgement that the universe holds a perspective beyond your immediate understanding, right. So by surrendering, you open yourself to its guidance. I want to say, whenever I say universe, I am referring to your higher self, right, your soul. Okay, because the universe is within you. There's no separation. So, universe, higher self, right. You could say God, all one, all one, all you. Okay, we're all synonymous with, with being one. Alright, let's talk about some practical insights on balancing intent, intentional action and trust. We've talked about this before. Set clear intentions, mindful action, listen to intuitive guidance and cultivate trust. Okay. As far as navigating challenges right. Embrace the challenges as lessons, okay. Maintain a positive mindset and celebrate each step. Okay. Challenges are part of the dance. They are intricate steps, right, that contribute to the beauty of the whole. Okay. So embrace challenges as lessons and recognize that they carry valuable insight and growth opportunities, okay. And then, of course, have a positive mindset, right. It's a powerful ally in the stance of co creation, okay. And then again, celebrate each step, each step. Celebrate, because every, every step has significance. And if you celebrate, rather than kind of bash it, you know the things that aren't necessarily going your way. Just recognize it's a lesson. Thank you for showing me this lesson, you know, I recognize it and then just move on. Okay, we've got a couple more sections to go and then we will be done. So let's talk about a trusting the unseen path. Okay, so understanding. So if you can understand right trust as being this guiding light, right, you'll realize that you can have faith in the unseen. Trust involves having faith in the unseen. It's an acknowledgement that beyond this visible horizon, there exists this tapestry of possibilities waiting to unfold. Everything exists, right. So trust is really powerful because it becomes the, you know, like this lantern, if you will, that lights our way through the shadows of uncertainty. Okay. And then embracing uncertainty, co creation as a dance, right, with uncertainty, really, okay, set your intention. How is it going to come about? No idea? Okay, trust is the embrace that allows us to move gracefully through the unknown. Right, recognizing that uncertainty is not a hindrance but rather it's an integral part of the transformative journey. Okay, and then there's connection with universal intelligence. So trust is a bridge that connects us with the universal intelligence up there. Okay, it's a recognition that there is really this grander plan. And by trusting in the process, right, we align ourselves with the cosmic force, it, that conspired to bring us our desires to life, and again, also anonymous. All one, all you, all within you, okay, alright. So let's talk about cultivating trust in this co creation process. Okay, again, set clear intentions. Trust really begins with setting clear intentions. You know what you have set your intentions right. You know what you desire, you know that you visualize, etc. Trust in that, trust that it is done, okay. And then engage in intentional action, mindfully Okay, and acknowledge and celebrate progress, right. Trust is nurtured through this gratitude, this acknowledgement, the celebration, okay, of these milestones. So if you see a sign or synchronicity, celebrate that Okay, and remember that the universe right Is a co creator in your manifestation. Co universe, higher mind right, higher self, god, alright. So trust in the co creation process. There's nothing outside of you, okay. So trusting in this process involves acknowledging the universe as a co conspirator. You really co conspiring with yourself, with your higher self, with God, in your manifestation journey. Understand that these forces are working in tandem, forces being energy working in tandem with your intentions, supporting your endeavors Okay. And then the universe communicates through synchronicities and science. So pay attention to the subtle messages. They're all around you. Okay, all right. And then don't doubt the science. They come up, recognize them, celebrate them, don't doubt them Right. Just trust in the validity of the science. It, because a deep inter connection with the co creative flow Okay. And maintain a positive outlook Okay, positivity is so important, okay. And then, and just trust in this transformed up force. Right of co creation. Release the need for immediate answers Okay, trust involves releasing the need for immediate answers. Okay, it's an acceptance. The certain aspects of this co creation process unfold and divine timing. Release and patience Okay, because it opens up the space for trust to flourish Alright, challenges are inevitable in the stance of co creation. Trust and the resilience that allows you to face challenges with grace and determination Okay. Each challenge becomes an opportunity for growth and a testament to the trust you place in the process. You will find you'll be able to engage your growth right over time, as things come up and you no longer allow them to affect you and you're like no, I just trust, I know what I've created, I know what I visualized, I know what's happening and you just trust. Right Again, it gets easier. Eventually it becomes your natural state of consciousness, this state of trust and knowing. And then, when some, when things do come up, like the little things that are like huh, that kind of contradicts something, maybe, if it does come up, you like you recognize it right away and are like that's not right and you can automatically, like you'll be able to gauge your, your, your growth, right, and you're able. You're like you're evolving state of consciousness. You're no longer in that that state of worry. If you're doubt, even if something comes up, you know that that may contradict, like, what you're manifesting. Or something shows up in your reality. You're like, why is that happening to me? Right, you'll automatically recognize and go that actually that's showing me that is not affecting me and you're not going to be affecting me anymore, right, okay, great, celebrate that. Okay, savor the journey. Right, just transform the co creation journey from a destination focused endeavor to a soulful exploration. It really is beautiful. Okay, savor each moment and recognize that the journey itself holds profound lessons growth and the development of your desires. Alright, now finally, let's talk about celebrating small wins. Okay, and course correction. Alright, there is construction work going on outside. I can hear it. I don't know if you guys will be able to hear it. It's kind of faint, but if you hear somewhere noises, that's what it is. I'm gonna take another sip of my coffee real quick. Alright, every step counts. The power of small wins, okay, and manifestation counts, okay. Small wins act as building blocks that construct the momentum necessary for the manifestation process. Okay, so celebrate these victories, alright, because and allow it to create this positive energy that propels you forward right, inch by inch, towards your desired reality. Okay, for instance, you are say you are say you're manifesting love into your life, okay. Or like a specific person, like you have your mindset on, you, have a crush on somebody, right, you're manifesting that like a date with that person. If, if you notice small, like small, little victories, right, like, maybe they. Maybe you've been at work for like a year Now, now you understand manifestation, so you've been so for the past like four months of that year. You've been manifesting them. Well, never talked to you for like a year. And then, all of a sudden, they smile, they walk past you and they smile and they say hi, right, maybe they didn't ask you out, but they smile about a walk past you and say smile and say hi, celebrate that. Okay, celebrate that Maybe you're manifesting love into your life. And all of a sudden, like you have five X's like text you or call you up. Maybe you don't want to go out with them. But celebrate the small wins, okay, because those are signs and synchronicity. Maybe you're manifesting a new job, okay, and all of a sudden, things at your current work start going wrong. Okay, don't look at it negatively. Understand that the that the synchs that are going wrong are probably going wrong because you're now focused on a new job. You're manifesting a new job, okay. So celebrate the small wins, okay, all right. And then you know each. So each small win Okay is an affirmation right of progress. Think about it that way, all right. So it's a testament that your intentional actions are making a difference. So acknowledging these affirmations like can boost your confidence and strengthen the belief in the manifestation process. Okay, cultivate a positive mindset, right. Positive mindset, positive mindset, positive mindset. Don't react negatively to anything. Become neutral, okay. Now let's talk about some course corrections, alright. Embracing growth opportunities, remember, flexibility on the journey is important. So, because the manifestation journey, right, is dynamic, right, life is dynamic. The entire journey, this entire journey awakening this whole path we're on, is dynamic, right. So course corrections are natural, okay. So be open to adjustments in your path, right. That demonstrates flexibility and a willingness to adapt. Embrace the changes. You know they can often lead to more aligned and efficient routes towards your desires. Right, you may have a specific plan for your life, okay, or specific ways to do things, but you may need to course correct, right. So allow for that. Don't be so strict, okay. And then learn from challenges, right. So course corrections often arise from challenges encountered on the journey, reacting to things rather than recognizing something negative that may come up as, wow, that no longer affects me. Right. If you react to it, it's still affecting you. Course correct by not reacting. If consistent patterns continue to come up, course correct. By not reacting, you will break the pattern. Okay. And then refine your intention. So, course corrections allow you to refine your intentions, if you need to, as you progress on your journey. Your understanding involves, and so do your desires, and then tend to become clearer and clearer about your desires, okay. So being open to adjustments enables you to align your intentions more closely with your evolving authentic self. Okay. So recognize that the journey is a destination, or the journey is the destination, right, the journey itself, everything you experience on the journey. The journey is the destination. To recognize the important of each moment, right. Embrace the present, cultivate mindset and find joy in the process. Okay, if you could do things like for celebrating those milestones, recognizing the milestones. You can keep a journal. Okay, set milestones again. If you set milestones along your journey, right, as you reach certain milestones, celebrate those and then regularly, regularly assess your path. Okay, because again, eventually you'll realize, wow, this no longer affects me, this no longer bothers me. I really have grown, I really have changed, or I no longer doubt this. I know this manifestation is unfolding, right, even if I can't see it right now, it's unfolding. I trust that Right. So you don't have to worry about it. It doesn't worry me anymore. I don't have doubts. It's other right. And then if you create, if you keep a journal, you'll be able to look back over time and see, like, how much growth there has been, how many things that you have manifested. Okay, alright, so that is it for today's episode. I know we ran way long. What hour and 20 minutes. So, joining me for today's episode, I lost my turn. I thought, alright, so that is it. Just, you know, in the upcoming episodes we've got four more in this series on manifestation mastery. We'll continue to unravel, you know, each of these steps in this process, but for now I'm signing off. So may your actions be intentional, inspired and in perfect alignment with the reality that your heart seeks to manifest. I'll see you guys all in the next episode. Alright, bye now.

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