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Manifestation Master: "Detachment" - Surrendering to the Flow

February 09, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 9
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Master: "Detachment" - Surrendering to the Flow
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๐ŸŒŸ Embark on a transformative journey of awakening with Lynna K Teer in our latest episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast": "Manifestation Mastery - Detachment: Surrendering to the Flow." ๐ŸŒŸ

Discover the art of detachment in manifestation as Lynna, your spiritual guide and conscious manifestation coach, navigates the profound terrain of trust and surrender. In this episode, Lynna delves deep into the understanding that trust and surrender are not passive states but active forms of co-creation with the universe.

Learn how embracing uncertainty with an open heart paradoxically draws us closer to the lives we yearn for, unraveling the peace that arises when we genuinely trust the timing of the cosmos. Join Lynna on a journey into the present moment, where the teachings of Eckhart Tolle illuminate our path, and intentions set free from attachment invite serenity.

Through personal reflections on the beauty of surrender, Lynna shares insights into how it can open doors to the vastness of the universe, allowing us to become conscious participants in our destiny. This episode peels back the layers of what it means to release our grip on desires, highlighting the subtle yet profound difference between true surrender and indifference.

As we wrap up this introspective journey, get a sneak peek into the exciting plans for our YouTube channel. We'll continue to expand on these profound topics, including teachings and scriptures that bridge the divine and the everyday. Each moment of awareness is a step toward a grander consciousness. Thank you for joining her as we navigate this path together.

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lena. For those of you who don't know. I'm a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach and, as I have said in previous episodes, I have been on my awakening journey since about 2019, consciously right, because while we are in this human body, we are on this journey right. It's why we agree to incarnate here I do. Today is episode seven of our series on manifestation mastery, and today's episode is on detachment. It's on allowing and surrendering to the flow. I will say, before I get into talking about this, I have a lot. There's a lot on my mind, just a lot of things I have been experiencing Personally. My soul has been experiencing. The veil is lifted for me. There's a lot that I see and I understand from experience, and it can be. Finding the words has been a little bit challenging, so I'm going to talk about manifestation today and really very what I consider fairly simple terms. It may not be simple for everybody, depending on where you are at in your journey, but there's so much to manifestation that I would love to share and will share at some point in the future, when it comes to how natural and easy it is and how this journey. You are right where you need to be at every moment of time on this journey and you have a choice at every moment of time on this journey. Okay, you can create anything you want to create in this life. You can choose anything you wish to choose in this life from from what you see in your reality. You can make a choice, okay, and every moment throughout the day, every moment of time, you are shifting into different states of consciousness, essentially alternate timelines right, there's, there's energetic flow that underlines everything that we do, everything that we feel, etc. So, if manifestation, for whatever reason, if you're struggling to understand it, if you don't believe that you can manifest, trust me that you can. I am off. I'm here. I have coaching sessions available. I only take five clients a month. I have a couple slots available right now. If you're interested in working with me, feel free to reach out to me. I will say, though, for me, on an energetic level, if you are caught, if you are consciously, if you are consciously aware of the fact that you are more than what you thought you were in the past, right, if awakened a bit, you have an understanding now of that. You are the creator of your reality, that you have the ability to conscious, create, etc. I'd love to work with you if you want to work with me. I here's the thing, though I, from based on my own experiences, I know that it's when the right people cross your path and they resonate and they resonate with you, you'll know. You know whether or not it's time to work with somebody on your own journey for different things what's a healer, a teacher, etc. So, anyway, I have a lot of my mind today with, with, with all, with everything I've been experiencing lately, all the synchronicities, the understanding of who I am and where I am on my journey. So I just wanted to mention that real quick, because I know there are individuals out there, you know, struggling with the concept of manifestation, who may not truly believe that, okay, we really are manifesting and creating our reality. So trust me when I say that you are, and if you don't trust the path right now, eventually you will get there. Okay, all right, I just wanted to share that. So again, today is episode seven. Sorry, it's taking me what like six minutes to get into actually the topic. So, on detachment and allowing, surrendering to the flow. So in this episode we're going to talk about understanding the essence of detachment, the dance of trust and surrender, letting go of attachment to outcomes, the freedom and surrender, trusting the timing of the universe and embracing uncertainty. Okay, now I'm going to touch on. I'm going to touch on these topics, but, again, depending on where you are at your journey or on your journey, right, your level of expand, your level of understanding, it expands over time. It expands over time. So, if something doesn't make sense right now, trust me, at some point it will. You just got to just stick with it, okay, stick with the knowing of who you are and your intentions and what you want to create and what you want to experience, alright. So detachment, you know, it's not apathy, it is the art of surrender. And in this episode we're going to explore the concept of allowing, of trusting and letting go of attachment to specific outcomes. Okay, understanding that detachment is a powerful act of co-creation with the universe, allowing the energy to flow freely. And I'll say it again, I said it in the last couple of episodes you are the universe, the universe is within you. Everything you're experiencing is an outpicturing of you, okay, and that outpicturing what you see is a reflection of where you are in your life, on your journey, okay, and if you pay really close attention, and again, if it doesn't make sense now, eventually, well, if you pay really close attention, you will start to see. You will start to see. Okay, it's pretty phenomenal, not always easy, but it's pretty phenomenal. We're going to talk about the trust there are, the this dance, if you will, of trust and surrender. So how do we, how do we dance, if you will right, get into this flow of trust and surrender. So I'm going to talk about the delicate interplay between trusting the process and surrendering to the flow, thereby creating this, hey, this harmonious and effortless manifestation journey. Okay, I say harmonious and effortless, but they're always going to be little things that come up right, things that we have to work on, or, or you know, belief systems that we have to change or tweak a little bit. Right Again, things, things change, we grow, we break patterns, etc. But eventually, all that we have known, we basically come to realize that we live with a lot of false beliefs and information in our lives. But it's okay, it's part of the journey, right, you're not limited. You are not limited, all right. So we'll explore the art of releasing the need to control every aspect and allowing the universe, allowing you to weave your magic, all right. And again, we'll talk about letting go of attachments and outcomes. So, attachment to outcomes, it can create resistance, so I'm going to talk about some techniques for letting go of attachment, you know, basically understanding that, allowing us to understand that the universe may have grander plans for us than we can imagine, the universe being your higher self, okay, your higher self, the God within you, okay, the I am within you, all right. So I'll give some practical tips on releasing this grip on specific outcomes, which will allow you to open yourself to the infinite possibilities that await you. And again, we'll talk about the freedom of surrender. So, surrender isn't giving up, it's finding freedom. And I'm going to talk about the liberation that comes with surrender. It allows you to be present in the moment and embrace the beauty of the unfolding journey. Okay, it's really a gift that you give to yourself, and it frees you from the constraints of fear and doubt. I remember timing is a crucial aspect of manifestation, okay, so I'm going to explore the concept of divine timing and how trust in the universe's timeline contributes to the ease of the manifestation process. Okay, this cultivates patience and understanding that has been orchestrated in perfect synchronicity. Okay, and then again I'll talk about embracing uncertainty. All right, so uncertainty should not be laced with fear and doubt. Okay, I know many of us have been used to that, right, fear, doubt, the uncertainty, etc. But uncertainty really is this canvas of possibilities. So I'm going to talk a little bit about the beauty of embracing uncertainty, recognizing that the unknown is really where the magic happens. Okay, and I'll give some practical insights on navigating the uncertainty with grace, with curiosity and with an open heart. So, in this intricacy, intricate tapestry, if you will, of manifestation, a detachment really emerges as this profound art form, if you will right, because again, it's a dance of surrender that allows the universe to contribute its wisdom and energy, your higher self, right, that part that I view that has seemingly been veiled right, while you were kind of entrenched in old belief patterns fear, doubt, things like that. Okay, a detachment, you know, it's real. It's often misconstrued as apathy, and it's not. It's far from indifference. It really is this dynamic state of allowing and it's a conscious choice to release the grip of attachment while remaining engaged in the manifestation journey. Detachment invites a sense of freedom and openness to the unfolding of divine timing. Now, divine timing, okay, your soul, your soul, your higher self, prior to choosing to experience life in a physical body, chose the experiences that it wanted to experience that you are experiencing. Now that you have been experiencing, okay, the desires that come upon you, those aren't by accident, Okay, they are. They've been orchestrated, okay, as part of your experience. As to when certain things will manifest, there are different things at play. Okay, timing, because we are so used to this illusion of linear time, right, sometimes we can get caught up in the timing of things when really everything exists in the now, right now. Whatever. What thought you think in this moment. You're thinking now. When you're thinking of the future, you're thinking now. Okay, give that some thought. As you think about the future, you're thinking about it in the now moment. There is no past, no future, there's only now, right, I think Eckhart. Eckhart totally talked about that. That's probably where I've heard that from. I mean, I've experienced it now. So now I know. But Eckhart totally has a book. It's on my shelf. I'm looking for it. It's called the power of now. I have it. So I haven't read the full book. I'm going to be honest. I have a lot of books that I still need to read, but I get the gist of it. He's correct the power of now. So where was I at with the manifestation? So divine timing, right? Everything is happening for a reason, but you created it, you created all of it. There's no outside force. So you just have to set the intentions, know what you want and if something shows up that you don't want to experience, don't react to it, be neutral, non-judgmental, observe what it's showing you and you stick to what you intend to be. Do have experience whatever, okay, and focus on that and continually refocus on that, okay. And then just surrender to the knowing that the desire for this manifestation has come upon you because it's your creation in the first place. So of course, it's going to manifest. Can you allow it to manifest? Okay, can you let go of fear, let go of doubt and just have faith and trust and allow it? It's your creation, it will manifest, okay, just allow it. All right. Now Again, detachment is synonymous with surrender, so it involves relinquishing the need to control every detail and timeline of your desires. You don't need to control anything. You don't need to do all that work of trying to control things, trying to make things happen, Surrender. If you surrender, if you let go of all of that, that energy, a fear and doubt, right, and surrender, you'll be in that flow, okay, and you open yourself up to it. Okay, you open yourself up to that natural flow of energy, your natural flow of energy, okay, because everything that you are desiring to manifest, okay, obviously provide well, I'm not even gonna say providing is that it's positive, because everything manifests. But everything that you desire, right, that is meant for you. It's meant for you, okay, it's trying to reach you. If it will, it's there, okay, waiting for you to surrender, to allow it in. So, stop holding onto things that you don't need to hold onto, right, all right, all right. So it's also detachment. It's also an active act of co-creation, okay, so it involves aligning your intentions with the cosmic forces, right, your higher self, allowing the energy to flow freely and harmoniously. So, in detachment, you become a conscious participant in the manifestation process, right, and that beautiful flow and that dance, if you will, all right. So, allowing, okay, allow the manifestation process to unfold organically, free from the constraints of rigid expectations. Okay, allowing us this invitation for the universe to weave its magic, right, in ways that may surpass our initial imagination. Okay, there are beautiful things meant for us. Beautiful things, right, if you can just allow, and I will say that allowing some, it does feel like apathy sometimes. In my own experience, I just kind of went through this last week where I was just in the state of of, just like, the state of like, the state of like, the state of like, the state of like, the state of like, the state of like, the state of like, just peace. If you will Not the whole week, there were a couple days. Well, peaceful, yes, but you know, I have so many eye-opening experiences, if you will, from the how do I say this? From the perception of my, my higher self, my soul. So I see things. I see things from that perspective. Now, right, this, this, this is gonna sound crazy, I know, this 3D version of myself is not constrained to my mind, to the egoic mind I I view now sometimes I've, you know, comes into play and you know, things come up, but for the most part I'm experiencing things on a, on a, you know, on a, on a level that really transcends, sends the egoic mind. So, and then I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm feeling so and that, you know, I'm no different than anybody else. Really, I am really not. I'm just in a different point at a different point on my journey. It's my last lifetime here. I know that. I've known that for a couple of years. I'm seeing all these clues that my soul has, you know, created in this lifetime to let me know that, where I'm at on my journey, in this ascension process, et cetera. So, anyway, this detachment is just allowing that's almost a feeling of like not caring not caring because you just know everything that's working out right and to just be like, be at peace and to not worry and to not fear. When it's not your normal state, it can feel like apathy, right, because because it's literally like why don't I care about anything? Because you're so used to caring or what other people think, you're so used to fear, doubt et cetera, and you then you get to this point of detachment, of really surrendering. It's kind of an odd feeling, all right, so it just detachment just liberates you from the chain to the outcome of the attachment. You don't have to worry about the outcome of it, just know what you want, okay, and trust that it will come to you, trust that it will materialize in your reality. Okay, you don't need to insist on specific, revolver on specific results. That's what Neville Goddard talked about living in the end. Just live in the end, know what you want, let it go, surrender it will manifest. Okay, and when it does, don't be surprised You'll find that the way it comes about can be surprising and delightful. Okay, all right, real quick. You know just some practices to practice detachment. You know mindfulness practice, mindful release by letting go of the attachment during visualization Right, you can actually visualize detaching, a, letting go of any attachments. You can use affirmations that support that. And then, every once in a while, check in with your intentions, revisit your intentions and check in with your level of attachment. Okay, you've set your intention Intentions, so every once in a while, ask yourself are you holding too tightly to specific outcomes? Okay, detachment is an ongoing practice that benefits from regular self reflection and adjustment. All right. And the beauty of detachment is that it grants you this freedom to evolve with your desires. Okay, it gives you the opportunity to embrace the present moment and it transforms the manifestation journey into a joyful act of co-creation. Now let's talk about this dance of trust and surrender. Okay, with the ability to embrace the present moment, okay, which helps to create harmony in the journey. All right, first of all, if you will, in this scenario, think of it the dance partners as being trust and surrender. Trust as the foundation and then surrender as the dance of flow. So trust lays the foundation for the dance of manifestation, and it involves unwavering faith in the process, a belief that every step, no matter how subtle, contributes to the grand design. So trust is the anchor that keeps us steady amid the ebb and flow of the journey. And, trust me, there will be ebb and flows. And here's what I have found out about the ebb and the flow real quick. So the ebb and the flow when you experience an ebb, right, you get to a point in your journey. When you experience the ebb, then all that is, a lot of times, all that ab is showing you is that you're still holding onto certain beliefs that you mean may need to let go up, and it's given, it gives you the opportunity to realize where you're at, okay, and then and then, just know that you, that you'll be back in the flow, you'll be back in the flow. So, whatever this ebb is showing you, okay, just observe it, and then and then, eventually, there'll be the flow again. That happens with me a lot on an energetic level. Like I will go for periods of time where I'm, it's blissful, it's peaceful, like a 5D, like conscious awareness really, and then and then I'll feel an ebb and I'm like, why do I feel? Why do I feel like this today, kind of down or, you know, kind of funky or whatever. And then and then something will come up so like, oh, okay, or maybe I just on energetically, I just need to rest, okay, and sometimes that's all it is. I just need to rest, right, because I do so much work when I sleep and on the astral plane, and then throughout the day I am always receiving information, okay, from my higher self, my guides, if you will. Whatever, even if it's not, even if it's not meditation, sometimes I'll just be. You know, I'll just be sitting here doing work and I'll get the clicking in my right ear, right, these like pleating. It sounds like Morse code, but anyway, we're all pick up. You know I'll be picking up on something energetically. These thoughts will come in and I'm like, where's that coming from? You know we're connected, part of the collective consciousness. So you know, pick up, even telepathically sometimes, on stuff that isn't necessarily like my thoughts. I mean essentially everything. Everything is because you know we're connected to everything and everyone, and everything is a reflection, but so it's a. It could be a lot sometimes. So I'll experience the app and for a while I couldn't figure it out. I'm like like why am I feeling like this? Like this isn't, this isn't normal now. And then I heard Bashar talk about it where the app is like you're not going back to, you're not going back to where you were, like the old you. This app is really just this place of observation of what's coming up, and then you know, you kind of make a choice at that point, right, am I really going to react to how I'm feeling or am I going to know who? I am Right and just allow this period to show me whatever it is? So don't be afraid of the app. Right, the flow always comes, all right. So, um, this again trust and surrender. Okay, it's, it's this dance. So you got to learn. You got to learn the steps, you got to learn, got to learn to dance. All right, um, all right. And then there's this delicate interplay with trusting the process, so believing and divine timing. Just trust the process, um, because it involves this, a deep belief in divine timing and, again, all created by you. Okay, so you don't need to worry, your fear or anything, because you, your higher self, has you taking care of. I know it hasn't always seemed like that, probably, especially if you've gone through difficult times. Um, trust me, I've been there. I talked about it before on here and my YouTube channel, um, have gone through some very, very, very, very, very dark times. Now, in retrospect, I understand why, okay, um, so just know that you've created, you've created it all for the sake of experience and learning. Earth is a school. We are, we are essentially attending school, okay, and in this human form, where it's on earth, we are essentially attending school. Okay, All right. Another thing about trusting the process is, you know, cultivating patients. Right, trust, it takes patience which, if you think about patients, just acts as a companion on the journey. Trust and patience, okay, you know, patience is really the acknowledgement that manifestation, the manifestations evolve in their own time. Every seed contains everything within it to manifest perfectly. Okay, that's why we can't control. We can't control the outcome, we can't control it's how it's going to happen. As we create it, our experience is prior to incarnating here, right, we within each seed, but desire, right, we placed everything that it would take for that to come to fruition, for it to manifest. Right, and it's perfect, all right. So just to reiterate release a need for control. Okay, embrace the unknown, live in the present moment, right, and some things we can do? Right, we talked about this in other episodes, it'll be a continuing theme, right, some things we can do mindful meditation, daily affirmations, things like scripting and journaling. You can actually visualize letting go, you can craft affirmations around letting go and you can journal and script in the now moment as if you have already let things go. All right, you are in control. So choose what works for you, what technique works best for you, and go with that, all right. Now let's talk a little bit more about letting go of the outcome. Okay, attachment can feel like this weight, right, this resistance. It can weigh you down sometimes. So attachment to outcomes often introduces resistance into the manifestation process. Okay, if you let go of the outcome, the attachment to it, meaning I know this is going to, I know this is going to manifest, however it comes about, comes about. I'm just going to let go and know that it's done. Okay, by doing that you release the resistance. The more tightly you cling to specific results, the more we create these energetic barriers, if you will. The energy is not flowing freely. Okay, it is so attachment to outcomes and impede this free flow of energy, if you will. Okay, I've seen it Now. I, now I'm able to, if I, if I think about it, like I not necessarily just like being a crowded place and see energy flowing, but no, like if I am meditating, or even if I'm like sitting in a chair and kind of looking off at a distance, even with my eyes closed, or sometimes I'll get a feeling, a telepathic feeling of something and I can then see how the energy is moving. And I've seen energy stands, the flows, and a lot of times it's different colors and sometimes it's felt heavy and dense, like murky, and I can't see it flowing. Right, it just it feels murky. So I sense it, I can visually see it my mind's eye as well. So attachment to outcomes can create this resistance, all right. So, and you and I know you don't want to, I know you don't do it consciously, on purpose, right, and coming up with these attachments to these outcomes, I know you want to let go. It takes practice, takes practice, all right. So, if you're in a place where you're feeling resistance, don't don't be hard on yourself because you don't want to add more resistance to it. Just relax and just. You know, like I said, meditate or journal or create your affirmations as if you know what I've. I've let this go. Everything flows to me just, freely and easily. Right, I'm open to however this comes about, etc. You know, whatever, whatever you want to come up with, all right. So this, by releasing attachment, it invites us to consider that the universe you again, the universe isn't is within you. God is within you, all right. So your higher self, with its infinite wisdom and it is infinite, it is infinite, believe me may have plans beyond your current understanding. Okay, all right. So, used to seeing things or even experiencing things from a limited perspective, because that's how we designed it for the sake of learning, for the sake of evolving, expanding our awareness, our consciousness, awakening and transcending. Okay, all, by design. So you, in your infinite wisdom, have plans beyond your current understanding. Just trust. If you can't trust now, you'll get there. Okay, we all do, right, all right, so we let's see, okay, okay. So let's again talk about some techniques for letting go of outcome, attachment, mindful vision, mindful visualization helps. Affirmations of detachment, daily reflection and release, okay, of whatever you may feel like you're attached to, right. And then gratitude for the present moment, wherever you are, even if you feel resistance and you're attached to something, attached to an outcome, be grateful in this present moment that you are aware of that, okay, be grateful for what it's showing you. So, now that you can let go, all right and open yourself to infinite possibilities, embrace the unknown Okay. Trust in divine timing All right, and again tie this construct of time you know it's put in place again. It's another thing for us to transcend. It's another thing to transcend and on your journey you will eventually realize that it really is an illusion. You will experience things like glitches right in the so-called matrix, or time will slow down or speed up or sometimes it will feel like it stops. Okay, I experienced that a lot now, even today I was, I ran errands this morning and I was out driving and I had there were so many miles to go to eat, like on my dashboard, my car. You have so many miles to go to eat and I drove like a route. I've driven many, many, many times and normally I'm like, you know, I can look down at my gas tank or whatever and I'm like, wow, I went that many miles so far Today. It literally barely even moved. And I became aware of that and I was like, wow, this is really weird. And then the moment I became aware that, wow, I've like driven this far and that and I'm still only at like. So when I noticed it I was like, wow, I'm still only at like 200 and like 23. It was like 228 when I left my house, but I've gone way more miles than that, because I should be at like like 190, something like right under the car, and then like right under 200 by now. And as soon as I became aware of that, I, you know, I looked up and then I looked back down and it was 222, which is many people call them angel numbers. For me it's synchronistic I and I see repeating numbers all of the time, like three, four, five, six times a day. Now it's it's been ramping up. I've been seeing them a lot more the past few weeks. Even this morning I saw 1111, so my computer, but anyway. So so that was like a. So for me I was like time literally wasn't my gas tank or the dashboard wasn't malfunctioning. It was just me being aware In that moment that time really is time really is an illusion. All right, it's not the first time something like that has happened, but anyway, you'll more and more things like that happen, you know, as you shift and you continue to wake up and go through this ascension process. Now I'm going to say something real quick. So, I have noticed, so, being awake, okay, there are a lot of people who are awake, awake, but what have you woken up to? Right, a lot of people. I've noticed that there are people who are awake to the things going on in the world, right, corruption systems breaking down, you know different things like that. Then there are people who are awake and aware that, hey, I am consciously creating my reality. Right, I am, that I am no longer this limited being that I thought I was. And then there are, there are, those who are even more awake than that, right, there are those of us who are I don't even know how to put it just more awake than that, right, because we're just a different point on our journey and we see things even beyond manifestation and things like that, right. So, anyway, but it's all. It's all part of the experience. It's all there to show us. And I know, and I realized this I think last week or the week before, I think it was a week before last I was like, wow, there are different people at different points on their journey of awakening. There are different levels of being awake, and now I'm aware of that, of what I'm seeing as a reflection. So I've been at that place where, wow, I realized that I am the creator of my reality. That got us within me right Before that. It was wow, there, this world is kind of an illusion, right. I don't know what to trust, believe anymore, etc. Or that probably came after. Anyway, and now, seeing things from like, there are days where I actually I was actually on a call for a course on Sunday and I'm sitting here at my desk on the call and I could, and I was viewing myself from my higher self. It was almost like I was detached, that I mean, it's not the first time it's happened, but I was. It's a first time it happened in this kind of setting Normally, like it's a meditation or something like that, or just here at my home and you know, doing research or whatever, but this I was actually on a call with other people and I could feel myself observing myself and I was like, oh, that's, wow, that's interesting, because that has happened before in this kind of setting. So, anyway, trust in yourself, your higher self, trust in the divine timing. Okay, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent there, but I told you at the beginning I've got a lot of my mind today, I've been experiencing a lot lately, so you can also affirm infinite abundance, right. You no longer have a scarcity mindset, no longer attached to specific outcomes. You're, you are unlimited, you are abundant. Everything comes to you, right. All of your manifests, or all of your desires, are manifesting, they are unfolding, and now that you are allowing them to come to you, they will come to you easily and effortlessly, alright. So remember that there is freedom and surrender, okay, and remember I said surrender is not giving up, it's finding freedom. Okay, change your perception. If you think that surrender is giving up or it feels like giving up on your manifestation, it's not. So change your perception of that word, that feeling. It's finding freedom. Okay, there's liberation in that it allows you to be present in the moment and then just embrace the journey. Okay, and then again, think of it as a gift that you're giving to yourself. Okay, it's the surrendering is freeing you from fear and doubt. Okay, you have this desire, you've set your intentions, etc. You're the being, the divine being, who created the desire and the, the seed right, this manifestation seed everything contained within it to bring that desire to you. So there's no reason to fear or doubt. Trust yourself, okay. Trust in your creation, okay. And then again, the timing right, the timing manifestation. So often we get caught up in the timing. I've been there myself, part of the reason that I work with faith, she, I am still in a beautiful group with her, I am on a mastermind call with her every month, because I myself needed community, right, because it's easy for me to sort of detach myself and be a loner. But I found that for me I need a little bit of community, okay, and I, you know I have that, that now, not with her, but I have, you know, a couple of people in my life now that it's it's like energetically right, there's just an alignment there, right, so it doesn't take me kind of into this old version, you know, of myself, and and and actually nothing could do that. Now I'm at the point where nothing could do that. But what I mean is there. You know, you'll find on your journey like certain people you no longer resonate with, even if they're family, friends, whatever. But I have a couple people in my life now where it's easy to talk about this kind of stuff right, they kind of get it, which is nice. And then you know this community with the Cosmic Joy Club and you know working with faith. So I worked with her because for me I still had some some, some holdups, if you will, around money and timing Right. So you know, I worked with her and we uncovered some past life stuff which I think I'm going to share one of the sessions on my YouTube channel. But anyway, I worked with her and covered some stuff. And then, you know, I've still been doing some internal work on really letting go of this illusion of time and it's, you know it's, let's just say it's been very helpful. I just brought up, you know, the thing with being in the car, and that's not the first time. You know, over the past several years it's happened a lot where timing is just like, well, that's kind of walkie right, where I am very well aware that it's no longer linear. But there are certain things that will come up and you know I think, well, that's taking a while. Right, it's only in a couple of specific things. So I'm still letting go of some. I'm still letting go of some things, and those things tie in with some childhood things, right, with people not showing up for me, not feeling protected, et cetera. It's not that big of a deal anymore. I'm aware of it. It's like I'm letting go of these little remnants of things. Right, it's no longer a big deal. It's just the remainder of whatever dense energy you know is still needs to be released. Like I said, it's a process. So trust the timing of the universe, trust yourself, right, because that again, you created it, so things will manifest at the perfect time, excuse me. And if you trust in that, right, if you surrender to that, then you're not like holding it back. Right, the energy can flow freely. Right, those things that you want to manifest, right, they can manifest with more ease, let's say, because you're not resisting it, you're not trying to control everything, right, you're not trying to. You're not like, oh, this has to happen here or at this time, or if it doesn't happen at this time, then I no longer believe in it, et cetera. Trust the timing, all right. All right, I think that's it for today's episode. I was trying to keep it under an hour today, again, a lot of my mind. I know I kind of go off a little bit, but again I want to let you guys know that there's so much, there's more to it from an energetic level than just the tools and just the techniques, all right. So, by sharing some experiences and some some understanding, beyond just the techniques, I want to let you guys know, wherever you are right now is perfect, absolutely perfect. What is the moment showing you, what is the moment teaching you? Okay, and are you observant of your reality? Can you see the clues, the pieces of the puzzle, right, that you created, your soul created to guide you on your path? They are out there. The clues are out there. The pieces of the puzzle are out there, scattered, and you will find them, piece by piece, and eventually you start putting these pieces together, right? You'll realize how beautiful this journey is, even if you've experienced difficult times. Okay, all right, thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. Let's see next week, episode eight. What are we going to talk about next week, all right. So next week we'll talk about integration and and practice, all right. So we've got just a few more episodes, yeah, four more episodes, and then we'll finish with this, this series, and then we will move on to the next series. So just a heads up. So then next time part series is going to be on awakening the spiritual body, so we'll get a little away from manifestation, a little bit and, as I said before, we'll go back and forth. We'll talk about manifestation, we'll talk about awakening, etc. So in our next time part series, four episodes away, we'll talk about awakening the spiritual body and the holistic approach, you know, to the balance and the lining of wisdom. Okay, all right, I will see you guys all next time. And again, if you, if you want to work with me, I would welcome that, if you are consciously aware, meaning if you know what I'm talking about makes some sort of sense, and if I resonate with you at all, you know, feel free, feel free to reach out to me, book a coaching session. Energetically, I don't, I'm mindful of my time now, but if you want to work with me again, I have a couple slots available. I don't say that very often, you know, because, only because I don't like, I only work with a few people at a time, so I don't mention it a lot because sometimes I don't have slots available, but I have a couple slots coming up for the next couple of months. And then, if you're not subscribed here to my YouTube channel because this you know, obviously I put well, not maybe, not obviously, but these episodes I put on my YouTube channel. If you're not aware of that, going over to my YouTube channel, I have some things coming up. I'm thinking about incorporating some lives, to dive deeper into some experiences. Devil, god, which teachings, scripture, things like that. All right, bye for now, and I will see you guys all in the next episode. All right, guys, I'll have a wonderful day evening, wherever you are in the world, and I'll see you next time. Bye.

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