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Manifestation Mastery: "Integration and Practice" - Weaving the Steps Together

February 05, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 8
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: "Integration and Practice" - Weaving the Steps Together
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🌟 Dive into profound transformation with Lynna K Teer, your spiritual guide and conscious manifestation coach, in the latest episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast" - "Manifestation Mastery: Integration and Practice." 🌟

Join me as we explore the crucial elements of integration and practice in the manifestation journey. This episode is a deep dive into the practical application of spiritual teachings, providing actionable steps to weave manifestation mastery into the fabric of your daily life.

Discover the art of seamlessly integrating spiritual insights into your practical reality, creating a harmonious balance between the ethereal and the tangible. I share powerful techniques and practices that empower you to anchor your dreams into the present moment, turning aspirations into tangible outcomes.

Learn how consistency in practice becomes the key to unlocking the full potential of conscious manifestation. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or just beginning your journey, this episode offers valuable insights and tools to elevate your manifestation skills.

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Speaker 1:

Hello everyone and welcome to episode eight in our 10 part series of manifestation mastery. For those of you who are new, welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lina, I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach, and in today's episode we are going to talk about integration and practice, weaving the steps together on this manifestation journey. We will talk about reflecting on the journey, the holistic approach to manifestation, daily rituals from manifestation mastery, the dance, if you will, we'll use that analogy again of being and becoming, navigating challenges and celebrating triumphs and the ever evolving practice. Alright, so let's start by talking about reflection on this transformative journey. So we know that the journey began with desire. Right, this manifestation journey, the heartbeat of manifestation, is that desire. So it acted as the foundation, setting the stage for this artistic just expression, if you will right, for to unfold this manifestation, to unfold or this artistic expression of your intentions. Okay, so, set the stage with desire. And we talked about listening to the hearts whispers. Okay, so, connecting with the hearts to us. Longy, right, added depth to this canvas, if you will, that that you painted. If you haven't listened to previous episodes, I'd highly recommend going back and listening to those, so this actually makes sense. Or use the imagery and the analogy, alright, so I'm listening to your hearts whispers. It allowed you, or allows you, to listen to the whispers of your heart, uncovering authentic desires that really resonate with your core being, right. And then I talked about amplifying desire through techniques. Okay, practical techniques like visualization, affirmations and sensory engagement became, or become the, the vibrant colors, right, that amplify the energy of desire. Or, remember, we use the imagery of being an artist and then, and then later, of being a dancer, right, just to kind of give you guys some, some imagery to work with when it comes to talking about the manifestation journey, alright, so we also talked about aligning your desires with your core values. So, aligning your core values and desires and the authentic self, right, that's key to unlocking, you know, this, this, this power, right, and this step is what ensures that every brush stroke, if you will, right, was in harmony with the essence of who you are. Okay, I talked about navigating external influences and strategies for navigating these external influences. Right after support, this protective shield for your, your masterpiece that you're creating this manifestation or manifestations. Really, your whole life is a masterpiece, right, you're creating your entire life always have been right, you're. So. You're painting this story, you're writing and directing the story of your life, or we use it and the analogy of a dancer, you're choreographing, right, you're alive, alright. So this should empower you, you know, to discern between external expectations and the genuine desires of your heart, right, alright, we talked about affirmations as a declaration to the universe. And again, the universe is you, it is within you, you are the universe. So, crafting affirmations that resonate with your heart, okay, essentially become declarations to the universe, aligning your thoughts and emotions, reinforcing the energy of desire and belief in your manifestation abilities. Okay, because the more as you, as you manifest, the more you see these things come to fruition and you're consciously aware of them. The that reinforces the yes, you are really manifesting everything. Okay, we also talked about belief as being the bridge to reality. Belief emerged as this bridge between vision and reality. Right, that I'm wavering force of propelled your desires into manifestation, actively shaping the energy around your vision. Okay, and we talked again about each step along the way. Right, think of it as being a brushstroke, right, weaving the threads of desire. Integration is the process of weaving the threads of desire into the fabric of your being. Each step, like a brushstroke contributes the to the intricacies of this weaving, creating a rich tapestry of manifestation, right, the rich tapestry of your life. Okay, we also talked about harmony and diversity. So the, the integration of steps, harmonizes the diversity of your desires. So it ensures that each brushstroke complements the others. Okay, creating the symphony of colors and shapes that represent the holistic manifestation of your reality? Okay, and it really is a living masterpiece. Sure, life is a living masterpiece. Okay, integration transforms your journey into a living masterpiece. It's not just a collection of steps, right, manifesting it's an evolving artwork that mirrors the beauty of your intentions. Okay, the beauty of your intentions, your beliefs and the unfolding reality that you're creating. So, if you change your perception, right, of life and this creation process and thinking that manifestation is just work, if you think of it, your life, the manifestation process of choreographing this beautiful dance, right, writing this beautiful play or painting this beautiful canvas right, think about the imagery of that. Right, use your imagination to think differently about the process, because it can be a really creative, interesting, fun, beautiful process. It doesn't have to be hard work Now, they're going to be things along the way. You know, it's part of the journey of awakening and ascension, where we have to let go of the old right to really integrate the new, if you will. So it's not all gonna be like walking through a bed of daisies, it's not gonna be. I mean, there's gonna be challenges and stuff, but only if you. When it comes to manifestation, the challenges only arise if you try to hold on too tightly to things, too tightly to the outcomes. Right, what happens is and I'm gonna try to think about how to word this correctly so you're on this journey of awakening right, creating your life right, when you become consciously aware of, oh, I can actually intend for this, I have this desire and I can tend for it, and I can consciously manifest those intentions into, like physical reality. Okay, so you can do that. You're still on this journey of awakening right, and again, we're all at different points on the journey. So when it so, you're gonna, you're still gonna deal with things on this journey. But when it comes to manifestation, right, if you can kind of take that part of it and just let go of hanging on so tightly of what it is that you want, that part of the journey will be much easier. I don't even know if I explain that right, to be honest, right, because, yeah, okay, I'm not take from that what you will. If it didn't make sense, that's okay. Yeah, all right, we talked about some things that we can do right in this process of manifestation consciously manifesting, reflective journaling, right, regular, like alignment practices like mindfulness, meditation, creating affirmations and what these do. They serve really as ongoing touches to ensure the integration of your desires into your daily life. Okay, as if it's natural. You're already this person that you want to be. Right, you're already experiencing the life that you want to experience. Okay, releasing resistance, having trust and faith. Okay, no matter what comes up. No matter what comes up and here we go back to what I was just trying to explain as far as the journey of awakening, things will happen on this journey, right, life and with awakening and things. But, and things will show up in your 3D reality that may contradict what you're intending to manifest, but it's all a learning process, right? Remember, we're basically in school here on earth, so can you observe the things that come up that you don't like and, being non-judgmental, and just know that, no matter what is coming up, that your desires will manifest. Okay, it doesn't matter what the 3D is showing you, all, right. And then we talked about celebrating right. Each brush stroke, right Each step is as a valuable brush stroke in your masterpiece. Right Because you're right where you need to be all the time, exactly where you need to be, where you're supposed to be, despite what things look like. All right. So acknowledge the progress that you make, no matter how small, and recognize that the integration of each element in this process contributes to the beauty as a whole. Now let's talk about practical insights for daily rituals. Setting the morning in tension is helpful, so begin your day with a clear intention. You know, as you wake up, take a moment to reflect on your desires and set a positive intention for the day. This simple practice aligns your mindset with the energy of manifestation from the very start, especially if you're in that kind of drowsy state when you wake up, before your mind really starts to think about the things of the day. What do you have to do? Things like that. Then set the intention for the day. Alright. Mindful morning rituals is very helpful, let's see so. Things like you know, even just sipping your morning coffee or taking a shower right, if you're mindful while you're doing those things and in the present moment, then slow down, be mindful and enjoy the moment. And it can also be helpful to align your thoughts for your intention or desires in those moments where you're just taking that time to be mindful. You know I get a lot of. I get a lot of down. I call them downloads, but it's basically information from, like, my higher self or my guys. When I am in, when I'm in the shower, because I'm just, I'm present, I'm not thinking about, you know, work or usually anything else. I'm just in the shower, thinking about normally, thinking about things that the things that are coming, the things that are coming through, and I'm thinking about for me. I'm thinking about my manifestations, my affirmations or my mantra statements now, because that's kind of what they are for me. So, yeah, like I'm not in the shower, like stressed about, oh, I have to do this next, I have to do this, this and this, the same with, like when I'm sitting and with my journal, if I'm scripting that day, I'm just present in the moment. So you know you can use times like that in the mornings to visualize your desires. So I'll sometimes do that. I'll sit in my chair in my living room and sometimes I'll close my eyes and visualize. Sometimes I just kind of stare from the distance like a daydream and visualize that way. Sometimes I'll repeat my affirmations, which again I've now turned into kind of this mantra statement for my life, and then what happens when I do that, it puts me in a relaxed state and then my it feels like my heart expands and then that kind of elicits this feeling of deep gratitude. In those moments you can also we talked about this schedule a Monday check-in, right to realign with your intentions. You know, take a short break, A short break, you know, deep, deep breathing. If you have time for a brief visualization exercise, you can do that. You can do your say in your affirmations, while driving in your car or whatever. And then I mean you could do things like structure your afternoons to align with intentional actions. Right, approach your work really with the mindset that every action, that every action again, is this brushstroke on this canvas of your, of your manifested reality. But things are you doing during the day that align with your desires or are you just kind of letting the day get away with you, get away from you, right, all right, I think I'm starting to get a little tired now, and then you can practice, like this evening reflection and surrender. Wind down your day with reflective practices. Take a few moments to review your day. I've talked about revision before and I've got to talk about revision. How did you get a day go? Was there something in your day that wasn't ideal? Revise it right. So imagine it went differently. Imagine it went the way you wanted it to go, or scripted it that way, right. And then, of course, bedtime visualization state of can to sleep, right. End your day with a bedtime visualization, so I should lay down, visualize your desired reality and again feel the emotions associated with your manifestation. Okay, so this not only enhances the quality of your sleep, but also reinforces the energy of manifestation. You know in your subconscious mind. All right. Now, when it comes to energy, right, and creating a continuous flow, consistency is key. Okay, you also want to adapt to your unique rhythm. So your manifestation journey is unique to you. So is your daily rhythm. So adapt these practices to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Right, the key is to make them a natural part of your day, ensuring that they enhance rather than disrupt your routine. Okay, remember flexibility and surrendering. So, although consistency is crucial right, we talked about this flexibility allow room for flexibility. Okay, be open to the above flow of life. Surrender is not about control, it's about trusting the process, okay. So embrace the unexpected and find beauty and the unfolding journey right, because there are very beautiful moments in the journey. I know it doesn't always seem like it, but there are All right. Now let's talk about this dance between being and becoming. Okay, again, when it comes to integration, right, of these elements or these steps of manifestation, and again there are seven that I've talked about. Okay, integration is this dynamic dance, if you will, and I know I keep using that metaphor, but it invites you to harmonize the essence of your present self with the vision of your future self. So, in this proverbial dance, you gracefully move between embracing the now and actively creating the next chapter of your life. So there's this balance there, right, this dance, really Alright. Now, some things that help with balance are, again, mindful presence, things like gratitude, having a gratitude practice and self-reflection okay, and things you can do to actively create your future. We talked about things like vision boarding okay, setting intentions and inspired action. So, again, if you haven't listened to previous episodes, I'd highly recommend going back and listening to those kind of reviewing here, if you will. In this episode. You also want to find grace, right, and this and this dance releasing resistance is important, right? Finding grace and finding grace requires releasing resistance. So accept the journey, or accepting it, rather. It may not unfold exactly as planned, okay. So release the grip on control and allow the natural flow of life to guide your steps. Trust the process, okay. Again, think of trust as your dance partner. Okay, trust the process of manifestation. I know that every twist and turn is part of the beautiful choreography of your life. So, trust in the timing, the lessons and the unfolding of the journey. And, again, we've talked about this before and I keep reiterating that, because these things are important and if you can really grasp them, they will really help you. But celebrate each step, right. Don't be too hard on yourself and celebrate each step Right. Celebrate the little things, all right. Okay now, manifestation is also really a journey of self discovery and growth, as you go into this process, now that you're aware that you can consciously manifest, or that you're all. You've been manifesting your entire life, but now you're consciously aware of it, right? So it becomes this journey of self discovery and growth, okay, it goes beyond goal achievement, right? So understand that manifestation transcends mere goal achievement. Right, again, this is profound journey, self discovery and growth, knowing who you are, that you are a limitless being okay. So each step, each dance mode, dance move, if you will again, I'm feeling I'm getting tired, so I apologize for that, but I'm stumbling on my words now it brings you closer to understanding your true self and evolving into the person that you aspire to be. And then the learning in the journey okay, is interesting, right, so, and they're different for everybody. So embrace the lessons embedded in your journey. Manifestation it's not just about reaching the end, it's about evolving along the way. Every challenge, every triumph contributes to the narrative of your personal growth. Okay, and allow your desires to evolve with you. Right, the integration of these manifestation steps brings about a fluidity and desires reflecting the growth and transformation that you experience. So be open to the idea that your journey may uncover desires that align more closely with your authentic self. Alright, now let's talk about challenges as stepping stones. And again, you know I mentioned this before, but challenges are not roadblocks, but stepping stones on the manifestation journey. So embrace a shift in perspective, right, that views obstacles as opportunities for growth. Each challenge presents a chance to refine your intentions, strengthen your beliefs and deepen your commitment to the manifestation process. Okay, and cultivate a mindful response to challenges. Instead of reacting with frustration or doubt, take a moment to breathe and assess the situation. Mindfulness allows you to navigate challenges with a clear mind and making decisions that align with your desired reality. Okay, and learn and adapt. Every challenge carries valuable lessons, so approach setbacks as teachers guiding you toward a more refined manifestation journey. Learn from the experiences, adapt your strategies and incorporate newfound wisdom into your conscious creation process. Okay, now some strategies for navigating obstacles During challenging times. A leverage to power visualization okay. Envision overcoming obstacles with grace and ease and see yourself emerging from the adversity, from the obstacles. Right, stronger and more resilient. Visualization not only reinforces belief, but also directs your energy towards positive outcomes. Okay, and then again, craft affirmations that specifically address the challenges that you encounter. Okay, and repeat them when needed. Right, as often as needed. Just, you don't have to force them, though. Okay, a good idea would be to use. Create affirmations that counter doubts and reinforce your faith in the manifestation process. Okay, even something as simple, as I am a natural, powerful manifestor. Right, and then seek support from a like-minded individuals or a manifestation community or, you know, a coach or a teacher. Sharing your challenges with others who understand the journey can provide encouragement, diverse perspectives and a sense of unity. Okay, the collective energy of support can really be a catalyst for overcoming obstacles. Okay, and celebration right Again, gratitude for the small wins okay, reflect on the milestones and create a ritual for yourself for celebration. Okay, we talked about this before too. Like something. It can be something really simple, like, maybe have this ritual of taking like an Epson salt, like candlelight bath, like you know, once a week or whatever you know. Something simple like that. But celebrate yourself. Celebrate yourself, alright. And remember that every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Okay, can you experience personal growth amidst challenges? And when you triumph over, triumph over them, then they become testaments to creation. And finally, let's talk about the ever-evolving dance of integration, the ever-evolving practice of manifestation. So remember that it's a journey and not a destination. Okay, and integrating the different steps of manifestation, the seven steps we talked about, is not a fixed point that you reach as the ongoing process of weaving manifestation principles into the fabric of your life. So embrace the idea that your journey is a continual unfolding path, right, and each step contributes to the masterpiece of your manifested reality. Manifestation mastery is a journey of adaptation and growth. Your understanding deep end, your skills refined and your mindset evolves. Allow your practice to adapt with the changing landscape of your life, learning and expanding as you move forward. Okay, emphasize the fluidity in your manifestation practice. Just as water molds to its container, let your approach to conscious creation adapt to the nuances of your experiences. Be open to new insights, techniques and ways of aligning with your desires. Okay, envision your manifestation journey as a living, breathing expression of your evolving self. We talked about this before, right? So there have been a lot of themes throughout this series and I know I've repeated a lot of things, but that's so you guys can really grasp it. Come back to it and understand the just, the entire process really in the journey, because it's so nuanced, it's so. Yeah, it's so nuanced, right? So each intention set okay, excuse me every visualization and all the rituals become dynamic elements that mirror the continuous growth and transform, or transformation, within you. So incorporate reflective practices into your manifestation journey, right, regularly pause to assess where you are acknowledging the changes within yourself. Reflection provides insights into how your desires, goals and understanding of manifestation have evolved and they will evolve. You'll notice that months down the road, or years down the road, how much you've grown and evolved in this journey. Right, like I used to think I have to do this, this, this in technique. Right, like the 55, what was it? The 55, five method or something? Like I remember doing that one thinking man. That's a lot of writing. Right, to try to put me into that state of having that desire. Well, I don't do that anymore right Now. I'm more just in this state of flow and knowing. Right, so you'll see your evolution over a period of time. Right, so cultivate a mindful presence too. Right, in your manifestation practice. So, be fully engaged with each step. Okay, savor the richness of the process. Mindfulness fosters an awareness of the present moment and allows you to line your intentions with the evolving landscape of your life. Okay, and then things you can do to adapt and grow in your practice is refine your techniques. Okay, mastery, mastery, right, what the series is about, mastery comes with refinement of techniques. So, as you adapt and grow, revisit your manifestation techniques. Are there new approaches that resonate with your evolved self? Refine your visualizations, affirmations and other practices to better align with your current state of being. Okay, one thing I started doing is doing quantum jumping visualizations. Right After it got to the point where there was specific visualizations, it just became like memories. So then I started quantum jumping and well, with that it was much like I didn't have to put a lot of thought into crafting like the scene and stuff like that, which is important to do at first. If you're visualizing like crafting the scene, it takes some time right to craft your scene and be specific and to actually really visualize that. Because, like when I first started visualizing, all I could see was black, just darkness. And then I got to the point where I could actually like visually see everything. And then after a while I started doing quantum jumping visualizations, right To where you just relax and stuff and then you just jump like into the scene. And it was easier for me to do that. If I had tried that at first, I would have nothing to really go off of, right, what exactly is it that I want to? What reality do I want to jump into? So that was an evolution for me, right, and moving into the quantum jumping visualizations and the evolution of your manifestation practices go hand in hand with the deepening of belief and faith, so as you witness the manifestations in your life, your trust in the process strengthens. So embrace the unfolding journey Right with this step, fast belief that your desires are becoming reality, okay, and then incorporate wisdom Wisdom is a companion on the journey of manifestation. Mastery, okay, and we're already masters, right, we're creators, we've been manifesting. So when I talk about manifestation, master, I mean conscious manifesting, right, and you're consciously aware now. So manifest what you want to manifest, don't just let life happen to you. So incorporate the wisdom gained from your experiences into your practice. So what have you learned about yourself, your desires and the nature of manifestation? Let this wisdom guide you, right, guide your conscious creation. Okay, all right. So that is it for today's episode. I don't know why I got so tired all of a sudden. That's interesting, all right. Um, yeah, that's interesting, all right. So, anyway, I was thinking in my mind about, like energetically, kind of what was it all? It might be, it might be I was, I was, I was out running errands and stuff this morning. Maybe that's what it was, just from an energetic perspective, like being out and about. Um, maybe, maybe that was, anyway, all right. So thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. Sorry, I kind of got off a little bit there. It's just strange for me, the be entire just came on all of a sudden. Do you ever have that happen, right, especially those of you who feel like you're fairly sensitive, sensitive to energy, right. When it happens to me now, I, um, I kind of it gets me thinking about what is it that changed? My, what is it that changed? Am I picking up on something and I'm not quite aware of it yet? So that's why I'll get a little bit distracted sometimes. Don't mind me, this is just me. It really is, um, but yeah, okay. So thanks so much for joining me and I will see you guys all next time. All right, bye now.

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