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Manifestation Mastery: "Living the Manifested Reality" - Celebration and Reflection

February 16, 2024 Lynna K Teer Season 4 Episode 11
The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast
Manifestation Mastery: "Living the Manifested Reality" - Celebration and Reflection
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🌟 Step into the realm of manifesting mastery with Lynna K Teer, your spiritual guide and conscious manifestation coach, in the latest episode of "The Mindset and Manifesting Podcast" - "Manifestation Mastery: Living the Manifested Reality - Celebration and Reflection." 🌟

In this uplifting session, Lynna guides you on a journey of celebration and reflection as you embody your manifested reality. Discover the joy of living in alignment with your desires and celebrating the manifestations that have come to fruition.

Join Lynna as she shares heartfelt insights and practical strategies for embracing and honoring the manifestations in your life. Learn how to cultivate a mindset of gratitude and appreciation, allowing you to fully embrace the abundance and blessings that surround you.

Through this episode, you'll gain valuable tools to deepen your connection with the universe and continue manifesting with intention and purpose. Whether you're basking in the glow of recent manifestations or looking to amplify your manifestation practice, this episode offers inspiration and guidance to help you live your manifested reality to the fullest.

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Speaker 1:

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. Today is episode ten. It's the last sewed in our series on manifestation Mastery. My name is Lena. I am a spiritual teacher and a conscious manifestation coach for those of you who this may be your first time listening to the podcast, I am really passionate about supporting conscious men and women. On their transformative paths. And I'm dedicated to empowering individuals by helping them to develop unwavering trust in their intuition and to step forwardly, into their true power and purpose. So with my guidance, my hope is that I'm able to foster deep self discovery, which would lead you leave consciousness men and women, you know, towards lives that are authentic and purposeful and in alignment with their inner wisdom. So although this episode is on manifestation mastery, When it comes to awakening and awareness and the understanding of who we are and purpose healing, things like that. I share some of that on my YouTube channel. I do offer coaching So, yeah, I thought I would mention that. We we're in an interesting time right now. A lot of people are becoming more aware and really kind of waking up to you know, just different things going on in the world. And obviously, the consciousness humanity as a whole is rising. It's not always an easy process, right, going through this kind going through this awakening and ascension, etcetera. So if you're on that path, consciousness. And if you found this episode, write this podcast from a YouTube channel, then you're on that path. If you haven't currently awakened, then you will in the very near future. Otherwise, we will not even be in each other's awareness. Right? So I thought I would mention that. Alright. So today's episode on a manifestation mastery is on living the manifested reality. Okay? Celebration and reflection. So in today's episode, I'm going to talk about the journey of manifestation mastery, okay, the art of celebration, reflecting on a manifesting or manifestation journey, which essentially would really our whole lives. But when you're I'm referring to conscious manifesting here. Like, now that you've been intentional with it. Alright? I will talk about integration into daily life and raising gratitude for the journey. And the unfolding tapestry of life. Alright. So as we conclude this transformative series, Please take a moment to celebrate the journey that you've undertaken and just understanding these seven manifestation steps Sticking with this series and kind of that episode after episode to take in the information that I've been sharing. Okay? I've been on this conscious manifestation journey since early two thousand nineteen now. I've proven it. And yeah. So when so just yeah. Take a moment to celebrate the journey. Right? Everything from setting intentions to surrendering to the flow Each step has been a brush stroke on the canvas of your manifestation. Reality. Right? Your manifested reality, acknowledge the growth, the insights, and the magic that unfolded. Right, throughout this manifestation mastery experience. Hopefully, you learned something new and that you will apply the techniques and the advice that I have shared with you guys. Find what works for you. K? And when it comes to celebration, remember, celebration is a vital aspect of manifestation. So in this episode, we're going to explore the importance again. We're gonna touch on that again. Of celebrating your successes, both big and small, and how it amplifies the positive energy in your life. Right? Creating rituals of celebration, expressing gratitude and acknowledging the manifestations that have come to fruition. Alright? And hopefully, you have been aware of the manifestations that you've created. So far, right, throughout this series. Alright. And then we'll talk about reflection. Right? So reflection is a mirror that reveals the lessons and the gifts of the journey. So I wanna reflect on the challenges that chimes and the evolution that's taken that has taken place during, you know, this brief journey throughout these past ten episodes embracing the wisdom gained, right, recognizing patterns and celebrating the resilience that emerged. So what have you learned about yourself. What if you learned about the process? What has come up for you? What challenges? Have come up for you, etcetera. Okay? And remember, manifestation. It's not a one time event. It's a way of living. Conscious manifestation is a way of living. Right? Well, I've said this many times, everything in our experience is a manifestation. It's our creation. Right? Good, bad, or indifferent. So now that you are consciously aware of that, are you being intentional and making it a way of life? To go about your day, be in intentional with what you want to create and the life that you want to experience. Okay? How are you handling the challenges that come up? Okay? What techniques are you using? Alright? So I want to discuss some practical guidance on integrating your manifested reality into your daily life. Creating a continuous flow of conscious creation. That's the goal. Alright. So we'll talk again about incorporating station practices, into routines and maintaining alignment and living with intention at every moment. And and also cultivating a heartful of gratitude for the present and excitement for the future manifestations yet to come. Okay? Embracing the beauty of the unknown. Right, trusting the journey and acknowledging that the best really is yet to come. So let's go over the tapestry of manifestation again. Okay? And reflect on each of the steps. Step one, setting clear intention. Your journey began with the sea, a clear intention planted in the fertile soil of possibility. So reflect on the intentions that you've set, each one, a beacon, okay, that is guiding you forward. Step two, connecting with your authentic desires. Embracing authenticity. Right? You delved into the core of your being. Celebrate the alignment with your truest law needs and the liberation that comes from living in harmony with your authentic self. Step three, visualization and affirmations. The power of imagination and positive reinforcement became your allies. Right? Take a moment to appreciate the vivid mental images that you crafted and the affirmation say, echoed the desires of your heart, Step four, cultivating unwavering belief. In the face of challenges, your nurtured unshakable belief. Right? Celebrate the moments without transformed into resolute faith, propelling your desire your desires toward manifestation. Step five, positive self talk and empowerment. So through mindful self talk, you rewired your internal dialogue. You talked about that. Acknowledges self empowerment that emerged. Right? Which also became the driving force behind the attorney. Okay, that that self empowerment, that internal dialogue, things are gonna come up. Just go back to to switching your internal dialogue anytime something negative comes up. K? Step six. Taking an inspired action, action became the bridge to envision a reality. K? It always does. To celebrate the intentional steps you took each one a testament to your commitment to the manifestation process. You'll continue on with this process, hopefully, be an intentional, conscious, I'm manifesting. Number seven, acceptance, and surrender. So as the series concludes, embrace the profound art of acceptance and surrender. Celebrate the freedom that comes from releasing the need for control and allowing the universe to weave its magic. K? Then don't forget to acknowledge growth in insects, your personal growth. K? The inside you've gained and the magic. Any magic that has unfolded. Okay? And don't forget to express gratitude for the journey, okay, gratitude for the process, gratitude for the challenges, and gratitude for the successes. K? Graditude for everything. Even when the negative things come up because remember they are only learning experiences. Remember the importance of celebration and manifestation. Okay? Elevating positive energy Right? Celebration is not merely a joyous occasion. It's a potent force that elevates a positive energy surrounding your manifestations. By acknowledging and celebrating your successes, you infuse your reality with a heightened vibrational frequent see. So you create that momentum. Okay? Knowledge milestones. So manifestation is a journey marked by milestones. Right? You will see your manifestations unfold. So celebrating these milestones is a way of recognizing the progress made. Which fosters a sense of accomplishment. K? And again, creates that momentum. And it paves the way for more manifestations to unfold. Okay? And then, of course, feel your motivation. Right? Celebration. Fuels your motivation. K? So when you take the time to celebrate your achievements, you inspire yourself to continue the journey with renewed vigor. It becomes a self perpetuating cycle of positivity and, like I said, manifestation momentum. K? Alright? And don't forget to create rituals of celebration. Personalized rituals. Right? Design personalized rituals. Of celebration that resonate with you. So whether it's a quiet moment of reflection, a dance of joy, a special treat, let more celebration be a reflection of your unique essence. K? And then create a symbolic marker, right, for significant manifestation milestone, could be a keepsake. A written affirmation or any item that symbolizes the achievement, this tangible reminder becomes a touch stamp for your manifestation journey. So for me, I have I've been keeping journals dream journals and manifestation journals since my since I've my awakening, really, two thousand nineteen after I found novel writer's lectures and became aware that I have been creating my reality all this time that we can send intentions and consciously manifest. So for me, my ritual has always been to once something when something manifest, even if if it's something small, when I notice it, my awareness, I will make a note of it. When I haven't made a manifestation list, just a random list in a while. But I used to make random lists of, you know, small things to manifest. And when I noticed them, I would highlight that. So I can go back in the journals and I can see a bunch of, like, highlighted manifestations. Now I'm at a point on my journey where I'm so, like, hyper aware I just see them. Right? All the there's so many of them. I don't have to write everything down now because I just because I see everything as a manifestation. Right? And things pop out at me now. And I'm like, I mean, maybe not right away sometimes. There'll be a couple of days later, and I'm like, oh, they'll Oh, okay. I see how that manifested. Right? So create just create a ritual that works for you to kind of to be a tangible reminder, okay, on your journey. Alright? And then You know, you can have shared celebrations. You can invite others to join in your celebrations. Right? Sharing your successes with loved ones. It not only magnifies the joy when you've manifested something, like, maybe an job or a new home, you know, a a trip something along those lines. But it also this share your your successes like this, if you if you want to, it can reinforce a positive energy in your relationships and community. Alright. That being said, when you are just when you are just starting out, right, you realize that you're you have been manifesting your entire life you now understand that you can set intentions, etcetera, to manifest that thinks you want to experience in your life. I would be cautious about who you share things with before they've actually manifested. Because sometimes when you do that, any doubts that or fears that you have may be reflected back to you in the other person. Okay? Alright. And let's talk about gratitude again. Right? So express gratitude for the journey. Gratitude for the challenges that you've overcome and gratitude for any support that you've received. K? And acknowledge the manifestations that have come to fruition. So reflect on successes, you can, you know, any way you want to do that, whether you want to just, you know, take time, during your day, you know, in the morning, evening, whatever, and just sit and reflect. Could do that. You can keep a manifestation journal. You can keep a visual display of your manifestations like a vision board. Digital collage, anything like that that would display your manifestations. Okay? Alright. So let's talk about the reflective mirror of manifestation now. K? Remembering that as you are reflecting on the manifestation journey, not just over this ten part series, but as a whole. Right? As you continue on with your life, setting intentions, etcetera, and reflecting because through this is not just a journey of manifesting your life and what you want to experience, but you are it is awakening. Right? To the truth of of who you are and the power that you have and the fact that things aren't really happening to you they are happening through you. K? So upon reflection remember challenges are a catalyst for growth. K? Your triumphs will be illuminated. So in this reflective mirror, try and shine through like this radiant glow. Okay? Sell the breakthroughs, both big and small. Because each trial is a testament to your commitment, to your resilience, and the power of conscious creation. K? Alright. And the reflection unveils the evolution that has been an integral part of your journey. Right? So recognize the shifts, the transformations, and the unfolding layers of your being. Okay? Evolution is a constant companion on this rope. On this manifestation journey. And I see manifestation journey, but essentially, it really becomes an awakening journey. Okay? And we really are peeling back layers and layers of old conditioning. Right? We are refining, refining ourselves, getting back to our true nature. K? Not limited. By so much of what we see and experience and feel in this world now that we know that again, it is all happening through us. K? So embrace the wisdom gain. Right? Reflect on the lessons that are etched in this fabric of time. Right? What was the map you gained through challenges? So each lesson is a beacon that's guiding you forward, enriching your understanding of yourself and a manifestation process. K? And there's the discovery of inner strength. So the reflective journey entails unveils the discovery. Of your inner strength. So acknowledge the moments when you tapped into, you know, reservoirs of resilience that you didn't know existed. K? This newfound strength becomes a well strength for future manifestations. K? And as you flat, no to see alignment with your authentic self. Manifestation is not just about external desires, but it's a journey towards authenticity. K? So celebrate the moments when you embrace your truest desires and align with your core assets with the core of who you are. K? And then when it comes to recognizing patterns. Right? Dive into the reflection to discern patterns in your manifestation journey. In your life's journey really. K? Are there specific approaches or mindsets or actions that consistently lead to successful manifestations? To recognize these patterns because it empowers you to refine your practice. Alright? Explore patterns also in the challenges that you've that you face. Are there recurring themes or lessons that present themselves? So understanding these patterns equips you with the foresight to navigate challenges with greater resilience and wisdom. K? The reflective mirror also showcases patterns of growth. So identify the areas where you've witnessed the most significant evolution. These patterns become guideposts for continued expansion and mastery. K? Again, celebrate resilience. K? Celebrate the resilience that allows you to triumph over challenges, and that will continue to allow you. To overcome challenge. Challenges. Resilience is and this inner force that moves you forward. Okay? If you and it were as novel called it, brazen impudent. If you can be bold and resilient and knowing that no matter what shows up and the interim prior to your manifestation, actually, manifesting. Right? If you are overcoming anything negative, doubts, fears, things like that, resilience will propel you forward, and it gets easier over time. K? So each challenge met with resilience becomes a testament to your ability to navigate the complexities. Of manifest or manifestation. Right? Really creating the life that you really want to live. Being the person that you really want to to be. Who do you want to show up as in your life? K? And remember adaptability inflow is also important. So reflect on that. Reflect on moments that you were adaptable and really allow things to flow. So to bring the times when you embrace that ebb and flow. You know, of the journey with grace. You've just allowed it. Right? So adaptive ability is a key component of resilience and conscious creation. Okay? And above all, to celebrate the entire journey, every twist, turn, challenge, and triumph has contributed to the masterpiece of your manifested reality. So acknowledging that resilience that does allow you to trans transfers this extraordinary path of manifestation and of your life really. Right? Because now you're aware, now you'll integrate these practices. Okay? And over time, it just becomes a natural part of your life. The celebrations the awareness of the challenges, the growth, the your manifestations coming to fruition. Right? The ups, the flows, all of it. Okay? So when it comes to integrating conscious manifestation, okay, into your daily life, really embracing it as a way of life So what happens now is you are aware of what you are doing and you no longer accept life just happening to you. Right? You no longer accept being a victim of anything. K? You take control and you become intentional. With what you want to experience. Alright? And when I say, you no longer become a victim of things, I'm not I'm gonna how do I say this carefully? Alright. So meaning, right, if somebody you're driving to the store and somebody cuts you off. K? Your mentality will shift from being a victim of, you know, this this always happens to me. To what is his teaching me. Right? Is it teaching new patients? Okay. That kind of that's what I that's what I mean, but you will no longer feel like a victim. Or if people are treating you poorly, because you have this negative self talk, this dialogue about, you know, certain individuals, maybe coworkers, etcetera. You now know that you can you can change that narrative within you and eventually it will be reflective reflected back to you. Right? People around you will just show up differently. Alright. So now So you will begin to understand that manifestation transcends techniques. Okay? It really is a lifestyle. And it becomes natural over a period of time. Right? Like I've mentioned before, I no longer sit and do a bunch of techniques anymore because now it's just a natural way of life for me. Right? I can send attention just through thought. I watch my reactions to things. Which I really I mean, I don't react, like, negatively to things anymore, really. Every once in a while, maybe something will come up. But I stay pretty neutral now when it comes to, like, reacting to anything. It just becomes natural. Right? And so I don't need to do techniques and stuff to shift my mindset. I've got my core affirmations, my core mantra statement. I, you know, I see manifestations all around me, I'm pretty aware of my manifestations, why things are showing up the way they are, etcetera. Alright? So after a while, you all have to do techniques unless you really, really want to. Right? Because conscious manifestation will just become a natural part of your daily life. Right? You'll move into positive states of consciousness or move out of negative states of consciousness into the positive ones more easily. You'll catch your any negative thoughts, any unwanted negative internal dialogue, you'll catch up you'll start to catch up stuff pretty easily, and then you'll shift pretty easily. Alright. And then let's talk about living beyond manifestation events. Right? So you be able to move beyond the idea of manifestation events. Right? Instead, you'll view each day as a as an opportunity to manifest and shape your reality. Okay? So it won't necessarily become just about the big events. That you're looking forward to. You'll just it'll I mean, your daily life will be about the fact that you can that you're shaping your daily life. Right? Not just the one on not just the big event. Okay? So eventually, what happens is you end up creating a mindset that encourages consistent alignment. With your desires. Things that don't resonate with you won't we'll start to not feel right. Like you'll know something is off, And then it it gets easier to align with, like, your true desires, what really works for you and your life. Okay? And then consistency is remember consistency is key. Right? So it involves a daily practice and a perpetual awareness of your intentions. K? Especially at first, especially at first when you're you're still, you know, experienced experiencing, you know, doubt and fear for the most part or maybe uncertainty. Or you're waiting on your manifestations, etcetera. K? So especially at first, consistency is key. Developing those daily practices and a perpetual awareness of your intentions. Okay? So by making conscious creation a constant in your life, right, setting these intentions, you amplify is transformative power. K? So let's talk real quick about practical guidance on integration. Right? So you can integrate manifestation practices seemingly into your daily routine. Whether it's morning affirmations, visualizations, you know, during a, like, right before bed or you know, if you're meditating throughout, you know, during the day or whatever and visualizing, you can create a gratitude journal and then just infuse your routines with intentional practices. Okay? You can as you're driving to work, and say your affirmation's out loud on the car. Right? Speak them out loud. You can create a sacred space. K? So establish a sacred space in your home or workplace that serve as reminders of your manifested reality. K? You can even put a vision board. Right? If you create a digital vision board, maybe have that as your desk, a top screen taper, okay, at work, right, if you're allowed to do that. So these sacred spaces, whatever you create can include, again, vision boards, affirmations or any tangible representation of your desires. That foster a continuous connection with your goals. K? So live with intention by aligning your actions with your manifesting reality. So whether it's making decisions, interacting with others or pursuing your goals, ensure that your actions resonate with the energy of your desires. K? Now when it comes to maintaining alignment in your daily life, remember mindful presence in every moment. K? Cultivate that mindfulness by being fully present in each moment as much as possible. K? So, by consciously engaging with your surroundings and experiences, you maintain alignment with the energy of manifestation. Which helps to foster a deep connection to the present. Alright? Course correction. With grace, forgiving yourself, not beating yourself up, etcetera. Right? Not being hard on yourself. So recognize that life is dynamic. And adjustments may be necessary. So when faced with challenges or unexpected events, make course corrections with grace. Alright? This flip. Excuse me. This flexibility ensures that you remain in harmony with the ever changing flow of life, and then consistently check-in with yourself. Regularly check-in with yourself to assess your alignment with your manifested reality. K? This self awareness allows you to identify areas that may need intention and reaffirms your commitment to conscious creation. K? So remember, live with intention. In every moment as much as possible. Set your daily intentions and fuse joy into your daily activities. Express gratitude continuously. K? These things really, really, really do hope. Remember that life really is a masterpiece. Right? If you going on this journey, of now creating life intentionally. You will start to see this unfolding tapestry of life in a new way. Okay? It really is an ever unfolding creation, and it is your creation. K? There is a dynamic nature to existence. Right? Life is not static. It's dynamic. It is ever changing and continuously evolving. So when you're able to recognize that each moment contributes to the intricate tapestry of your existence, your experiences, emotions, and thoughts are the brushstrokes, you know, that shape the canvas. Of your life and you will start to realize that if you if you haven't already. K? So your practice of manifestation is a potent creative force and the ongoing narrative of your life As you consciously align with your desires, you actively contribute to the unfolding story, shaping your reality with intention and purpose. Embrace the beauty of the unknown. Right? Life's mysteries and uncertainties are threads. Awaiting to be woven into the fabric of your existence. By approaching the unknown, with curiosity rather than fear, you invite new possibilities and potential into your journey. You are choosing what you are creating to experience Right? Or rather every so everything exists. So and there's nothing new under the sun. So when I say you are creating, you are you're making a conscious choice of what you want to experience, aligning with that and therefore manifesting it into your into your reality. K? You're not actually creating anything out of the now. K? And remember, we talked about consistency. Okay? So it's really the key to unlocking manifestation. Right? Conscious manifestation. Consistently aligning your thoughts, your emotions, and your options with your desires. K? You wanna amplify the energy. And propel your manifestations toward or your intentions rather toward realization. Okay? Alright. Let's see. Okay. I'm looking through my notes. Yeah. So that is that's about it. A little bit shorter episode today. Okay. So I don't have anything else really to cover in this top art series. Let me think for a second. No. Yeah. I don't have anything else coming to mind. Sometimes as I'm speaking, I have I get downloads of information coming through, like, channel insight, but I don't have anything coming through right now. I think I've covered everything. Alright. So thank you so much for joining me for today's episode. And just kinda sticking through this series. I appreciate having all of you guys here. And let me give you guys a bit of a heads up on what the next series is going to be. Hold on. I've got my folders here on my desktop. Let's talk about okay. So let's talk about awakening the spiritual body. K? And the holistic approach to balance and alignment. That is going to be I have my notes here. So I hadn't decided what the next temporary series was going to be yet based off of a series of ideas really to be completely transparent. So we're in the next ten part series, I'm going to talk about awakening the spiritual body. And the holistic approach to balance and alignment and wisdom. Okay? Alright. Again, thank you so much for joining me today, and I will see you guys in the next episode as we started a new series. Alright. Bye now.

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