The Mindset & Manifesting Podcast

Who Are You?

January 16, 2022 Lynna K Teer Season 2 Episode 29
The Mindset & Manifesting Podcast
Who Are You?
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Welcome to the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast. My name is Lynna K Teer and I am a spiritual teacher and coach. In this podcast, I talk about mindset and manifesting while also touching on awakening and awareness.

In today's episode, I ask the question, "who are you?"

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If you want additional content on awakening, mindset, manifesting, and mystical experiences, check out my blog or YouTube channel.

Kristie Teer:

Hello, and welcome to the mindset and manifesting podcast. My name is Lana, and I have a question for you. Who are you? That is the topic for today's discussion? Who are you? Now? How many times? Where are you asked a question? And your answer is I am this or I am that. So, for instance, oh, what do you do? I'm a, I'm a writer. I'm a teacher, I'm an office manager. I'm a veterinarian. I am a bank teller. I am this I am that. Right? Your profession? How are you feeling today? Oh, I'm good. How are you? Oh, I'm great. Oh, I'm not you know, I'm not feeling well. Or I'm this or I'm that. Let's see what else you're in. You're with a group of people. And somebody introduces themselves and shakes their hand. And you're you may say, oh, nice to meet you, I am John or I am Mary. So, think about all of the times you put a word behind I am I am hungry, I am tired, I am successful, I am feeling energetic today I am this I am that. You when you you are claiming and those moments who you are. Right, so I'm not going to get into who we are on a soul level or you know, as far as God goes, or any or source or anything like that. I will say that I am and it ceases in Scripture, I am is the name of God. So when we say I am such and such, we are claiming that for ourselves. So think about it. Just think about that. So, say right now you're currently I don't know, you're working in a grocery store. Right? You're as a cashier. But what you really want to do is you want to paint. So if someone asked you Oh, what do you do? Oh, I you know, I work at you know, this grocery store. I'm a cashier, right? One what you really want to be as a painter. So why not claim? That? Why not claim that you are a painter? Oh, I'm a painter. This is who I am. I am a painter, if you know in the core of your heart that you are a painter, that you are a painter or a musician or an artist or a dancer. So just be just think about that. Be mindful, I know. I forget what brought this topic up for me. But I've been thinking about it for a few days. I'm like we say I am this and I am that all of the time and we end we use these different things to describe who we are. But who are we really? Who are you really because you're not there. If you work in a job, you're not the job that you do that is not who you are. All of us have innate talents that are good. They are our gifts. Sometimes we don't recognize them. Right? Until after we've awaken and we realize oh, this is why I was drawn to this or that this is this is my gift, this is who I am. This is what I meant to be doing. So when you know when you wreck it out when you awaken and you recognize that you are an infinite being an infinite divine being that is who you are, you are fragmented part of God you are a manifestation of God of source of energy. Of all love, infinite love. That is truly who You are, first and foremost. But we use all these other words to identify us when really, it's not what we really want to claim for ourselves, it's not what who we really are what we really want to be. Right? But words have power. So we keep putting certain things out into the universe. Right? So, now me, I'm a writer, I'm an author. And I say it all the time that I am a speaker, because I know that that is the direction that I'm, I'm going, so I'm okay with saying I'm a writer, I'm an author. I'm a speaker. And, and I do that a lot of the time. But every once in a while, somebody asked me, oh, what do you do? And I'm like, Oh, I'm an office manager, and CFO, and I'm like, But and then I catch myself. And I'm like, No, that is not who I am. That is the full time job that I have right now. But that is not who I am. I am a divine, multi dimensional being, I am a beautiful old soul. Those things I know, inherently without a doubt. And the things that I claim for myself, I'm a writer, I'm an author, I'm a speaker, those things I claim. For myself. Everything else is just just playing and stuff just be out of habit. Right. I, again, I'm an office manager, because that is my my full time job. So when I say that it's out of habit. So just again, just be mindful. I know, I'm probably rambling a little bit. I'm been recording all day, and my voice is a little sore. And I'm a little tired. But think about it. Who are you? Right? And if you're claiming to be somebody that you don't want to be? I am such and such. For you don't want to be a cashier stop saying I am. cashier, stop saying it. I know it's hard. Okay. But you don't want to be a cashier forever, right? Or maybe you do. But if you don't stop claiming yourself, to be that claim yourself to be something else, and be bold about it. Be bold. Am I on the stage at speaking? No. Do I know I'm a speaker? Yes. Do I understand now why? When I was in high school, I was so drawn to speaking and being up in front of people and loving that energy. Yes, now I understand. Why do I need to polish my Polish of things, of course. But I know where I'm going. I have seen it within my mind's eye within my imagination. So I know where I'm going in that aspect. I know that I'm an author, because at the age of 10, I was I knew that I would write my story one day and I have three books that are in the process of being written. So I know that I am an author. So sometimes we have to claim things for ourselves. Even perhaps, if they aren't fully manifested yet we still have to claim those things for ourselves. So who are you who do you want to be stop claiming things for yourself that you do not want for yourself and stop telling people you are somebody that you are not and I know it's hard we get so in the habit of saying oh I am such and such I am this I am that we get so in the habit of doing it. But if it's not what you want to be a stop claiming. Alright, that's probably enough for now. Need to drink some water and some hot tea probably. And get some more recording done. Oh, I'm recording us novel SOME MORE neville goddard lectures. So anyway, uh, yeah. The be mindful of that during the day. If you can try to be mindful if somebody SQL question and your answer with I am, be mindful of what comes after that. And if that's not what you want, then try to figure out a way to change like your wording. Okay? And don't be afraid to be bold. If strangers ask you, you know, what do you do or whatever. Tell them you are what you want to be. Right. If, again, if you're a cashier, don't tell him you're a cashier. Oh, I'm an artist, drama painter, whatever you want to be. They're not gonna know the difference. Um, and it's important to speak into existence, what you actually want to be who you actually want to be. Alright, now I'm dead. Alright, thank you so much for joining me for today's episode, and I will see you guys next time. Alright, bye now.